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Sioux Falls City Councilor Neitzert’s unfinished business

Last night during the City Council meeting there were quite a few accolades going towards Greg for his work on updating the Audit Committee ordinance. I would agree, he has put a lot of time into it.

But over the past year Greg has failed to follow through with a number of things he had told me at one time he was ‘working on’ only to find out from other councilors he dropped the issues.

The first one was overturning Rolfing and Erpenbach’s horrible ordinance that would require runoffs in council races. As I understand it another councilor took up that and it will be coming soon to repeal the ordinance and move it back to getting a plurality (34%).

The other was Downtown noise ordinance changes and a possible study. I haven’t heard a peep about this for well over 6 months. It is pretty obvious to most that the Downtown noise levels are a lot higher then the rest of the city (just with the trains alone). This seriously needs to be looked at with more development downtown and the Levitt Shell going in.

So why has Neitzert dropped the ball on these things? I’m not sure, but I have a feeling a few ‘elites’ in the Downtown development community got to him. Not sure why he backed off of Rolfing’s horrible ordinance.

We don’t need no stinking glass, or windows

There was a presentation yesterday for the new DT parking ramp and hotel. There was discussion about the changes to the structure. Besides the color and height one thing that was left out was the amount of glass used. Above you will see the proposed structure to the left, covered in glass in the lower retail area. The right image shows a bunch of pre-cast tan crap.

Hook, line and sinker. Reminds me of the ‘SAVINGS’ we got on the Denty when we decided to go with tin foil siding, that worked our great. I can’t wait to see the finished product, probably look like the London Tower.

Downtown Sioux Falls looking at more walkability

The meeting is tonight from 4-6 PM at Design Center (in between Mama Lada’s and Toy Store).

I think this is a great conversation to have.

An idea I have been pushing for well over a decade has consistently fell on deaf ears, and after seeing the sidewalks over packed with pedestrians this past summer on First Fridays, I think it is time to explore the idea.

Many cities (like Austin, TX) close off their downtown’s main drag on the weekends to vehicle traffic. I’m not suggesting to do the same in DTSF or as often, but I think we could try it on the first and last Friday and Saturday of the month for 3 months. Basically you would block 12th-11th, 11th-10th, and 10th-9th on Phillips so traffic could still go through on the East-West streets. You could bring in temporary picnic tables, food trucks and allow DT restaurants to sell to go street plates and drinks in plastic cups or cans. It would essentially be a big block party.

There would still be plenty of parking in the ramps and surrounding neighborhoods and most of all it would give people a reason to come DT and ‘WALK AROUND’ and explore.

I always thought moving GermanFest from that area was a horrible idea.

Like I said, I have been panning this for years, and I always get the same response – No reply.

Did Arc of Dreams try to get money out of City?

Remember the promise Arc of Dreams made to the taxpayers of Sioux Falls? They would gift the structure to the city from private donations – NO PUBLIC MONEY.

Rumor has it that they asked the city for a $50K donation, and ‘MAY’ have been denied (at this point). I knew it would only be a matter of time when they asked the city to pony up.

Remember the project was ‘supposed’ to cost $1 Million and has skyrocketed to $2.4 million. The donation was to go towards transportation costs.

I still wonder if they will pay also to fix the sidewalk by the pedestrian bridge they crumbled while building the foundations?

Some may argue that maybe the city should put a little in. I would agree, IF this was a project that was vetted through the public, it was NOT. This was cooked up by a handful of elitists in Sioux Falls who needed to stroke their personal egos. They can pay for it.

As I have argued many times, if the city were to spend $2.4 million on DTSF public art, they could find a way to do hundreds of projects that employ local artists, craftsman and contractors.

I guess we will have to settle for the ‘Swords of Sioux Falls’.

Has Bros downtown already been spoken for?

Friday night I was strolling DT and noticed there was brown paper in the windows of Bros. The rumor going around is that an already existing brewery in Sioux Falls took over the space for a restaurant and will have a familiar face as executive chef.

Waiting for an announcement.

Maybe we should have done this BEFORE we built the Denty in that location?

Looks like we are trying to make something work after the fact. Should have been built Downtown.

No blame here on the TenHaken administration, they are just trying to polish a turd that the former Ram Rod Mayor plopped out.

Is the Lloyd Companies using city property as staging grounds?

I took the screenshots below of the construction site of Lloyd’s project, Cascade. It looks as though they are using Falls Park East as staging grounds. I wonder if they are leasing the property? Maybe they are?

While they did give us leftover dirt for the Levitt project (so they wouldn’t have to pay to haul it off). They also got a massive TIF for the project, and the taxpayers sat on the land for over a decade with NO property tax revenue coming in, and no good faith money, just a promise and a song. Hopefully they will re-seed before they pull up.

Falls Safety Review – You Can’t fix stupid

There was some glaring remarks in the Report; Falls-Safety-Review

A couple that stuck out to me were the stairs to nowhere, how the signage is NOT working and mostly adults are the ones climbing around on the wet rocks.

I also hope we didn’t pay to much for this report, a 6 page report with about 2 1/2 pages of type.

I have said all along a couple things that would deter more people to stay away from the water would be a sign that talks about the high toxicity of the water and ‘Why Die’ signs at places where people drown.

I’m not sure more railings and big rocks would stop many people from walking around on the rocks. Some times people lack common sense, not sure how you can fix that?

Was the RR Relocation project really the biggest accomplishment of the last mayor?

As we have been seeing, there have been some kinks in process. The only prospect to bid on the property so far is having issues with the quartzite and may either pull out all together or drastically change the project.

I have NO information on either.

But recently it has come to light that Bucktooth & Bowlcut may have killed it all together by asking for impossible demands from the Railroad. Of course, as I am finding out, the RR does whatever they want to.

The project was pretty much dead until some other big shots intervened and all the demands were dropped.

Maybe B & B getting the project totally killed would not have been so bad after all? Nothing really has changed for DTSF residents. Still tons of train traffic and noise and questionable storage of cars by the river and parks.

I still maintain that the RR Relocation project was one of the worst negotiated projects in the history of our city.

Is Jodi Schwan working for the City again?

So I’m reading the latest update about the private/public partnership, Village on the River;

Journey’s work has been a “key, pivotal piece” of making the project happen, said Erica Beck, chief of staff for Mayor Paul TenHaken.

“They have excellent professionalism. They’ve done a great job of creating a safe site within an urban area, which is incredibly important,” she said. “We’ve received a lot of positive comments about that – it’s a safe site and a screened site, and it’s been well-received by the public.”

So why was I not reading this on the city’s website or watching it at an informational meeting presentation? Instead I got this information on Jodi’s website in which the contractor had to pay to present it.

Am I the only one that thinks it is a little odd that after the city gave over $20 million towards this project we are not being given timely updates at public meetings? Oh, that’s right, somebody may ask the ‘Legacy’ question again, and we just can’t have that in a public setting, someone may have to either answer the question or lie. Better just to pay Jodi to get it out there.