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Jenna Haggar attacked by Jihadist Deer (H/T – Drinking Liberally SF)


Jenna Haggar, former lobbyist for South Dakota Right to Life, self-declared chiropractic assistant, Dr. and Leslee Unruh devotee, and Republican state Senate candidate in District 10 (Brandon and Northeast Sioux Falls), was attacked by a deer last week as she drove between Brandon and Sioux Falls. Speculating on the motivation behind the attack, South Dakota’s chief large animal behaviorist, Dr. Lester Black, said the deer, “…having ingested a number of Jenna Haggar’s flyers, was quite likely overcome by the sheer banality of the woman.” The Dr. continued, “What I mean to say is that there is just no substance there. I mean the woman boasts of being home schooled and not having a college degree, yet she claims she supports public education. Give me a break. I think the deer had just had enough. They are quite irritable this time of year anyway.”

SF City Council candidate Steele doesn’t believe in evolution (H/T – Helga)

I didn’t come from some damn monkey, that’s just bananas;



Read about all the wackiness.

An open invitation to Representative Haggar

In recent days I have been told from people in touch with the ‘Haggar’ camp that Jenna was unaware of the Pac 15 postcard until after it was mailed. First I laughed, then I said,”Bullshit!”

So, I offer an open invitation to Jenna (not her mother, or Pac 15 organizer Dena E., or any other neo-con whack job who is associated with her) to come clean. Email me your HONEST explanation and go ON THE RECORD that you had no association with the postcard. If you are willing to do that, I will post it and let it stand.

Let’s do some exploring (inspired by Costner)

How did Jenna Haggar pull it off?

With a little help from a friend, and few dirty tricks. As Cory from Madville points out, Christina Espenscheid learned her tricks from one of the best in the business.

But what Cory did not mention was that Jenna and Christina are practically attached at the hip. I met the two neo-cons at the same time at a political party. At first I thought they were twin sisters (fraternal, of course) because of their similiar talking points, it was almost like they briefed themselves to be on message about labor and abortion. In fact I remember getting into an argument with Christina about the minimum wage.

I still think the Vanderlinde campaign should have sent out this postcard.

I still think Jenna is an extremely bright person (not just a pretty face), and one to watch in Pierre this year. Jenna was brought up around politics and knows her issues, it’s just unfortunate she let one of her friends deceive voters to win her first election, but hey, it’s the only way the neo-cons can win.

SDPB’s meet the candidates

Jenna Haggar, District 15.

‘Yes, and did I mention, I am really cute?’

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Vanderlinde and Kirschman better hold on to their hats in District 15

Because it will be a wild ride – because of this young lady, Jenna Haggar.

Jenna is running for House in District 15 as an Indy, but make no mistake, she is very conservative in her views. If I lived in District 15, she would not get my vote, BUT that doesn’t mean she won’t have a good following. As Pitty Patt Powwers points out;

She’s razor sharp, and has a winning attitude

I have had the pleasure of meeting Jenna several times (and we disagree more then we agree on several issues), but Pat is right, she will be a formidable candidate, even in a strong Democratic district. You have to remember, Kirschman is also pro-life, like Haggar, so it should make for an interesting debate.