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Minnehaha County Treasurer, Pam Nelson informs the city about ‘Proper Service’


Former city code enforcement employee Kevin Smith’s new job

I believe he works for the same company that were the consultants for the city on the water and sewer rate increases.


The Little Rascal’s Clubhouse


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I drove by this place last year on Jessica Avenue, I see he has added to the He Man Woman Haters Club since I last drove by.

So do you think this is a work of art or a nuisance? Besides his rinky-dink trailer parked on the street, his yard seems to be pretty clean.

Apparently either the Pony Express or Shopping News carriers are delivering code enforcement notices


Mayor Huether seems to be confused tonight at the council meeting about how to stack a pile of firewood

Minnehaha County treasurer Pam Nelson showed up tonight to explain to the city how to mail out proper notice in the mail for a code violation (you know, using a postman and a stamp and not a newspaper bag). Pam got a notice about her firewood stack, but instead of sending a letter to her office or ACTUAL home, they put a letter in a plastic newspaper bag and hung it to her secondary residence. Seems efficient.


Then Bob Kolbe showed up asking how private emergency for-profit services can be cheaper then city owned services. Well, Bob, have you seen the Fire Department salaries (DOC: 2015-Wages-January, Start on page 4)

Head of Code Enforcement for the City of SF leaving?

Not sure if Shawna Goldhammer resigned or got terminated, or put in her notice? But it looks like the meanest job in the City is Available (Besides Mayor of course) (DOC: CEM):

The job posting:

Department: Planning & Building Services

Title: Code Enforcement Manager

Hiring Range: $2,480.80 – $2,752.80 bi-weekly      ($64,500.80 to $71,572.80 per year)

Job Description: Lead and manage the City’s comprehensive code enforcement program with coordination authority for inspection and enforcement elements across the City. Coordinate ongoing communication regarding all areas of code enforcement related to inspection and enforcement functions and the City Attorney’s office.

Status: FT

Post Date: 4/28/2015

Deadline: 5/12/2015

Qualifications: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of four (4) years’ professional focused experience in urban planning, and code enforcement; or any such combination of education, experience, and training as may be acceptable to the hiring authority.

Remind you of our Code Enforcement?

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Mobile Food Vendor Solution, reverse ONE ordinance

It seems after watching the full discussion on the proposed food truck regulations (Public Services Meeting, FF: 44:00-notice supporting PDF documents are missing-imagine that!?), the simplest way to fix the problem (that really doesn’t exist) is to eliminate the ordinance that mobile food vendors can’t park on the public right-of-way. Which is kind of ironic, because they all do it currently, but who complains while filling their face with shrimp jumbalaya or fried pirogies at 2:15 AM while on a drunk bender?

The proposed distances, permitting fees, hours of operation are just an attempt by brick and mortar restaurants downtown to chase the mobile vendors out. Which is ironic, because it wouldn’t ban the food ‘carts’ or the pizza places from delivering to you DT (which is competition with them also).

Everybody should know, the best way DT restaurants can eliminate their competition is by getting a city fire hydrant to explode and fill a basement restaurant with 2 feet of water while it takes our Fire Department over an hour to shut down the hydrant. Then blame ‘God’ for why it happened.

Never mind about all that JAZZ . . . because once again the city is influenced by the affluent trying to to make DT more of a yuppie-wealthy playground.

The success of DT will be diversity not exclusiveness and more regulations on eatery choices will NOT help DT to thrive. I want more choices then the senior citizen salad bar or the overpriced steaks justified by the $20,000 aqua green couch that every newlywed needs to have their portrait on.

Sometimes I just want loose meat and onion juices dripping out of my drunk ass mouth.

The snobbery around the proposed code regulations are obvious, and you are not even fooling pizza delivery drivers.

Change the public right-of-way ordinance, and move on already. We have enough D-Bags that hang out DT that think they are important, let’s flush them out with one ‘Taco in a Bag’ at a time.

City worried about Mobile food vendors, still waiting to hear about restaurants recycling


While the city worries about where these trucks park and sell taco in a bag, they still haven’t addressed my issue with restaurants recycling glass, aluminum and plastic. They claim there has been ‘complaints’ about noise and litter. How many? And did they know that current ordinances already cover litter and noise? This is a non-issue looking for a solution.

Kill these proposals!

Good Luck Kevin Smith!


Kevin Smith, I am told, has left the city for the private sector. Kevin worked for Code Enforcement division, I think, he was on the TV a lot telling us how to cut weeds and measure our grass. Thanks.

Kevin, just remember, freedom is a good thing. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Trash Talking at the City Council meeting 1/20/15

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