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Hey, John, The rest of us call it pork


Who needs an education? We gots bombs to buy.

John seems to be confused, again, about what government pork is;

PIERRE, S.D. — Sen. John Thune says he is working to make sure the new defense budget includes money to continue development of a new long-range bomber.

Thune says the bill being considered by the Senate also includes $250 million to upgrade the existing fleet of B-1 bombers, including those stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base near Rapid City.

The reason why Ellsworth was going to close the first time around is because the Pentagon has determined that long range bombers are not needed anymore. Though I think it would be bad if the base closed, I can’t understand why it just can’t be revamped.

In John’s book, buidling bridges and schools is PORK, but building more weapons of war is acceptable. Dumbass.