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City spends almost $13,000 for 8 blocks of Holiday Lighting on Phillips Ave.


What?! is the city participating in the war on Christmas? Holiday lighting?

Kind of confused about this (Item #1), because I was always under the impression that DTSF paid for the holiday decorations and lights downtown while public works assisted in hanging them. Hopefully there will be some kind of explanation about this expenditure come Tuesday night.

Merry Christmas

My favorite bartender took this while enjoying my favorite Christmas present, a vodka tonic tonight. Stay strong soldiers in 2013, we will conquer all!

Now enjoy (one my favorite) albums;

Merry Holidays

PHOTO: Charles Luden, Beaker Tree (The first is a scene in the chem lab at my former job. Job and lab now gone.)

This was my favorite message written on a card this year from a dear friend,

May God give you . . .

• Protection

• An open mind

• Enlightenment

• True Love

• Integrity

These are the greatest gifts to me.

I couldn’t agree more.

Merry Christmas with the Blues Bashers and Chuck Luden


I’m in orbit

You know what I mean

Like gone man

The music sends me there

Where is she?

I’m walking alone

Perpetual what?

There yeah now


The 4th note


Charles Luden, 10-18-08 at Latitude 44 • inspired by The Blues Bashers

Note: One night after a poetry reading at the Horse Barn some of us went to Grille 26.  I opened my notebook and read this poem to the group.  Another poet at the table (M.J.) said, “What does that have to do with X-mas?” I guess my Christmases are unique. – C.L.

The best Christmas album ever made? Perhaps.

If you don’t own this Christmas album, I highly suggest the purchase. Here is a sampling.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUyQdolNop0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGirb_wgkcw&feature=related

Happy Holidays to all of my readers

Even if some of you dislike me.

I would especially like to thank a group of people who help me to keep abreast on the issues, your support is invaluable and I truly appreciate it;

Theresa, Kermit, Cheryl, Helga, Jonathan, Debra, Greg, and Kenny.

There are many others, but they would probably prefer I didn’t mention their names. So here is a wink and nod.

Zandbroz Holiday Window display 2010

I love the coon talking on his cellphone.


Merry ‘Rocky Horror’ X-Mas


Merry X-mas perverts


Here we go again – the war on x-mas


Of course the wingnuts will have no part of logic;

America’s religious ideologies were founded on a basis of freedom, not solely as a Christian nation. If America was intended to be a Christian nation, it would be in our constitution, and America would be more like a theocracy – not a Republic.

Well, that is what they want, a theocracy.