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BIG Political Announcement on Thursday!

I’m told it is about a political candidate announcing for a statewide race, and that’s all I can say for now. More details as we get closer to the day. (and NO it’s NOT Huether).

Mayor Huether says he has already had job offers

Mike was on the B-N-B show this morning, and he mentioned that some ‘organizations’ have already reached out to him with job offers after he leaves city hall. Let’s all hope those job offers are in other states 🙂

Of course the conversation quickly went to ‘all about Mike’. After he admitted he didn’t care about other people’s grandkids (I’m with you man) they went into the tiresome conversation about what he will do next. Of course, we all know it is narrowed down to the Governor race. He spent very little time saying he hasn’t decided yet into how he would do the job as governor if elected as an indy. It was obvious from his speculation that he thinks South Dakotans would support an Indy for governor. I agree, but in a 3 person race, could he garner enough support to win? You could tell by how excited he got talking about the possible job as governor that he is ‘chomping at the bit’ to run for a statewide race. He said he would love to engage the other 66 counties in the state during a possible race. SO WHY NOT JUST ANNOUNCE ALREADY? I think once he finally does everyone will just give a sigh and say SHOCKER!

He also mentioned that in his presentation that he will give at 4 PM to the council that he cut $40 million from the Capital Program. Like I said earlier this week, doesn’t really matter because the next council and mayor will shred the proposal next year.

SPEAK OUT about the Referendum and Initiative process

Great opportunity on Wednesday, June 21, for some state-level advocacy for people power: The Legislature’s interim committee on initiative and referendum is taking public comment in Pierre Wed Jun 21 from 9-11 a.m. If you care about your ability to petition and vote on ballot measures, if you like having some check over the power of the Legislature, you should attend this meeting and speak up for direct democracy! 

The Chamber gives their SLANTED view of city government

Nothing like the Chamber Advocate for a little light reading about how the city of Sioux Falls is running like a well oiled machine.

First they would like us to know OUR rights when it comes to Public Input and the 1st Amendment;

However, if a public body agrees to hold public input sessions, then some limited constitutional rights are extended to the speakers. Still, the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that a public body has the right to put time, manner and place restrictions on speech as long as those restrictions are generally content neutral and serve a governmental purpose. Courts have also noted that the purpose of these meetings, City Council for example, is to conduct city business and not to take public input. That recognized purpose permits the Council to legally restrict public input.

We of course have had this debate here before, and I have come to the realization that the city council CAN restrict public input. I get it. That wasn’t my point. My point is, that IF the city is going to allow Public Input, which they do, then they shouldn’t restrict our 1st Amendment rights during that time period by chastising us for speaking. If you don’t want us to ‘redress our grievances’ than eliminate public input, which I think would be difficult. As pointed out above, these meetings are for the city council to conduct business, a lot of decisions are made, based on input from the public, or at least should be.

In other Advice from the Advocate, they would like us to believe an OPT-OUT by the school district is for our own ‘safety’;

In other words, increasing the opt-out puts a safety net in place and ensures the District is able to provide a high-quality education for all students for years to come.

Make no mistake, if a governmental entity has the power to increase your taxes, they will use that same power to spend that money. Their is no such thing as a ‘safety net’ or ‘savings account’ in government. They WILL spend every last penny that they suck out of us, and you can almost guarantee that $5 million dollar ‘possible’ increase is already spent. The Chamber of course advocates for property tax and regressive increases on food taxes to help fund education because they are protecting members from an income tax.

The Chamber also decides to weigh in on the ambulance service in town. They have determined that it is what we are willing to pay for that determines what kind of quality of care we are getting . . . imagine that, always about the bottom line with the Chamber;

We will close with this. It appears our emergency medical response system is working when the objective data is considered. Also, the REMSA Board, not an elected lay council, is the right way to manage the system. The Council, by Charter, is a policy setting and legislative body and is to avoid administrative and management issues. It also appears that six of our councilors generally agree the system is working and the structure in place is valuable while two spearheaded the critical questioning.

However, we also understand that if your 911 call is one where there is a delay, you will have a concern. The provision of public services is always a balance between resources and expectations. If we expect (as an exaggerated example) a two-minute ambulance response for every emergency call, we can probably achieve it – but you won’t want to pay for it. Quality assurance conversations are important and we encourage them using the right data and in the right context.

We wouldn’t need more than two mutual aid agreements if PP would just staff more ambulances, but they won’t, as the Chamber has pointed out, too expensive. Yet, ironically our first responders, the SFPD and SFFD seem to show up first, subsidized by the tax payers while PP rides to bank with the profit from the transfer and delivery of a patient. All the more reason showing us a PUBLIC ambulance service not only would save patients money, it would probably save tax payers money (because we would be reimbursed for those calls), but more importantly, it would probably be 10X faster and more reliable than a FOR PROFIT ambulance service.

The Chamber has members to protect, we get it.

Sioux Falls School District Referendum Opt-Out petition

Download Petition, actual document, follow directions below: Petition Opt Out 2017

The document must be reproduced so each petition has a front and back of the document.  The petition may not be reproduced on two sheets of paper and stapled together.  Each box of the signature lines must be completed.  The person gathering and witnessing the signature is allowed to fill in any of the boxes except the signature box.  The person gathering and witnessing the signatures must stand before a notary and fill in the certification on the back of the petition and have it witnessed by a notary.

The petitions are due back to the Business Manager by 5:00, July 7, 2017. The goal is 6,000 signatures. Too bad it isn’t based on the turnout of the last election, then they would only need about 300 signatures.

*South DaCola is NOT directly involved with petition drive, but does support the effort.

Is Huether bailing on a statewide run?

It seems a little odd to me that a person who switched their registration to independent wouldn’t be out fundraising. If Mike doesn’t announce he is running for higher office by the end of July, it may be a little difficult for him to raise enough money to be competitive. I think both the Governor and Congressional races will probably run about the same campaign budget numbers.

While Mike doesn’t have to compete in a primary, I would think he would want to be out there running right now.

There is also a part of me that believes Mike when he says he doesn’t know what he wants to run for. Well, I kind of know what he wants to run for, another mayor’s term.

It could be something he could very well pull off. If Diamond Jim wins, he could easily resign within 2 years and leave it open for a special election (and giving Huether an early heads up). I wouldn’t doubt that Mike will endorse Jim.

In other news, Mike talks about his yellow stickie notes in his truck he writes down code violations. What a guy, not only is he so talented to run our city with business acumen, he has time to be our number one code enforcement officer.

He says the only people who complain about code enforcement are those that don’t follow the code, I would partially agree, but I also think that a good percentage of people who complain about code enforcement are also very aware of their property rights and the US Constitution, something the mayor has no clue about.

In other School Board News; The election fiasco

Three of us also spoke at the meeting tonight about the fiasco the school board election was. It’s during public input right at the beginning.

Why it is more important to vote for School Board then POTUS

If I told you that newly elected Cynthia Mickelson will make more important decisions about your life than president Trump will, you probably would just laugh, or at least scratch your head.

We will get to that in a minute.

On Tuesday, only 3.7% of the voting public showed up to elect a new school board candidate. Besides the fact that people are fed up with musical precincts and complete confusion when it comes to where we should vote, many people just don’t give a sh*t.

Oh, I have heard it from my friends, I have seen it in social media and people say it on call in talk radio, I didn’t vote in the school board election, because it really doesn’t matter.

Really? You are seriously misinformed.

I would make that argument for POTUS. Think about it. The electoral college picks our president. Just look at the last election, Clinton received the popular vote, but Trump was chosen (by law) by the EC. So why even vote for president? And better yet, how does the President’s decisions really effect my life, especially locally? Not much, unless he uses his veto stamp.

Now let’s look at the school board. Besides a large portion of my property taxes going towards the school district’s budget, I now have a ½ penny of sales taxes going towards them. The school board also juggles large federal grants and subsidies (my income taxes).

While our misguided state legislature implemented the sales tax increase, it is our school board that really decides how that goes towards teacher compensation. As for our property taxes, they will be making some major decisions on them over the next couple of years. Our super, Dr. Maher has already been beating the drum of new HS and possibly new middle school. They will have to make some critical decisions on how to pay for those new schools. They could pay the bonds out of the current budget, or they could choose to raise those taxes.

Even without children, like myself, the school board makes a lot of decisions that affect our local economy and federal aid. Take FREE and reduced lunches for instance. How does this affect other federal programs in our community?

This is why it concerned me that candidate Mickelson raised 9 times more than her opponents, and the financials were never put online for the public to view. She raised that money from the GOP establishment, prominent members of the Chamber of Commerce, Minnehaha County Commission, Sioux Falls city council (current and former members) banking industry, healthcare industry and development and homebuilder industries. They obviously seen how important this race was and how important it was to get their candidate elected, and they succeeded. Even with all the struggles I had with Mickelson as a candidate, I would give her a thumbs up on her get out the vote efforts.

Local elections matter. Please educate yourself and vote. The presidential election, not so much.

What’s a SD Democratic Party endorsement worth? About 108 votes.

To be honest with you, I feel bad for Dimitrios Gliarmis, if Dobberpuhl wasn’t in the race, I would have supported him. A very progressive candidate. Gliarmis decided NOT to raise or spend any money, which is fine, he also got the least number of votes. But in reality, he is the real winner because he paid $0 per vote.

But what I found ODD was the SDDP’s email endorsement of Gliarmis ONE day before the election;

First off, the Dems have supported INDEPENDENT Dobberpuhl in the past, and like I said, party shouldn’t matter anyway because this was a non-partisan race, until Mickelson brought in the dark money of the SD GOP.

Even with the Dem’s endorsement of Gliarmis, it still seems Dobberpuhl picked up their votes.

But this post isn’t about Gliarmis OR Dobberpuhl, it is about how pathetic the SDDP is in their endorsement of Gliarmis. They are constantly getting on their high horse about running candidates for the smaller races like school board, city council, etc., so now that they had a candidate in Gliarmis, they don’t do any fundraising for him, NO phone banks, no volunteers, no support whatsoever except for an email endorsement a day before the election. That’s some pretty badass strategy.

If the SDDP is serious about running candidates in ALL the races, they need to support these candidates. If I was Gliarmis, I would have kindly asked them NOT to send out the email, he probably would have garnered MORE votes.

Mickelson spends almost $10 per vote to beat Dobberpuhl for Sioux Falls School Board

This, of course is according to her last financial report. It could be closer to $15 when the last financial report comes out, that is if Bev Chase decides to post it online. Big GOP money wins again, and I am sure they are not one bit to ashamed of it.

Mickelson would have been better off sending out $10 gift cards (probably shouldn’t give them any ideas).

Dobberpuhl spent about $2,400 or $1.32 per vote (2000 votes).

There was a 3.7% voter turnout.

As I have said before, I felt all candidates are qualified, but I do worry Mickelson and her donors want to turn our high schools into Vo-Techs to train carpenters and plumbers instead of preparing them for secondary education.

The CHOKEHOLD the Republican Party has on our state will now continue on the School Board. Now if more than 4% of the 90K registered voters in SF would have decided to show up.


There was also some ‘questionable’ things that went on during the campaign;

• One day before the election the Argus posted a ‘quiz’ online to determine the best candidate instead of just posting the bios/info of each candidate, many of the questions were geared towards Mickelson’s agenda. Then today, their website was plastered with Mickelson advertising.

• May 30 financial report was never posted online by the school district.

• There were NO voting centers in most of the northern part of the city, yet several in the more affluent Southside.

• KELO-TV had a cut video of Inside Keloland of the candidates that cut off Dobberpuhl’s interview.

Obviously, the planets would have had to align, but some of this stuff is a head-scratcher.

I would like to actually congratulate (Independent) Dobberpuhl for doing as well as he did against the DARK MONEY machine of the SD GOP, SD Chamber of Commerce, and SF Homebuilders Association. He held his own. I have a feeling if spending in the race would have been capped, he would have walked away with the honor tonight. Keep fighting Randy.

I would also like to congratulate Mickelson, she had a well-oiled machine behind her, and she threw everything but the kitchen sink at it. Huge donations, yard signs, direct mail, radio ads, bumper stickers and robo calls. If she were running for governor, her chances would be very good . . . oh that’s right . . .