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Is Niedringhaus planning to be the next Sheriff in Minnehaha County?

First the facts.

Sheriff Milstead recently got re-elected (he wasn’t on the ballot because he did not have a challenger). He has a 4-year term.

Milstead said he wouldn’t retire until the jail is finished, which would be in two years.

Milstead CAN retire in mid-term.

If he does retire, the MCC can ‘appoint’ a replacement (fake incumbent) to serve the remaining two years.

Milstead’s wife has decided to NOT pursue the food contract with Falls Park restaurant this Spring. The city is currently looking for bids.

Niedringhaus has to be working in ‘law enforcement’ in order to be appointed Sheriff (this is what I have been told). It is another reason why he has been moonlighting serving warrants while serving as the full-time Metro Director (to keep his certification). His new job;

Niedringhaus will be leaving at the end of the year.  He’s accepted a new position with the Department of Public Safety; working in an area of law enforcement and intelligence.

So is he looking to be the next sheriff? Don’t know. But it certainly looks like he is trying to make those stars align.

Joint SF City Council/MCC meeting about homeless study

City of Sioux Falls & Minnehaha County share the cost of Homeless study

So at the non-televised joint city council and commission meeting today, the entities decided to split the cost of this study; Homeless-Study

While I think the study is needed, I’m wondering why Augustana (a private university) had to get reimbursed for a ‘research’ project? I guess Augie has trouble scrounging together $27K. Well that’s what you get when you have a Democrat running the joint, poor fundraising skills . . . ouch.

What is also ironic, the local government entity that serves the most homeless, poor and underpriviledged in our community didn’t contribute a penny to the study (SF School District). I guess they have already identified their homeless issues.

Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Nov 27-28, 2018

No regular meetings this next week, but some interesting tidbits.

Joint Minnehaha County/SF City Council meeting • 4 PM (11/27)

This one is at the County Commission Chambers in the Administration Building.

Another study by Augustana on Homeless peeps. Why do homeless studies cost so much? What? No qualified volunteers?

DOC: Homeless-Study

Breakfast Club • 7:30 AM (11/28)

What an interesting topic to cover over juice and donuts;


SD Association of County Commissioners Approved Resolutions

After reading this, it seems the only thing our state county commissioners want to do is raise our taxes instead of finding ways to cut wasteful spending.

FULL DOC: 2018-Approved-Resolutions

Minnehaha County Commission has interesting meeting

In one of the longest meetings of the year, the MCC discusses rural ambulance services and paving a popular county road.

Stehly endorses Barth & Heiberger on MCC

Stehly says,

“Jeff Barth and Cindy Heiberger care about the average Minnehaha County residents. I have enjoyed working with both of them and appreciate their respectful attitude toward those they serve.”

Minnehaha County Commission allows 23 minutes of public input and No one got hurt

I found it a little ironic that the MCC allowed public input for over 23 minutes without incident, no gaveling, and not cutting off after a certain ‘time limit’. In fact the MCC engaged them in conversation (GET OUT!).

First at regular public input, Jay Masur from MedStar talked for 9 minutes about fees. He even apologized for going 9 minutes, in which none of the commissioners responded. In fact during his testimony they had a conversation about his concerns (imagine that).

After Masur, a couple of rural residents did a planned presentation on a rural trail system (14 Minutes);

The MCC also engaged them on something that is important to the constituents.

The Sioux Falls City Council needs to take a page from the MCC on how important public input is, and that meetings don’t have time limits and to engage the public in conversation. Instead they get angry about talking to long, chastise them for being repetitive and don’t ask questions or engage them.

If the SFCC wants to learn something from the MCC it is about the proper procedure of taking public input, which in most cases should be unlimited.

Sioux Falls city council plays ‘Chicken’ over joint jurisdiction

Had to chuckle watching the city employees (mostly) and the city council approving the wedding barn. We all know they were scared the Minnehaha County Commission was prepared to pull the joint jurisdiction ‘polite’ agreement, so they chose to pull out on the game of ‘chicken’. Neitzert’s ‘NO’ vote was ‘taking one for the team.’ They know they have no power in rural districts to predict future growth. But they ‘Think’ they do. LOL.

Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Oct 23, 2018

City Council Informational Meeting • 2 PM

I guess they are going to start the meeting off with a shotgun and go into executive session right away, than onto more planned city initiated annexations (they just won’t give up).

City Council Joint meeting with Minnehaha County Commission • 5 PM

The ‘Wedding Barn’ zoning is back (ironically so close to Halloween) and it looks like there is more sidewalk changes to county property. (click to enlarge)