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Sioux Falls Skycam Shots (H/T – Helga)

One of my foot soldiers from out-of-state (formerly of Sioux Falls) sent these to me last night. They took the screenshots from the KELOLAND skycam at about 8:30 PM Friday night.

Who isn’t suing Legacy?

The hits keep coming;

In the lawsuit, IJK, LLC, a limited liability company managed by Kant, alleges that he was forced out of Eastwold in violation of the terms of the lease. The lease agreement that Kant signed with CLP Investments, the company that bought the Copper Lounge, allowed the building owner to terminate the lease in the event Eastwold was damaged, but only if 75 percent of the premises was untenantable.

I wondered when this suit was coming. As I understand it there was little damage to the Eastwold building after the collapse. The Eastwold building is actually a separate building from the building that collapsed.

The news coverage of Legacy has been ‘Negative and Inaccurate’?

Wow, it doesn’t get more RICH than this;

“Despite these facts, the media coverage gave the public a false impression that Legacy owned the property, hired the contractor, was culpable in the collapse and at fault for the death and injuries that followed, and should be punished for the same.”

Really? Legacy owned the property right up until the building collapse;

Minnehaha County records show that an entity called Boomerang Investments bought the Copper Lounge from CLP Investments. The transfer fee was recorded one day before the building collapsed.

Both entities share addresses at 101 S. Main Ave., Suite 400 in Sioux Falls, which is the same address of Legacy Development. Both also listed Norm Drake as their sole manager and president. Drake is also Legacy’s CEO.

Hultgren Construction, which was remodeling the Copper Lounge at the time of the collapse, was run by Aaron Hultgren. He was Legacy’s director of development and operations.

If I were a judge, I would MAKE SURE the trial was held in Sioux Falls. There are false allegations, and than there are facts. It seems the ‘facts’ in this case are pretty clear. And if so many ‘false allegations’ were made, why didn’t Legacy sue for libel?

UPDATE: This is why train traffic downtown needs to go away

Okay, I know, it was just a big birdfeeder, but . . .

Cleanup operations are underway following a grain spill along train tracks in downtown Sioux Falls.

At least four cars carrying grain tipped near the viaduct just east of downtown

What if this would have been a petroleum product? What if it would have happened while crossing 8th street or Cliff Avenue and fell on a car?

This is why when we gave Warren Buffet $27 million dollars to build a new switchyard out of town we expected train traffic DT to lessen, it has actually gotten worse and switching is still going on South of the RR Redevelopment project.

I still believe this was the WORST negotiated deal in the HISTORY of the city. We got a patchwork of dirty land for $62 a square foot, and little else. This is why deals this big need to be negotiated in the OPEN. Thanks Mike for your leadership on this deal! If you want to charter another plane at taxpayer expense, may I suggest a one-way flight to Mexico on May 16th. Money well spent.

UPDATE: Some are wondering how close this de-railment was to the pylons of the viaduct and what kind of safety issues this has posed.

My thoughts on the Sioux Steel Development

I attended the open house on Thursday that Sioux Steel held at Josiah’s. Ironically I got in the last word (FF: 32:00) but the whole presentation is worth listening to. LISTEN HERE.

I really think this is an opportunity for a DT business/developer to create a space without the interference of city government but with genuine public input to create a unique mixed use space we can be proud of instead of some tin paneled multi-plex apartment or parking structure.

Can you imagine if they tried to open a place like this in Downtown Sioux Falls?

Not sure how many of my readers of South DaCola have been to downtown Rapid City, but it’s very ecletic and fun. There’s your normal gift shops and galleries with a nice mix of bars, restaurants and a brewery, but there also some unique places like the Mud Hole.

Teresa Roland and her husband David run the Mud Hole, which combines an antique and thrift store, and a café.

My first thought is that it would cool to have something like this in Downtown Sioux Falls. But can you imagine all the hooping and hollering that would go on if someone applied for a conditional use permit to have something like this in DTSF? I remember all the screaming that went on when Vishnu Bunny came downtown, or when the Night Club concept was turned down. Or the recent noise issues at ICON.

Would DTSF support such a business? We know that the new parking ramp has set up rules that doesn’t allow ‘thrift stores’ in the retail space. But we also know that DTSF already has an upscale thrift store. Would a combination café/thrift store be suitable though?

I don’t have an issue with it, what do you think?

I have felt for a long time there should be more diversity DTSF, and more homespun businesses like this would be a nice addition to our downtown.

If it Smells Bad and Looks Bad, it is probably Bad.

This is exactly what I told the city council last week in reference to doing business with Legacy Development for the Downtown Parking Ramp PPP.

Today it was announced that the piling on continues;

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Emily, Mike and Chris Fodness on Tuesday.  The defendants named in the court filing include Legacy Development & Consulting Company, LLC; Aaron Hultgren; Hultgren Construction, LLC.; Boomerang Investments, LLC; CLP Investments, LLC; Olympia Real Estate Holdings, LLC; and RISE Structural Associates, Inc.

Besides the McMahon and Fodness families suing, the Federal Government and OSHA are still investigating, those charges could be coming very soon.

Many in the public continue to ask the question; Why would a majority of the council support this project? What do they know? Many feel there is some kind of underlying corruption going on. Makes you wonder, and if there is what could it be?

Let’s look at what we know for sure;

We know that for some strange reason the city agreed to pay for ALL of the foundation costs which basically doubled the price of the parking ramp.

We also know that the hotel got one heck of a deal on the lease without a proper appraisal.

So what would happen if the bonds (around $21 million) are taken out in April and the deal with Legacy or Lamont falls through before a shovel goes in the ground? This means the city would have this money sitting in an account to use for almost anything. Why? Because the bonds will be taken out with the 2nd Penny as collateral. Like the $9.1 million mortgage payment on the Denty per year and the $1.1 million mortgage we pay on the administration building we would have to pay an additional $1 million out of this fund, which is supposed to be for road repair.

When this deal was struck many directors and councilors claimed that we would never have to worry about that because the parking department’s enterprise fund produces enough revenue to make the mortgage payment. No way. The revenue basically covers wages and maintenance now, and not much left over for bond payments. Those fees will have to be raised significantly to cover that payment. Let’s face it, it was no accident that the 2nd penny was used as collateral, because it will have to make this payment. No getting around it.

So is this just a scam to get our hands on $21 million for something else? Not sure. But the whole deal stinks really, really bad. I guess we will have to wait, once again, on the courts to open the books.

Downtown Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Forum

Is Sioux Falls city government bailing on changing Downtown noise ordinance?

A great view, of a nightclub roof.

After several citizens showed up last week to ask the city to AT LEAST do a study of decibel levels downtown, it seems not much is happening, except more complaints.

Common sense would tell you if you have mixed use with commercial (a nightclub) next to residential, the one producing more decibels would get precedent, NOPE. The quieter use is used instead of a fair balance between the two uses.

As we all know, ambient noise downtown alone is probably between 58-60 decibels. Wouldn’t a study by the PD and Health Department using the ‘L’ scale be worth it? The scale takes a 10 minute reading of the lows and highs of decibels and gives a 90% average reading. Makes sense.

I think 10-20 locations should be picked downtown to do the reading, and each location should take readings every 2-4 hours, Monday-Sunday. Once those readings come in, we could figure out an average at those different times for downtown.

I think the city just ‘telling us’ what is acceptable is unacceptable until we really know what is reality. Maybe 55 is a good place to be, but until we know what the averages are, we don’t know where the starting point is.

I also think some building codes and zoning needs to be changed for residential units. Even if we didn’t have a nightclub next door to a residential unit – traffic, trains, airplanes, etc., are probably louder than what current code is.

Let’s face it, if we are going to continue to develop housing downtown and other development like hotels and commercial we are going to have to come to grips with the fact we have turned downtown into a bustling entertainment district. We MUST make changes NOW while we are still growing, otherwise we are going to have a code enforcement nightmare down the road as downtown gets more dense.

Strongtowns presentation, March 5, 2018

Here’s a big shout out for Downtown Sioux Falls, bringing Charles Marohn to town on Monday, March 5, 2018. Great Job DTSF!

Why the shout out? Some of us were lucky to hear him in person at the Icon Lounge Events Hall and feel the surge of energy he produced. We hope the video has some of the lasting impact.

For those who do not know of Charles Marohn, he started a grass roots movement to rethink how towns are going to survive into the future, the website is strongtowns.org.

Cameraman Bruce was invited to record the event so the rest of the town could consider the possibilities of structured controlled growth before we step off the boom town cliff we are ready to fall off.

After the presentation, Cameraman Bruce was able to visit with Marohn as he was finishing an interview with a local reporter. The subject of big box event centers was brought up. Marohn’s nutshell view of event centers is almost exactly opposite of the current Sioux Falls administration, why? The investment in big structures never pays off due to repair costs to keep the building up. The outflow of cash from the community to far off places. The ongoing debt load never stops even after the bond payments are done.

He also stated, if the event center is sold to the public as an amenity, fine. It’s a cost to make the community better. If the event center is sold as a money making operation, it will always be a loss for the community. There can never be enough profit to trickle down to the town. So it is better to just claim it is a nice amenity.

In other words, it was back to build the town from the bottom up, the only parts of town able to not drain the community are the core areas. Boom Boom sprawling growth only hurts the growth. We already know how far Sioux Falls itself can grow, the boundaries have been set. What are we going to do to plan for the time when this town will have to start rebuilding from the core to handle more people? How are we going to employ and where with the employees work if we continue to destroy our surrounding farmland with cheap housing developments?