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Sioux Falls 2018 Mayoral Race

Anybody but this guy is fine with me

To be quite honest with you, I may stay out of endorsing or helping a candidate this time around. I had a discussion this weekend about the candidates possibly running;

Kenny Anderson, Greg Jamison, Jim Entenman, Darrin Smith, Rob Oliver and Michelle Erpenbach. I have also heard of about 2-3 ‘ghost’ candidates. Even disgraced former Deputy Secretary of State is getting into the speculation game;

But what I do keep hearing – and did so again tonight – is that former Republican Legislator Christine Erickson who had said “no” before might be softening her no into a “maybe.”  And it might be a strong maybe at that.

I’m glad Pitty Pudge could put down is double whopper for a moment and get with the times. I asked Christine about a mayoral run several months ago, and her response was that she was going to ‘keep her options open’.

It’s not that I don’t think any of these people are qualified for the job, I just don’t think any of them really stand out. And councilors have a horrible track record of winning the mayor’s seat.

I think the next mayor is going to have to be a true populist with economic savvy and an appetite for transparency and someone who is willing to invest in rebuilding our core while putting urban sprawl on hold. While the race is technically non-partisan, I don’t think a Republican or a Democrat can manage a city that way, it will take an open minded independent who is willing to listen to all sides of the table. They are going to have to also deal with the financial mess credit card Mike has left behind.

But to anybody who is willing to run, I wish them luck.

Jamison puts out ‘clever’ Ad

Is Sioux Falls City Councilor Jamison going to run for State House?


Dakota Wuss College confirmed that Greg will run for House in District 12, with no primary challenge at this point.

On the Democratic side, Casey Murschel is taking another run at it.

Greg and I had a rocky start when he first got on the council, in fact, I felt like his seat was a coronation from his father. But in his second term, I have felt he had come around and grown as a city legislator, and has become his own lawmaker, and I have appreciated his leadership over the past 4 years.

He would make a great legislator and be a strong voice for Sioux Falls in Pierre.

Councilor Jamison filling potholes!?

Boy, the city really must be broke if they are sending city councilors out to fill potholes 🙂



Mayor Huether responds to councilor Jamison’s comments about ‘bearing some responsibility for creating a party atmosphere’ at Van Eps. You can hear Huether say under his breath while his microphone is on ‘Oh My God’

The ‘Crying’ Game Pledge




Greg Jamison Signs Mayor Integrity & Trust Pledge

IMG_0596Sioux Falls SD – Greg Jamison signed the Mayor Integrity Trust Pledge today at 1:00 pm.  The signing of the Mayor Integrity Trust Pledge signify to all the people of Sioux Falls that Jamison will not make personal investments into land or any other business where his decisions as mayor could give him an unfair advantage to make money.

“As Mayor, I pledge to all the people of Sioux Falls, that while in office I or my spouse will not be an investor in any real estate development or make other business investments that require oversight and approval by the City Council and/or city employees who are under my direct control. I disclose any and all investments that are currently in violation of this pledge.” said Jamison.

Jamison wants all the people of Sioux Falls to know that he does not personally have land investments as seen on his financial interest statement filed Monday.  Recently, Mike Huether was quoted in the December 15, 2013 Argus Leader stating, “Come on, you’re telling me that Mayor Dave Munson, Mayor Gary Hanson, Mayor Rick Knobe or any of the mayors before me have never invested in real estate while in office?”  As Jonathan Ellis reported, none of the mayors mentioned had any land investments.  Gary Hanson noted, “I turned down those simply because it would only appear to be an impropriety on my part.  Right now I know that a couple of those folks have become millionaires in those investments that I chose not to be an investor.”
Jamison had this to say about signing the pledge, “Nothing the mayor does should create any question as to the integrity of his office. The mayor should not have an unfair advantage to make money from his service to Sioux Falls. In the end it all comes down to trust. Having direct control over city employees and having land development deals violates the trust voters have instilled in you. That is why I’m signing this pledge to all the people of Sioux Falls. We need to restore integrity and trust to the mayor’s office.”  Jamison invites Mike Huether to join him in signing the pledge to disclose any conflicted investment and not make investments that the office of mayor has direct influence over.

Rock & Roll ain’t noise pollution


Greg better be careful using R & R to raise money, doesn’t he know, Mike invented R & R, and he did it while collecting empty beer cans at the Icehouse in Yankton.

On March 20th, at the District, I will be hosting Kory and the Fireflies for a fundraising concert. Doors will open at 6:30pm and the concert will start at 7pm. Tickets are $25 in advance or $35 at the door.

Tickets can be purchased at our campaign office, 2119 S. Minnesota Avenue Sioux Falls, or by emailing Jessica at jessica@jamisoncompany.com.

Please spread the word and bring your friends!

The first SF Mayoral Forum

These are the TWEETS from Atyeo’s coverage of the first Mayoral Forum;

J.L. Atyeo @ArgusAtyeo

Jamison said City Hall is not listening to the people on pool, Walmart issues.

Jamison says he’ll bridge the gap between the mayor and the council.

Jamison talks about the difference in his management style: The perspective that I have from the city council is very unique.

Jamison says the city must address crime: It’s not the ‘rah, rah, rah, we’re building a new events center’ part. It’s serious stuff.

Jamison responds: The main thrust for me running is I think we can do better.

First questions for Jamison: Are we going to take a nonpartisan election and turn it into a Republican, Democrat fiasco?

Jamison: Addressing crime will help protect the value of homes.

Jamison wants to put the people first, not the politicians, he says.

Jamison says he doesn’t agree with all of city’s decisions, and it’s time to challenge those.

Jamison: With 3,000 people coming to Sioux Falls each year, they need a place to live.

Jamison introduces his family of realtors: “I’ve got a vested interest in the realtors in this city.”


Huether’s address lasted 20 minutes. Jamison takes the floor.

Huether responds that investments show how important the community is to him.

First question for Mayor Huether: How do personal land investments affect decision-making process as mayor?

Huether: “We’ve got folks building again … and guess what real estate community, we’ve got folks buying again.”

Huether: “You know how business was four years ago. We’ve instilled confidence … and we’ve got it going on right now.”

Huether calls indoor pool a major project for improving quality of life in Sioux Falls.

Huether: “At what point in time are we going to come together as a community and actually build an indoor (aquatic) facility?”

Huether: The environment was perfect for us to build this events center now.

Huether: Downtown rail yard land will be ripe for development.

Huether: Northwest Sioux Falls will be hot spot for construction. “If you don’t have a presence there, you better get one.”

Huether: Real estate community should be excited about Highway 100 partnership with the state.

Huether: Staying ahead of growth means investing in many different things, including roads.

The rally cry is changing, Huether says. Now it’s about workforce development.

Mayor Huether begins his talk with growth and development, highlighting job creation across all sectors.

Mayoral candidates will each get 10 minutes to address the crowd, then they will take questions. Talks should start about noon.

Part III of Jamison’s ‘People (Monkeys) First Initiative’


Sioux Falls – Jamison, on Monday will announce part III of his People (Monkey’s) First Initiative, which will release the (snow) monkeys at the Great Plains Zoo. Jamison’s plan will be allowing the monkeys to either find a place down by the Big Sioux River on their own, or they can couch surf as long as they like.

Jamison feels it is time to ‘Release the Monkeys’ and give them the freedoms their descendants have (no offense Manny Steele).

Of course, the Huether campaign was quick to respond. Huether said, “I have been planning the release of the snow monkeys for a couple of months, ever since I took them on an ice fishing trip out at my lake home on Diamond Lake. Heck, I would go even a step further, and let them stay at my lake home, of course, if they don’t throw any crap, because, you know, I don’t like CRAP.”

Jamison also said that Huether missed the 2nd and 3rd tier of this initiative, allowing squirrels to maintain several nests on different properties within the city limits.

Huether responded by saying, “I have been allowing the cottontails AND squirrels to do that for several years through an executive order, and you can bet a snowgate tour of the event center for affordable airfares on it that the squirrels and rabbits are happy about it, but the chickens, not so much.”

Stay tuned, Jamison plans to announce his ‘No crying at press conferences’ initiative next week. Don’t bring tissues to the press conference, just your big boy/girl pants.