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The Gargoyle Leader (finally) weighs in on supposed death panels and Herseth wants healthcare reform to work like small town grain elevators

It is about time the AL weighed in on death panels and how freaking ridiculous they are, just wondering what took them so long? The National MSM has been explaining this for weeks;


  •  The bill does not mandate that such discussions occur. It merely requires Medicare to pay for them. 



  •  Nor does the bill set the decision about what kind of care is necessary before a government panel or to a government standard.
  • Herseth seems to be embracing the CO-OP idea;
    She said she would be more likely to accept some form of cooperative health care coverage, like that being proposed by Sen. Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat. Conrad has said that health care cooperatives, similar to electric, telephone and farm cooperatives, would be consumer-owned nonprofits. 

    While I can understand her argument for the CO-OPs, I don’t agree with them. All we are doing is creating another healthcare beaureracy, something we already have with private health insurance. If we are going to create something like this, we might as well let the government do it. We already have Medicare, Medicade and the VA in place, we can build from those. Healthcare reform isn’t like a bunch of farmers selling grain.

    I encourage everyone to watch the whole video. Steffy sounds more and more like a Republican everyday. Of course she has had a lot of practice, she is a Democrat after all.

    South DaCola art club w/ COOP


    Coop will be having a new solo exhibit soon. As you may or may not know, I am a fan and have several of his prints.


    Coop’s wife and I at a show in Minneapolis. She’s a real peach!