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Greg Jamison to announce Mayoral Run on Monday

Greg will make the announcement on the 25th at 11:30 AM, Downtown Holiday Inn, Main Floor meeting room. Jamison is a former 2-term city councilor and currently a state legislator. Besides former city councilors Jim Entenman & Kenny Anderson, Jamison has the added experience as a one-session legislator. All the other candidates have little to no past government experience.

Paul Ten Haken, Not only a born leader but a HOT husband to boot!

You know how you know you have met a born leader? Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

But all the leading people around aside, it doesn’t hurt to be a HOT husband;

Paul might have missed his calling as a super-sleuth. Says his wife, Jill: “Paul worked at a sporting goods store where I was a customer. He knew I went to the local university, so he called around until he found a mutual friend who gave him my number!”

I guess his employee’s FB pages are not all Paul likes to creep on. It may have been ‘detective work’ when you went to college Jill, but we call it something else these days.

Who is behind Sioux Falls municipal candidates?

So I went to the city’s campaign finance page to see who is ‘helping’ candidates with their campaigns. Obviously, some candidates that have announced have not officially filed yet. As I understand it, they cannot raise money until they do that.

Here is what we have so far;

Kenny Anderson Jr. (Mayor)

Curt Rust (Former elected official) – Chair

Kristeen Andersen (Independent Accountant) – Treasurer

Thor Bardon (City Council, Central District) Self-Chair and Treasurer

Jim Entenman (Mayor)

Michael Bender (Bender Commercial-Major Developer) & Rob Oliver (Former Augustana President) – Co-Chairs

Melissa Ellefson (Salesperson) – Treasurer

Clara Hart (At-Large Council) – Chair

Kyle Boese (Elbo Computers, former candidate for state legislature) – Treasurer

Jolene Loetscher (Mayor)

Emily Sievers (Marketing Director for Augustana) & Julian Beaudion (Works for State in Public Safety) – Co-Chairs

Sadie Bell (VP or Retail Banking, First Bank & Trust) – Treasurer

John Paulson (At-Large) – Treasurer

Dick Bohy (Retired Hospital Administrator) – Chair

Paul Ten Haken (Mayor)

Michelle Lavallee (Marketing Executive) & Dave Rozenboom (President of First Premier Bank) – Co-Chairs

Joel Dykstra (CEO RMB Associates/Developers) – Treasurer

David Zokaites (Mayor) – Chair

Mack Gammeter (?) – Treasurer

Friends of Sioux Falls (PAC)

Doug Wagner (?) – Chair and Treasurer

I’m not sure what the PAC is all about. I can’t find much information on it or it’s chair. Like most PAC’s they are a way to funnel money to certain candidates. So I guess we will have to watch and see who this PAC gives to.

As for the other candidates, their Co-Chairs can tell you a lot about them. As of right now, it looks like Jim Entenman will have a lot of connections, while big money in town seems to behind Paul Ten Haken.

On the Good Ship Lalley Pop show yesterday Pat and guest Matt Staab discussed who would make it to the runoff. If the election was today, I kind of agree with them. If Jolene doesn’t have any female challengers I would put her and Entenman in the runoff with Entenman winning.

But a lot of things can change between now and April. Jamison still hasn’t officially entered the race and we still are also waiting to hear more from candidates like Nick Weiland and Mike Gunn. I also expect at least 2-3 more candidates jumping in before the end of the year. It’s not too late for a game changer. So pull up your jeans and finish your cupcakes, it’s gonna be a long haul.

Paul TenHaken has ‘Kind of’ a platform

When I have people ask me advice about running for municipal government I give them one important piece of advice before even announcing, EDUCATE YOURSELF. In other words watch old meetings, attend current meetings, talk to present and past elected officials and city employees and get to know the issues and before announcing build a strong platform with solutions that encourage transparency and common sense government.

You don’t need to be a part of a party or group, in fact in city politics that is probably the last thing you want to be a part of.

I also advise to stick to the issues that affect all citizens. That means fringe or special interest social issues, faith and personal interests should be avoided. It’s okay to talk about these things, but when running for city government it is important to look at the big picture.

Also, be specific.

After looking at Mr. TenHaken’s website, I’m a little lost on specifics. He touches on some good issues but gives us NO solutions;

Crime Reduction, Fiscal responsibility, Affordable Housing, Workforce and Economic development, Moving Downtown forward and building consensus.

And if you look at his FB page you will see he doesn’t take many stands and asks readers to give him advice.

I hate to say it, but these discussions with the public should have taken place BEFORE you announced. If you want the city’s top job, you should know what you want to do in the terms of policy before announcing.

I’m not saying you can’t change some these policy ideas during your campaign, but you should have them written down to keep your message solid while campaigning. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

I don’t think Paul knows what he wants to do for us, it seems like he is just looking to win the race than figure it out later. I am NOT comfortable with that approach. You are building and managing a city NOT selling a website.

Having Faith, Being a People Person and wearing jeans isn’t a solid platform, it’s a starting point, and not a good place to be when you announce you are running for mayor.

The ONLY garbage coming out of Carnegie, is coming out of Rex Rolfing’s mouth

During the debate over the election threshold to 51% (FF 1:00), Rolfing called public input ‘Garbage’ than went on to say that he felt ‘sick’ as well as councilor Erpenbach because SEVEN years ago they didn’t get 50% of the vote.

Stehly pointed out that if they felt so ‘sick’ about it, why did it take them SEVEN years to propose this. She also pointed out she has heard NOTHING over the past SEVEN years that this was a problem, from either Rolfing, Erpenbach or the public.

It of course passed, 4-5. Selberg, Rolfing, Erpenbach, Kiley and Mayor Huether voted to make our elections more expensive for candidates and taxpayers because Rolfing’s tummy hurt over the past SEVEN years.

I have seen councils pass some pretty crazy sh*t over the past decade but this takes the cake. It is a gigantic slap in the face of past councilors who have served since 1996 who didn’t get over 50% of the vote and a slap in the face of the taxpayers who have to fund additional unneeded elections that they most likely WILL NOT attend.

In fact, councilor Neitzert put up a graphic showing voter turnout over the past decade(?). Guess which municipal election had the highest turnout (41%) the Event Center. Which was only an advisory vote that didn’t have any legal precedent.

I said during public input that maybe instead of spending $80K on a runoff election, we should spend it on promoting municipal elections. But what do I know, I’m just a pile of garbage.

Let’s just stop pretending citizens can be involved in the process called city government.

A RexCam exclusive for you. Sioux Falls City Council members Rex Rolfing, Michelle Erpenbach and Rick Kiley making fools of themselves on September 12, 2017.

Why would we place such authoritarians in office? Why should we respect people who want to take away the rights of average citizens because they could not get their own way in an election?

We are seeing voters being purged from the rolls.

We are seeing intimidation being used to keep people from voting.

We see areas with no voting location.

We see voting locations moved from one location this election to a different location in the next.

These things are not happening in far off lands, these are thing happening right here in Sioux Falls.

The vote taken to change the way elections are settled in Sioux Falls is a way to restrict our access to the process. Listen to the buffoons talk about how illegitimate they felt when they won their first elections. Feel the pain two of them felt on their 2010 election nights. Why did they wait 7 years until their friend lost an election to decide to change the rules? Those of us who pay attention to these things know when to poor the barnyard out of our boots. We need to make sure one of these buffoons knows what it’s like to lose in 2018.

The mayor of Sioux Falls believes he is right as right can be, to limit the average citizens participation in the process. This is another reason why the mayor should NOT be sitting in Council meetings and breaking ties. If a tie vote happens, the proposal should just die until a majority compromise happens along. What do you think? Let’s band together to fix this Huetheristic mess called strong mayor government.

These people are pathetic, never let them return to elective or appointed office. They do not deserve the honor of pretending to represent us. I did this video to let all know how those leaving office want to put a lasting stamp on the process so we can’t be part of it.

Some ‘polite’ advice to Jolene Loetscher

Who am I to give campaign advice? I guess I have helped with a couple of successful campaigns (initiatives and candidates) and lost some pretty bigs ones to. But I think when it comes to city politics, I have learned a lot over the years. I also think I am good judge of character when it comes to people and especially people who are running for office.

I’m not going to give Jolene political advice – at this point. I think Jolene is smart enough to understand politics, and I think she is a quick learner. I don’t think she needs policy advice and I think she has a nice boiler plate platform on the issues;

• Strong and Safe Families

• Economic Development

• Smart Spending

• Work-Play Opportunities

Like I said, not enough time to debate and discuss her platform.

I want to talk about first impressions. On Friday I watched Jolene’s announcement and then I watched all of her videos on her website.

As you know, we have a multitude of candidates running with a multitude of different personalities, ALL MEN. Some want to concentrate on our streets, some want to concentrate on economic development and some want us to know they wear jeans, everyday, so get used to it.

Before people start ragging on me about picking on Jolene because she is woman, I will say this; I prefer female leaders in government, I think they think about two-sides of the issue. Unlike men, women tend to look at both the social and fiscal part of legislation and also have more compassion. We need more women and more compassion in government.

So what is my first impression of Jolene’s campaign?

• Your introductory videos are over produced. You are selling yourself not a can of COKE. Don’t fall back on Social Media too much, good old fashioned door knocking works.

• I struggle with taking you seriously when you talk about liking cupcakes and not being able to dance. I think most voters want to like their candidates, but they really don’t want to hang out with you. Talk policy every freaking chance you can. I know Jolene understands it, show us.

• Government is serious business, especially running a $450 million dollar a year business. You come across as not serious and something you are just doing it for the experience and for FUN. People in our community are suffering, a lot of people are underemployed or unemployed, addicts, economically vunerable, mentally ill, victims of violent crime or discriminated against. You have to appeal to them also, and making Sioux Falls sound like some kind of play land just isn’t going to bode well with the working class.

I think Jolene has potential. While the cupcake talk and holding up the baby on the bike trail might appeal to the soccer moms, it’s the elderly men in this town that vote the most, especially in municipal elections, and more than likely the elderly ladies that are stuck to them vote the same way. They are your major demographic, like it or not. They are the retired working class of our community. If Jolene is going to challenge 7 men or more for the mayor’s office, she needs to get serious, and quickly. You can work on the dance lessons later.

A couple of editorials on the stupidity of the council election threshold amendment

I am still baffled how even one councilor could support this, but if this gets a passing vote I will begin to wonder how much confidence I can have in them make knowledgable decisions about other ordinances?

Of course the Argus Leader put both of these editorials online yesterday, then didn’t print them in Sunday’s paper. In fact the entire opinion page was missing with a full page ad of the Arc of Dreams. A project that still hasn’t gotten proper permitting. Some times I wonder if there is anybody home over at 10th and Minnesota. At least we can still read the editorials online;

At the risk of softening all this self-importance over how to seat a city council, there are good reasons to vote down this amendment:

► Council positions don’t carry nearly the same weight as the top executive office in Sioux Falls’ strong-mayor form of city government. That is a legitimate reason not to make attaining the position as demanding or expensive.

► Spending a potential $80,000 for runoff elections to determine office-holders who represent only a portion of the city’s electorate might not be a proportional “cost to democracy.”

► The likelier prospect of facing a runoff, along with the additional time and money required for longer campaigns, puts grassroots candidates at a disadvantage to deeper-pocketed establishment candidates, a potentially greater cost to democracy.

Change for the sake of change isn’t necessarily a virtue. If our city council feels a better system is needed to produce democratic outcomes, let them be equally democratic in finding a method that won’t leave the general citizenry shaking its collective head.

There was also an individual who expressed concern;

I wish to thank Rolfing and Erpenbach for their service. However, Rolfing’s burning bridges proposal before he leaves office to changing the vote for elected city officials to 51 percent, with Michelle Erpenbach’s support, is ridiculous at best. I would suggest to Rolfing and Erpenbach to reconsider their proposal and think about the cost to taxpayers.

Ridiculous is right, and any councilor that supports it is ridiculous to. How can you even be taken seriously after voting for this? Really?

Sioux Falls Councilor Stehly asks for right to circulate petitions

Theresa has contacted the media by sending out this email after being told last year by the  city attorney that she CANNOT circulate a petition for a city initiative or referendum. She is hoping the assistant city attorney, Danny Brown, will have a different opinion on the manner, especially since there doesn’t seem to be any state laws banning the practice.

There has also been some rumblings amongst cititizens that if the city council with the assistance of the mayor passes an amendment to raise the threshold for city councilors to be elected to 51% there would be a petition drive. The petition drive would also include numerous other charter amendments.

From Stehly;

Good Morning Danny,

I am requesting that your office give me a public statement on my legal right to circulate municipal petitions.

Please address :

  1. My right to circulate a Sioux Falls municipal citizen petition. (This could be an initiative, referendum or charter revision effort.)
  2. My right  to lead a Sioux Falls municipal citizen petition drive. (This could be an initiative, referendum of charter revision effort.)

I know of several City Council members who have participated in the circulating of municipal petitions in the past. We also have had our Minnehaha County Commissioners leading a petition drive. I am inspired by Mark Mickelson’s leadership of the statewide petition drive that is happening at this time.

I will be sharing this information with the public.

Thanks for your response,

Theresa Stehly

What do you think about an elected official running a petition drive? Personally I don’t take issue with it. I don’t agree with Mickelson’s petition, but I do think he has the right to circulate it.

Guest on KSOO AM 1000 today

I will be on the Good Ship Lalley Pop show at 4:15 PM today. Not sure what is on the docket for discussion, but I’m sure we will be talking about all the peeps running for mayor and city council. I will also try to get in a little about my ordinance review. Tune In.

Jolene Loetscher for Mayor of Sioux Falls?

I know, I know. I had to do a double take when I saw the media release.

Jolene plans to make an announcement for mayor on Friday (9/8/2017) at 11:30 AM at the River Greenway Amphitheater.

I know Jolene seems to be a pretty easy going person that smiles a lot, but I’m not sure what kind of weird sense of humor she may have. In other words, is this some kind of publicity stunt to get out the vote, or is she serious?

In reality, she is NO different than Paul TenGallonManureScoop, running a media company. Another person that wants to sell us something.

At this point I am speechless and will await her official announcement before I make anymore assumptions. It takes a lot of confidence to run for mayor, maybe it is just brimming over in Jolene –  maybe this is just what Sioux Falls needs.