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Sioux Falls City Councilors Kiley and Erickson need opponents


It’s time to wipe these two faces from the city website after May 2018.

After the recent votes on the golf contract and parking ramp it is becoming more and more obvious councilors Christine Erickson (at-large) and Rick Kiley (SE) need opponents.

Kiley has always been a strong supporter of the mayor and his policies of secret government. But it seems Erickson has lost her way. It all seem to have happened when her and the mayor had their ‘special’ meeting when she became elected vice-chair. Some kind of handshake deal was made because a lot of people are wondering what happened to the old Christine that supported things like FREE bus rides for kids and opposed the city administration building. That ship has apparently sailed after signing a deal with the devil, or should I say dictator.

Unfortunately NO one has stepped up to run against these two. Clara Hart has decided to stay in the already crowded at-large position that Rolfing is leaving vacant (Paulson and Brekke are also running in that race).

There has been some talk about a possible challenger to Kiley (if not two) but I am still waiting for a challenger to Erickson.

We truly need a significant change in city government coming May, and I think we not only need to replace the mayor and any candidates with his philosophies (Entenman and TenHaken) we need four new fresh faces on the city council.

I encourage people to oppose Kiley and Erickson, they are beatable, you just have to expose their voting records that support a more closed and non-transparent government. Step up, your city needs you!

Sioux Falls City Council Race mash-up

The city council races are starting to come together, but there are still some unknowns and variables.

Currently the Central District has three running in the race. I won’t rule out that more could get in that race, but probably unlikely.

Retired Firefighter and Insurance Salesman, Curt Soehl. I don’t know a whole lot about Curt, but what I have read on his FB page is that he was very pro-Huether and approved of his accomplishments and leadership style, which is unfortunate.

Thor Bardon. I believe Thor works in banking. Thor’s platform is workforce development and other social issues in our community.

Local art promoter and business owner, Zach DeBoer. Zach is heavily involved with the downtown culture and development.

At-Large has 3 candidates, but that could change.

John Paulson, former Sanford Executive and Planning Commission member who lost to Theresa Stehly in the last election will probably run the same ‘everything is wonderful and great in Sioux Falls’ campaign.

Janet Brekke, who is a former city attorney and currently a private attorney is challenging Paulson. I don’t know a lot about Janet, but I think we will learn more in the coming weeks since she has formerly announced.

Clara Hart has said she will run in the At-Large, but she could just as easily challenge Rick Kiley to get out of a crowded At-Large race (which may get more crowded). Clara lives in his SE district and may have a better chance in a two person race, and avoid a run-off.

As I said, Kiley has announced he will run for a 2nd term and has no challengers currently, I hope that changes.

Erickson hasn’t announced whether she is running for a 2nd term or not, she has said she will probably NOT run for mayor. But currently if Erickson did announce, she doesn’t have a challenger. I’m wondering if someone is waiting in the wings until Erickson announces. One of the bigger questions I have been asked over the past couple of weeks has been, “Will Erickson run for a 2nd term to begin with or is she busy trying to recruit someone to run for the seat?”

As you can see, we have about 5-1/2 months until the city election and the council races are still shaping up. Anything could change at this point.

Chamber to host a TIF informational

I find the statement ‘TIF itself can be rather complex and confusing’ a little comical. TIFs are not complicated. They are basically a property tax rebate to private development. Funny how I could explain that in one sentence. Where it gets confusing and frustrating is when they hand this rebate to extremely successful and wealthy free enterprise private developers for property that isn’t blighted OR above and beyond what that blight is costing them to develop. It is also a little ironic that TIF recipients are often big campaign donors to the elected officials who authorize the TIFs. It’s a blatant conflict of interest, corruption and corporate welfare. It’s time we end TIFs. They don’t benefit the common citizen in any way. A better program would be more low interest or no interest community development loans to landlords who want to provide working class affordable housing. Read all about it;

Dear Community Leader,

You are invited to join Lt. Gov. Matt Michels and other state and local leaders in learning more about an economic development tool called Tax Increment Financing (TIF). TIF is a development incentive primarily used locally to redevelop blighted areas and grow the local economy. TIF is a useful economic development tool intended to attract private investment and new businesses, which in turn means more jobs, more customers, and a growing tax base. When used correctly, the benefit to our community seems to be straightforward—however, TIF itself can be rather complex and confusing.

With that in mind, we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to an informational “TIF Forum”. During this event, you will hear from:

*   Lieutenant Governor, Matt Michels
*   Secretary of the Department of Revenue, Andy Gerlach
*   Department of Revenue’s Director of Property Special Taxes, Mike Houdyshell
*   City Council Vice Chair, Christine Erickson.
This is an opportunity to simply learn more about TIF, how it works, and ask any questions you might have. We hope you will consider attending this event.

Tax Increment Financing Forum
Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce- Betty J. Ordal Room
Monday, Nov. 13, 2017
3:00-5:00 p.m.

We kindly ask you to RSVP by responding to this email no later than Monday, Nov. 13th at noon. With limited seating available in the Chamber’s conference room, this event will be restricted to the first 45 people to RSVP.

Thank you,

Teresa Schreier
Public Affairs and Communications Assistant
Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
200 N. Phillips Ave., Suite 200
PO Box 1425 | Sioux Falls, SD 57101-1425
P 605.373.2050 | F 605.336.6499

Super Majority for bonding in Sioux Falls is great idea!

I might even add, that Councilor Erickson’s idea is way past due;

Erickson hopes to raise the bar on borrowing money by requiring a “super majority” on the Council. She says that if a project can’t get six of eight votes, it’s not worthy.

All other state governments require this majority for bonding. If this would have been in place when the Administration building was being debated, it would have failed.

Right now, the city is paying down eight sales tax revenue bonds, including ones that financed the administration building, the Denny Sanford Premier Center, and the tax increment financing bond that covered the removal of the former Zip Feed Mill in downtown Sioux Falls.

Also ironically if the Events Center vote would have been a LEGAL bonding vote instead of an ADVISORY VOTE, the bond sale would have failed (would have required 60% of the vote).

Advice to Sioux Falls City Councilor Erickson; When doing business with the Public, it’s Public.

Councilor Erickson was on The Good Ship Lalley show today talking about city business.

She touched on several topics with city business. A couple of things that stuck out;

• She questioned if a ‘Million dollars’ (in reference to the siding settlement) is really ‘A Lot’ of money. I felt she was downplaying the settlement as not a big deal.

• She did admit that there should have been more transparency with the settlement.

• She defended the secrecy of RFP candidates proposals saying they may use the plans for other projects. First off, there is nothing ‘special’ about many of these proposals. Most affordable housing projects in this town look exactly the same. 2nd, you could share the proposals with the entire council in executive session. And Lastly, most important, WHEN DOING BUSINESS WITH THE PUBLIC, IT BECOMES PUBLIC. When a private contractor is receiving PUBLIC money, our money, they must be an open book. There is NO excuse to keep these things secret.

• She isn’t publicly supporting any mayoral candidate. I agree with her that is a smart move. It could cause issues in the future with whoever becomes mayor.

Pull up your belts and tighten your bootstraps

Not sure if the Argus screwed up this quote or if councilor Erickson actually said this, but it made me chuckle;

“The administration is really tightening their bootstraps and so we need to do the same thing,” Council Vice-chairperson Christine Erickson said during a recent budget meeting at Carnegie Town Hall.

Don’t tighten your bootstraps to much, you might hurt your feet 🙂

Sioux Falls City Council Leadership continues to play inside baseball with the Mayor’s office

I guess I was a little naïve to think that once we sent Rex Rolfing packing and brought on Erickson as vice-chair, things would get a little more transparent. In fact it’s gotten worse.

It’s a real head scratcher, but it is clear that the mayor had a ‘sit-down’ with Christine after she took over as vice-chair (she admitted they had a one-on-one meeting), and it seems some horse trading went on.

Make no mistake that Erickson aspires to be Mayor of Sioux Falls someday, also take into account that Diamond Jim may be our next mayor, and the rumors are getting stronger about the possibility of Huether serving as Jim’s Chief of Staff. I shutter at the thought of it.

Recently Erickson flip-flopped on the districting of the parks boards. She promised she would support it if Bruce and I would not comment about it during public input. We kept our promise. She did not. It was blatantly obvious that this change wouldn’t hurt a single soul, she really had NO reason to vote against it except for playing reindeer games with the mayor.

It also came to light that Team leadership, Erickson and Kiley, have been hand picking who can serve on RFP committees. She served on the Lloyd project RFP committee.

Not only were councilors Stehly and Starr NOT asked, they had no idea these committees were being formed.

It goes back to leadership thinking they have more power than their peers. They do not. Like I said, the charter doesn’t give them any more power. Their duties of running meetings and being ‘messengers’ to the ENTIRE council are their only REAL duties. So why are they not fulfilling those duties?

It also makes you question what certain council staffers know and what they are not sharing with other councilors. They are to report to the entire council, not just leadership. If they are being told to hide information from certain councilors, that’s an issue. We know this problem recently reared it’s head when the lead auditor followed orders from council leadership to pick our external auditor without informing the rest of the council in a public meeting.

Open government is good government, secrecy is tyranny. The tyranny with council leadership needs to end.

Looks like the council election of Chair and Vice- Chair may be a done deal

It seems once Councilor Kiley knew he may be on the chopping block he started playing nice with his fellow councilors and citizens. Also, since the administration realized that councilor Erickson may be vice-chair, the mayor has appointed her his new BFF.

Starr said barring any unforeseen council fireworks, Kiley’s the favorite to be elected chairman next Tuesday, with Councilor Christine Erickson the likely pick for vice chair.

Their ascension to the top leadership spots isn’t without some consternation. Councilor Theresa Stehly hasn’t ruled out voting for Kiley and Erickson as Council leadership, but she is toying with the idea of nominating Starr or Councilor Greg Neitzert as vice chair.

I personally would have liked to see Erickson as chair and Starr as vice-chair. Oh well, looks like the administration may win again.

The South DaCola straw poll sucks

I sometimes wonder if Sioux Falls City Councilor Christine Erickson is Clash fan?

Over the last couple of months I have heard pretty much an equal amount from both sides that she is either running or she is not for mayor.

It really heated up today after Diamond Jim’s announcement. I got two calls she is in and one she is not in.

(I have a bunch of snarky things I could say between these parenthesis, but I’m not going to, you can thank me later Christine).

Please run for a 2nd term on the council, and make the announcement TODAY, so I can free my phone up for the latest deal from Expedia.

Coffee with the Council – THIS SATURDAY!

Coffee with Council Members – Erickson, Stehly, and Neitzert

What: Come and have coffee with three (3) of your Sioux Falls City Council Members.

When: Saturday January 28, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Where: Hy-Vee Food Store, 1900 S. Marion Road (W 26th St and Marion Rd), Cafeteria just inside the east entrance

Who: Councilors Christine Erickson (At-Large), Theresa Stehly (At-Large), and Greg Neitzert (Northwest District)

Why: Come and engage three of your Sioux Falls City Councilors to discuss your thoughts, ideas, and concerns!