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Big changes happened Tuesday Night & the same old, same old from the Conservative South


New York’s 23rd Congressional District Democratic candidate Bill Owens celebrates his victory at Democratic headquarters in Plattsburgh, N.Y., Wednesday, Nov. 4. (Image AP)

Referendum 71 in Washington State passes witch allows domestic partnerships between homosexual couples.

Maine MAY reject gay marriage, not all of the precincts are reporting yet, but the opponents seem to have the edge right now.

But according to CNN, this is huge news for Medical Marijuana proponents;

Medical marijuana in Maine: ‘Yes’ has lead

Early results seemed to favor the passage of a measure that would expand the use of medical marijuana in Maine.

With 87 percent of precincts reporting, 59 percent of voters chose “yes” in the referendum, according to the Bangor (Maine) Daily News.

Voters in Maine, one of 14 states to allow the use of medical marijuana, were asked to decide whether to expand the list of conditions that could be treated with medical marijuana and make it easier to expand the list further. It also would create state-licensed dispensaries.

It looks like for the first time in over 140 years a Democrat wins district 23 in New York State. This is a big achievement considering that the Republicans really screwed this one up, big time.

In Virginia, the Republicans have a full sweep, Governor, Lt. Governor and AG – no surprise here, land of the Teabaggers.

The big victory for Republicans on Tuesday night was New Jersey Governor, incumbent, Corzine being unseated.

While Republicans are going to hoop and holler that they had major victories last night, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I see that progressives and liberals made HUGE steps forward.

• Domestic Partnerships in Washington State

• Medical Marijuana in Maine

• NY District 23 rejecting not only a Conservative but also a moderate Republican for the first time in over 140 years.

Republicans might think the tide is turning, but it looks like to me that we are still a nation divided on many issues.