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I was interviewed today for a story, I believe it will air Monday night, 10 PM news, ‘Eye on Kelo-land’ about why people are so rude online. Blogs, FB, etc.

I thought the interview went well. Angela also interviewed a journalism professor and a ‘former’ city councilor. I won’t give the story away . . .

Derby date with the mayor and the disappearing Facebook post

So was it the mayor’s spy or Jorgensen’s spy that narced me off?

I have often believed that Don Jorgensen is NOT an objective reporter for Stormland TV news. He is too cushy with the mayor and other politicians. I HAD further proof of this morning, for a fleeting moment anyway.

This is where the story gets interesting. I was having coffee this morning at a local coffee hole and the person I was with had their laptop along. We got into a discussion about the media and KELO‘s obsession with the mayor. Then this person showed me Don’s FB page (which is public) and an exchange between Don and the mayor about lamb chislic (Don’s original post was about how he was craving it.) Don and Mike banter back and forth and the mayor sets up a date with Don to go to the Turner county fair to watch the derby and eat lamb chislic.

That is when I should have taken a screenshot, but I didn’t (DAMMIT!). We talked a bit longer (about 30 minutes) and right before this person left, I said, “You know what, you should take a screenshot of those comments and email it to me.” So we go back to Don’s FB page, and the post is gone. Apparently Don OR the mayor have a spy who follows me to coffee shops and listens to my convo’s.


The only thing I can remember is that there was someone sitting behind us that heard the whole convo. And when we went back to the page, that person was gone.

On a serious note, someone called KELO’s news director, Beth Jensen and made her aware of the FB exchange and that Don shouldn’t be palling around with the mayor.

KELO-TV’s Don Jorgensen misleads the public about an interview with Staggers

Got Wood?

Don had no problem interviewing De about all things quality of life but when it came to interviewing Kermit, Don had this to say;

I asked Staggers for an interview, but he refused to talk to me on camera about why he’s running again.

Yes, this is true, he refused to talk to YOU! But Kermit did agree to speak with ANY OTHER reporter at KELO. See, Don likes to throw Kermit under the bus any and everytime he interviews him, including the time Darrin Smith fed Don a fake junket story about Kermit (even though the money was already allocated and Kermit was the only councilor that volunteered to go on the trip).

Don, maybe it’s not Kermit, maybe it is you? No wait, it is YOU!

And you wonder why Stormland-TV has to steal stories from the Argus and blogs?

UPDATE: Andy Traub on KELO-TV

Andy was on KELO tonight talking about public input at the council meetings.

Why haven’t I seen this before?


Has KELO-TV turned into a propaganda wing for Vernon Brown also?

It seems not only does the Gargoyle Leader have to put Staggers down, Stormland-TV news cannot resist either. At their six-o-clock news it was clear that Kermit had won their poll, but instead of presenting those results they showed Vernon as having the top favorable rating;

Not only is this misleading, it borders on deception and libel. Doesn’t matter if you like Oklahoma State or Nebraska, it only matters who wins. Kermit won the poll, the poll you paid for. I like Santa Claus, doesn’t mean I would elect him to mayor.

This election is about qualifications, something your editors, news directors, camera men, photographers, journalists and probably janitors lack. You are pathetic source of news and you wonder why day in and day out people tune out the news? Because you try to influence instead of inform. In these last 12 days, I beg you to report the news, as is. In fact, I challenge you, because it seems you struggle with it.

As a blogger, it is MY job to influence, not inform. But it seems now days I’m the one that has to put the truth out there. How sad coming from a guy who does it in his underware while listening to his I-Pod.

Is STORMLAND TV NEWS the Propaganda Wing of City Hall?

I’m starting to wonder more and more after they ran this extremely misleading story yesterday;

Some good news for Sioux Falls’ economy. Sales tax collections are up in Sioux Falls for the past two months.

In 2008, the city took in $3.4 million and $3.9 million, but in 2009, they are up slightly for both months. Even so, city officials say the numbers are far from where they were before the recession and that could still mean some major projects could be delayed.

While this is true, they fail to mention that the numbers are only up a couple $100,000 from the year before, and the city is still a negative -3.1% growth from last year, and I doubt that gap will close much. I hope we at least break even, but that will only be offset by the fact that 2009′s budget was a lot higher then 2008′s. While I understand that it is nice to hear some good news during this economy, you must also be truthful when giving that news, this was purely propaganda. Who runs your TV station anyway? Mayor Munson?

Should have asked him his thoughts on cloud cover in Butte County

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I finally have been booted off the Kelo blogs. Good.

I haven’t been posting there for awhile. Mainly because the software you have to use to post is outdated, and well, pretty shitty. Jaine Andrews sent out an email last week saying we are required to post at least once a week.

From: “Jaine Andrews” <jandrews@keloland.com>

Dear Blogger,
It’s that time of year again when we take inventory in our Issues Blogs at KELOLAND.com. Your blog has been a valued contribution to the ongoing discussion of the many issues facing the residents of KELOLAND and beyond in the past year.  However, we have noticed that some contributions have been less frequent than others. I have attached the KELOLAND Guest Blogger User Guideline to remind you of your commitment to post a minimum of once per week in order to encourage users to visit the site frequently for updated content.

What? You don’t give us a single dime to post on your crappy site and you expect us to follow submitting guidelines? Please. I did notify the webmaster that I would start posting again once they changed the software, which they claim will be soon, yet I just noticed today that I am no longer on the site. Whatever. I only got about 5% of my referrals from the site, so it is not detrimental. Not to mention most of the commenters were such idiot teabaggers I would prefer not to be associated with the site.
Now for my bitch session. I have repeately asked the news team at KELO to cover political stories and get opinions from REAL citizens and BLOGGERS. Something they promised to do if you enlisted to posting on their site. How many blogger stories have they done? I can count only one in the past year which featured Epp and Rosenthal. What a partnership? Huh? I guess they don’t have time to cover real stories in between Sanford Flu shot clinics and chasing a cloud in Butte county.
Good Riddance!

Goooing dooooowwn!


Probably not the first time Tyler has dropped a load on Rally folk. Too funny!

I’m surprised he didn’t break a hip.