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No Endorsements or Predictions

I’m not going to make any predictions in the election a week now. Many of the races have probably already been decided, and it seems our public is more ignorant then ever when it comes to the deep corruption of the SD GOP. EB-5 and the governor’s past scandals as governor should have been enough to put him dead last in the polls. Apparently voters are willing to look away from that because of their fear of an Obama loving Democrat. If Rounds wins, we will have total partisan leadership in Washington, that is unfortunate. There is also the possibility of Rounds being indicted on EB-5 after the election.

I won’t tell you how to vote next Tuesday, but I am recommending you vote for these two gentlemen next Tuesday;

John Pekas for Judge (He currently is a Minnehaha County Commissioner)

Tony Bartholomaus for Minnehaha County Auditor

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings while eating her salty snacks from Walmart

As I suspected, the SD Supreme Court upheld the circuit court’s decision to allow the zoning for a 4th Walmart in Sioux Falls;
The South Dakota Supreme Court has upheld a lower court’s decision, allowing the annexation of land into the city which is now slated for a Walmart store.

The appellants are a group of residents near the site calling themselves Save Our Neighborhood. The group has argued that the land annexation was illegal because the city didn’t first get Lincoln County’s approval.

It was a long shot to begin with, but worth it. But this isn’t the end of the fight. Besides the fact that drainage is a serious issue in that neighborhood, as we saw this past week, there was another court filing by the SON group. Shortly after the election, SON filed a suit contesting the misleading ballot language. One of the main complaints was the mention of Walmart in the language. The ballot question was about re-zoning, not about Walmart specifically. The re-zone would allow any kind of large retailer to build there. In fact, as I understand it, Walmart only has a purchase agreement with the Homan family. If Walmart isn’t granted a building permit, they will have no financial obligation to purchase the land.
The city has yet to respond to the ballot language suit, or at least I have not seen anything in the media about it. Since WM won today, I wonder if they will ask the city to issue them a building permit (the only thing WM has left to do). Or will the city respond to the suit first? Of course that would require fairness and common sense from the city attorney’s office.
One can only guess what this Planning Department, Mayor and City Attorney will do, but I can guarantee whatever it is, it won’t be in the best interest of the SON neighborhood or the citizens of Sioux Falls.


So is it Gant or Litz that messed up? Makes you wonder?

Interesting the letter is dated June 6, then he spoke before the county commission on June 10 about still trying to resolve this.

Postmarked June 11.

and he didn’t even bother to sign the letter


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How much did they pay for a vote?

This is always a fun math project, seeing how much candidates and ballot committees paid for a vote. This is from the past municipal election

• Greg Jamison: $70,973 Votes: 13,939 Cost per vote: $5.08

• Mike Huether: $217,433 Votes: 17,612 Cost per vote: $12.35

At-large City Council A

• Rex Rolfing: $15,383 Votes: 15,165 Cost per vote: $1.01

• Emmett Reistroffer: recent report not filed

• Manny Steele: $3,907 Votes: 6,893 Cost per vote: $.57

At-large City Council B

• Christine Erickson: $25,380 Votes: 16,337 Cost per vote: $1.55

• Denny Pierson: $4,315 Votes: 8,793 Cost per vote: $.49

Central District City Council

• Rebecca Dunn: $5,714 Votes: 1,944 Cost per vote: $2.93

• Michelle Erpenbach: $16,127 Votes: 2,967 Cost per vote: $5.43

Southeast District City Council

• Rick Kiley: $8,535 Votes: 5,098 Cost per vote: $1.67

• Bonita Schwan: $1,221 Votes: 2,743 Cost per vote: $.45

Initiated Measure 2 on the Spellerberg pool

• Citizens for Saving Spellerberg: $760 Votes: 9,231 Cost per vote: $.08

• Community Swim 365: $125,494 Votes: 22,193 Cost per vote: $5.65

Referred Law 3 on the Shape Places zoning ordinance

• Forward Zoning: $8,600 Votes: 18,712 Cost per vote: $.46

• Save Your Voice: $310 Votes: 9,723 Cost per vote: $.03

Referred Law 4 on rezoning for a Walmart store

• Building a Better Sioux Falls: $468,701 Votes: 19,892 Cost per vote: $23.56

• Save Your Neighborhood: $3,233 Votes: 11,093 Cost per vote: $.29

If you go by cost per vote, the big winner of the night would be snowgates, which spent $0 per vote and won by over 75%. Walmart is really the loser, they had to spend $23.56 per vote. They should have just handed out gift cards. They actually spent 81x more then the competition. The fact remains, money wins elections, and if you look at these results you will see that the winners spent twice as much as the losers did per vote.

The final financial reports are in from the city election

No big surprises. It looks like Walmart threw in only an additional $33,000 in the last week before the election. Some interesting notes to point out in the candidate races were that Kiley received only ONE individual contributions right before the election, $250 from Cindy Huether. Cindy  also gave $250 to Tex Golfing & Michelle Erpenbach. How convenient that she gave this late in the game, knowing her name wouldn’t appear on a financial report until after the election. I guess she learned well from her sneaky husband.

Mayor Huether also had some interesting contributors. From PAC’s he got $1500 from two separate Unions, Citigroup gave $500, John Morrell’s (Smithfield) gave $1000, and one of the more interesting of his PAC contributors was HDR Engineering, which gave $500. HDR does a boatload of consulting for the city planning office. A very strange donation to Christine Erickson was from Kyle Schoenfish (used to be a Democrat, and is the son of Mayor Huether’s first cousin) who gave $125. Still trying to figure that one out.

Public Input at SF City Council Meeting

Phase One complete: Huether for Governor 2018

Last night state Democrats hurdled step one in getting Huether elected to the governor’s office in 2018 by choosing Wismer to run against Daugaard. The ONLY way Wismer even has a snowball chance in Hell of beating an incumbent Republican would be if they could directly link him to the EB-5 scandal, which will be tough since there has been a complete media lockout on the subject.

Lowe’s loss wasn’t entirely a grand scheme by the Democratic party. Lowe admitted last night that he did very little advertising and NO direct mail. That is unfortunate, because he truly could have beat her if he would have just stuck with traditional political advertising, like Wismer did do. It worked for her.

What is even more frustrating is that the Dems have yet to say if they have a candidate for Secretary of State. As I have said in the past, this would have been their prime opportunity to go after that seat, especially with all of the scandals with Gant, and Shantel Krebs telling a petitioner last year that the petition and referendum process in South Dakota should be ‘Unconstitutional’. The last kind of person we want as election overseer. Speaking with a prominent Democrat recently, he said that the Dems have NO candidate for SOS and plan on putting their full support behind the governor candidate. Imagine that, putting all of their eggs in one basket.

I have never regretted leaving the Democratic party and becoming an Indy, and I don’t forsee myself ever returning. It just seems like SD Dems are always planning for the next election instead of the one at hand, and they proved this last night by securing Huether’s race for governor in 2018. As MMM would say, “Good Job.”

Still issues with voting

As I have pointed out several times after the municipal election and the run up to it, there were many issues with voting.

Besides the musical polling places every time there is an election, there are still problems with registration.

Last Friday someone told me that him and his wife recently moved into a new home and checked their voter registration to make sure it would be current. They are supposed to be registered in District 11, but were told they were in District 9 and voting at MariCar. This person pointed the problem out to Bob Litz and nothing was really done about it except they were told to still vote in District 9.

Last night they checked online, and they were still listed in District 9. So they went to vote at 7:30am this morning.  Fortunately, all the precinct workers knew him because his name (and his wife’s) was not listed on the voting roster!

They called the Auditor’s office to confirm that he was registered, but couldn’t explain the omission.  He had to fill out an Emergency Voting Card in order to vote.  He told me he felt sorry for the precinct workers as all the power – except lights – was shut off in there … no AC and the clock was stuck on 11:10.  He shared his story at public input this morning at the county commission meeting. (The video is not up yet, but I hear the CC was not to happy).

My conclusion all along after the municipal election fiasco is that heads need to roll on these mishaps, saying an election went ‘smoothly’ when it was an absolute disaster is just sugar coating the problem. We’ll see how things go tonight. Let’s just say, if Bosworth wins the Republican Senate ticket spot, we know something isn’t working correctly in the auditor’s office.

Primary endorsements and predictions


(Note, Independents like myself CANNOT vote for Republicans in the primary, but we CAN vote for Democrats)

Senate Republican Race, Stace Nelson. While I disagree almost entirely with Stace’s entire platform, he is truly the ONLY Republican in the race that is genuine, I also think that a race between him and Weiland would be very interesting, I also think it would be very honest.

Rounds needs to go back to selling insurance or whatever the heck he does. His dealings with the EB-5 scandal and the Mette case coverup should be enough to tell Rounds to take a hike.

Governor Republican Race, Neither interest me. If you dislike Denny as much as I do, vote the Hubbel Craft.

Governor Democrat Race, Joe Lowe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wismer has not campaigned at all and is extremely wishy washy. I think she was dug up to be the loser against Denny in November. The Democrats NEED to win the governorship this Fall, and they can do this with Lowe. And if the State Party Dems had any sense at all, after Lowe wins the primary, they would put there full resources behind him.

Circuit Judge, John Pekas. John has proven to be an effective and knowledgeable attorney and county commissioner. He is one of the few Republicans I have voted for. While Hinrichs does have experience as a current judge, I often think that we need a fresh look at the judicial system.



Rounds 40%

Nelson 26%

Rhoden 20%

Bosworth 12%

Ravnsbourg 2%


Dauguard 90%

Hubbel 10%

Lowe 65%

Wismer 35%


Hinrichs 55%

Pekas 30%

Feinstein 15%


What does Christianity and Abortion have to do with fair elections?


What is scary about this is that Pat currently serves under Gantless as our deputy Secretary of State. I sometimes wonder where these people come up with their campaign slogans. As deputy, shouldn’t she know what the job of a SOS is? It has nothing to do with religion, God or abortion. It scares the Sh*t out of me that an ideologue like this is running our elections. How would she treat a petition challenge by a liberal Democrat Atheist who was pro-choice? It seems a Republican SOS only duty is to make sure that the opposition party doesn’t get a fair election in our state. What is even more dreadful is that the people of SD continue to vote these kind of people in office (Her challenger, Krebs, isn’t much better).

Yet the Democrats can’t dig up one single person to challenge these yahoos.

The job of SOS is simple, very simple. You must be fair and unbias. That’s it. No one cares what church you go to or whether you like kittens and rainbows. We want to know if you can do the job fairly.

Pat, as a principled voter, your postcard scares me. I will pray for you.