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Build the Wall!

Sioux Falls City Council meeting highlights

Besides the fact that two housing proposals got approved that have serious drainage issues, there were some other highlights.

The SFFD got their contract renewal with a caveat that if a firefighter is ALS (Advanced Life Support) trained and may have to use those skills they get an extra $1 an hour. While I don’t have an issue with that, it goes back to my argument that we continue to subsidize the private ambulance service more and more. We might as well be researching a public option.

During public input, John Cunningham brought up the fact that Noem should reimburse the city for police security during her VERY private event featuring President Trump. I came up shortly after him and agreed. Trump’s NON public event cost SF taxpayers $29K.

I also talked about the Levitt’s decision to NOT allow people to bring their own beer to the FREE concerts that are subsidized by the taxpayers. The Levitt said they will allow people to bring coolers with their own food and pop but NOT beer. They are putting out an RFP to find a beer and wine vendor for concerts as well as providing food trucks (which I think is fine) but they should also allow people to bring their own beer. I even suggested that even if you bring your own you will need to get an ID bracelet proving you are old enough to drink.

My bigger issue with this is that the Levitt and the Parks department made this decision without public or council input. I have been asking about it for over a year and been getting the runaround. Now I know why.

Some of the other Levitt’s across the country ALLOW concert goers to bring their own beer. Isn’t that the whole point of having a free community concert so you are not required to purchase something at the event? In Sioux Falls, we always have to try to get people coming or going. I think this should be a public decision, not a decision that is made behind closed doors.

Out of the 7 currently operating, 4 allow BYOB and sell on site, 3 Sell Alcohol on site, but NO outside alcohol and LA bans alcohol all together in the park.


Arlington, TX – Allows own Alcohol, no glass

Memphis, TN – Allows own Alcohol, no glass

Dayton, OH – Allows own Alcohol, no glass

Westport, CN – Allows own Alcohol, no glass

Denver, CO – Allows NO outside Alcohol but can purchase on site

Bethlehem, PA – Allows NO outside Alcohol but can purchase on site

Los Angeles, CA – NO ALCOHOL

Could NOEM be knocked off her pedestal?

In this story, Sutton pretty much sums up NOEM’s climb of nothingness;

It also helps that he’s a young politician who has stayed in South Dakota while his opponent is a congresswoman who has spent the last seven years casting votes in Congress ― a body that is not popular in any state. He has hammered Noem as an ambitious Washington insider who is running a campaign with money that she transferred from her federal campaign account. This was a practice that was banned in the referendum passed by voters in 2016 and reversed by the Republican Legislature almost immediately after.

“She’s just been climbing the ladder, one elected office at a time,” Sutton said.

She also has been pretty good at wearing trucker hats.

My Grandpa Carl would never vote for Noem

One of my grandpa’s clocks from his collection.

I still remember him saying on November 4, 1980 how he voted for Carter, because “He was a good man.” I know, I was in first grade, and how can I remember this? Well, because my grandparents were opinionated. I know, hard to believe. They would tell you how they felt about their last sh*t, the food they had for lunch and the color of the sky, and they would wrap it all in a joke and a few ‘choice’ words. You knew what they were thinking. All of the time, and if they didn’t want you to know they would say it in Czech, then hug you while laughing at you.

I often think about how I have followed politics, and it always brings me back to the kitchen breakfast nook at my grandparent’s house, they were never shy about their opinions. Especially politics.

My grandpa Carl liked Carter for obvious reasons, he loved the earth. My grandpa was a certified green thumb, who could make anything grow, trees were his passion, but he could make anything work from his 70’s Caddie to his International Scout, to his passion of clocks.

I think he would look at Noem as a ‘fake’ and I would love to hear what he thinks of her right now. It would be colorful.

Both governor candidates have shared ‘traditions’ and ‘values’ but I often wonder if they know WTF they are talking about? The South Dakota I grew up in cherished these things, and if you worked hard, you may not become rich, but you were always rewarded with good friends, good food and a sense you were loved and valued for your beliefs.

When you vote on Tuesday, think about what is most important to you, like ‘Good People’ who care about you, the earth and your family, and want a better life for us all. To this day, I still think my grandpa’s vote for Carter was the right thing to do. Because we don’t have to mention the other guy, who Noem has presented as her hero in the latest debate. A man who put us down a path of the rich stealing the middle class and destroying a country who was modeled after people like my grandpa Carl.

He would be truly disgusted.

Hard workers who believed in this Republic, to take care of us, when we can’t, to defend our right to our opinion, and when we take up arms it is for the defense of our ideals, not to simply cause bloodshed. As Americans, we are better than this. We defend the right of others, we love those who don’t agree, and we embrace diversity and ingenuity. We simply are the Greatest Country in the world, and we don’t need props to remind us just leaders to hold our hands.

We can go down the same old path folks, but we can’t accept those results.

Vote for what you believe, because if you do on Wednesday you will have nothing to feel guilty about.

Governor’s Race a ‘Dead Heat’

While I felt last week that Sutton didn’t have a chance, some things happened this past week which have me believe at this point the race is a tie. If the election were held today I think either one could win by just a few hundred votes.

I have felt that Billie needed certain stars to align in order to win this, here are some important factors;

• Mason Dixon poll puts them at a tie

• Many internal democratic polls and some unscientific online polls have Sutton ahead by 2-5 points

• Voter turnout is predicted at 50%, this helps to close the Dem/Rep voter gap

• Sutton has wide support amongst his party’s voters, Noem, not so much

• Some voters don’t want a woman as governor, and while that doesn’t mean they will vote for Sutton, they may leave it blank

• I think Sutton appeals to indy’s more than Noem, because Noem is taking a hard right conservative approach to the campaign

• Noem’s negative campaigning is NOT working because it is painfully false, unlike her ads against Jackley which were true. This postcard below if further proof of the gutter politics the SD GOP plays, which just piss off voters more than anything. It would be different if Sutton was being negative to, but all he does is show Noem’s true record of nothingness.

• Trump’s rating is way down at 49% in SD. This doesn’t bode well for a Washington Republican like Noem

• Billie performed very well in the last debate, even at one point laughing at Noem’s ridiculous claims about Bernie Sanders.

• Kristi can’t swim (well this isn’t a bad thing, I can’t either).

This is anyone’s game at this point. This next week will be crucial to both campaigns to sway those last handful of undecided.

UPDATE: I found this endorsement ad interesting. Besides the fact that it is very generic and you can tell that Dennis doesn’t really know diddle about Kristi except that she is a fellow Republican (He should have just said that, “Vote for Kristi, because she is a Republican like me”), I found it interesting they would film the commercial in a high rise office in Sioux Falls. If you were the current sitting governor and you were endorsing a governor candidate, wouldn’t you have filmed this commercial at the Capital or at least in front of the Capital instead of in an office building in Sioux Falls? FAIL.

Noem’s BS Crybaby story about her father’s death was a government welfare windfall

Still waiting for the Sutton campaign to bring this up (H/T WP);

The Sutton-Noem affair


Well after all the talking heads were done spewing their rhetoric, I figured it was time for me to weigh in on the Sutton/Noem debate and polling.

While the polling did surprise me, I still don’t know how Billie will be able to close a 97,000 vote gap (that’s how many more registered Republicans there are) even you eliminate the people who will choose not to vote and some of the independents it still is an enormous gap. I think Sutton COULD win, but the winning game plan should have started 90 days ago when Kristi was horsing around in DC. The Dems do this to themselves all the time, they keep using the same strategy over and over and expecting different results. I still give the win to Noem by at least 53-55%.

If Billie does pull this off, it will be by the skin of his teeth and it won’t be because of Dem leadership which has been losing registered voters hand over fist for several years now.

As for the debate, I thought it was tie, and NOT because either performed that well, they both just kind of went off the rails on different topics. I’m not sure if either one of them is prepared to run the state.

Noem gets bailed out by the stinky rich

As we all suspected, Noem raised gobs of money when Trump came for his (private) visit in which SF taxpayers had to dole out $29K for security;

Kristi Noem’s fundraiser featuring President Donald Trump raked in $518,780, according to a new campaign finance report.

Quite the donor list. Number one donor, a person who has made millions from government subsidies and special exemptions to sell a fuel that takes food out of hungry mouths. A very ‘small investment’ for the returns he has been granted.

The four max contributors were Jeff Broin, of Dell Rapids, who is CEO and founder of Broin LLC; Thomas Everist, of the Everist Co. in Sioux Falls (Everist and Broin actually gave $25,000 and had to be issued $2,000 refunds); Michael Dalsin, of Sioux Falls, owner of Dalsin Inc.; and Eldon Roth, of Dakota Dunes, who is CEO of Beef Products Inc.

Jeff got a refund? LOL. Oh, that’s because of this little rule;

The use of a joint fundraising committee for the event allowed contributors to write one check for up to $23,000, even though state law caps individual contributions to statewide candidates at $4,000.

Poor Kristi, she had to form a PAC so she could get more than $4,000 in individual contributions. The next time you hear Kristi, or any Republican for that matter in this state running for office say they are looking out for you, just read the donor list attached to this story. That is who they are really looking out for.

Apparently $5,000 a ticket isn’t an ‘Elitist’ Event

I used think who could possibly be so idiotic to run a political consulting/marketing business while working as the Deputy SOS. Oh that’s right THIS GUY.

His insane stupidity continues with this post;

It might be just me.. but does that invitation come off as a bit “elitist?”

While at first glance a bunch of rich Democratic (and some Republican) women getting together for cheese and wine may look a little uppity, but I don’t think anyone can outdo NOEM’s presidential fundraiser at $5,000 a ticket. But hey, she isn’t an elitist because she shops at HyVee;

I would contrast that with the fact that every once in a while I run into Kristi or her husband at HyVee in Brookings.  Of course, HyVee is very much “non-elitist,”

I know several women listed on this invitation and I run into them all over Sioux Falls all of the time. As for HyVee, I consider it the most elitist grocery store in town, I like to slum it at Aldi’s.

I’m also wondering when Kristi is going to pay back the good taxpayers of Sioux Falls $29,000 for providing the President security for a NON-PUBLIC event. While I detest Trump, I still would have liked to see him at a public event. Darn, I didn’t have the $5,000. I guess I’m not ‘Elitist’ enough. LOL.

Could Billie Sutton pull off the governor’s race?

My only interview with Sutton. Afterwards I told people, “He is one sharp cookie!”

Well, if I were a betting man, I would still give the win to Noem, but a lot can change in a month.

First the negatives. Billie has an uphill battle on several fronts;

• He’s a Democrat. Though he tries to bill himself as a conservative Republican loving moderate independent, he still has a ‘D’ behind his name, and in governor races that hasn’t worked well in almost 50 years. He also has a HUGE gap to close. I believe by last counts there are 97,000 more registered Republicans in the state than Democrats. He also will have to work with a mostly Republican majority in the legislature (even though I think the Dems will pick up more seats in the mid terms). I also think that Seilor has a good chance of winning AG (that one is tight to) if they BOTH can pull it off and Republican voters also have similar confidence in that team, it can close the gap.

• He’s a tax raising Democrat. Not true at all. While Billie did vote for the half-penny tax increase for supposed teacher pay, it wasn’t his idea at all. It was the Governor’s with the help of Republican legislators. I actually railed on Billie for supporting it because he had a better idea and should have pushed it. It would have raised sales taxes a full penny, but here’s the kicker; it would have included eliminating a lot of exemptions special interest groups now have with sales taxes, it would have included a massive property tax cut, it would have eliminated the food tax AND it would have been written into law that the money HAS to go to teacher pay and NOTHING else. While I am disappointed in Billie for voting for the Republican tax increase, it really wasn’t his plan or idea. That tax increase can only be attributed to Republicans who have slowly chipped away at it taking money from teacher pay increases. (Side note; this is why you should vote NO on IM 25, it is not dedicated to tech schools, just a suggestion.)

But let’s look at Noem’s negatives, she has quite a few, ironically NOT much of it is her fault;

• She’s a woman, and say what you will about that, there has NEVER been a woman for governor in SD. I’m not saying the fine pigs in the Republican party will vote for Sutton because of this, I just think they won’t vote at all. I also believe that to be the case of people who supported Jackley. If Sutton can garner a large majority of independents and have a lot of under votes from Republicans he could squeak by.

But let’s look at Noem’s obvious problem, she is a do nothing legislator. She did nothing in Pierre and hardly anything in DC. And by not debating Sutton at all so far she is proving she has NO record to fight on.

While I still think the ‘Republican Light’ strategy Sutton is using is silly, at the end of the day it may work. But if he does win, it won’t be because of that strategy but because a lot of Republicans really don’t care for Noem.