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City Council plans to rearrange meeting schedule so Karsky can have a conflict of interest


I want my goat and I want to eat it to.

I guess councilor Dean Karsky still doesn’t see a conflict of interest with serving on the Chamber of Commerce Board and the City Council at the same time. He is going as far as to get the city council to change the meeting schedule in October so he can attend the Chamber’s annual meeting (Item #12).

So let’s rearrange seven of the councilor’s normal schedules so ONE city councilor can attend a meeting that presents a clear conflict of interest. Why not ask the Chamber of Commerce to change their schedule?

The Ethics Commission (Kangaroo Kourt) contends there is NO conflict because Karsky will excuse himself from voting on anything doing with the Chamber. So I guess when any business that is a Chamber Member comes fourth Karsky will be excusing himself, yeah right. What is even more troubling is will Karsky excuse himself from non-chamber members asking for a license or permit that are in direct competition with a chamber member? If Karsky truly keeps his word on excusing himself, he won’t be voting very often, might as well just sit in the front room of Carnegie and watch the council meeting on TV, or better yet, just resign from the Council, the Chamber can have you.

I am wondering when Dean is going to pull some ethics out of his butt and realize this is a very bad idea to be serving on both boards. Of course, he has probably been mentoring Mr. Ethical himself, Mayor Mike.

So which is it Karsky, City Council or Chamber Board?

Karsky is about to be elected to the SF Chamber Board (DOC: CHAMBER ) He says he will recuse himself from voting on anything involving the Chamber while on the City Council. That will be nearly impossible. Chamber members come before the city council weekly asking for various licenses and permits and rezoning.

So Dean, which is it? The City Council or the Chamber Board? You are going to have to make a decision. Because I can guarantee you that if you serve on the Chamber Board and the Council at the same time and you vote to approve something for a Chamber member, you will have an ethics complaint filed against you for every time you don’t recuse yourself, and NOT by me. Many business people in town are very concerned about the relationship.

Seems someone wants their cake and wants to eat it too. Just building that resume for your 2018 mayoral run, aren’t you Dean? How would you like to add ‘unethical’ to the list?

Dean Karsky for County Commission 2016


I would be great on the County Commission, especially for the goat farmers in rural Minnehaha county.

I read in the Argus Leader today that Karsky is considering a run for County Commission. I have been watching the Commission meetings lately, and I can tell you they conduct business quite differently then the city council, they also have a tighter budget. First off, the commissioners sit on a bunch of committees and put in a lot more time then councilors do (they also get paid more). The discussions on the commission are also more in depth and issues and agenda items are vetted pretty thorough before the commission votes.

If Karsky thinks that first off, he has the time to serve on the commission, and secondly thinks his rubberstamping style on the council is going to roll on the commission, he is in for a big surprise.

Good luck Dean.

SF City Councilor Dean Karsky kicks the TIF political football out of bounds


Oh the games our council plays (Item #11), and how easily they manipulate some of the players like Karsky;

The council voted 5-3 last week to postpone the decision until the April 1 meeting. But Councilor Dean Karsky wanted to push it back even further, giving the council time to have a less formal discussion about TIF rules before making a decision. A workshop is planned for April 10 — two days after the election, but Karsky said that was not a factor in scheduling it then.

“It’s not a political advantage or disadvantage to either (candidate),” he said.

While I agree there should be solid discussion on the topic and something ‘doable’ be put on the council agenda, Karsky couldn’t have it more wrong when he talks about political advantages. Huether and Erpenbach very much wanted this topic to go quietly in the night and die, or at least get shelved until after the election. I’m not sure what kind of carrots or candy was offered to Karsky by those two, but it must have been pretty good.

The Cowardly 5; Erpenbach, Rolfing, Entenman, Aguilar, Karsky

Trust me, I knew how this was going to go down tonight. I knew it would probably fail.

But the process was not honored. Five councilors didn’t honor their oath to US Constitution to uphold democratic ideals, holding timely elections per request of citizen petition signers. It’s shameful, lustful, greedy, and COWARDLY. These are your five councilors that are COWARDS!

The worst part is that Council Coward Chair Erpenbach decided to implement one of her made up, pro-censorship, anti-1st amendment rules and limiting public testimony to 20 minutes (Think SF School Board meetings). That is why I was not allowed to speak, though I raised my hand.

If I would have had the opportunity (But apparently this city now is a dictatorship ran by a coward called Michelle Erpenbach) I would essentially said this;

I have been watching city government longer then any of you have even served up here. You are very predictable, but I am hoping tonight I would not have to predict the normal, self-interest, cowardly action to protect the ruling class from the working class of this city. I think it is incredibly pathetic that I even have to come here and beg my elected officials to uphold their constitutional duties they swore on in an oath. This is a slam dunk, your constituents have followed the letter of the law gathering these signatures and turning them in. Your job is easy. Vote YES to secure a timely election, any other action would be shameful, cowardly and unconstitutional.

Re-Elect Dean Karsky?

A South DaCola foot soldier just sent me a picture of Dean’s campaign signs. He is misleading voters (he must be using the same consultants the BIN people used). Remember the last city council race Dean was in, he lost against Bob Litz. Dean was APPOINTED to the city council, the voters did not elect him.

The first financials have been released today, Dean’s donor list reads like a listing of prominent bankers and developers in town.

Some explanations: Barb Stork is the wife of Citi’s CEO in SF. Evan Nolte is the head of the SF Chamber of Commerce. And you will notice at the top, Jim Schmidt sits on the Lincoln County Commission.


Compare Karsky’s fundraising with every other candidate to date and I think this makes him look bad.  It looks to some like payback for his EC site vote last June.  If you dig a little deeper through the city web site archives, and you’ll find Karsky collected his first campaign contribution right after Thanksgiving from the Home Builder’s Association (which publicly endorsed the EC at the Arena and whose 2011 President, Alan Amdahl was also a campaign chair for Build It Now): http://www.siouxfalls.org/~/media/documents/Election/2010/year_end_reports/Karsky_123011.ashx.

I’m think Karsky sold his EC vote last April in exchange for selection to the council and now he may be getting payback for delivering on his end of the deal.