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Fodness Family sues city & other city news

The Fodness family is suing the City of Sioux Falls for Negligence over the Copper Lounge Collapse. The suit alleges that the city’s building services who provides building permits and construction inspections failed to heed the warnings of what was going on with the construction of the Lewis Drug.

More details to come. (Filed Doc: Fodness 2018-09-18 Complaint)


As I understand it, Lloyd Companies ultimately purchased the property after all and after the rezone may bring in a development much different (and more detrimental) to what they proposed originally. We will be watching.


The word on the street is that since the ice chillers were not in use and not maintained since the closure they are no longer useable and have to be junked out as surplus. When the place closed I guess they were still operable and thought they could be sold eventually but it seems since they were not maintained they no longer work. More tax dollars in the burn barrel.

Voter Registration Campaign Kicks Off with Downtown Businesses

Downtown Sioux Falls businesses are partnering with local non-profit organization Leaders Engaged and Determined (LEAD) South Dakota to launch a voter registration campaign to take place from September 25-October 22, 2018.

The campaign involves more than a dozen businesses in downtown Sioux Falls and is part of National Voter Registration Day. While visiting a participating business, patrons can register to vote with employees equipped to assist in the registration process. By making voter registration easier, LEAD is hoping to encourage any unregistered citizens to get involved in the democratic process.

Downtown Sioux Falls business owners are excited to engage patrons on a local level.

“Community involvement is important because if you want to change the world, you need to think global and act local,” said Brian Gochal, owner of Vishnu Bunny Tattoo. “We can’t wait for someone else to make the world a better place.”

“We believe that it’s important for South Dakotans to be registered to vote because elected officials make decisions that impact all of our lives,” said Susan Kroger, co-chair and founding member of LEAD. “By having the information and means to register at downtown businesses, we’re hoping to make it easier for people to participate.”

The campaign kicks off on Tuesday, September 25 which is also National Voter Registration Day.


Founded in 2016, LEAD South Dakota exists to foster a bipartisan community of individuals who empower and encourage positive change for women and families in South Dakota. For more information or LEAD South Dakota’s work, please visit www.leadsouthdakota.org.

Who is the BEST Brewery in Sioux Falls?

The answer to that question is pretty simple. Woodgrain.

But I decided to list in order (from best to worst) breweries in Sioux Falls. Surprisingly some of the most popular breweries are the lowest on my list. And I will tell you why. As someone who has been drinking micro-brews for over 20 years I think I have gotten a pretty good palate. While I wouldn’t call myself a beer nerd, I do know what I like.

  1. Woodgrain Brewing. It’s pretty simple why Woodgrain is surperior, Quality and Consistency. They have rarely made a bad beer and they have always had a lot of complexity and diversity in their lineup.
  2. Homestead. While they are NOT in Sioux Falls, they are in the immediate area. What makes Homestead great is the freshness of the beer due to the fact they grow their own Hops. The Brewery is located on the Hops farm property and has been in the family for decades.
  3. Gandy Dancer. Located in Monks, Gandy is one of the first breweries in Sioux Falls (new generation after the closure of Sioux Falls Brewery) Gandy’s beers are unique. While I don’t like everything they make, I do like the extensive creativity in the beers.
  4. Hydra. I think Hydra got off to a rough start. I said once that their original IPA tasted like sawdust. But I they have gotten pretty good at making stouts and fruit beers.
  5. Miner. While Miner was shipping their beers in from the West side of the state they now will be brewing at their new location in Sioux Falls. I suspect with all the local talent in brewing Miner will climb the ladder.
  6. Fernson. While Fernson may be the biggest brewery in Sioux Falls and the most popular and widely distributed, I mostly attribute that to clever marketing and a lot of it. While their beer has gotten ‘better’ (I can actually drink a couple of Lion’s Paws) they lack the quality and consistency of their competitors.
  7. Remedy. Don’t get me wrong, Remedy has some good beers but a lot them fall flat on their face with delivering what you are expecting. I know they have the right equipment to brew, a fantastic space and the talent. I suspect Remedy will come out of it’s growing pains and start delivering more quality beers soon.
  8. Honorable Mention; Take 16 in Luverne, Minnesota. They make some fantastic beers and are only a few short miles from Sioux Falls.

There are also 2 new breweries opening within the year in Sioux Falls and maybe even a 3rd one (that one is a surprise!)

So besides breweries in town, where are some other places to get your ‘micro brew’ fix on?

  1. Monks House of Ale Repute. Hands down best selection in Sioux Falls.
  2. Bonus Round Bar. Bar manager Allen does a great job of having diversity in his taps, bottles and cans. You can even get a silo of PBR.
  3. Taphouse 41. While their service is incredibly horrible, their beer selection is really good.

I’m sure I will get a lot of heck for this post, but I really don’t care. The one thing to remember about drinking microbrews is it is about what you like. For instance, I don’t like sours. Even though I rated these Sioux Falls breweries I recommend you try all of them. Support your local businesses!

Co-op Book Store to open in Hydra Beer Hall space Downtown

This is great news! Very excited about this! I’ve known Sion for awhile now he has been putting on readings at Monks and now they will have their own space. This is a great cultural addition to Downtown!

Full Circle Book Co-op literally has come full circle in its search for a location.

Starting Oct. 1, it will sublease Hydra Beer Hall at 125 W. 10th St. Hydra will focus on its brewery at 2425 S. Shirley Ave., move its downtown events there and expand its beer line.

That opened a door for the co-op, which was able to lease the space – the first location the owners had looked at in their search for a home last year.

“We were in the process of putting in an offer when Hydra beat us out,” co-owner Jason Kurtz said. “It was really fun to get into our original idea. The opportunity kind of fell in our laps, and we dug into it and took advantage.”

The store name is Full Circle because the idea is that writers can come in and hone their writing, learn about getting published and ultimately sell their work in the store. It also will carry used books along with a large selection of local and regionally published work.

“Essentially, it is based around a co-op concept where the community participates, and if they volunteer or pay- they will have input in our classes, can use the space for free or at a reduced price and get discounts on merchandise,” Kurtz said.

He and co-owner Sion Lidster are focused on raising funds to get started.

A Kickstarter campaign launched this week aims to raise $10,000 toward initial expenses. It’s more than 15 percent there with 28 days to go.

So fire sprinklers in parking garages are useful

Call me a MORON, no really, please do. When they were planning the parking garage for Village on the River I questioned why it needed a sprinkler system, apparently they are useful;

The first arriving crew found a porta potty on fire 15 feet inside the first floor (Washington Square) garage entrance. The fire was under control by the building’s fire sprinkler system. The fire was extinguished within a couple minutes of crews being on scene. Additional fire crews checked the remaining parking area and found no fire extension. Residents were alerted by the fire alarm system and were moved to the adjacent city parking garage until the fire sprinkler and alarm systems were checked and controlled. All residents were allowed back in the building after about 15 minutes.

Of course it was a porta potty and NOT a car. Funny part is I saw those porta potties a few weeks ago when I parked in there and thought to myself, “Why is there porta potties in a parking garage?” I guess they won’t be there anymore.

I also found this part of the SFFD’s press release interesting;

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue responded with 5 fire trucks, 2 support vehicles, and 21 personnel. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue was assisted on scene by Metro Communications, Sioux Falls Police Department, and Washington Square management.

I’m sure because they thought the high rise with several million dollar condos was on fire, but it just turned out to be the shitt’r in the garage. They also left out this part on the press release;

Paramedics Plus showed up 2 hours later, didn’t see anything so drove off.

Just kidding.

Councilor Neitzert says people had ‘Moronic’ arguments against parking ramp

The the Sioux Falls City council got a presentation (FF: 33:0o) update on the Village on the River project at the informational meeting.

When talking about the costs associated with the parking ramp portion of the project, the city engineers(?) admitted that they had to put in a special foundation to support the ramp and hotel.

As we have argued from the beginning the ramp is costing more, not because of the number of spaces or size of spaces but because we would be footing the bill for the special foundation for the hotel.

Councilor Neitzert claimed that some people (I assume other councilors, blogs and the media) had ‘moronic’ & ‘dishonest’ arguments about cost per space and that it is costing more because of the special foundation.

Costs DOC: Site-costs

If there was anything ‘moronic’ about our arguments, it would be that Greg and the other councilors who voted for this boondoggle fiasco of a public private partnership didn’t listen to us when we told them the foundation was going to cost more due to the height and size of the hotel, not the parking ramp.

So who are the morons? Certainly not the councilors who voted against this project. They knew all along why it was going to cost so much, because the developer took us to the cleaners.

Also, councilor Brekke asks why the developer for hotel portion doesn’t have a performance bond. Funny, the administration didn’t have an answer.

DTSF on John Michaels’ Forum

Listen Here.

Yeah, I know, a week late, but worth the listen.

UPDATE: Without a Narcissistic, Sadistic, Egomaniac Bully as Mayor, the council is free to get things done

The City Council did their due diligence last night and saved a historic neighborhood from another commercial development that are eating up our core.

A developer thought they were going to play the game of buying crappy houses, let them go to sh*t and than have an excuse to tear them down. The council said, ‘Not so Fast.’

Watch George Hamilton school the council on what exactly the developer was up to.

UPDATE: So in this KDLT story, the developer states the obvious;

Developer Sam Assam will need to get a cost-estimate for repairing the homes and see if that outweighs the cost of demolishing them, then bring his case before the Board of Preservation again.

Well DUH it is cheaper to bulldoze a house. I think we have established that McFly. But what I can GUARANTEE and Hamilton is right, it way more cheaper to refab these houses if their structures and foundations are solid than it would be to tear them down completely and build a whole new structure. At the informational meeting on Tuesday, the Affordable Housing manager said a starter home costs about $220 now in Sioux Falls.

But the bigger question is not whether they can be demolished or not. Why are we allowing commercial development to creep into a neighborhood. I don’t even care if it is a Historic neighborhood. We should keep our affordable housing neighborhoods.

Just when you thought I stopped painting

Don’t bring snakes to public festival

You thought the people who leave guns in unlocked cars were idiots? Well they had some people top them over the weekend.

There is a reason JazzFest bans dogs/pets. Your dogs don’t want to be there, it’s hot, it makes them nervous and they could hurt someone or another dog. But some people don’t seem to get the message at DTSF festivals. The dogs were on display once again. Several barking at each other, some hiding under picnic tables in fear and some so hot and miserable it was pathetic.

But besides the ignoramus dog owners, there were a couple of guys that decided it was OK to bring their Pythons to Riverfest around thousands of people. When one of the guys walked past me, I just turned to him and said, “You are an idiot.” I guess there would be no other way to describe them.

While I am not scared of pet snakes, many people have extreme phobias, and with all the dogs down there, it was a recipe for disaster.

It was obvious these clems were trying to get attention by dragging their snakes to Riverfest but next time I highly suggest you leave them at the trailer park with your other exotic pets, Keystone beer and X-Box games.

I encourage DTSF to implement a NO pets policy from now on at ALL of their festivals because apparently some people are too stupid to realize you don’t bring snakes to public festivals.

You wonder how some people make it through life.