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TenHaken asks a great question

I would really like to hear the answer to to why young people don’t vote in city elections. Sure, they show up to rallies, and like you on FB, but historically, they don’t vote. I don’t think this city election will be any different. In fact I rarely hear a person younger than me talk about city politics except my like minded friends.

I really believe it has a lot to do with Republicans in this state squashing voter rights and gerrymandering, they don’t want younger people voting, because they tend to vote more progressive and independent.

The musical precincts don’t help either. Younger folks like things to be easy and having to find their precinct is ‘work’. It’s not that they are not smart enough to do it, they are just lazy.

Until the city does a better job of educating younger folks on voting, the 55 and older crowd are going to rule the roost when it comes to city elections. I wish the younger candidates like Jolene luck, but you better be filling out voter registration cards and giving rides to the polls if you think your younger supporters are going to show up to the polls in April.

I don’t like it either, but it’s reality.

Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate ‘Diamond’ Jim Entenman only has one true talent; Blowing Smoke

Even I was a little captivated listening to Jim in his interview with Patrick Lalley yesterday (2nd Hour).

Than I realized he has been a salesman his whole life, and it came to me, ‘Tell the client what they want to hear’.

Jim has had a successful career running a monopoly Harley-Davidson dealership in Sioux Falls for decades, he’s done well for himself. When you own a monopoly your product sells itself. If you wanted to buy a new Harley locally, he was the guy you went to.

Jim has brought those sales skills to Carnegie as a city councilor, he sold the public on an Events Center and a BID Tax. I will say this, I agree with the BID tax, I don’t agree that the mayor wanted to pilfer it for his tennis center.

Jim showed his skills once again on Lalley’s show selling himself to the public and basically giving the answers to the questions he knows the listeners wanted to hear. Huether was famous for this on the campaign trail, famously telling some voters he was a Republican (when he was asked if he was a Republican by a Republican).

The smoke was sure pouring out of Lalley’s studio yesterday. Good thing Stehly was on first and got out of there before the fire was stoked.

Jim started out by saying he wants to serve 8 years. I find this hard to swallow for a few reasons. First, there has been a strong rumor circulating he is a 4 year placeholder for Huether to run in 4 years. But even if that may or may not be true, Jim couldn’t even serve a second term on the council (in which he spent a month each year in Mexico). If he can’t even handle more than 4 years on a part time council, what makes you think he is an 8 year mayor? I don’t believe it for one second. I don’t even think he wants the job, that was evident from his lack luster announcement press conference and hiring someone to run his FB page. I don’t take issue with having a campaign manager helping you out, but if you can’t even post on your own FB page, you have many more issues that I can’t even go into here.

Jim also believes the Events Center has boosted sales tax revenue in our community. While I will state the obvious that we have gleaned maybe a couple million a year in beverage and ticket sales taxes, the EC certainly isn’t the cash cow it was promised to be. Jim’s justification that this was true was the fact the state was behind from last year on sales tax collection yet the city was flat, and since we haven’t been behind like the state that means it is helping. Jim must have really long arms because he really had to pull that one from the deep crevices of his ass.

Jim also changed his tune about the EC’s secret settlement now saying he “Would not have handled it that way.” Yet just a few short weeks ago he was defending the mayor and the administration. He must have realized it was a very lonely place to be when you were the only mayoral candidate out of 8 to support the mayor on something the Supreme Court said was illegal.

I don’t think Jim’s interview style will change much over next few months, he has a bill of goods to sell, and he’s gonna hard sell it to the end. Don’t get to enamored with all the chrome and loud pipes. Just like the bikes he used to sell, all show and no go.

SIDE NOTE: I also found out who is assisting Mr. Entenman on his campaign, and I had to chuckle. This campaigner also helped Huether in his last mayoral campaign, and that was about their last big win. They recently lost in a big judgeship run and last November assisted numerous Democrats in legislative campaigns in which I believe every single one lost. In fact their assistance was so disastrous I think many in the Democratic party have blacklisted them from helping with any further campaigns. I tried to warn a couple of the candidates, but I guess they learned the hard way.

While I am not going to endorse any mayoral candidate until the runoff (and maybe not even than) There are two candidates I would NEVER vote for, TenHaken and Entenman.

Janet Brekke formerly announces at-large council run

Former City Attorney, Janet Brekke, is inviting the media and public to a press conference kicking off her 2018 campaign for Sioux Falls City Council At Large.

The press conference will be Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. at the downtown Siouxland Public Library, Conference Room B (200 N. Dakota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD).

“I have had the rare honor and privilege of serving this great city under five mayors operating under three different forms of City government and I believe my unique background in law, business and government will help move the City forward” Brekke said.

At the press conference she plans to give her reasons for running, her vision for the City and will take questions from the media on her ideas for a positive Sioux Falls future.

Brekke also states:  “When I am part of the policy making or legislative branch of Sioux Falls government, we will work together to advance the interests of our neighbors.  Our current mayor/council form of government is not as effective as it should be.  Having strong leadership on the Council establishes a much more proactive policy initiative role for the City.  My experience as both a successful businesswoman and the attorney who helped shape our form city government, I will move the City Council to better utilize the powers it has and improve the role it plays in City government.”

In asking the public to join her campaign she adds, “This is a critical time for Sioux Falls and us.  There are numerous issues and opportunities facing our city.  This is the time for our City government to map out a solid future for our children and grandchildren!”

Janet Brekke filed her Statement of Organization with the Sioux Falls City Clerk’s Office on Thursday, November 9, 2017 officially declaring her intent to run for City Council At Large Position A.

John ‘Vague’ Paulson wants to win this time . . .

The problem is he using the same old fundraising letter where he explains everything he wants to do but offers few solutions. Maybe he has a magic wand?

All kinds of weird temporary store fronts pop up during the holiday season

Sioux Falls City Council Race mash-up

The city council races are starting to come together, but there are still some unknowns and variables.

Currently the Central District has three running in the race. I won’t rule out that more could get in that race, but probably unlikely.

Retired Firefighter and Insurance Salesman, Curt Soehl. I don’t know a whole lot about Curt, but what I have read on his FB page is that he was very pro-Huether and approved of his accomplishments and leadership style, which is unfortunate.

Thor Bardon. I believe Thor works in banking. Thor’s platform is workforce development and other social issues in our community.

Local art promoter and business owner, Zach DeBoer. Zach is heavily involved with the downtown culture and development.

At-Large has 3 candidates, but that could change.

John Paulson, former Sanford Executive and Planning Commission member who lost to Theresa Stehly in the last election will probably run the same ‘everything is wonderful and great in Sioux Falls’ campaign.

Janet Brekke, who is a former city attorney and currently a private attorney is challenging Paulson. I don’t know a lot about Janet, but I think we will learn more in the coming weeks since she has formerly announced.

Clara Hart has said she will run in the At-Large, but she could just as easily challenge Rick Kiley to get out of a crowded At-Large race (which may get more crowded). Clara lives in his SE district and may have a better chance in a two person race, and avoid a run-off.

As I said, Kiley has announced he will run for a 2nd term and has no challengers currently, I hope that changes.

Erickson hasn’t announced whether she is running for a 2nd term or not, she has said she will probably NOT run for mayor. But currently if Erickson did announce, she doesn’t have a challenger. I’m wondering if someone is waiting in the wings until Erickson announces. One of the bigger questions I have been asked over the past couple of weeks has been, “Will Erickson run for a 2nd term to begin with or is she busy trying to recruit someone to run for the seat?”

As you can see, we have about 5-1/2 months until the city election and the council races are still shaping up. Anything could change at this point.

Nick Weiland on KSOO 1000 AM – 4:15 Today

Nick will talk about his run for mayor.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Kiley staunch supporter of government secrecy

SE District Councilor Kiley has announced today he is running for a 2nd term.

That’s too bad.

At this point he has no challengers though there have been a couple of people who have seemed interested.

Kiley will try to paint a rosy picture of his first 4 years which couldn’t be further from the truth;

During his first term, Kiley, 64, fought to maintain free and reduced pool passes for Sioux Falls most needy, reformed door-to-door sales regulations in the name of consumer protection and voted against raising paratransit fares on multiple occasions.

And that is about as good as it gets for Rick. He has fought hard to protect secretive government in Sioux Falls and has backed the mayor almost 99.9% of the time when it comes to his agenda, including an unneeded administration building & change in council elections requiring a majority.

Kiley has also done very little in being an advocate for citizens and often defends city directors over citizens. He also helped lead the charge to concoct bogus ethics charges against Stehly basically throwing one of his peers under the bus under false pretenses under the direction of one of the most unqualified city attorneys we have ever had.

Kiley is bad news, especially if we get a mayor truly committed to open and transparent government, he will find himself in a very lonely place over the next 4 years.

Hopefully we can find a good challenger and someone who can paint a real picture of Kiley’s true anti-citizen government views.

South DaCola Podcast 9: Mayoral Candidate David Zokaites

David talks to us about civil rights, government corruption and why he wants to change the culture of city hall.

This mayoral race is getting weirder by the day

Maybe he should join this club instead?