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Rounds and Noem continue to peddle the lies about Keystone XL


Ironic Johnny, still a lying sack of Thune-Bag

The Keystone XL Pipeline project will create 20,000 jobs? Where John? In Canada? He also repeats the ‘Medicare & Social Security’ bankruptcy mantra.

Lies. Lies. Lies.




Last I checked Oklahoma is in the U.S. not Canada

Sometimes I scratch my head when Thune-Bag opens his mouth;

Obama says he has ordered federal agencies to speed up approval for a section of the Keystone XL pipeline that will run from Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast.  But Thune says Obama has delayed approval of a permit for the larger part of the project that would bring Canadian oil to the Gulf Coast.

Maybe Obama wants the pipeline because the oil is coming from American soil, not Canadian. Just a thought.

Lakota block the Keystone XL trucks (H/T – Helga)

I just found this story last night. (Cory also has a post) Good for them. It appears the truckers wanted to go through the reservation to avoid weigh stations and fees;

Five Lakotas on Pine Ridge Indian land in South Dakota were arrested Monday after attempting to block two tarsands pipeline trucks from entering their land. According to the Lakota activist the six-hour standoff started when the trucks refused to turn around claiming they had “corporate rights that supersede any other law.”