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Strange Bedfellows? Only if you are not a Packers fan.

Here we go again, another fun South DaCola conspiracy theory.

So a few weeks ago a foot soldier and I are having a convo about the sudden investigative reporting by Angie Stormland, and how peculiar it was.

Why all of a sudden she (they) were so concerned about government conspiracy when they have more important things to report, like a sprinkle and a rainbow in Yankton Trail Park?

Then we started thinking about how Stormland’s media owner totally ignored my complaints about the station’s GM going on a Green Bay Packer’s game trip with our mayor. They still have not responded.

So the question was thrown out there, “Is Stormland and Angie suddenly concerned about (Republican) corruption in the state (referring to Gear Up) because a certain mayor may or may not be running for governor who just happens to be a Democrat?”

Not sure, but for the record, he is just as if not more corrupt then any bottom feeder in Pierre.

All that aside, it gets even more interesting, especially with this question posed to me today from a foot soldier;

It would be great if Angela Kenneke would ask Kyle what year he audited the books for Mid Dakota. The poor guy would fill his pants (with crap)”.

So who is this Kyle dude, I will let Cory explain (partially);

Schoenfish and Company of Parkston (which employs Rep. Kyle Schoenfish, R-19/Scotland) audited Mid-Central’s FY2014 operations and found material weaknesses but no compliance issues. The report noted that “Errors and omissions were noted in the annual financial statements prepared by cooperative officials. This is the eighth consecutive audit in which similar deficiencies have occurred.”

See, Kyle is Mayor Huether’s favorite nephew, who he has donated to when he ran  as a Dem and a Republican. No Biggee. Make your own assumptions.

But isn’t it interesting that Angie isn’t running in her high heels down the main street of Parkston trying to get an interview with a key player in this investigation who just happens to be the favorite nephew of mayor Huether who may or may not be running for governor and is besty Packer Fan buddies with the GM of Stormland News?

My head hurts.


Mayor Huether gives advice on the economic impact of Micro Breweries in Sioux Falls


Well not really, just goes into his normal BS mode (pretending he know something about it);

“It was bud, it was Miller Lite, it was Coors. Now, especially with the millennial generation, times are changing,” says Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether. “Tastes are being refined, demand is being refined and the market is catching up especially the market in Sioux Falls,”

The one thing I have quickly learned about the craft brewing industry, it really doesn’t matter what is the ‘best’ beer, just the one that is marketed the best. That is why the crap our mayor drinks is so popular (I believe I have seen him drinking either Coors Light or Bud Light at a DT Business Grand Opening where I explained to him the different kinds of genital piercings that exist). Let’s just put it this way, he knows about as much about craft beer as he does about a Prince Albert piercing (would love to see him talking about genital piercings on KSFY).

Will the new City of Sioux Falls administration building cost us $24 million?

YouTube Preview Image

Imagine my surprise (as well as the mayor’s) when councilor Jamison threw the $24 Million number out there last night at the city council meeting (FF to the construction manager at risk discussion towards the end). It was pretty obvious from the Mayor’s reaction (he literally flipped out on councilor Jamison for putting it out there) that Greg may not be to far off the mark, or someone within the city or private development gave him the numbers.

Last night they were discussing hiring the construction manager at risk, and many people have been concerned that we are putting the cart in front of the horse on the project, because still don’t have a ballpark figure, or do we?

So was the mayor mad that Jamison knew the magic number and put it out there ahead of time, or was the mayor mad because Jamison was completely wrong in his estimates?

Folks, there is a reason this ‘number’ has been hidden from us, and it’s not because they are going to build this office building on the cheap.

Residents of Hartford, SD want to recall mayor for limiting public input

I have been watching this issue over the past week, and to say it has peeked my interest would be an understatement;

More than 300 residents agreed with Randall, believing that Mayor Campbell is not a good fit for the city of almost 2,700 people. But Randall says this hasn’t been the first time Mayor Campbell has behaved like he did last Tues.

“Numerous times folks have gotten up to approach the podium to ask for permission to speak and before they got to the podium the Mayor’s motioned them and say you’ll need to sit down, we’re not going to hear from you right now.”

Not sure if many of you remember, but I was involved with the successful recall of a mayor in Yankton a few years ago (doing editorial cartoons about the issue).

What is shocking is that the small town of Hartford is flexing it’s 1st Amendment rights and recalling a mayor based on free speech. I revel in their activism. We have a mayor in Sioux Falls who not only has tried to limit public input, he has jailed people before they could even show up to testify. He also keeps as many contracts and settlements as secret as possible, even hiding the documents from the city’s legislative body, the city council. If Hartford is successful recalling a mayor based solely on his acknowledgement of the 1st Amendment and Constitutional rights of citizens, it seems Sioux Falls has a strong case to send our current mayor packing. Who is with me?

Mayor’s Neighborhood Brickwalls Summit, 11/14/2015

YouTube Preview Image

Our intrepid mayor of Sioux Falls seems to think the US Constitution, Charter and written laws are brick walls to overcome. Listen to him discuss his quest to make over the city into his image at the Neighborhood Summit on November 14, 2015. His “to hell with the laws, Council and citizens” must be overcome if we are to have a clean and safe city for all.

The brick walls he is upset with are based on rights guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution, South Dakota Constitution and the Sioux Falls Home Rule Charter. Why does no one challenge hizzoner when he defends his administration’s lawbreaking actions?

In this Summit part 1 Mayor Mike let’s us in on his lawless vision of government by and for the specials at the expense of the rest of us.

Since the city of Sioux Falls heavily edits or blocks meetings videos we now offering a direct link to our collected city videos through www.siouxfall.org.

So we ask “Neighbors are only good if they conform to his vision?”

Cameraman Bruce. Bad neighbor.

YouTube Preview Image
Published on Nov 14, 2015

The 5th Annual Mayor’s Neighborhood Summit was held on November 14, 2015.

The Mayor wants everyone to blame a lot on bad neighbors when in fact his bad neighbors are often people who don’t wish to conform to his tastes or wishes. As South Dakota courts have ruled, the city cannot determine what a house must look like or when a person must stop updating it.

The Mayor could not avoid Bruce Danielson’s statement or questioning the city of Sioux Falls’ oppressive policies or code enforcers. Watch the results.

Mayor Huether’s Neighborhood Summit this Saturday

I haven’t seen much press for this, but we will make sure the mayor cam makes an appearance;

Saturday, November 14, 2015, from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Anne Zabel Studio Theater at the Orpheum Theater Center


12:15 p.m– 3:30 p.m.

Different town, same rhetoric! On the campaign trail with Mike Huether

This time he hits Vermillion to tell them about all the great ways he has been borrowing money on SF residents’ credit for play things;

“I am a very fiscally responsible person,” he said Wednesday to a group of business professionals at a community brown-bag round-table held at the Vermillion Chamber and Development Company (VCDC). “I try to do that as mayor of Sioux Falls, where we are running our city government as a business. It all starts with keeping your fiscal house in order. Keeping your fiscal house in order will allow you to do that stuff that drives growth.”

He is so fiscally responsible he made sure the taxpayers gave him and his wife $500K for an indoor tennis center that bares his name. He also likes to make sure TIF’s get processed for projects he may or may not be investing in. Yes, personally, he is fiscally responsible.

Huether admitted that Sioux Falls will have the largest budget in the history of Sioux Falls, nearly $471 million, next year, however he said that sometimes you have to spend to grow.

And what have we accomplished with this fast growth? Wages haven’t started going up until recently (because employers can’t find anyone), homeless arrests are up 1,200%, violent crime is at an all time high and half of the kids in the SF school district are on FREE and REDUCED lunches. Yeah, we are going to be spending a lot on this growth, but mostly the county will be paying for the ills.

He pointed out that Vermillion and Sioux Falls spend almost identical amounts based on per capita debt – $2,264 in Sioux Falls and $2,258 in Vermillion.

And I am sure he whipped out our total debt looming at $400,000,000.00

He added that many times it isn’t easy to get the community to spend the money, but it is vital to community growth to invest in itself, “you can’t save yourself into prosperity.”

LOL. And you certainly cannot IN DEBT yourself into prosperity either (sounds like something Chuck Brennan would say), but you can pay as you go (which is the best route).

He added they have also paid for in cash a new indoor aquatic center and have started building a new indoor hockey rink and indoor tennis courts that would have not been possible without a government partnership with the businesses in the community.

I can’t speak for the hockey center, only by saying it has been successful because it is being run by good people, and there was a need for a facility like that. But as for the tennis center, the doors were locked most of the summer due to lack of interest. And as councilor Jamison pointed out in a meeting not to long ago, we didn’t pay CASH for the aquatic center. That is a flat out lie. We used money paid back to us for building levees, the ‘CASH’ he is referring to has to be paid back because we borrowed the money for the levees.

As for all of those naysayers and critics: stay on the offensive with them. You are going to make people mad, but you have to do what is best for the community.

And you can accomplish all this by never telling the truth and making all negotiations in secret. Now that’s the secret of progress Vermillion!

The BID tax is not broken

The mayor often likes to pat himself on the back calling himself a ‘progressive’ person who ‘gets things done’. I guess I could argue with him on a couple of his ventures, but for the most part he has gotten things done, but sometimes in spite of something else. That is where it is no longer classified as ‘progressive’.

The hotel tax (BID) is a great example of this. When I think of progress I think of two things, either fixing something that is stagnant or counterproductive and needs to be fixed or creating a whole new project that improves the community. The hotel tax review doesn’t fit into either category. Since it’s inception, it has proven to be working because it brings in more revenue each year, which shouldn’t take a 14 member task force and a consultant to tell us, the money being spent by BID to market the city is bringing more business to the city. In other words, progress is not described as fixing something that is NOT broken. The BID tax is working fantastically, let it continue to market our city.

Of course greedy cookie jar boy (and last year his wife with the tennis center) want that money for other play things;

“Families, businesses, nonprofits, churches, sports teams, organizations and even governments that challenge the status quo have much greater success rates than those that fight to maintain the status quo,” Huether told a packed Oak View Branch library meeting room. Before today, he hasn’t said much on the topic.

“You know and I know, and our fellow citizens know, we are capable of more,” Huether said.

More then what? First off, as I pointed out above, when it comes to the BID tax, the status quo is working swimmingly, and secondly the proven growth in the tax tells me it is in very capable hands.

But of course, this wasn’t the only bullshit spewing from Mike’s mouth at the meeting, he ended with this tidbit;

“This will be the last time you hear from me until your work is completed.”

Yeah, just like you never hear from anyone talking about the Events Center siding. The task force (that he appointed) is a stacked deck of friends he talks to frequently (partial list);

Randell Beck, Jim Entenman, Tracy Turbak, City councilors Rick Kiley and Rex Rolfing. And then there is the hiring of a consultant firm that stuck us with an indoor aquatic center in the wrong part of town.

All this is is a money grab for the administration. Nothing is broken, let the BID tax continue to market our city.

The city is debt free, just ask this guy

Always love reading letters to the editor ‘defending’ politicians. There are so many other great people in our community doing great things, I think it is waste of editorial space with these type of letters, especially when they are full of holes, which is ironic, because the purpose of this guy’s letter was to point out the inaccuracies of another letter;

Other degrading and untrue statements were as follows, “Kermit Staggers needs to help keep expenses down and establish morality and honesty.”

As long as I have known Kermit he has been a fiscal conservative who believes in integrity and transparency, I don’t think he has ever hid that from the public.

But this line takes the cake;

A great many cities in the USA are bankrupt, but not Sioux Falls. I have heard that not only are we out of debt, but have a surplus of funds.

While it is true we have a surplus fund that is required by our charter for emergencies (I believe it is around $35 million) the city debt is actually hovering at around $400,000,000.00. Not sure who told you we were debt free, but it sounds like something you would have heard from a politician at a meet and greet.

In the following years, history will show that our Mayor Mike was one of the best liked and most progressive mayors in Sioux Falls history.

I hope you are right. I also heard that Bill Janklow didn’t have to resign from Congress in disgrace, Richard Benda killed himself using a branch, and Mike Rounds had no ties to EB-5.