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Minnehaha County Election Review Panel discussion

The commission, auditor and SOS are going to pick the panel. Pekas’ comments on precincts are right on!

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Sioux Falls City Clerk ‘Grim & Determined’ about continuing Musical Precincts

I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that the city and school district refuse to work with the counties on election consistency. Because gosh darn it, we are saving money. Even though Councilor Erpenchickenbachbach says she works with the counties in this episode of Inside Town Hall.

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Democrat weighs in on the election

A guest submittal

I am an old style campaign organizer. It does not mean I am necessarily old processes are the best but a believer in basic principles of campaigning established long before any of us were alive. The basic structure of both major political parties suck. The “legalized” hidden money now controls everything. You know the kind of money “legally” disbursed through no-bid contracts and funneled back into campaign activities. We saw the money flow in the 2014 Sioux Falls municipal election and it will be seen in the limited campaign finance reporting to be completed by our just completed state and federal campaigns.

I don’t get into campaign rah-rah hoopla anymore. It hasn’t happened in years. This year was another one of those years. I tried to get involved again this year. It was hard. The inexperienced helpers think their “modern” methods are going to work. They don’t. They only give a momentary mental rush. I attended events to observe the turnouts of the limited faithful. We got to see what happens when the worthless Facebook gamers are combined with party funders who have their personal reasons to limit the helpers physical reach out to voters. It is disturbing.

David Montgomery had a nice quick analysis of the just past election in the Argus Leader. Both parties lost this year. Why did they both lose? It just comes down to a multi-year everyday drudgery called get out the vote. This effort should be the primary daily process of the party, not a process to be done by each campaign at the last minute. The rah-rah events and parties should be motivators, not the focus of the particular party.

For example: we see people “first” issues placed on the ballot by the Democratic Party actually win at the polls. Why not take the same effort and build a political party? What a waste of time and abuse of limited financial resources. Several issues have been handed to the Democratic Party leaders over the last 10 years which could have built a principled party. What have the operators of the party done with it? Ignore them. Let’s play pretend. Let’s dream of things we could do if we were in power.

A few years ago I tried to have a meeting with an elected Democratic official and move a voting issue along. This person told me “I won’t do it until after next election (2 years away) when it is my last possible term.” You know what happened? This person’s last term was that year because an important stand had to be taken. I could have been wrong in my issue but the elected official was afraid of taking a principled stand.  An elected official wins with principled stands. An election or two might be lost but in the end more quality elected officials will win.

No one seems to be interested in the long term things like party base building. Some of us have been fighting our battles for a long time. The Democratic party lost its last unified front by 1976. It showed in 1978 and thereafter. It will now be 44 years out of power before the Democratic party can even be attempting to change the system from the inside. Now South Dakota does not even have a public voice or possible elected public power voice to move things forward in the media.

So what to do? Give up? Some of us just don’t know how to give up. We might be momentarily disgusted by the process we see, but we look for ways to rebuild.

It’s a shame the Democratic Party of South Dakota has to get out the 3 x 5 index cards and rebuild the party from scratch. The South Dakota Republican Party is not far behind. Complacency after an over-whelming victory is very destructive to a party structure.

I hate to remind people, elections are not NFL Super Bowls. There is no single victorious winner takes all in United States elections. We are a democracy where we protect the unprotected. Our system is not to protect the privileged or just the winners. Have your party to celebrate the victories but be prepared to govern for the least amongst us.

Why care who wins anymore?

So why be involved?

Some of us just care.

Argus Leader ED Board asks for Auditor Bob Litz to resign

While some of Litz’s and Gant’s missteps Tuesday Night (Wednesday morning) are solely their fault, there were other factors involved. Mostly the machines were not working properly, as promised by ESS&S. They are just too hyper sensitive, and the absentee votes should be counted last, not first. Also state law needs to change so that counties can count them in advance.

I also think the musical precincts are affecting the high number of absentee voters. I haven’t voted on election day at my precinct in years, I always absentee because I got sick of the stupid guessing game.

I will hopefully have an updated post about this later today from someone who assisted with the vote tabulation.

Minnehaha County just finishes counting votes

That was at about 9:15 AM. How sad is it that the County buys brand new vote tabulation machines that cost $100K each and they just finish counting. I guess the problem was that the new machines wouldn’t count ballots that had comments or spills on them, it would spit them out. There was a ton of votes that had to go through the resolution board. But hey, does it matter, the National Press called the election at 8 PM last night.

As I assumed it was a clean sweep for the Republicans, the Dems in this state really need to get their poop in a group.

Their was some positives though. The Dems had a great victory with the Minimum Wage increase, and I will give Zach Crago credit on that, it’s just too bad he failed on party work.

Some other people had awesome victories last night.

Jeff Barth, Joni Cutler, John Pekas, Karen Soli all won.

I told Rick Weiland last night he ran the best campaign I have ever seen in years. You could tell that Rick was very proud of his campaign, and even if he lost, he should not have any regrets. None.

Now we will wait for our NEW senator to be indicted. Wanna make any bets on how long the Feds will wait?

The confusion of musical precints returns

The county, the city and the school district don’t get it. I heard this morning there was confusion AGAIN on super precincts VS. regular precincts. C’mon on already, instead of worrying about disclaimers on the Jesus plows, let’s worry about making elections consistent!

There has been serious talk about doing a petition drive to force the county, city and school district to have consistent polling places. The idea would be to eliminate super precincts, but also consolidate the existing precincts and use them every election.

While the super precinct idea may help with convenience for some people, it also causes issues for people who don’t have transportation.

The whole idea was cooked up by the worst SOS we have had in state history, Jason Gant. A person who has used his office to be very partisan, applying different rules to different parties.

Some would ask HOW Gant has been partisan with E-Poll books. E-Poll books are sold by the very company that supplied the SD GOP Thousands of dollars in campaign contributions when Gant was in charge of those duties. This is simply a payback to those companies, not a benefit to the voter. Gant has used his position as SOS to convince counties and municipalities across the state to use the books.

Time to ditch the idea, along with Jason Gant.

Okay, so I gave in; Predictions

I couldn’t resist to make some predictions over on Madville this morning, so I thought I would share. I still think Weiland can pull this off, stranger things have happened. A late poll worker in Shannon County didn’t help matters (wonder WHO paid that poll worker off to show up an hour late and disenfranchise voters for an hour . . . hmmm)?

Just a reminder, if you are planning to vote for 3rd place Pressler as a protest vote to Rounds or Weiland, you do have another option, LEAVE IT BLANK, that would be the ultimate protest vote. Voting for Pressler only helps Rounds.

There is one positive about this election, that Bozo Jason Gant will never be in charge of a statewide election again, of course, he will probably be replaced by another bozo, I digress.

Weiland wins by 1/2 point
Noem wins by 56%
Daugaard wins by 62%
Krebs wins by 52%
Jackley wins by 85%
17 wins by 55%
18 wins by 56%
Q will lose by 45%

We’ll see how wrong I am :)

No Endorsements or Predictions

I’m not going to make any predictions in the election a week now. Many of the races have probably already been decided, and it seems our public is more ignorant then ever when it comes to the deep corruption of the SD GOP. EB-5 and the governor’s past scandals as governor should have been enough to put him dead last in the polls. Apparently voters are willing to look away from that because of their fear of an Obama loving Democrat. If Rounds wins, we will have total partisan leadership in Washington, that is unfortunate. There is also the possibility of Rounds being indicted on EB-5 after the election.

I won’t tell you how to vote next Tuesday, but I am recommending you vote for these two gentlemen next Tuesday;

John Pekas for Judge (He currently is a Minnehaha County Commissioner)

Tony Bartholomaus for Minnehaha County Auditor

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings while eating her salty snacks from Walmart

As I suspected, the SD Supreme Court upheld the circuit court’s decision to allow the zoning for a 4th Walmart in Sioux Falls;
The South Dakota Supreme Court has upheld a lower court’s decision, allowing the annexation of land into the city which is now slated for a Walmart store.

The appellants are a group of residents near the site calling themselves Save Our Neighborhood. The group has argued that the land annexation was illegal because the city didn’t first get Lincoln County’s approval.

It was a long shot to begin with, but worth it. But this isn’t the end of the fight. Besides the fact that drainage is a serious issue in that neighborhood, as we saw this past week, there was another court filing by the SON group. Shortly after the election, SON filed a suit contesting the misleading ballot language. One of the main complaints was the mention of Walmart in the language. The ballot question was about re-zoning, not about Walmart specifically. The re-zone would allow any kind of large retailer to build there. In fact, as I understand it, Walmart only has a purchase agreement with the Homan family. If Walmart isn’t granted a building permit, they will have no financial obligation to purchase the land.
The city has yet to respond to the ballot language suit, or at least I have not seen anything in the media about it. Since WM won today, I wonder if they will ask the city to issue them a building permit (the only thing WM has left to do). Or will the city respond to the suit first? Of course that would require fairness and common sense from the city attorney’s office.
One can only guess what this Planning Department, Mayor and City Attorney will do, but I can guarantee whatever it is, it won’t be in the best interest of the SON neighborhood or the citizens of Sioux Falls.


So is it Gant or Litz that messed up? Makes you wonder?

Interesting the letter is dated June 6, then he spoke before the county commission on June 10 about still trying to resolve this.

Postmarked June 11.

and he didn’t even bother to sign the letter


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