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Manny Steele to run for city council to improve education?


Maybe someone needs to tell Manny that the Board of Regents and the Sioux Falls School District and other private education systems handle our education excellence in Sioux Falls;

He said his priorities will be to continue economic expansion by being business friendly, keeping taxes and unemployment low, having a safe environment for the city’s citizens and continuing the city’s “excellent educational system.”

Maybe he was referring to how the Mayor basically handed his bestie Rob Oliver the Arena over to Augustana for a pittance. Basketball is part of education? Right?

While I am not totally opposed to a conservative serving on the council (I did support Staggers) I wonder how Manny will handle votes when it comes to human relations and the LBGT community.

I wouldn’t say Manny is a bigot when it comes to gay and transgender rights, but he isn’t exactly a cheerleader either.

“The mayor needs to keep his nose out of some things.” – Steele


Just a few minutes ago when Manny Steele was asked by Patrick Lalley on ‘100 Eyes’ about the communication between the council and mayor . Manny made the above comment in reference to the termination of former city clerk Debra Owen. Wow! It was nice to hear this finally from someone running for the SF city council.

SF City Council candidate Steele doesn’t believe in evolution (H/T – Helga)

I didn’t come from some damn monkey, that’s just bananas;



Read about all the wackiness.

Is Manny Steele running for city council?


I was told today he may announce soon. Not sure what seat, but probably an at-large since he lives in the SW district, and that seat is held by Greg Jamison, and he is not up for re-election. So who will he challenge? Riestroffer or Erickson?

I will keep my opinion about Steele to myself until after he announces.

Two Peas in a Pod

Hey! Manny! Could you get some more SD Legislative bling!?

Manny’s Fantasy Girl (H/T – Helga, yes, and I’m still calling you Helga)

This shit cracks me up.


The Hypocrisy of Manny Steele? (H/T- Equal Junction)

This is amazing article about not just the hypocrisy of Rep. Steele, but of the hypocrisy of many Pierre lawmakers. Remember Mr. Klaudt?

Earlier this week, at their weekly Legislative Coffee, Representative Manny Steele (R-SD) compared homosexuals to pedophiles. Steele said this to support his vote for NO on HB 1144-the South Dakota Bill that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. After learning more about Representative Steele, and his family…and his6 sons, we knew the math was on OUR side,he doth protest too much.

On Thursday, we spoke with Rep. Steele regarding his stance for No on HB 1144, we discussed his comment and wanted to give him a chance to apologize and recant this ignorant statement. During our time with the representative, he was given multiple opportunities to recant and apologize for these remarks. No apology was offered. Steele only continued to tow the line of hate and ignorance by saying that being Gay is “a choice.”

“There are people that are beastialogists. There are people who have sex with animals, so do we say that’s ok? Is that ok for society?”  –Rep. Steele

Let the hypocrisy begin. It wasn’t until cornered with his circular and arcane logic broken, that he gave up and admitted that he actually has a homosexual son. He reluctantly admitted, “my 3rd son…is Gay,” and later inquired if we would reach out to him and attempt to try and defend his record. This was his last possible refuge from sounding like a monster.  Fortunately for us, and our community, his own son, Randy Steele admits, “I wouldn’t vote for him.”