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Who let the dogs out?

I said from the beginning this was fishy. Hunting dogs are used to living in outdoor conditions. Most people keep their hunting dogs in outdoor kennels. I have a friend who has a Brittney mix, that dog freaking takes naps in snowbanks. I think people sometimes want to treat their dogs like humans, they are not human THEY ARE DOGS! Dogs love being outside, even when it is cold out. Sometimes it’s hard to get my Boston Terrier to come inside, and he has no fur. While Mr. Christensen’s ‘Kennels’ may have not looked professionally built, they probably did not pose any health risk to the dogs.

A judge has ruled two searches of Dan Christensen’s property should never have been done and that former Second Chance Rescue executive director Rosey Quinn purposely misled the court in order to conduct a raid on Christensen’s dog breeding operation back in September.

If I was Dan, I would counter sue.