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Uptown Phase I Plan (10 Years Ago!)

Remember, this was proposed 10 years ago. Many things did NOT happen. Notice they are asking the two parcels be split up into two different payments and that part of the TIF goes toward the purchase (Craig Lloyd’s assumption). He makes a comment that waiting on the EPA could take several years. This is from July 16, 2007 (FF: 13:30).

Do we need to change the Business Makeup of Downtown Sioux Falls to make it more tourist friendly?

I’ve been having a little fun on Facebook over this story about boutiques in DTSF. (Stormland TV deleted my FB comment, but it still remains on my FB page);

LOL. I Often joke with my fellow downtowners that I will soon be opening a women’s boutique DT that has clothing, cupcakes, craft beer bar and fudge shop. Yes, there are too many women’s boutiques DT. More bars and restaurants and entertainment options, your dress shops are wasting valuable space DT, go away.

To tell you the truth, I could care less how many women’s clothing stores are DT. But I also feel that the makeup of DT needs to be tweaked going forward. I like to use Fort Collins, CO as a great example of an amazing DT area. I have visited twice over the past 6 years. I love it. It is very comparable to Sioux Falls because of population and a midwestern feel. While the footprint is bigger, the parking situation, walkability and structures are very similar.

What makes their DT flourish, I believe, is the high concentration of eateries, art galleries and misc, interesting retail.

Fort Collins Downtown Business Members (Breakdown)

Restaurants, Bars, Delis, etc. – 61

Variety, Giftshops, Retail, Jewelry, etc. – 52

Art Galleries – Private & Non Profit – 22

Banks, Real Estate, Law, Insurance, etc. – 30

Medical Clinics, etc. – 13

Business Services, Spas, Etc. – 37

Clothing Stores – 13

Lodging – 2

Funeral Home – 1

Auto Repair and Dealerships – 3

Government related – 12

Churches – 2

(Not on the membership list is dozens of marijuana shops)

Besides the fact they are a brewery haven, have a large college and they have FREE pedicabs, they embrace what brings people DT, especially tourists; unique shops, great food and drink and art galleries. Do you know how many art galleries are DTSF? Approximately four, if you include 8th and Railroad. One of them is the Pavilion, which charges an admission even though it gets government subsidies. One of the stupidest things was for the Pavilion to start charging admission to the VAC.

DTSF needs to start researching and implementing the Ft. Collins model, or we can keep opening dress and cupcake shops.

Downtown Sioux Falls Parking Ramp plan will resurface in September

I heard today that the plan is NOT dead and the Community Development office plans to bring a proposal forward to the City Council in September.

First Friday Art

I will be showing (and selling) several pieces at this show. A portion goes toward the charity.

Probably another ugly loft building (Pretty Much)

It only took Lloyd companies 13 years to fulfill a promise (13 YEARS!) why wouldn’t they deserve a TIF?

Since the completion of Phillips to the Falls in 2004, significant investment of public and private dollars has occurred in the Uptown area. In recent years the City has made land available, resulting in several million dollars of private investment. This development will be constructed for an estimated cost of $43.5 million and will provide further economic benefits for our community including $400,000 to $500,000 in new property taxes paid each year. The City administration is supporting a Tax Increment Financing District for the project ($4.1 Million proposed).

Besides the fact that the developer drug their feet for 13 years and left the city holding the bag (and the land) the city council has NOT approved this project, and certainly has not approved a TIF. In fact, many on the council had NO CLUE a TIF was being proposed.

As far as I am concerned, since the developer was SUPPOSED to buy and develop this land 13 years ago, as they promised in front of a full council chambers (I was there) any discounts on property tax revenue should have ran out a long, long, long time ago. They were supposed to be paying on this plot of land for the last 13 years, and now they have the nerve to ask for a TIF as the taxpayers held this plot of land for them, for 13 years, at NO COST?


I said Phillips to the Falls was Munson’s folly, and it continues to not disappoint being a money pit for taxpayers as developers continue to ask for corporate welfare. If the mayor is truly serious about ending subsidies, he can start right now with this project.

Is the ‘Arc of Dreams’ getting tweaked

Top image is the new and improved design, bottom is the original.

I guess I haven’t heard any announcements that the design of the sculpture was changing, in fact if you go to their website, they still have the old image up.

I caught it on the site sign yesterday next to the proposed location. It must have just recently changed because I ride my bike by this sign almost everyday.

What do you think of the new design compared to the old? I kind of liked the simplicity of the first design.

But the artist may not have a choice in the matter. When it was first proposed I was told by and engineer and a person who has worked around large scale public art projects that since the piece was flat and didn’t touch (held together) it would need massive counterweights because of the wind. I’m sure the new design helps with wind flow and is much lighter without the panels of polished stainless steel. I’m also wondering if it is a little cheaper to?

I’m curious if there will be an official announcement about the change, I also wonder if they will tell us why it had to be changed. Things that make you go hmmmmm. I guess sometimes your dreams have to be tweaked to come true 🙂

Art Maze II kicks Ass!

Click to Enlarge

You can still see it tonight, 6th and Phillips in JAM Art. It’s FREE!

Downtown Parking Ramp hammer about to drop?

Rumor has it that Sioux Falls city council has been put on notice; contract negotiations between the city and the parking ramp developer (Legacy) is almost complete, and they are going to ask the council to approve that contract this month, but will they?

Only two councilors so far have been vocal about a NO vote, Stehly and Starr. Stehly takes issue with Legacy’s close relationship with Hultgren Construction and the lack of transparency when it comes to investors (rumor is that Legacy doesn’t have any yet) and Starr takes issue with the corporate welfare aspect, handing over $17 million to a private developer who will provide us very little in return.

Really, anyway you look at it, the deal stinks, really bad. Even on a really windy day when JM’s is in full kill, the stink isn’t as bad as this deal. So what baffles me and many others in the community, why would possibly 6 councilors be on board with this? I don’t know. As one city official said to me today, “Where is the outrage from the public?” or more importantly what do we have to do to get the outrage?

This has to be possibly the WORST deal the city has ever cut since they gave $27 million for about $2 million dollars worth of land to the Railroad, and the trains are still running through downtown. A Boondoggle that didn’t solve the original problem, train traffic downtown.

Maybe that is why this deal will probably be struck, because the citizens really don’t care. They proved this with the RR deal, the indoor pool and the administration building (at least the public took a stab at that one).

I’m hoping the other 6 councilors wake up, or at least 4 of them to make the deal veto proof. I’m not holding my breath.

Blarney Stone to restore Touch of Europe basement pub after City and God destroyed it

I just hope the new owners have a priest or pastor bless the place before they open. According to the city’s insurance provider, God gets angry here quite a bit destroying private property, busting up water pipes and destroying businesses;

“I think a lot of people go back to remembering the Touch of Europe,” said Blarney Stone partner Russ Wanner. “That’s fantastic to hear people talking about that and how treasured it was, actually, how they loved to go there. They talk about the brickwork and stuff, and we tried to save as much of the brickwork down there as we could.”

Funny, it seems the construction company working on this remodel understands the concept of bracing the ceiling when doing work. Keep the DRAKE as far away as possible.


I would have done something different with the Copper Lounge space

Surprised they are being so short-sighted on such a great spot downtown. I would have built at least a 3-story structure with underground parking.

Below are some different designs that could be tweaked to fit the area.

I would probably have underground parking strictly for apartment tenants on 2nd and 3rd floors. I would do retail on main level and ALL studio apartments on 2nd and 3rd floors with a rooftop patio and garden for the tenants.