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Merry Holidays

PHOTO: Charles Luden, Beaker Tree (The first is a scene in the chem lab at my former job. Job and lab now gone.)

This was my favorite message written on a card this year from a dear friend,

May God give you . . .

• Protection

• An open mind

• Enlightenment

• True Love

• Integrity

These are the greatest gifts to me.

I couldn’t agree more.

Merry Christmas with the Blues Bashers and Chuck Luden


I’m in orbit

You know what I mean

Like gone man

The music sends me there

Where is she?

I’m walking alone

Perpetual what?

There yeah now


The 4th note


Charles Luden, 10-18-08 at Latitude 44 • inspired by The Blues Bashers

Note: One night after a poetry reading at the Horse Barn some of us went to Grille 26.  I opened my notebook and read this poem to the group.  Another poet at the table (M.J.) said, “What does that have to do with X-mas?” I guess my Christmases are unique. – C.L.

The best Christmas album ever made? Perhaps.

If you don’t own this Christmas album, I highly suggest the purchase. Here is a sampling.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUyQdolNop0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGirb_wgkcw&feature=related

Happy Holidays to all of my readers

Even if some of you dislike me.

I would especially like to thank a group of people who help me to keep abreast on the issues, your support is invaluable and I truly appreciate it;

Theresa, Kermit, Cheryl, Helga, Jonathan, Debra, Greg, and Kenny.

There are many others, but they would probably prefer I didn’t mention their names. So here is a wink and nod.

Zandbroz Holiday Window display 2010

I love the coon talking on his cellphone.


Merry ‘Rocky Horror’ X-Mas


Merry X-mas perverts


Here we go again – the war on x-mas


Of course the wingnuts will have no part of logic;

America’s religious ideologies were founded on a basis of freedom, not solely as a Christian nation. If America was intended to be a Christian nation, it would be in our constitution, and America would be more like a theocracy – not a Republic.

Well, that is what they want, a theocracy.

What I don’t want for X-mas


The ‘excited’ rabbit is my favorite

Zandbroz puts together a video of the window display. Come and eat a cookie with the skunk.