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Kenny Anderson Jr. to announce Mayor Run

Former Northeast City Council member Kenny Anderson Jr. will be announcing his decision on running for 2018 Sioux Falls Mayoral Election. The announcement will be made at the Bakery located at 910 North Main Ave. Sioux Falls, SD at 6 pm March 31, 2017; Public welcome.

Detroit Lewis Prediction; Huether will announce for higher office within the next two weeks

I think MMM will make his announcement before April 7th. If I was a betting guy, I would say Tuesday, April 4. I still think he is going to announce for US Congressional run, but it seems lately all the right wing squackers in the state seem to think he is running for governor, so I may be wrong.

So why do I think the announcement will take place this soon? A couple of factors. I think Mike wanted to see who was running on the Republican side, and he either KNOWS or THINKS the Democratic challenger doesn’t matter. I think he also wanted to wait until his main man Diamond Jim made his mayoral announcement. There is also the several interviews he did over the past couple of weeks, even one where he did an interview with his ‘bride’ on his bed (living room couch). But I have also noticed some disappearing CityLink YouTube videos lately that feature Mike. He knows from the last time he ran for his second term, it is a no-no to be in any NEW videos after his announcement. He also had to wait to make his biggest campaign speech (the state of the city) on Tuesday.

Maybe I am completely wrong, or maybe he will spite me and announce on April 10th. Either way, it will be soon.

Jeff Barth strongly considering a run for Sioux Falls Mayor

Jeff met with friends and supporters tonight to tell us he is considering a run for the office. Jeff would certainly bring a different perspective to the office and some integrity. I hope he does it! Please encourage Jeff to step up!

The South DaCola straw poll sucks

I sometimes wonder if Sioux Falls City Councilor Christine Erickson is Clash fan?

Over the last couple of months I have heard pretty much an equal amount from both sides that she is either running or she is not for mayor.

It really heated up today after Diamond Jim’s announcement. I got two calls she is in and one she is not in.

(I have a bunch of snarky things I could say between these parenthesis, but I’m not going to, you can thank me later Christine).

Please run for a 2nd term on the council, and make the announcement TODAY, so I can free my phone up for the latest deal from Expedia.

Diamond Jim announced he is running for mayor

I could go on and on about my opposition to Mr. Self-interest, but if you want a repeat of Huether, Jim’s your man.

Notice on his website he only mentions ONE item from the big three, Transparency, Affordable Housing and Crime (he says something about safety). Like I said, running as Huether Part II won’t bode well.

A 3-Legged Stool campaign platform for the 2018 City Election

If you are running for mayor or city council for the 2018 Municipal election, you should have your work cut out for you.

There will be 3 main campaign issues that I think will dominate;

• Crime: While crime in Sioux Falls hasn’t gotten out of control and is manageable, the increasing violent crime rate over the past 5 years should concern us. The candidate(s) that come up with a leading solution(s) while making the public still feel safe will garner attention. I have suggested concentrated patrolling, more neighborhood watch programs and educating the public about what to look for when it comes to suspicious activity (drug dealing, domestic violence, etc.) Also an increased social media presence.

• Affordable Housing: It is probably the NUMBER ONE issue affecting Sioux Falls right now, but it is closely tied into with crime. When people don’t have a decent place to live or a decent job to pay for it, it breeds crime. I suggest the next mayor and city council take away focus from big development and TIFS (urban sprawl) and concentrate on the core and proper of Sioux Falls. First off, big development will survive, they have plenty support from private investors and banks. Plus urban sprawl only hurts our infrastructure budget (building more NEW infrastructure means more to take care of). We need to concentrate more on community development loans to private homeowners and landlords of small apartment complexes. Not only can they be helped with NO or LOW interest development loans, there are plenty of Federal grants they can apply for. This of course will take bigger staff to go door to door in these neighborhoods and promote this kind of revitalization. It will also have to come from the real estate and mortgage banking industry willing to invest in first time home buyers and young families to rebuild these older neighborhoods. Another measure tied into this would be passing a city ordinance minimum wage within SF city limit of at least $10 an hour.

• Transparency: This is just a given. We have had one of the most secretive administrations to date. Trust me, Munson and Hanson were not much better, but Huether has taken his dictatorship (home rule charter) to heart. Heck, our local paper had to sue in Supreme Court to get a contract (and they may lose the case). The next council and mayor need to open the books and communication, and it shouldn’t even be a fight, it should just be done. A healthy democracy depends on it.



Los Angeles not only elects it’s city attorney, but also their controller

Hey, not a bad idea;

The city of Los Angeles, California, will hold primary elections for mayor, eight city council seats, city attorney, city controller, and three community college board of trustees seats on March 7, 2017. Any race where no candidate earns a majority (50 percent plus one) of the primary votes cast will advance to a general election on May 16, 2017.

I would assume a city controller is essentially the CFO or Finance Director of the city. With the recent shenanigans with both our city attorney and finance director, maybe it is time to elect both. it wouldn’t be that hard to change the charter. Citizens would simply have to ask the Charter Revision Commission to put a change on the ballot. Do you think citizens should elect the City attorney and city finance director? Pretty simple. Just look at the county, the Sheriff, Treasurer and Auditor are all elected positions.

Get your School Board on!

As of yesterday you can pick up your nominating petitions, and you have until March 28 to file them (I think you need 50 signatures?).

Only one candidate has announced, the wife of Mark Mickelson, Cynthia. While I’m sure she would make a great board member, I hope others will run.

Nick Weiland makes it official for Sioux Falls Mayor

Nick is the first to announce;

“For me, local issues have really become what’s most important,” Weiland said. “No one sitting here upset about some national (issue) can really do anything about it but you can do something about a local issue.”

Gee I wonder where he would get such crazy ideas 😉 I guess a few people listen to me when I flap my trap.

You say you want to be a city councilor?

I’m almost finished. Can you feel it?

South DaCola is looking for a few good men and women to run for city council in 2018. Technically there could be four seats up of grabs. Rolfing and Erpenbach are term limited (At-Large and Central). Kiley is up for re-election for his 2nd term (SE district) and badly needs to be retired. Erickson, who I hope runs again for At-Large, may run for mayor, which leaves her seat open. Either way there are plenty of opportunities. While you have to live in Central District to run for that seat, ANYONE in the city limits can run for Rolfing’s empty At-Large seat.

We are hoping some citizen friendly candidates emerge and we would be willing to help out the campaign in any way possible, especially data for direct mail, graphic design and marketing.

Remember, this is a mayoral election, so there will be a bigger voter turnout (I would estimate between 20-30%). Besides the mayor and four council seats, there will probably be some charter adjustments on the ballot. I suspect the campaign will garner good media reporting.

This will be a transformational time on the council. Not only will there possibly be two new councilors and a mayor, this may be a big changeup in the way things have been done over the past 7 years. It will also hinge on how much money Sioux Falls has coming into the coffers and what our current debt limit will allow us to borrow. The next mayor and council will have some challenges, especially after they open the books. I encourage the next mayor and council to request a full forensic audit of the city over at least the past 4 years to get a clear sense of what Mr. Transparency has been up to.

Hopefully some people from the last election cycle will reappear, like Erin Srstka.

Either way, if you are running or not, it will be a fun one to watch.