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AgUnited Legislative Forum, September 21, 2016

Ag United for South Dakota hosted a legislative candidate forum for Districts 9, 10, and 25 at the new Hefty Seed Morton Hall north of Sioux Falls on September 21, 2016.

South Dakota State Senate candidates in attendance were John Koch, Deb Peters, Jim Powers and Jeff Barth.

South Dakota State House candidates were Michael Saba, Michael Clark, Wayne Steinhauer, Steve Haugaard, Dan Ahlers and David Haagenson and Tom Pischke.

Cory & Referred Law 19 2016-09-15

Cory Heidelberger of Dakota Free Press had to go up against an empty chair loaded with empty arguments at the Sioux Falls IPC on September 15, 2016 to dispel the need to let the SD Legislature bad law stand.


Cory & Chair – Referred Law 20 2016-09-15

Cory Heidelberger of Dakota Free Press fights the empty chair again with just as many arguments as he had just done when fighting the minimum wage stupidity at the Sioux Falls IPC on September 15, 2016. Keep fighting the referred Law 20 battle Cory!


Marsy’s Law Amendment S at IPC 2016-09-15

Marsy’s law is a solution looking for a problem. Everything needed for “victims” rights is already in the US and State constitutions. This is a vengeance and hate amendment to further the wounding of our society.

After years of Rockefeller drug laws, private prisons and abusive zealots we now can have over reaction mixed with over reach to finish off our society.

There is a way to solve most of our crime issues, education and fair pay. Geez, when do you think it will be tried?

This video has Jason Glodt and Ryan Kolbeck hitting the talking points of Amendment S or Marsy’s Law at the Sioux Falls League of Women Voters Issues debate in Sioux Falls.


Anti-Corruption Act Measure 22 at IPC 2016-09-15

One party rule, combined with unknown unknowns mixed with interesting ethics issues and what can we South Dakotans do about it? Why is the major force fighting initiated measure to 22 to revise State campaign finance and lobbying laws, create a publicly funded campaign finance program, create an ethics commission, and appropriate funds to pay a paid Koch Brothers – Americans for Progress advocate?

Look at the proponents and see people shut out of government for almost 40 years because they are not connected to the halls of power for various reasons. In this video we have Darrell Solberg, a Sioux Falls small business owner squaring off against Ben Lee, a representative of the one of the richest groups in America, An interesting mix at the Sioux Falls IPC on September 15, 2016 League of Women Voters issues debate.

They fight because they have the money to run over us and we the people fight because we must to survive.


Saba Fest!


South DaCola video interviews open invitation


Any candidate running for the Minnehaha County Commission OR local legislative races that would like to have a video interview featured on South DaCola before the November election is welcome to contact me;


The interviews would last between 20-40 minutes and be posted on my site and my youtube channel. These will be individual candidate interviews so NO opponent to face in a debate or forum. There will also be no prepared questions by me (host) so it will be an opportunity for the candidate to make a pitch for themselves.

Thanks, Scott

Cat Fight?


T Denny throws John Paulson a Hail Mary before the municipal election


Now that most of the financial reports are up for the council candidates, I can do a review of them. Nothing really glaring in the reports except that recently appointed planning commission member John Paulson received one last whopper donation of $1,000 from T. Denny right before election day (the max an individual can give within a period of time). Should have just saved his money for another fancy hat for the Carneval Celebration. Well at least he did win a volunteer position on the rubber stamp committee.

Speaking of the Planning Commission, looks like the council may be throwing the Lacey Park project back at them for doing such a lousy job of review to begin with. Lloyd companies will be asking for a deferral tonight to September 13, but that may not cut it. Should be an interesting debate tonight at the council meeting.

Sioux Falls City Clerk’s office sloppy handling of finance reports

Last Wednesday (June 15) was the filing deadline for city council candidates to file their quarterly report. You may not think it is important, but this report has the final fundraising numbers before the election, and what funds may be left over for a future run.

I didn’t expect to see them online until Friday afternoon at the latest. I assumed that some candidates may have forgotten about the deadline and had to be called on Thursday.

Friday went by, but no postings online (though the city clerk admitted he did have all the reports and could be picked up in hard copy form at the clerk’s office). So now we are here on Monday, and if you check the listing online, only about half of the reports are up.

After our last experience with filing the reports, we would think the new city clerk learned a lesson about filing the reports in a timely manner. Especially a (very proud) retired military officer.

What’s that saying about not following orders?

Even if it takes a few days to file the reports online, in all fairness, they should have been filed at the same time. Ironic that the candidates that raised the least in the final days were put online before the big money boys. Coincidence?

Either way, very sloppy clerking.