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Fashion Police, “You are both under arrest.” Write your own caption

Just kidding Monty, I just found it funny you both coordinated. Monty interviewed Gordon ‘Whirly Gig’ Howie yesterday. Google Argus Leader.


Gordon Howie, “The Bible is God’s Love Letter to mankind.”

As the church lady would say, “Well isn’t the Special?” I usually don’t re-post Gordon’s ‘Crap’ but his latest segment had me laughing. He talks about our Founding Fathers intent with freedom and religion. Howie-doodle gets it partially correct, the founding fathers did want freedom to be religious, and wanted government out of their churches, well guess what, the founding fathers expected the same from religion, stay out of the government. It is an agreement that has worked well for over 200 years, and it is not broken. Gordon thinks we need more religion in government (he has his undies in a bunch about gay marriage).

Just look at Iraq now, what do you think they are fighting over? Religion in government. No thanks, I hope we learned something from our own civil war, they are messy.

I think things are fine just the way they are. I think Gordon just needed an excuse to bring a bible loving blonde on his program.

The hypocrisy of Gordon Howie

It’s not like this guy has a snowball chance in Hell of winning anyway, but with stuff like this coming up, makes you wonder;

Sen. Gordon Howie is behind by at least $56,863 in property taxes due for 2008 and 2009. That amount will jump to $86,915 if Howie can’t meet the next payment date by the end of October. And the amount is growing because of interest assessed to unpaid bills.

Then there is this;

Howie is the unofficial tea party candidate, running a campaign against taxes and spending. Last year, he was the prime sponsor of a bill that would have raised the state sales tax from 4 percent to 6 percent. The bill, which failed, called for using the increases in sales taxes to lower property taxes statewide, an effort that some questioned because of Howie’s profession.

It kinda sounds like Gordon is ‘conveniently’ against property taxes because he owes so much, but doesn’t have a problem with raising regressive taxes on the working poor. Some of my teabagger friends have asked me to support Gordon. Sorry, if there is one thing I can’t stand in a politician, it is hypocrisy.

SD’s chief teabagger, Howie, comes to the realization that ‘taxpayers’ are the actual people who pay ‘taxes’


I still laugh in amazement that this dill weed is running for governor;

By 2012, the state would gain an extra $54 million a year in revenue from the gas tax and excise tax on vehicle sales, while local governments would get an additional $30 million a year from the boost in registration fees.

The main opposition to the measure at Wednesday’s hearing came from Sen. Gordon Howie, R-Rapid City, a committee member who is running for governor.

“This $84 million will come straight out of the pockets of the taxpayers of this state,” Howie said.

Get outta here! You mean taxpayers pay taxes! Where did you hear such nonsense Gordo? At a tea party?

Sen. Mike Vehle, chairman of the committee, said the measure is needed to prevent South Dakota’s roads from deteriorating. He said the taxes and fees are really user fees imposed on those who use the roads.

“If you don’t want to use the roads, you don’t have to pay the fee,” Vehle said.

Exactly. While I think this is a horrible time to raise taxes I do think the gas tax, excise tax and registration fee increases are the best ways to pay for roads. Tax the people who are using the roads. Maybe Howie has a better idea? Maybe we should increase taxes on food, cut education spending in half and use that money on roads?

Tea Time?


Teabagger for Governor?


I can’t wait to hear even more quotes from Mr. Howie, here is a little sampling of what we can expect;

“I think I’m getting in right on time,” he said. “I know that we are entering a race where experienced politicians already have a lot of money and organized machines.”

Oh, and they are about 1,00o times smarter then you.

Howie’s speech Friday was short and to the point: He pledged to get government out of people’s lives, and he vowed to protect unborn children. Hunting and the Second Amendment also would be protected in a Howie administration, and he said he would advocate state sovereignty against intrusive federal policies. “I don’t have the financial support of the political elite, but what I do bring is an understanding of what made our country great,” he said.

Guns and anti-choice is what made our country great? The pen is mightier then the sword. I have often said the press had a bigger role in the Revolution then the army did and as for abortion, when are you gonna wake up and realize that a majority of the country is pro-choice?

“I believe there are 600,000 South Dakotans who are unhappy with experienced politicians. If every one of them send me a dollar, I’m already ahead.”

Even if all of your supporters sent you $6,000 a piece you couldn’t hit that number. But hey, he has the teabaggers behind him;

Barb Lindberg, the president of the Citizens for Liberty Tea Party in Rapid City, said the group includes nearly 1,500 people who have diverse viewpoints. She credits Howie with getting the group engaged in local and state government. “We are a force that has to be reckoned with right now when we step into those different arenas,” Lindberg said.

Yeah, you keep drinking that kool-aid, ah, I mean, telling yourself that. Go get’em tiger!