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What will the next Mayor’s race look like

Last week I posted about how our current mayor could pull off running a 3rd term. He had two options on the table, he could somehow convince the Charter Revision Commission (which currently has NO members) to introduce it on the ballot, then convince the voters to approve it, OR he could have a fill-in for 4 years then run again after that.

Well the second part sparked quite a few speculators as to who could be that fill-in, or at least, who was asked.

The possible prospects who are serious about running for mayor could be anyone of these folks;

Rick Knobe, Michelle Erpenbach, Dean Karsky, Darrin Smith and possibly even Greg Jamison.

But one name kept popping up last week like the popping sound of a loud piped Harley, Jim Entenman.

I find it odd that Jim would even consider it, first off, the mayor just can’t leave for a month to Mexico in the middle of the winter, well of course GW Bush was always on vacation while president, so maybe he can. Jim also didn’t run for a second term as councilor wanting to get back to transitioning his family business. He’s a busy man, running a mega-motorcycle empire in Sioux Falls is a tough job.

Do I think Jim was asked to run? Sure. Do I think he will run? Not a chance.

The Legacy of Councilor Diamond Jim Entenman


While I was trying not to gag watching Dean Karsky hand out ‘trophies’ to the outgoing councilors Tuesday night, I thought to myself, Jim certainly wasn’t getting his award for perfect attendance. This got me thinking about Jim’s one and only council term.

I found it a bit ironic that Jim had to vote on the indoor pool Tuesday night at his final meeting because he has been ‘working’ on this project during his term. Remember, it was very important that Jim voted on this, yet his attendance record over the past four years was less than stellar. In fact, just about every year he would miss almost an entire month of meetings for his family vacation stint in Mexico. Apparently there wasn’t anything ‘important’ for him to vote on when he was in Mexico. He also had a habit of skipping many committee meetings. It seemed over the past four years, DJ only showed up when it was ‘important’ to him.

Make no mistake, DJ served on the city council for DJ, his friends and family, and Sanford (which he sits on the board of trustees), NOT for you and me.

In his four years here are some of his ‘accomplishments’

  1. Always voting YES on property tax and fee increases
  2. Created the BID visitor tax (which goes directly to the CVB for marketing). While I am not opposed to this tax, I can see room for abuse, I also don’t see ‘creating’ a new tax as an accomplishment, but Jim has mentioned publicly several times it was something he was proud of.
  3. Pushing for the Events Center and incurring a $180 million/30 year debt on taxpayers instead exploring other funding sources.
  4. At his final official meeting, approving spending infrastructure debt repayment money on recreation.

Well, I guess I would be hard pressed to say that DJ hasn’t accomplished anything. He has been very effective at raising taxes and incurring more debt on the citizens of Sioux Falls. Anything for a better quality of life for DJ and his 1%er friends.

I would love to give my own DaCola version of a trophy to DJ, but I couldn’t find any local turd polishers.

UPDATE:Larry, Curly & Moe must think the citizens are really that stupid

Just watched the informational, apparently Karsky is the one to bring this back up, he wants it postponed until after the election for a work session, which makes sense, BUT here is the kicker, he is bringing two amendments forward tonight, 1) to postpone until after the election OR 2) to vote on it again tonight. So there is still a possibility this will get killed tonight. Hold tight.


It seems Jim, Michelle and Mike really want to get the TIF disclosure amendment in the application process dropped, and before the election. Someone (I am assuming one of them) got it put back on the agenda for Tuesday night. They not only want the spousal disclosure removed, they want to bury this TIF change before the election.


Last Tuesday, the council voted 5-3 to postpone the change until April 1st (a week before the election). I have a feeling there was a discussion after the vote with the two swing voters (Dean & Sue) to try to get them to change their votes for this Tuesday.

It begs the question, “What is Michelle, Mike and Jim trying to hide?” This is all about transparency and ethical practices when it come to elected officials. It is no secret that Huether and his wife are investing in properties throughout our city. But why are Michelle and Jim so concerned about this?

Remember, Jim has property adjacent to the new Events Center and Michelle’s donor list reads like the ‘Who’s Who’ of SF developers. Either these three are trying to protect someone’s investment or their own.

There is a deeper story here.

Surprise! Surprise! Diamond Jim got what he wanted, see yah later.


And he says it himself;

In his time on the council, he said he’s proud to have been instrumental in building the Events Center and keeping the project within budget. He said he also worked hard to promote the tax on hotel room stays to fund the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau.

It’s good to have goals Jim.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Jim Entenmen will not seek re-election next year and instead wants to focus on his business.

“My business is requiring a lot more of my personal time,” he told The Argus Leader on Monday, adding that J&L Harley-Davidson, which he opened in 1975, is in expansion mode.

Entenmen said serving on the city council has been a great experience, but doing it the right way is very time consuming.

Well, if you didn’t spend a month in Mexico, you might have time for your bizzo, I am just saying.

¡Ay, caramba! Election Night!

Meet your new council chair

I wonder if Diamond Jim realizes as council chair he has to show up to meetings (Item #28), you know, to make up rules that don’t exist and to censor public testimony. Karsky got council vice-chair. I love how there was no other nominations for either seat, and they both got elected 8-0. I think Jamison, Staggers and Anderson were glad they were not nominated. The job comes with a lot of ‘crust’ and ‘posturing’.

Kent Alberty and Carly Reiter were elected to the school board. Hopefully Carly will take Kent’s rubber stamp at the first meeting and beat him over the head with it (or at least smash it with her foot.)

and a happy new year.

The Cowardly 5; Erpenbach, Rolfing, Entenman, Aguilar, Karsky

Trust me, I knew how this was going to go down tonight. I knew it would probably fail.

But the process was not honored. Five councilors didn’t honor their oath to US Constitution to uphold democratic ideals, holding timely elections per request of citizen petition signers. It’s shameful, lustful, greedy, and COWARDLY. These are your five councilors that are COWARDS!

The worst part is that Council Coward Chair Erpenbach decided to implement one of her made up, pro-censorship, anti-1st amendment rules and limiting public testimony to 20 minutes (Think SF School Board meetings). That is why I was not allowed to speak, though I raised my hand.

If I would have had the opportunity (But apparently this city now is a dictatorship ran by a coward called Michelle Erpenbach) I would essentially said this;

I have been watching city government longer then any of you have even served up here. You are very predictable, but I am hoping tonight I would not have to predict the normal, self-interest, cowardly action to protect the ruling class from the working class of this city. I think it is incredibly pathetic that I even have to come here and beg my elected officials to uphold their constitutional duties they swore on in an oath. This is a slam dunk, your constituents have followed the letter of the law gathering these signatures and turning them in. Your job is easy. Vote YES to secure a timely election, any other action would be shameful, cowardly and unconstitutional.

UPDATED: Why does Entenman continue to advertise his personal business in his capacity as city councilor?

Nice Harley shirt.

UPDATED: Entenman must have gotten the message, at today’s informational he thanked the air show and the air national guard for bringing in the event. But, he couldn’t resist to wear a Harley shirt. Snark on me Diamond Jim.

As I have mentioned before, councilor Entenman usually wears Harley gear to the council meetings (in essence advertising his business on publicly funded televised meetings).

He may have gone over the top at the air show yesterday when asked to comment on behalf of the city, the mayor and city council, in which he did a presentation comparing Harley-Davidson motorcycles to the evolution of modern aeronautics. His business sponsorship aside (J & L helped sponsor the event) he was speaking on behalf of the city, not his business.

Jim also sits on Sanford’s board of directors (this is why he frequently steps out on votes – usually due to Sanford involvement).

This man has way too many conflicts of interest and must resign. I warned people about this when he was running for office. Jim does things to benefit Jim, and him serving as a city councilor has proven this.

So if the the events center gets named the ‘S’ word at the ground breaking, do you think Jim will be giving a speech? Probably, while sitting on a Harley-Davidson no doubt.

UPDATED: “I don’t care about conflicts of interest!” Apparently not.

UPDATED: This is why things need to come out, so we can clear up any confusion. Jim’s brother DOES NOT own the property, but does lease the West Sioux building that is on the property. From a commenter on BID Facebook page;

Just as a point of clarification, the owners of this property, that I am the listing broker for, are not Entenmans. They are a couple from Canistota who bought the property from J&L Storage, Inc., back in April of 2001. The current owners have made a number of improvements to the property since buying it in 2001. West Sioux Exhaust is a tenant in one of the buildings on this site, and not the owner of the building. There are also several other tenants who are leasing space in this building from my clients. My clients are certainly hoping that the events center may create additional interest in the property, but they have nothing to do with the events center or the vote on it (since they live in Canistota, they could not even vote on the issue), and the asking price was arrived at based on the capitalization rate for the rental income currently being generated from the property.

Hildebrand has proven (even if the ethics commission could not) that Entenman truly does have a conflict of interest with property adjacent to the new Events Center;

And who can forget this heartwarming story on Stormland-TV News;

Section 12.5-30 of Sioux Falls City Ordinance say that city officials shall not:

“Participate or vote in any other matters in which they may have a direct or indirect financial interest, or in which an immediate family member has a direct or indirect financial interest.”

Eat the worm

It’s hard to attend city council meetings when you are on vacation in Mexico.

It seems councilor Jim ‘Tequila’ Entenman pulled a Tex Golfing and couldn’t attend the last THREE city council meetings because he is on a month long vacation in Mexico. Here’s the deal, good for him. If I had his money, I would spend the whole f’ing winter in Mexico. But guess what Jim, you have commitments as a public servant. I guess Sanford board parties and Mexican vacations are more important then serving the public. We’ll see if he reappears next Monday for the informational meeting (covering the RR relocation project), but don’t hold your breath.