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Instead of fixing the crappy drainage, the city prefers to just bulldoze the neighborhood

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Curious if the Sioux Falls City Council is authorizing these home purchases or if once again, the city planning and public works office is ‘going rogue’. Heck, I even wonder if the city council knows about it at all?

After heavy rains in August flooded a central Sioux Falls neighborhood, city officials are looking for a permanent way to stem flooding.

Homes along the west side of South Covell Avenue between 28th and 33rd Streets could be torn down to create a green space.

Several homeowners in the neighborhood near Augustana University have been contacted by the City of Sioux Falls with possible offers to purchase their homes.

The city is talking with neighbors first, before releasing a finalized plan. Environmental and Storm Water Manager Andrew Berg said it is a voluntary buyout, and no one will be forced to sell to the city.

And that’s the Huether way, instead of fixing the infrastructure in the modest neighborhoods in Sioux Falls, we prefer to just bulldoze them. Now that’s progress and getting things done! I wonder if this will make MMM’s list of ‘Top 10 Wins of 2015’?

Should ‘Public Projects’ be included in building permit record?

This year the city of Sioux Falls is claiming we broke a building permit record again. Like last year (with the Denny Dome) there are several public projects on the docket. This year there is over $60 million in local tax dollars being spent on these projects. And while they will not put in one single penny to property taxes they somehow are included on the permit valuations. While technically they should be included in the raw numbers, I think it is deceptive to include them in the record since they are not commercial projects that bring in revenue. If anything, all of these public projects will cost taxpayers millions in subsidies, hardly something to brag about.


Another Record in Sioux Falls

Yeah! The rich developers are making loads of money (while we give them tax rebates)! The elected officials are spending our money on entertainment palaces! Yet the homeless rates, violent crime, hungry children and the under employed continue to grow in our community. But that’s all negative, so let’s not talk about it;

Sioux Falls City officials today announced a third record-breaking year of construction values. The construction valuation for building permits issued by Building Services in 2015 reached $619,862,799 million this morning. Last year’s record (2014) was $619.5 million, and the previous record set in 2013 was $588.2 million.

I actually believe that ‘public’ projects should not be included in these numbers, IMO. Always amazed how our mayor can spin all the positive in this community around a dollar amount while many are suffering in this community. Yet, councilor Kenny Anderson said on SuFuStu’s show today that the mayor is more transparent then mayor Munson was with working with the council. While I wouldn’t want to get into a grading system on how well either did on that issue, I will say this. THEY BOTH SUCKED!

Parking Rate hikes just don’t add up

The more I think about this proposal, the more I question this increase;

“Our system is more than 90 percent full. It will be 100 percent full most likely in the next two years before we can open a new parking ramp,” said Darrin Smith, Sioux Falls Community Development Director.

Projects like the new ramp cost money. That’s why the city is proposing a rate change in Downtown Sioux Falls.

WOW! Where do we begin?

• We tear down a parking ramp that was useful and sell it for $1.

• We are going to be 100% full in two years yet the parking ramp the city is paying for is for a private hotel and apartments, with only about 3-5% useable by the public.

• The city will be leasing the parking ramp to these private entities. Shouldn’t that lease payment cover the bond payments? If not, why not? What is the benefit to the public to build a private parking ramp that the public can’t use most of the time and make us take care of the short fall on the bond payments?

This whole thing stinks to high Heaven, and I hope the council removes their heads from their asses and votes this increase down and demands the parking department adjust the lease payments to cover the bonds, or better yet, make the PRIVATE development build their own damn parking ramp. Let free enterprise work for itself, otherwise it’s just parking socialism. Maybe we should call it ‘Obama-park’?

Why does everything Downtown Sioux Falls have to be a restaurant/retail/condo?

These developers are starting to sound like broken records more and more everyday;

Scherschligt said he doesn’t think the plan is “the highest and best use for that land.”

“Sioux Falls has been successful because the businesspeople and leaders of this community did not always think about themselves, but they thought about what was better for everybody,” he said. “We have these master plans. We create these master plans. And we buy into it. It wasn’t just one person. It was task forces of people.”

Former city planning director Steve Metli, who worked closely with several city master plans for the riverfront, said he’s disappointed in the development plan for the Kilian property.

“It’s a two-block stretch of the river walk that connects the falls to downtown, so it would be excellent for housing or major office, commercial – retail, restaurant-type use, and I was hoping that’s what it could be,” he said. “As much as the community has supported and still supports Lutheran Social Services, I think they could have put more thought in their decision to go there on behalf of the community.”

Sure, it ‘could’ be used for that, but what is wrong with having higher education and immigration services downtown also? I commend Kilian for their partnership and keeping downtown diverse.

And BTW, I have been in some of these new ‘housing’ units built downtown by Steve’s buddy, talk about cheap slap together sloppy workmanship. I guess nobody takes pride in their work anymore, as long as they can get a tax break while charging high priced rents. These places will be ram shackle within the decade. I can’t believe we hand out TIF’s for these projects.

The Planning Pushback

In the latest episode of ‘Planning Preview‘ Jeffrey Schlitz-Smidt, explains ‘buffers’ and how the public may not understand them. But he is willing to have ‘coffee’ with constituents to explain them.

Thanks Jeff.

Arrogance Bordering on Abuse? Board of Adjustment meeting, 9/28/2015

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We found another Sioux Falls Zoning Board of Adjustment (BOA) meeting on Monday September 28, 2015. Cameraman Bruce was there to capture the process the board goes through to determine if property variances should be granted.
Property variances are granted if extenuating circumstances exist to make the property more usable without hurting the neighbors or neighborhood.
We witness what a broken water main can do to a business owner. A homeowner with a garage-less monster truck trying to get forgiveness, variance and building because much of the work is already done. Then we have a business owner trying to get by without following the Shape Places code rules by planting a flag with a few Subaru Foresters. What were they thinking? See if they can grow?
With as many people already questioning Shape Places and the way it has screwed up, it does have some good features. One thing we have learned, neighborhoods must be ready to fight for their rights or forever lose them.
What would think if your neighbor planted a flag and a few cars in their yard like Columbus in 1492, would you see the natives revolt? We saw a revolt caused by uncaring arrogance bordering on abuse, pushed back. It felt good.

Flagpole Annexation? Literally.

So the wise guys developing land at 85th and Audie decided they would put up a flag this is probably in violation of sign code (for it’s size). Apparently now developers are acting like Christopher Columbus to get what they want. Good Grief.



Three Blind Mice


Property Tax relief in Sioux Falls only for the Rich & Connected

While Minnehaha County is bracing for a property tax opt-out and the SF city council recently increased property taxes to most properties in Sioux Falls, with the stroke of a few votes the city council gave a 12 year, $2.9 million dollar property tax rebate for some condos;

The $30-million, mixed-use Washington Square project planned for Main Avenue has been granted a TIF by the City of Sioux Falls.

The city council approved a $2.9-million tax increment financing district for the project. The property tax revenue will be used to pay the TIF over a 10 to 12 year period.

But hey, we get to use their parking for free, only on nights and weekends though (you know, when it is free in all other spots DT also). Once again, the ones with the biggest wallets get the biggest rewards in Sioux Falls, while the rest of us working stiff homeowners have to scrape up the crumbs that fall from the 4th floor condos.