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A contractor in Iraq doesn’t like Obama, the left or Civil Liberties – big surprise!

We may never be safe again

A letter writer has been disapointed with Obama so far. Me to. He still has yet to start on an exit strategy from Iraq. Three of his appointments have had money problems and he just can’t seem to make Republicans happy (go figure). But this guy could care less about those things;

We we’re willing to give Barack Obama a chance, even the military veterans. But on the first day of his presidency, he decided to suspend Guantanamo war crime trials, outraging family members of 9-11 victims and making it difficult to get a conviction on these cases.

Well, Daniel, the prisoners are still there, and until we can transfer them safely to another secure location, they will stay there. We are not releasing them anytime soon.

Unfortunately, this is going to be the new precedent. I’m afraid our country is on a path of weakness, and we will not change our course until another Sept 11. Then we’ll toughen up for two years and then fall again, continuing our cycle of self-destruction and weakness in order to maintain political correctness and keep the American Civil Liberties Union happy.

First off, it was Bush and the right who failed us on 9/11. Bush was warned and did nothing. Secondly the ACLU is an organization that will defend ANYONE’s civil liberties, not just us on the looney left. civil liberties are very American, we continue to remain a FREE country because of them, not because of a lack thereof.

People keep asking why the military and veterans are scared of an Obama presidency and those on the left.

Better check the numbers, Obama received more of the veteran vote than Bush did in 2004. Who do veterans trust to keep us safe?

Obama’s message was clear when closing Gitmo; We don’t torture and we don’t treat our prisoners like the terrorists treat theirs. We are better than that.

Obama to close Shitmo

“Good, cuz I was getting tired of Cuban food.”

Moving quickly to reverse his predecessor’s policies on the treatment of terror suspects, President Barack Obama on Thursday signed an executive order to shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison within a year.