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Sioux Falls needs to do more to save it’s core

If I was running for mayor, one of my main legs on my campaign stool would be revitalization of the core. If tackled correctly, it could accomplish many goals. Not only making our core look and feel better, but it would help to reduce crime, create more affordable housing and in turn produce economic growth. It seems the city’s solution is spending our tax dollars tearing stuff down and rebuilding new which isn’t very cost effective at all;

The home is slated for demolition next week, with plans to rebuild a single family home on the lot.

Thanks to federal funding, the newly built home will eventually be sold to a lower income family. It’s all part of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program, which is funding 10 such projects this summer in an effort to improve the local housing stock and add to the city’s pool of affordable housing.

While this may sound all fine and dandy, you could probably take that same amount of money, disperse in a different way and do 4x the amount of projects. How? Like I said, if I were mayor I would reorganize community development. I would have two full-time staff dedicated to knocking on doors in our core and identifying homes and rental property that could benefit from community development loans and federal grants (I received both shortly after I bought my home, and it was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone buying an older home that needs some TLC). I would also change the TIF program for what it is truly intended for, creating affordable housing out of blighted properties. I would give landlords and individual homeowners who are willing to fix up old properties an opportunity to apply for property tax abatement.

Like I said, this process could be very simple and would produce better neighborhoods while producing economic growth. Giving TIF’s to sprawling apartment buildings or luxury condos just doesn’t cut it. Just imagine if we took the millions in TIFs and spread them out to hundreds of homes and smaller unit apartment buildings, the impact that would have?

The problem is big development has a chokehold on our city government right now, they have them by the balls. Just look at the DT parking ramp or Flopdation Park, we are spending close to $50 million dollars on infrastructure that does almost ZERO to rehabilitate what we already have in our core, and while it is not a total waste, it certainly doesn’t make economic sense.

Why do you think the city wants to crack down on rental registry? They want to squeeze the little guy out by seizing their property thru code enforcement and handing it over to the big guys. Every one that I have spoken to who own small rental properties that have registered have been bothered by mailings and phone calls to sell their property to a major developer. Is the city selling or giving away this information? Makes you wonder?

The next administration and council need to work with the little guys to help clean up our core and let the big developers play on their own, they are certainly not going anywhere, and they will survive with out our corporate welfare. It’s time to get back to the basics.

Like the End of the Roman Empire, is government distracting us in Sioux Falls?

How ironic that a new restaurant in Sioux Falls is opening soon Downtown called Bread and Circus, the term is synonymous with the down fall of Rome;

The expression “bread and circuses“ captures a certain cynical political view that the masses can be kept happy with fast food (think Cartman’s “Cheesy Poofs” on South Park) and faster entertainment (NASCAR races, NFL games, and the like). In the Roman Empire, it was bread and chariot races and gladiatorial games that filled the belly and distracted the mind, allowing emperors to rule as they saw fit.

Don’t laugh (maybe cry) but Sioux Falls has many similarities to Rome before it fell.

We have an emperor with complete power afforded to him by the city charter. If he doesn’t like what the city council does, he simply vetoes them.

We have accumulated much debt building play palaces to distract the real issues going on in Sioux Falls (increased crime, corrupt city administrators, gap between rich and poor, a housing glut, decreased tax revenue and disappearing open government).

Like Rome, we rode the high horse for a long time, but in order for the elites to play their games behind closed or even open doors, the public had to be distracted, but will those distractions be enough or will citizens start opening their eyes?

In a little under a year we will be having a municipal election that coronates a new mayor and up to 2-4 new city councilors, can we save this little empire before it is too late?

I think we can, but we are going to have to start paying attention, we are going to have to encourage people of integrity to run for office, we are going to have to do a complete audit of the past administration and we are going to hold those accountable who put us down this path.

It’s going to be messy and very bloody, but at the end of the day, I think Sioux Falls can prevail and most importantly learn from our greed and gluttony we have enjoyed for the past 20 years.

And lastly, remember to laugh, because if you can’t laugh at politicians you only end up hating them, and I think we have enough of that going on DC, we don’t need it here.


The Final Countdown

Today marks less than a year left of Huether. We can make it kids, just take a deep breath.

More evidence the Sioux Falls School District is discouraging voting

A South DaCola foot solider voted early today at the IPC in the school board election. He requested an absentee ballot for a relative and was told to come back another day because the election official with the School District, Bev Chase, was gone today.

While I don’t take issue with Chase taking a day off, I do take issue with the fact that early voting has begun and she hasn’t trained anyone to handle such a request.

I think we will see a historic low for voter turnout on June 6th, and it’s a disgrace.

Is the Sioux Falls School District trying to discourage voter turnout?

The school board election is June 6th. But it seems the School District is doing everything in their power to promote low voter turnout. First they announced they would ‘hand count’ the election, in other words, ‘please don’t show up and vote, you may create extra work for us’. They also had an opportunity to put the school start date on the ballot, but used a questionable emailed survey instead. Now they are using vote centers (vote at any precinct) for the election with only 10 precincts that are within blocks of each other in the central part of the city with NO precincts to the NORTH or NORTHEAST. They also did not list the addresses for the sites, just the site names.

If the School District and Board are wondering why voter turn-out is so low, they can just look to this sorry excuse for an election. I would be shocked if they get even 2,000 people to vote in the upcoming, middle-of-the-summer election. NOW that’s democracy at work!

Dark Grey and White areas are SF school district. Cross-hatch is OTHER districts within the SF boundaries.

Kenny Anderson Jr. to announce Mayor Run

Former Northeast City Council member Kenny Anderson Jr. will be announcing his decision on running for 2018 Sioux Falls Mayoral Election. The announcement will be made at the Bakery located at 910 North Main Ave. Sioux Falls, SD at 6 pm March 31, 2017; Public welcome.

Detroit Lewis Prediction; Huether will announce for higher office within the next two weeks

I think MMM will make his announcement before April 7th. If I was a betting guy, I would say Tuesday, April 4. I still think he is going to announce for US Congressional run, but it seems lately all the right wing squackers in the state seem to think he is running for governor, so I may be wrong.

So why do I think the announcement will take place this soon? A couple of factors. I think Mike wanted to see who was running on the Republican side, and he either KNOWS or THINKS the Democratic challenger doesn’t matter. I think he also wanted to wait until his main man Diamond Jim made his mayoral announcement. There is also the several interviews he did over the past couple of weeks, even one where he did an interview with his ‘bride’ on his bed (living room couch). But I have also noticed some disappearing CityLink YouTube videos lately that feature Mike. He knows from the last time he ran for his second term, it is a no-no to be in any NEW videos after his announcement. He also had to wait to make his biggest campaign speech (the state of the city) on Tuesday.

Maybe I am completely wrong, or maybe he will spite me and announce on April 10th. Either way, it will be soon.

Jeff Barth strongly considering a run for Sioux Falls Mayor

Jeff met with friends and supporters tonight to tell us he is considering a run for the office. Jeff would certainly bring a different perspective to the office and some integrity. I hope he does it! Please encourage Jeff to step up!

The South DaCola straw poll sucks

I sometimes wonder if Sioux Falls City Councilor Christine Erickson is Clash fan?

Over the last couple of months I have heard pretty much an equal amount from both sides that she is either running or she is not for mayor.

It really heated up today after Diamond Jim’s announcement. I got two calls she is in and one she is not in.

(I have a bunch of snarky things I could say between these parenthesis, but I’m not going to, you can thank me later Christine).

Please run for a 2nd term on the council, and make the announcement TODAY, so I can free my phone up for the latest deal from Expedia.

Diamond Jim announced he is running for mayor

I could go on and on about my opposition to Mr. Self-interest, but if you want a repeat of Huether, Jim’s your man.

Notice on his website he only mentions ONE item from the big three, Transparency, Affordable Housing and Crime (he says something about safety). Like I said, running as Huether Part II won’t bode well.