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The wind haters are still spreading hot air

While oil spills are polluting our oceans and ground water and coal polluting our air, some people in Lincoln county are worried about the ‘noise’ from a wind turbine;

“It’s time for an update. At that time, wind turbines were not as large, not as powerful, not as prevalent and not as much was known, not much studies had been done on the effects on people and animals, the environment, the cost. Those things weren’t known,” added Peterson.

Maybe they are known, and the reason why all you are blowing is hot air.

“There are better green energy projects out there to produce electricity and we need to be looking at those. Those that protect the health and safety and economic welfare of the public, not ones that are going to destroy that,” said Canton resident, Cindy Thomas.

You mean solar energy, which is a good source, but much more square footage has to be used to provide as much energy from wind turbines. It has been proven time and time again that people most opposed to wind energy are just miffed because their land is not being leased for the project. There are really no health affects, just a lot of jealousy, which in reality can affect your ego more then anything.

This stuff is starting to sound like a broken record

Another example of nepotism and golden parachutes for Repugs in our state;

Former Gov. Mike Rounds has been named to the board of directors of a company that plans to build a multibillion-dollar network of transmission power lines across the Dakotas – a job that will pay him $75,000 next year, plus that amount in stocks.

While it’s not unusual that a former politician such as a governor would be named to the board of directors of a private company after leaving office, this appointment has raised concerns about a potential conflict of interest.

That’s because ITC Holdings of Novi, Mich. – the company for which Rounds now works – eventually will need its project to be approved by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, where most employees are carryovers from the Rounds administration. That includes analyst Brian Rounds, son of the former governor.

I read about half the story, and got tired of reading all the f’ing excuses and didn’t finish. Kinda reminded me of Chico from SDSU sitting on the board for Monsanto. While it is clear there is a conflict of interest, doubt anything will be done about it, as usual. ITC isn’t that bad of a company after all, they support green energy. Wonder if Rounds knows that? But like a typical Repug in our state, all he cares about is if the check is good.

Favorite SF City Councilor of the Day; Kenny Anderson Jr.

I know I can be a real ‘Negative Nancy’ when it comes to city business, but this story reassured me that there just might be some hope for our city afterall;

Two alternative energy companies pitched their wind and solar products at a meeting called Thursday by City Councilman Kenny Anderson in City Hall.

This is huge. Not just for saving the city money in energy costs, but this could help the little guy out to;

The extent of demand for small-scale projects in the private sector is less clear. The few obstacles that city zoning and code enforcement might pose – height restrictions, setback requirements – aren’t really the issue, Westall said.

Well, they are an issue, but I won’t go there. If the city decides to use wind and solar, they will have no choice but to allow private citizens to do the same. I know my roof will need to be replaced soon (I’m talking the whole thing, not just shingles) I have considered putting in solar panels. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this comes to fruition.

Pitty Patt Powwers is either in a state of denial or full of shit, or both

PPPPPPPeePeeeP wants you to believe that green energy is baddddd for jobs!

This is an excerpt from The Hightower Lowdown, Vol. 11 No. 8 • August 2009


I also found this tidbit interesting. You know, Pattttt, since you are a realtor you could use solar panels as a selling point, either that or a treadmill powered by Corgis


Another Republican confused about people doing the right thing for no profit


This video made me laugh. Representative Blackburn (R-TENN) seems to be confused as to why Al Gore would be giving all of his profits away in his quest to fight global warming. The Shame. Because Republicans go by the motto, “If you can’t make money at it, it’s not worth doing.” Gee, wonder why they are not in power anymore.