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What is Bille Sutton up to?

I got word this week about a special project some young Dem leaders are working on in SD;

In one post-election pitch, Sutton wrote that he wasn’t just building a campaign, but a movement that will “keep going and keep fighting for our shared priorities.” Sutton tells The Associated Press that he doesn’t have plans right now to run for anything else, but he says to expect to hear more from him in coming months.

All I have been told is that Billie is just one cog in the wheel and the project is pretty major. Sorry, I wish I had more.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Say it ain’t so! Tornberg to seek another 4-year term

According to my sources, Ann Tornberg is seeking another 4-year term as SD Democratic Party chair;

Ann Tornberg, the current Chair of the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) has announced she will seek another 4 year term as State Party Chair despite the continuing decline in Democratic voter registration (down over 13% under her leadership and now resting at 29% of all registered voters, the lowest it has been in living memory) and the lack of success the Democratic Party has enjoyed statewide in recent years (no Democrat has won statewide since 2008 while Democratic representation in the state legislature has declined from 20 seats in 2014 to 16 seats today) . I guess Ann thinks when you are losing, more of the same is a good thing. Needless to say, I oppose her election to another 4 year term. There must be someone out there who can pick up the remnants of the Democratic Party and make it relevant again. Dig deep, Democrats! You need something, but the one thing you don’t need is four more years of the same failed effort.

My suggestion would be Pam Nelson or Bruce Danielson. Let’s see what happens.

Dems forget to sign some ‘important’ paperwork

I guess with all the excitement around nominating candidates, they lost their pens;

Subject: Reconvening of the SDDP State Convention on August 10

The South Dakota Democratic Party will be reconvening the 2018 State Convention on August 10 at 6 pm in Sioux Falls at Icon Event Hall (402 N. Main) in Sioux Falls with convention Co-Chairs and Constitutional candidates to certify their place on the ballot. The purpose of reconvening is to comply with requirements that officers of the convention sign the candidate certification in addition to the State Chair.
You’re invited to attend and witness the process; however, delegate attendance is not required. This is a small procedural step in the process of certifying our Constitutional candidates.
Ann Tornberg, SDDP Chair   ann@sddp.org
Sam Parkinson, Executive Director  sam@sddp.org
A ‘small’ procedural step? What’s that saying about primates having intercourse with sports equipment? When I talk to people about running for office I always tell them two things, Keep it Simple and remember the little things. Just ask David ‘Z’ about the importance of proper paperwork.

Why aren’t the Democratic Candidates included in debates?

I found it very strange that several public debates are scheduled for governor and congress but the Democrats are not invited?

In all fairness, Bjorkman and Sutton may have declined, which I doubt, but you never know. But I have a feeling they were not asked.

Some would argue this is because the Republicans are the only ones that have a primary, but why not include the Dems? Wouldn’t they add a lot to the debate? It’s almost like the Republicans only matter. Not only are Independents like me left out of an election I am paying for, apparently I am left out of the debates also.

I guess we know which way our media leans.

McGovern Day Luncheon, April 28, 2018

Cory Heidelberger McGovern Day, 4/28/2018

Cory Heidelberger of Dakota Free Press and a candidate for SD State Senate District 3 joined us for an interview on April 28, 2018 during McGovern Day in Sioux Falls.

Union President Kooper Caraway at McGovern Day Dinner

I think Kooper was channeling JC Crawford

Pete Beuttigieg interview, 4/28/2018

Pete was the headliner at McGovern Day dinner. We were fortunate to interview his before the dinner.

McGovern Day Dinner 2018

What an amazing afternoon and night. Bruce and I had the honor to be granted press passes for the event. And besides KSFY showing up for a 5 minute interview with Mayor Buttigieg and Dana Ferguson from the Argus covering it old school style, SouthDaCola got extended interviews and videos from the event. We will be posting soon speeches from dinner (Loetscher redeems herself) and the noon luncheon. We also got exclusive interviews with Mayor Pete, Tim Bjorkman, Billie Sutton and Cory Heidelberger. Stay tuned!

I also gotta give a shout out to my West River Bud, Joe Lowe for giving me his best Donald Trump impersonations. God I love that guy. Joe, not Donald.

Nothing like posing with the future president of the United States 🙂

Ann Tornberg has been a failure for the SDDP, by the numbers of course

From Drinking Liberally . . .

In South Dakota: The South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) holds its annual McGovern Day celebration in Sioux Falls on April 28th. Lately, they have been congratulating themselves for fielding candidates for all 105 State Senate and House seats this year. This is the first time either party has fielded a complete candidate slate in anyone’s memory. They are rightly proud of their recruiting success and they hope it will lead to greater electoral success. After all, they argue, with Trump as the face of the Republican Party, it should be a good year for Democrats. At least they hope so.

Unfortunately and objectively, the South Dakota Secretary of State’s latest voter registration numbers do not support this Democratic optimism. Once again in March, as it has in almost every month since Ann Tornberg became SDDP Chair in December, 2014, the Republicans increased their voter registration advantage over Democrats, gaining 608 new registrants against a Democratic registration decline of 628 voters. Independent and other party registration rose by 459 voters in March. In South Dakota’s 35 legislative districts Republican candidates now enjoy an average registration advantage over their Democratic opponents of 2526 voters. I wish all Democratic candidates well but an electoral advantage this large is difficult to overcome.

For the record: Since Ann Tornberg became SDDP Chair in December, 2014, Democratic voter registration has declined by 22,118 voters, from 175,748 to 157,630, while Republican registration has increased by 5,004, from 241,044 to 246,048. Independents and Other Parties increased by 15,021 voters to 120,829 during the same period. Democratic voter registration now stands at 29.9% of the electorate. I do not remember it ever falling below 30% before. In December 2014, 33.3% of the voters were registered Democrats. It appears Ann and the rural dominated SDDP she represents can recruit candidates. Whether or not they can build a winning coalition remains to be seen. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Good luck Democrats.