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The only thing the Republicans forgot to bring to the Sunday morning talk-shows was their shovels

Maxine pulls out a can of Whoop-Ass on Sunday morning

I’ve seen representative Maxine Waters talk before on C-SPAN, but yesterday on This WEEK she was on fire, she basically called out the GOP’s Bullshit, and said it in an intelligent and simple way. I think they were caught a little flat-footed.

KING: Not one Republican was allowed to take part in the process
in the House.

WATERS: That’s — that is not — that is not the truth.

KING: It is the truth.

WATERS: As a matter of fact, we should focus on, when you had
the opportunity to participate, why not do what those three moderate
Republicans did? Step up to the plate; offer your amendments. You
know, we took all of their amendments.

Do you know we reduced the neighborhood stabilization program by
a couple of billion dollars? We reduced Head Start, Early Start,
school construction. We took the amendments. And so all those who…

And I also found this an interesting tidbit, but not surprising. Why is Congress’ approval numbers so low, blame the GOP.