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B-N-B & Hizzoner cook up a conspiracy about Stehly

I was actually laughing while listening to Greg and Mike, because you could tell they cooked this up off air.

Last week, Sioux Falls city councilor, Stehly was on B-N-B’s show talking about how the city used a consultant with a special van to rate our streets. For some reason or on purpose, Greg misunderstood Stehly thinking she was opposed to the consultant, and that wasn’t the point she was trying to make, she was against what Mark Cotter, head of Public Works was doing with that valuable information.

They essentially are going to let the really bad streets get worse and concentrate more on overlays, when Stehly believes we should concentrate more money on fixing the really bad streets.

B-N-B thought Stehly was trying to discredit Cotter and the consultant when it came to the evaluation, not at all. She simply was disagreeing with HIS decision to NOT fix the really bad roads. But Greg seemed to still have a burr up his ass about it this week and couldn’t resist to share (his side) of the story with the mayor, who simply chimed in (without even listening to what Stehly said).

I really laughed when MMM boldly said he was NOT going to let a councilor get away with saying these kind of things.

Oh, Mike, you are such a bad ass! Now go help Greg pack before the big auction.

The only thing the Republicans forgot to bring to the Sunday morning talk-shows was their shovels

Maxine pulls out a can of Whoop-Ass on Sunday morning

I’ve seen representative Maxine Waters talk before on C-SPAN, but yesterday on This WEEK she was on fire, she basically called out the GOP’s Bullshit, and said it in an intelligent and simple way. I think they were caught a little flat-footed.

KING: Not one Republican was allowed to take part in the process
in the House.

WATERS: That’s — that is not — that is not the truth.

KING: It is the truth.

WATERS: As a matter of fact, we should focus on, when you had
the opportunity to participate, why not do what those three moderate
Republicans did? Step up to the plate; offer your amendments. You
know, we took all of their amendments.

Do you know we reduced the neighborhood stabilization program by
a couple of billion dollars? We reduced Head Start, Early Start,
school construction. We took the amendments. And so all those who…

And I also found this an interesting tidbit, but not surprising. Why is Congress’ approval numbers so low, blame the GOP.