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Sanders was slighted. Shocker!

I told people 2 years ago that Hillary Clinton would be our next president. I still think that. Though I am not a religious person, I do believe in a creator, and I don’t believe that our creator would allow a Trump presidency.

But enough of the gospel according to Detroit Lewis.

I voted for Bernie Sanders. I like him. I like his ideas. But as I told his supporters, he is unelectable. There has been proof over the past year that the DNC was working against him. It is no surprise.

I learned a long time ago what the established parties do to the best candidates. I watched them destroy the rising star of the party, Howard Dean. I still think if Dean would have become the nominee, he would have been president. He was transformative, progressive, passionate, smart and powerful. I sat thru the ‘meet-ups’ with state organizer, Ben Hanten. We were proud of him, and the glimmer of hope he showed to supporters. But the right-wing media and the corporate influenced Democratic party wasn’t going to have it. They crushed him.

But they didn’t just screw him once, after his successful 50 state strategy, they threw him away again.

I was actually surprised that he spoke tonight at the DNC. He looked good, and it still hurts as a ‘Deaniac’ that we wasted such a great opportunity. But I learned the hard way about the national machine, and how the ‘great ones’ get away. That is why I am so passionate about local government, here we can make changes, even when credit card company money may get in the way, our voices have influence and our actions are noticed. Not so much on the national stage, or even in the houses of congress or our state house. Just look at what the state Democratic party did to Joe Lowe. Another wasted opportunity.

I still think Hillary will make a ‘good’ president and I am happy a woman will be in charge for once. But she is no Dean or Sanders, and that is unfortunate. But she is strong and smart, something very absent in the GW Bush years.

Keep speaking out on the streets of Sioux Falls, where you can make a difference. Sanders and Dean will be fine and Trump will go back to being the ass munch he has always been.

Howard Dean smacks down Newt Gingrich by agreeing with him


As you know, I am a Deaniac, you can’t believe how giddy I got this morning when I heard Dean was debating Newt ‘Assmunch’ Gingrich this morning on ABC’s This Week. Dean was very precise, (paraphrasing) “A public insurance option would be a CHOICE not a REQUIREMENT.” Other great moments was when Howard basically called out Newt’s bullshit about end of life decisions (Republicans are spinning that Obama wants to let old people die instead of treating them). He asked Newt where it was in the current bill’s proposal, and Newt changed the subject, rambling about who knows what. I’m sure the googles will be hot about this tomorrow. I’ll have to give Howard credit, he is getting better at staying on topic, and makes his points short. He should be a political cartoonist.

I also found this letter to the editor about Thune. About time the SD MSM, at least printed something about his crap, too bad they don’t actually investigate and report it.

Have you wondered why Sen. John Thune is against health care reform? Could it be that he received $1,206,176 from the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, and hospitals?

He doesn’t mind using the health care he gets from the government – which means we citizens are paying for his health care. However, he doesn’t want his constituents having the same coverage. Does that make sense? To him it does, financially. But is that why he was elected as our senator? The underinsured and uninsured people in South Dakota ought to be asking him that question, and demanding a truthful answer.

Lobbyists’ money talks in Washington. Apparently, we citizens don’t have the clout to have Mr. Thune’s representation after voting him into office. Now he has other interests. Is his bank account more important to him than the people of South Dakota?

Howard Dean sets em' straight on Public Healthcare

Rocky Balboa film

South DaCola Golden Pop-Bottle Award; Howard Dean

Howard Dean (my personal political hero) deserves this award more than anyone in the 2008 election cycle (sorry James Carville). He took the successful parts of his presidential bid campaign and applied them on a bigger scale to Obama’s campaign. He also proved his 50 state campaign strategy works. Even in the states Obama lost, he still won half of the demographics. And in Vermont Obama one every single demographic. One of the most important things Dean’s strategy proved was we must campaign to ALL Americans, Right, Left or center, we are in this together.

Bush and Rove divided our country and Obama and Dean will unite it.

I know Dean has been working silently behind the scenes during this whole campaign, but I think it’s time for him to gloat. Yeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooowwwwwwww!