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Eastern South Dakota’s Neo-con, Anti-choice mouthpiece wasn’t very successful

I’ve been saying this past election cycle that the KCPO local political talk show ‘The Facts’ has just been a mouthpiece for the SD GOP. The one time they let someone from the other side on the show, Jan Nicolay, she gets pumelled by everyone’s favorite cartoonist turned book illustrator, turned plagiarist, turned TV host, Jason FolkArts. While Brandi Whine Gross from the anti-choice side gets to spout whatever crap she wanted too.

Well it didn’t work. It seems your show is about as successful as your cartooning.

And BTW, a special note too Kristi (Stewart) Golden who appeared on the show awhile back with her election predictions – John McCain didn’t win in a walk. Maybe it had something to do with your ex-employer, Larry Pressler endorsing Barack Obama. (Gawd, that has to burn)

FolkArts is back!?

Just when I thought the Gargoyle Leader could not have more then one blunder in a day (endorsing McCain) – I turned to page two of the VOICES section of the dead tree version and saw they brought back FolkArts. (I like how he changed his signature to initials now-man, you tricked us).

But I’m not gonna rag on Jason – good for him – get it while the gettin’ is good.

Does the AL ever learn? Do they think if they hide something for a few months, the problem will just go away? Apparently they do. Jason has been caught copying other cartoonists ideas in your newspaper – why would you hire him again? It’s like borrowing money twice to a friend who never pays you back.

By hiring him all you are telling your readers is that you don’t have a problem with his actions. Which scares the crap out of me. I have often scoffed at the AL’s opinions, but now it seems I have to start questioning if they really are their opinions and ideas.

Pretty lame.