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Michelle Lavallee; Money & Connections

It’s no secret by now, if you want someone with a lot of money/contribution connections, you call Michelle. TenHaken did it when he ran for mayor and now Billie Sutton has summoned her.

While it’s great to bring someone on your campaign team who can help raise money, do you pick them as your running mate? How does a well-connected former Republican with ties to the healthcare and investment banking industry in South Dakota relate with working class Democrats, Independents and Republicans?

I don’t know.

I have often argued that the Democrats have a platform that stands up for these people. Worker rights, higher wages, education, health care, quality of life, etc. They don’t need to be ‘Republican Light’ to win over these kind of voters, they just need to get the message out. I guess we will see how this plays out in November.

Michael Wyland slams School District on Survey(?)

I couldn’t agree more with Michael about this;

Significantly, for a poll at the beginning of a broad-based community-wide engagement strategy, there was no option for respondents to indicate they were undecided or not sure whether they would support the initiatives being proposed. Most questions required a response, so there was almost no option to leave a particular question unanswered.

The closed and bureaucratic approach to garnering support for initiatives promoted as benefitting the community as a whole may have the opposite of the intended effect. There are reports that an independent group may be formed to support the bond issue. Perhaps they’ll do a better job of engaging the community.

The problem is they don’t want to ‘engage’ the public. They want a small group of supporters to vote this in on a special election in September. Let’s just say some of my foot soldiers and I have been keeping detailed notes, and if they move forward with the current plan, they may have some surprises awaiting them.

Just who did the School District send postcards to?

I watched the school board meeting tonight, they said they mailed out a postcard to Sioux Falls school district residents;

These surveys were mailed out last week to everyone in the Sioux Falls School District.

Weird? Right? I am a registered voter in the District that rarely has missed a School District election in the past 5 years. Where was my postcard? Would love to see who this was mailed to? I didn’t get one, yet I get a Community Education catalog.

That aside, you can take the survey HERE. You will recognize as I did, it’s more of a push poll than a real survey.

This part of the Envision Task Force report is a little murky about this to;

For example, for a home costing $185,000, the owners would pay 2 dollars more a month for the next 25 years.

But how much of that is compounded each year? Nobody has addressed this yet.

They also want to do a stand alone election in September because they must certify their 2019 budget by September 30th according to state law. Will they use ALL of the precincts or pick and choose super precincts?

Minnehaha County Auditor Litz blames old election workers

Screenshot KELO-TV

Bob has said that his poll workers are elderly, but isn’t he in charge of training them?

“A lot of my election workers, they’re retired, they’re getting older, they don’t always make the right choice out there. There’s human error. I loathe to throw them under the bus, because it’s difficult to get them,” Litz said.

He also didn’t seem to concerned that election results may have been altered because of the mistakes;

Bender: “I just want to see if you can give me some comfort, if you feel like the error did not affect that race.”
Litz: “That one there is troublesome. I don’t know what to tell you. Like you said, the margin of error was five votes. It could’ve been affected, yes.”

He than tries to blame partisan politics. Wasn’t it just REPUBLICANS on the ballot?

“At the end of the day, I’m sitting here holding a bag. You, you, are up here playing a political ploy. Okay, I’m republican, you’re democrat. I get that. That’s the way the game is played. Don’t act like you’re not playing that game, Mr. Barth,” Litz said.

We have already had a volunteer election committee that pointed out the issues with the Auditors office and the SOS office, yet the problems still exist.

Sioux Falls Board of Ethics gave NO OPINION on Petition Gathering

I did not attend the meeting but was told by a foot soldier that the BOE told councilor Stehly they could not give her an opinion based on asking hypothetical questions. She did not tell them a specific petition drive she would be working on.

However she did argue that former councilor Staggers and Erickson have circulated petitions. Speaker of the House Mickelson lead a state wide petition drive and the county commissioners have circulated petitions in the past. The precedence is there. This isn’t rocket science.

It just sounds like they want to say NO but they need her to bring something forward solid so they can have a quasi-argument to say NO to.

Do unto others?

Already issues with Primary Election

A South DaCola foot soldier told me there have been a couple of reports that the precinct at Hayward Elementary is supposed to allow voters from either District 9 OR 11 to vote there, but they only have ballots for ONE of the precincts (not sure which one).

I will keep you updated once I learn more.

Primary Predictions

Since I could only vote for Amendment Y, not sure if my opinion really matters since I can’t put myself into the mind of a SD Republican. With Trump having a 74% approval rating, I think Republicans statewide will lean more conservative, but since most people are conservative, not sure what that means anyway.

I voted against Amendment Y. First off, I think the whole thing should be repealed and secondly I’m not happy with the measure being on the primary ballot instead of the general. Many independents will just not choose to vote so this will be decided mostly by party members.

For Governor, I’m giving it to Noem, but not by much, this one is close and I think with Jackboots gaining a lot in these last few weeks he still has a good chance of pulling this off. While I’m not a fan of either, I think Noem would be a better governor, even though I am supporting Sutton and feel like he has a better chance of beating Noem than Jackboots.

In Congress it seems pretty clear Dusty will pull this one off, and I prefer him as a candidate. I also think the Bjorkman has a much better chance of beating Dusty than Krebs.

State Senator District 14 I’m going with Tyler Swanger. I think Soholt has had a habit of saying one thing in public and doing another when she votes. Tyler is a young enthusiastic fellar with a great passion for people.

State Rep District 13 Peterson and Rolfing will probably pull this off even though I know there is large underground support for Muricio to upset Rolfing. Let’s hope so. We need to send Rolfing to a golf course in Florida.

State Rep District 14 I’m going to give it to Holmes and Zikmund. They are both incumbents and Tornow doesn’t belong anywhere near Pierre.

State Rep District 15 (Dems) I’m going to give to Smith and Kirschman even though I have heard there is a lot of support for Duba from the wine & cheese Dems.

The big one of the primary is of course Noem vs. Jackley. While I detest both of their policies, Jackley would be a disaster as a governor. He is wrapped up in so many scandals that I think it would just continue moving forward. I’ve nicknamed him lately, Janklow Jr.


Now that the ‘Dirty’ campaigning is thru, it’s time for the ‘Tool’ to gloat

Pitty just couldn’t wait to take some kind of credit. We will see how long it takes for Paul to ask him to take it down. Remember to put all of your ‘tools’ away after you finish the job.

Billie Sutton interview, 4/28/2018

I really enjoyed this interview. I wasn’t really sold on Billie, but after this interview, I felt I could trust him. He really knows the issues, and I can’t wait for him to take on his Republican opponent.