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Why I voted for Hillary Clinton


She’s not perfect, but she also is not Trump

I voted several weeks ago, mainly because there are 10 important ballot measures and several close and important county and legislative races. But I almost left the presidential ballot blank. But I plugged my nose, closed my eyes and penciled in Clinton. As I have said before, Trump will probably win in SD and our vote for president really doesn’t matter in SD. We haven’t elected a Democrat for president in SD since Johnson. That’s a long time ago.

I will agree with most Trump supporters that Hillary has a bumpy public service resume over the past 30 years. Real bumpy. But she has one. No public servant has a perfect record. But Hillary’s achievements outweigh her downfalls. Her public service experience is paramount to Trump. He has zero. Unless you count his tax avoidance and the constant lawsuits he is involved with with the government.

He scares the S— out of me. He has no policy experience, no Federal economics experience, no national security experience. Zilch. All he has is shallow anger.

I tell people my choice for president was very easy. While I do have concerns about Hillary, I also know what goes on in Washington is mostly silliness, but as long as the next president can keep me safe and not let the bottom fall out of the economy, that’s about all I can expect from them. I will sleep soundly if Hillary is elected, because I think she can at ‘least’ provide me with that security. If she accomplishes other things like fixing the ACA, keeping Social Security and Medicare viable, ending the wars in the mideast, fixing the racial divisions in our country, raising taxes on the rich and appointing more liberal judges, that would also be great.

Trump hasn’t proved to me he can provide that kind of security. In fact, I can’t imagine the nightly bad dreams I would have if he is elected. The best way to describe a Trump presidency?


IM 22 needs your help


Williams VS. Thune


Just finished watching a ‘Discussion’ between the two candidates on SDPB.

First, let’s look at the cold hard facts, Thune is probably going to beat Williams in the election, it’s sad but true. The unfortunate part about this is that Williams is a strong candidate, and if the Democratic party in SD got their S— together, they could have gotten behind him early and made him a true contender. Jay, unfortunately had to fight this battle almost alone, and came in way late in the game. He is virtually a political nobody, as he has admitted in the debate. To tell you the truth, I had no idea who he was until he announced his candidacy.

All of my truthiness aside, Jay kicked John’s ass tonight. He is a tech savvy business man that is a Vietnam vet who believes in diplomacy. Just his words about humanitarian aid to countries who may hate us, spoke volumes about his position on how you treat your enemy.

But two things stood out in the debate that further cements my nickname I gave to John years ago, Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag cannot help himself from being ironic.

First he talks about how Democratic policies have hurt the (working) poor of our state. That debate aside, does John realize it is 40 years of policies from his party that have created these people in our state with failed programs like EB-5 and tax cut, trickle down mentality. It just doesn’t work.

He also talks about ‘de-regulation’ then tries to counter Williams by promoting the regulation of the internet, etc. So which is it John?

Just like his flip-flop about voting for Trump, Thune has been in DC for too long, and all the things he accused Daschle of, he has embraced.

Oh the Irony of Thune.

Your vote for President in South Dakota doesn’t matter, really it doesn’t


It’s kind of like an advisory vote, similar to the Events Center vote, it really has no clout. Maybe if you lived in California, New York or Florida . . . uh, maybe not Florida. Now I’m not saying NOT to vote. There are many important ballot initiatives and local races that you SHOULD weigh in on. But since South Dakota only has 3 electoral votes that ALWAYS go towards Republicans (heck, even our governor, Dennis Doofus is voting for Trump even though he denounces him as the nominee, still don’t get that one).

Like I said, if we were a bigger state with more political diversity, it would matter.

But what cracks me up is to listen to people who actually believe their vote matters. Just listen to this podcast of Belfrage. These people act like they need to vote for Trump, even if he is a disgusting pig and crooked business man to stop Hillary. Hey McFly, first off, you don’t have to vote for either candidate, you can leave it blank, and guess what, Trump will still win in South Dakota. Heck, Satan could be the Republican nominee for president, and would still win in South Dakota. Secondly, I have never understood defending presidential candidates even when they do ridiculous things, like both Hillary and Donald have done. Neither of them know you, and probably neither of them even care about you.

This is what has often chapped my hide about listening to these voters, mental health issues aside, I think Hillary refers to them as deplorables (I thought she was being nice) they get all worked up about the presidential election, a position they really don’t decide yet don’t show up to local school board and city elections (you know, the group of elected officials that determine most of the taxes you pay). Pay is so piss poor in South Dakota, most of us pay very little in Federal Income Taxes. Does it really matter, even if your voted counted, who we send to Washington? Just look at John Thune for example, he has literally done nothing during his terms. Don’t believe me? Has life in South Dakota gotten better for you because of Federal policies since Thune has been in office? Nope. EB-5 was a complete disaster and all of the Federal Money that was supposed to go towards Gear Up got stolen. And how is that Medicare expansion working out? The Feds don’t care about us.

So the next time there is a school board or municipal election, I want to see at least a 50% turnout (last election was 11%) and people calling in to local radio shows defending local candidates. Hillary is a crook and Trump is a loser and a crook. Who cares. Go do something more constructive with your life.

The South DaCola Voter Guide, kind of

I won’t touch on every race or issue, but on the ones I think are important. Let’s Go!

Re-Elect Pam Nelson for County Treasurer. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know who is running against Pam, doesn’t matter. Nelson has proved she is a strong advocate for citizens and tax payers.

Bonilla and Feinstein for County Commission. That is who I voted for, but I also don’t have an issue with Jean Bender. She has actually surprised me on commission and has been a great legal voice for the commission. Just don’t vote for Karsky. This insurance salesman has more conflicts of interest then you can shake a stick at. Time to retire Dean from local government so he has more time to dig holes at ground breaking ceremonies with the Chamber, his true love and boss.

Mike Saba and Jeff Barth for state legislature.

Yes on Amendment R. This is extremely past due. Technical schools should have had their own board 20 years ago.

No on Amendment S. Also referred to as Marsy’s Law. It is unneeded. Laws are already in place to protect victims.

Yes on Amendment T. There has been too much gerrymandering going on in our state and it is time to make the board that decides redistricting more fair.

No on Amendment U. This is a fake interest rate cap created by the payday lenders.

Yes on Amendment V. This is the most important Amendment on the ballot this year. By passing the non-partisan election amendment we will change the face of the legislature over the next 5 years, and hopefully we will have less amendments and initiatives in the future once we get better representative officials in Pierre.

NO on Ref 20. This will eliminate the youth minimum wage.

Yes on Measure 21. It will cap payday lending at 36%, and hopefully put them out of business.

Yes on Measure 22. I have said an ethics commission and publicly funded campaigns in SD is way past due.

I have no opinion on Ref 19 & 23.

I highly suggest you vote early, because the lines are going to be very, very, very long.

It’s going to be a very long night

Last week a Minnehaha County employee posted on FB that the county auditor, Bob Litz told him it is taking absentee voters between 10-30 minutes to vote. No doubt, it is a very long ballot (17″) and a lot of important issues. Forget about the presidential race, there are oodles of amendments and initiatives that need to be studied closely. Also, let’s just look at the ballot itself, a 17″ ballot will be the first time the county runs through the new vote counting machines. I don’t expect returns until Wednesday morning, so be patient folks.

Here is a great article about it.

Jeff Barth, District 25, Senate Candidate

Does Dean Karsky’s position on the Sioux Falls Chamber Board disqualify him to be a Minnehaha County Commissioner?


I could give you a long list of reasons not vote for Dean Karsky, mainly he accomplished nothing on the city council except using a rubberstamp. And when he did have an idea of his own, it would get shot down, like his malt beverage ban idea.

When Dean joined the Chamber’s Board, the city’s ethics commission ok’d the appointment. No surprise, we know who appoints them. While I certainly didn’t defend the decision, I will say that being a Sioux Falls city councilor and a Sioux Falls Chamber board member at least has somewhat of a correlation. But how will other communities and chamber boards in Minnehaha County feel about Karsky sitting on the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Board? I would think that would certainly be a conflict of interest.

Why don’t we save us all the headache of finding out and not vote for him. Vote Bender, Feinstein or Bonilla. As I have been telling people ‘Anybody but Karsky’ we have enough salespeople in local government already, we need to start purging them.


Hildebrand smart to get ahead of the ‘NO on everything’ campaign

steve hildebrand

If there is one thing I have learned about Steve over the years, he is no dummy, and he certainly doesn’t jump to conclusions without evidence. He is very seasoned at running campaigns, and he holds no punches back. Whether you believe Steve or not about the ‘No on everything’ campaign, he would not have gotten ahead of this if he didn’t have solid information;

Hildebrand would not say who told him the party is planning the ad campaign.

Of course Steve isn’t going to release his sources. If I told everyone on this site where I get some of my information, I wouldn’t have a site, because I no longer would have sources. As if Steve was going to give them those sources because a couple of green horn TV reporters asked him for it. LOL.

Either way, the idea in itself isn’t too far fetched. The Republicans know they have a pretty good chance of defeating 22 but ‘V’ will probably pass easily. That’s the one they fear the most. So grouping all the amendments as trouble is an easier way for them to get people to vote against ‘V’. They could care less if the technical schools get it’s own board or if Marsy’s Law fails. Amendment ‘V’ scares the living dog crap out of them, because they know it will change the makeup of the state legislature virtually overnight, and their over 40 years of a fascist grip on lawmaking in this state will finally end.

Cory does a better job than I in explaining Salter’s ruling on the petitions

I would like to thank Cory for weighing in on the topic;

The petitioners argued that they “substantially complied” with the law in seeking signatures from Sioux Falls voters. Indeed, no one has demonstrated that Team Danielson sought to pad its signature count by seeking signatures from non-Sioux Falls voters. Clerk Greco’s own review of the petition found sufficient local signatures to validate the petition if the oath hadn’t fouled things up.

But Judge Salter doesn’t ask whether the petitioners substantially complied with the signature requirements. He asks whether the petitioners substantially complied with the requirement to swear the municipal initiative petition oath by swearing the statewide initiative petition oath. Judge Salter says that swearing the latter does not substantially comply with swearing the former.

Bruce also weighs in on Cory’s post;

Cory, the courtroom experience was interesting and Judge Salter was very engaged in the questioning. I was impressed in his involvement.

There is a misconception needing to be cleared up. The statement from the ruling “Danielson knew he had obtained the Statewide Form and not the correct Municipal Form when he began his petition effort in late July” was never addressed in the courtroom.

I did not learn of the oath error until a week AFTER the petitions were submitted for validation. Had the city website been functional or the Clerk been willing to assist in construction of the petition, I would not have used the wrong oath.

This narrative is what happens when anyone makes decisions on what you think happened without knowing all the facts. I could have been asked the question when I was on the stand. Now it is part of the permanent record without being part of the evidence.

I have argued that if Judge Salter would have ruled in favor of Danielson, he could have possibly set himself up with an even bigger decision, whether or not to rule an injunction against the bond sale. By ruling against Bruce, based solely on the oath and not signatures Salter freed himself from having to make a very ‘political’ decision. Judges try to stay out of politics, and who can blame them? I’m not saying that was Salter’s angle, I’m just saying by not ruling in favor of the petitions he saved himself a lot of headache.