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Bender Market Outlook 2017 (Feb 23, 2017)

Bender Commercial presented its 20th Annual Market Outlook to Sioux Falls on Thursday, February 23, 2017 in the Washington Pavilion Mary W. Sommervold Hall.

The presenters gave the audience of business and community leaders along with Cameraman Bruce a look at the future of Sioux Falls as they see it. We also get to see a snapshot of each of the presenters as they looked in 1997.

Presenters included, Michael Bender, Andi Anderson, Nick Gustafson, Reggie Kuipers, and Rob Fagnan discussing the future of their fields of interest.

See what might be in our futures here in river city.

Why are we considering Legacy Development for Parking Ramp RFP?

We have a few questions to ask, see how many you can answer.

If someone goes to building code enforcement and files a concern, why does no one follow-up?
Do building and code enforcement only show up to arrest someone for having a pile of shingles in the wrong spot?
What are building permits good for?
If you have a building permit, does it allow you to do what you want?
Why do we need this parking ramp so badly?
If a building falls down, are we allowed to ask why?
Should we care?
If there is a death, shouldn’t someone from the county/state investigate?
Isn’t it strange there has been no grand jury convened to find out why a tragedy happened?
What does a contract allow you to do?
Where were the engineered drawings and permits to allow a load bearing wall to be taken out?

The Copper lounge collapse in downtown Sioux Falls leaves the public with so many questions. Scott Ehrisman asked many during the Sioux Falls City Council Public Input on February 14, 2017.

When you are done with the video, write down your questions and maybe send a few of them to the Minnehaha County State Attorney. Maybe he can help us get answers.

Maybe we should heed Legacy CEO’s own words in choosing them for the parking ramp project

Sometimes people present the obvious to us without realizing it. Many people in the community are concerned about Legacy being chosen to build a publicly funded parking ramp DT after their involvement with the Copper Lounge building collapse. Maybe Mr. Drake has a solution;

“I’m not going to address any questions about that site and the events that have taken place,” Drake said. “It’s an ongoing investigation, and until all the facts come out and are determined, we don’t feel like it’s prudent to make additional assumptions at any point there.

I agree 100%. And until assumptions are turned into facts or falsehoods, we should hold off determining you are the correct choice for the project. I encourage the city council to hold the brakes on this project until the results of the investigation have been presented, or pick another contractor.

Stormland TV changes name to Metli-land TV for this week

I never seen a TV station go so bananners over a city planner that retired over 10 years ago (and quite frankly worked for the city TOO long to begin with).

Mr. Metli was very instrumental in getting us the river greenway bike trail and park system (the true gem of our city) and cleaning up Falls Park. He also helped get us the Washington Pavilion by tying it in with the convention center vote (unfortunately building the convention center in the wrong place). He also gave us Phillips to the Falls (that had a 100% cost overrun which almost landed Mayor Munson’s ass in jail) and now is only good for a brownfield outdoor amphitheater because of the battery acid seeping thru the ground.

I would agree, Steve was very instrumental in shaping our city, some good, some worthless urban sprawl. But Steve’s biggest accomplishment besides creating our beautiful park system along the river was making SOME developers in this town a lot of money, and giving them little too much control.

Some may say I am being a little harsh, but you only learn from history, when history is recorded correctly. I hope future planners of our city have learned a lot from Mr. Metli (both good and bad).

I will miss our FB debates.

Parking Ramp Announcement w/o funding

The city council pulled the funding for a DT parking ramp last year, yet the city administration and mayor decided to announce their ‘pick’. And as far as I know, the council hasn’t even been let in on who has been chosen, not even in executive session (how is that for transparency) let alone no funding approval.

But it gets even more complicated. Three companies submitted bids;

After soliciting potential partners through what’s called a request for qualifications in May 2016, the city received three submittals — all from developers with local ties.

Legacy Development in 2015 started a $12 million, 82-unit downtown loft complex. Called “Third Avenue Lofts,” the four-story housing complex at 13th Street north of Sunshine Foods benefited from $1.5 million worth of tax increment financing to see the project through.  It also owns the property abutting the parking ramp site to the east where a building collapsed in December, killing a construction worker.

Lloyd Companies in recent years has added more than 100 residential units to the downtown neighborhood with Phillips Avenue Lofts, the Uptown Exchange Lofts and Good Samaritan’s City Centre lofts.

Trans Atlantics was established in 2008 and has another office in Ethiopia. It specializes in partnering with other business, organizations and governments on real estate, manufacturing, agriculture, trading and technology projects.

Lloyd has already said they were not picked, so it is between the other two. Also remember, Legacy was involved with business partners in Hultgren Construction, which has a pending investigation against them. Would the city be foolish enough to pick them with this investigation that is ongoing? The press conference ought to be a real sh*t show.

Ironic quote of the day by Mayor Huether

I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff, but it is rich;

“Why we would want to give away something between a half a million and a million dollars, dumbfounds me,” says the Mayor.

If he was Mr. Prudence, I would agree, but this dumbo who has borrowed well over $200 million over the past 7 years spending it mostly on special interests and play things, like $500K to a private tennis center he plastered his name on. What a hypocrite.

Was this car dealership a non-profit charity when we gave them a $1 million dollar street?

Remember this? The city employees and directors working hard to not only close a public residential street but also working OT to make sure a private business owner got the property (valued at close to $1 million) for FREE. The dealership offered to pay nothing for the street vacation. But hey, how many jobs were created? How many people stayed out of jail? How much did this save our justice system? Not sure, but they did get to build a gigantic parking lot. When the mayor’s administration wants to throw a hissy fit over giving away a rust bucket of a building, I only have to show them this fiasco, and then ask them to STFU.

Sioux Falls Affordable Housing Crisis

Cory beat me to this post (thank you). I figured he would do a much better job of analyzing the situation;

As a primary solution, ARI advocates coordination among all actors in affordable housing: the city, state, non-profits, and developers.

But remember: collectivism is a response to market failure. Even amidst 2.3% unemployment, Sioux Falls employers are failing to provide their scarce workers with the wages they need to support the renovation and construction of decent cheap houses. Since our captains of industry and bumper-car owners are being stingy, we have to run around drawing cooperation lines on concept maps and pouring tax incentives and federal grants into housing efforts.

Ironically I had this conversation Saturday with Mayoral hopeful Nick Weiland. I told him that the city needs to have less focus on annexation and urban sprawl and a push for fixing up our core, central and proper areas of Sioux Falls, which basically is 41st street to Russell and Kiwanis to Cleveland Ave (my educated guess). I’m not just talking sewer/water, roads and curb and gutter, I’m talking properties. This area of town has some of the most affordable housing in our city, unfortunately many of these single family homes and four-plex apartments also need some TLC. But they are perfect for affordable housing. The solution I have offered for several years is to change our TIF program to include landlords and single family homeowners willing to invest in these core houses and apartments and have any other loose ends tied up with low interest or no interest loans from community development or other state and federal programs. If we can give TIFs to luxury condos (Washington Square) we can certainly turn the program over to people willing to help out with our affordable housing glut.

The other issue is that housing costs are not in line with wages in Sioux Falls, and the regressive sales tax system is not helping matters.

At the end of the day, while a study like this is comprehensive and needed, it didn’t tell us anything new. It takes more then a report to change things, it takes a big boot up the asses of our local and state lawmakers to change the rules of tax incentives to get the ball rolling on this.

To Grant or Not Street (Jan 3, 2017)

Is this a misunderstanding, a good project gone bad or just plainly a mistake? Grant Street is one of those forgotten pieces and places of Sioux Falls. A neighborhood without the promised neighbors, a mud road instead of the promised paved street all courtesy of poor planning on the part of the city of Sioux Falls.

Grant Street is a forgotten place in need of our help. It should not be an industrial park because of a flying fickled finger of fate put it in a battle to be livable. On January 3, 2017 the Grant Street neighbors banded together to fight a development of storage units instead of the once promised twin homes with a city street.

Fix the street, fix the neighborhood and make it something any of us would be willing to live in. The city of Sioux Falls allowed this problem to exist, now solve it.

What is going on with the Copper Lounge investigation?

While the mayor was touting building a $25 million dollar building downtown today (that we don’t need) over on Phillips Avenue they were trying to prop up PAVE. Of course the OSHA findings could take months and there could be a lot of closed door settlements with insurance companies.

But this question was posed to me today; is Hultgren Construction still around? I guess I am not sure, but the word coming back to me is that many of the projects they were working on around town have halted. Is it a precautionary measure to freeze their assets or to liquidate them?

Funny how when this all happened every TV station in town sprouted an investigative reporter as if a college professor was getting arrested for sexual assault. Now we hear NO followup with the building collapse. Maybe they found another mysterious white truck driving through Platte, SD in the middle of the night?