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Meet SD’s Attorney General; Marty Jack-bagger

It has been blatantly obvious for a long time that our new AG has had political motivations, especially of the teabagger affiliation, and this letter writer nails it;

Third, these three elected officials have found a perfect way to titillate the imagination of the electorate, get a few votes and distract them from those depressing issues that I mentioned earlier. Everyone needs a mental vacation and a new target for their frustrations, right?

Even the sometimes brain-dead editorial board at the Gargoyle Leader gets it;

Top state and law enforcement officials here say there’s no large illegal immigration problem in South Dakota. And what issues are present certainly are quite different than those in Arizona and other border states.

I didn’t always agree with Larry Long, but I will say this about him as our past AG, he was fair on most issues and didn’t turn things into political fights. Marty, stop teabagging and start working to take on REAL issues facing our state.