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Sioux Falls Parks & Rec BIG FAIL at JazzFest

While everyone was dancing naked in the parks in celebration over the smoking ban (I still saw a lot of people smoking) at JazzFest, I was extremely disappointed that the ONLY public water fountain available on the South side of the park was shut off this year. In year’s past, the organizers do a good job of trying to hide it behind the porta potties, but it is usually on.

I get it that the organizers want to sell bottled water to raise money, but those of us that would prefer to spend what money we do have on food and beer and don’t like the taste of bottled water (ick) we like having that available, especially when it is around 100 degrees, and you know, like a public park.

So let’s talk public safety here. While we seem to be concerned about the 2 or 3 kids that will be in attendance that have asthma breathing smoke, we don’t seem to be too concerned about thousands of dehydrated individuals on a hot day, unless of course they have $3 to buy a bottled water the organizers probably bought for a nickel or got donated.

I guess this year we not only had a smoking ban in Yankton Trail Park, we had a Water Ban. Ironically the sprinkler system was working just fine because when I was walking around in the grass Thursday night my feet got wet.


In case you missed the Headliner at JazzFest last night; MarchFourth

It’s Back! The Smoking Ban!

As it was explained to me, this updated version of the ban is minus the fine and creates designated smoking areas outside of places like the EC and events like JF. It’s 20 feet for the Events Center and JazzFest and similar events will be required to have ‘designated smoking areas’.

ITEM#33 (DOC: Smoke-Ban)

Still curious how they are going to enforce this at JazzFest.

Highlight of JazzFest? Andra Day!


In her own respects looking like Billy Holiday and sounding like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse doesn’t hurt. She did a cover of Missippi God Damn and a montage of Bob Marley, truly a beautiful voice. Andra is going places.

Hudson writes a great article about Brian Masek & Jesse Christen


One of the best local interviews I have read in a long time. I can say I have been very fortunate to know Jesse and Brian for over 20 years, two of the top musical artists not only in Sioux Falls, but the region. Jesse is a regular at the Bolin Fest in Sioux City. I can’t even count the number of times I have seen both of them play around town and at my 15 year stint at Touch of Europe. Watching them both grow as musicians has truly been a treat. Though I could never play an instrument (just ask Jesse about the number of jokes he has cracked when I have asked him to teach me guitar) I truly appreciate music, and the raw talent these two have is remarkable. Please check them out at Jazzfest, 6 PM Thursday night on the main stage and Saturday night on the 2nd stage.

JazzFest is also a treat this year (25 years), I have been attending almost 20 years, the great mix of blues, jazz, R & B and even pop rock this year will make it one to remember, the weather is also going to be perfect. Props to Rob Joyce and SF Jazz and Blues, some of my proudest moments as a graphic designer and artist have been with the work I did with them, creating the logo for two years in the past. Come and join us and help me celebrate my big 44.

Poet Chuck Luden sums up JazzFest


On the Edge of JazzFest

Hot wind
Hot pants
Hot microphone
Hot drums
Hot porta potty
Charles Luden • 7-17-15 • at Yankton Trail Park

The difference between Rapid City and Sioux Falls, well at least in perspective

Stormland TV gives me one thing, stark irony. First the new mayor of Rapid City comments on The Summer Nights Music Festival;

Despite some problems, Allender likes the way Summer Nights builds community.

“You can have a homeless person standing three feet away from a millionaire and they’re both enjoying the music and tapping their foot and maybe even talking,” he said. “I’ve never been to an event anywhere near that, that closeness and that bringing people together.”

Then there is Rob Joyce’s comments on JazzFest (he is the leader of SF Jazz & Blues Society);

“I step up on stage and I see young people, teenagers, young kids sitting with grandparents or sitting with people who are much older. And they’re all enjoying the same afternoon. They’re all enjoying the same music,” said Joyce.

Hey, but if you go walk along the Big Poo after dark to take a hit on a left-handed cigarette, you might find some homeless dancing (or sleeping). Millionaires not welcome.


Jesse & Brian kick out the Jams @ JazzFest


Stormland TV did a great story tonight about local musicians at JazzFest. Jesse has the best quotes;

“You can have a band, and you can practice all the time with that band, but you may never get good,” local guitarist Jesse Christen said. “Your main practice comes down to what you do at home and keeping your chops up.”

Looking forward to these two kick it once again on the main stage at JazzFest!

Should smoking be banned at JazzFest?

The Argue Endorser’s ED board thinks that the No Smoking policy in city parks should also apply to JF.

JazzFest or No JazzFest, it is important to remember the No Smoking policy in parks was decided by a volunteer board and the city’s health department, NOT by the city council (who are supposed create and regulate policy in this city) secondly, there is NO fines or violations issued if you are caught smoking in a city park, an officer simply asks you to put it out. What’s the point?

Here’s how I look at it. Tobacco is a legal product to adults, city parks are PUBLIC property, and lastly IT’S OUTDOORS! While I think it is perfectly acceptable for a bar or restaurant owner to prohibit smoking on their patios (private property) and they should, I think it is a bit of a stretch to tell taxpayers who own our city parks, to put out their cigarettes, like I said, legal product.

There is an easy solution – courtesy. Ask those around you if they mind if you light up, whether you are in a city park or an outdoor restaurant patio. If they say ‘YES’ they do mind. Then don’t light up or walk to a place where you are not in proximity of others.

I think banning a legal product OUTDOORS on PUBLIC PROPERTY is a slippery slope. We already have the city telling us how to trim THERE trees, mow our lawns and scooping snow, they should concentrate on something else, like a little transparency from the mayor’s office.

JazzFest designs throughout the years



Jay K. does a great story about this year’s design. I was fortunate enough to design the 2006 and 2007 poster/logo. (the 2006 logo was actually started by Mark Pollard, but he didn’t have the time to finish) In fact my 2007 design was so well liked, JF decided to keep the guitar theme each year after that. Ironically, one of the reasons my 2008 designs were rejected was because I didn’t stay with that theme. But that is a long, long, long, story. (My 2008 submissions below).