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Bag Amendment ‘U’


Should the Argus Leader bring back local editorial cartoons


Steve Sack is also an accomplished sculptor

At the cartoonist conference today, I had the pleasure of meeting several great midwest cartoonists, including 35 year, Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist Steve Sack, who is one of only about 30 remaining, on staff, full-time editorial cartoonists in the country. Steve works for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

He said that in the over the 8,000 cartoons he has done in his career, only 3 have been rejected. One was about the construction of the Mall of America, another was about a fellow staffer, and the third was about the Syrian boy who washed up on shore dead.

Last year I had an in depth conversation with (then) Argus Leader Publisher Bill Albrecht about bringing back local editorial cartoonists. While he sympathized with me, and thought it was a good idea, he felt newspapers have gotten away from it due to the controversy.

Hey, newspaper industry, editorial cartoons are supposed to be controversial, at least the good ones.

Zombies and Cartoonists, Double Whammy Saturday!

Who couldn’t be more geeked out?! During the day on Saturday, cartoonist seminars, and when that is over, ZOMBIES! Bloody pumped!



Cartoon Blast from the Blast


Cartoonist friend Sara Morean did this a few years back.

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southdacola.com (c) 12/9/2014 • Scott L. Ehrisman

Reader Submission


This was created by JT Nelson (JT created the ‘Huethering’ image). I told him that it is too bad it wasn’t built like a grain bin (rolled steel) it would be more sturdy.

I decided to have a little fun with the image (Scott L. Ehrisman (c) 2014);



It’s all about the curtains!