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Cat Fight?


T Denny throws John Paulson a Hail Mary before the municipal election


Now that most of the financial reports are up for the council candidates, I can do a review of them. Nothing really glaring in the reports except that recently appointed planning commission member John Paulson received one last whopper donation of $1,000 from T. Denny right before election day (the max an individual can give within a period of time). Should have just saved his money for another fancy hat for the Carneval Celebration. Well at least he did win a volunteer position on the rubber stamp committee.

Speaking of the Planning Commission, looks like the council may be throwing the Lacey Park project back at them for doing such a lousy job of review to begin with. Lloyd companies will be asking for a deferral tonight to September 13, but that may not cut it. Should be an interesting debate tonight at the council meeting.

Sioux Falls City Clerk’s office sloppy handling of finance reports

Last Wednesday (June 15) was the filing deadline for city council candidates to file their quarterly report. You may not think it is important, but this report has the final fundraising numbers before the election, and what funds may be left over for a future run.

I didn’t expect to see them online until Friday afternoon at the latest. I assumed that some candidates may have forgotten about the deadline and had to be called on Thursday.

Friday went by, but no postings online (though the city clerk admitted he did have all the reports and could be picked up in hard copy form at the clerk’s office). So now we are here on Monday, and if you check the listing online, only about half of the reports are up.

After our last experience with filing the reports, we would think the new city clerk learned a lesson about filing the reports in a timely manner. Especially a (very proud) retired military officer.

What’s that saying about not following orders?

Even if it takes a few days to file the reports online, in all fairness, they should have been filed at the same time. Ironic that the candidates that raised the least in the final days were put online before the big money boys. Coincidence?

Either way, very sloppy clerking.

Unusual Ballots occurred in Minnehaha County also

I found this story about ballots interesting;

More than 30 percent of registered voters in Pennington County went to the polls last week for the primary election. But not all of them voted when they got there.

It was a bit of a silent project according to Pennington County Auditor Julie Pearson, who said more than ten times the typical number of blank ballots were turned in.

“Yes, we received a lot of un-voted or blank ballots we counted this election versus the big elections in the fall where we might have five or ten of those out of 40 or 50,000 ballots cast,” Pearson said. “Out of 20,000, we had well over 100 ballots that were completely blank.”

Something called an ‘undervote’. A county worker here told me the same occurred here. Lot’s of foul things written on the ballots and several blank. Julie says it best;

One voter did explain in a scribbled message on the ballot.

“Some are specific. One that we can repeat is that no one is worth voting for in 2016,” Pearson said. “We even had somebody sign their ballot to that effect. We had them crossed out and there are those we can’t repeat.”

We really are in a deep hole in this country with our National and State elected officials. They are clueless.

A hard (tues)days night

I won’t ramble about Hillary vs. Trump, that will just make my head spin, but some interesting things did happen last night locally in the primary races.

For the first time since she was elected 12 years ago, Minnehaha County Treasurer, Pam Nelson will have a challenger in November. Kris Swanson won the Republican nomination against Pam’s Nephew in-law, Marlin something or another, even though Marlin didn’t live in Minnehaha county.

Pam has proven to be an advocate her 12 years as treasurer for the low-income elderly trying to stay in their homes and not being over burdened with the atrocious property tax increases over the last decade. Pam will also help anyone else who needs it, Pam has a couple of rules though, follow the law and don’t lie to her.

Speaking of people who don’t seem to know what county they live in, Dick Kelly lost by 13 votes to Dean Karsky in the Republican primary for Minnehaha county commission. This means Dick will not be up for re-election this November. I could go on a monster rant about how it is time for Dick to retire, but I will let his fellow county commissioners tell you their feelings on that. Besides Dick suffering through a heart transplant and being hard of hearing, it seems his time has come. It is also rumored he spends a majority of his time in his retirement residence in rural Spink county and not his voter registration residence in Sioux Falls. Maybe it’s time to say good bye to Mr. Kelly, it’s just unfortunate that he may be replaced by Dean Karsky, the do nothing city councilor, who I will predict will do the same nothingness on the county commission. Dean and Jean Bender will be up against Democrats Feinstein and Rust in November. The top two vote getters when the two open commission seats.

And something I refrained from talking about until after the election was the battle royale in District 15 between democrats Nesiba and Kirschman (Nesiba won). The Democratic party in SD can hardly get enough people together to play a game of solitaire let alone two challengers in a the same district for a primary. Instead settling this over a cup of coffee and a donut and saving funds for a November run they decided to hack it out in a primary.

Don’t get me wrong, I like both guys. Patrick has been an advocate for labor, and Reynold has been a strong advocate against government corruption (Round’s airplane kerfuffle) and pay day lending.

But it wasn’t about their common threads that had these two at each other. It was about abortion and gay rights. Ironic really, considering neither of them could choose to have an abortion, or are gay.

Strange indeed.

I wish Nesiba luck in November.

Get humiliated by an Orange Mannequin (H/T – Eggbert)

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Let’s see how fast election results come in next Tuesday Night


I told Lorie and Tom they could have the night off.

Even though they can’t report until after 8 PM due to the time change, it will be interesting to see if the ballot counting goes faster for the primary election compared to the city elections. It will be the exact same precincts, but we will have to see about voter turnout. Bob Litz says absentee has been dismal so far, but it should take much to beat the city/school board election count of over 11,000.


I will keep an eye out once those appear on the city’s website to do a recap of what each candidate spent per vote. I’m speculating right now that Paulson will have spent the most per vote while Stehly will probably come in last.

Pres. Bill Clinton in Sioux Falls, May 20, 2016

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Quote of the day

“For the ethically challenged, people with integrity are their most dangerous enemy. If you can’t be bought off or bullied into submission, they have to destroy you.” 

I have been watching behind the scenes since the election, and oh boy, if a blogger could blog about everything.

My friend nailed it above. They worry about me a lot. I appreciate it.

I knew this election would be different, and I knew their would be a lot of butt hurt.

What’s that old saying, ‘No pain, no gain.’

Cameraman Bruce, Public Input, Minnehaha County Commission 4/19/2016

Fast Forward 22:00. Bruce comes to talk about the failures of the past repeated at last week’s ballot counting during the city election.

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