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UPDATE: The Challenge is ON!


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You can’t make this stuff up if you tried. I was watching the latest Shut Up & Listen session with Hizzoner, and a gentleman that gifted the mayor a ukulele recently asked if he has been practicing, because he wanted to invite him to play in an upcoming concert in drag as Cher. I almost pissed my pants laughing. (FF: 6.23). He actually hugged the guy, which surprised me, because we know the mayor doesn’t like to be embarrassed or be made fun of.



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If you don’t think Mayor Huether is running for governor, you don’t think much

I ran across this little tidbit in Stupendous’ article in the AL today about Steve Hildebrand;

When asked if they will work together again or if he sees Huether as a future force in the state Democratic Party, Hildebrand offered a harsh assessment.

“If Mike were to change his ability to let citizens participate, to let longtime friends participate, to let neighborhood organizations participate, he might gather a lot of support, but he has been very much an individual leader who doesn’t really involve anyone else in his decision-making,” said Hildebrand. “He’ll have a hard time getting support from anybody if that’s the kind of person he continues to be.”

Well Steve, I could not have said it better myself. If Huether thinks he is going to run his governor campaign like he has ran Sioux Falls, he might have a rude awakening.

As for Huether’s contention that being mayor of Sioux Falls is his “dream job,” his former campaign manager disputes that characterization and says they had conversations about him running for governor before the mayoral push.

“Mike has wanted to be governor of South Dakota since he was a kid,” says Hildebrand. “It was never about being the mayor of Sioux Falls, it was always about being governor. He came back from San Antonio (where he worked for Citibank) with a big fat file that said, Huether for Governor.”

Steve is 110% correct on this assessment, I have heard stories about the famed 3-Ring Binder. I also was appraised of a story from two leading Democrats (before Huether announced he was running for Mayor) of a little road trip they were on when Huether popped the ‘governor run’ question on them, and they responded by saying he should aim a little lower first and suggested running for the mayor of Sioux Falls. (I still hold this advice against them).

Which brings me to something that has been in my craw for awhile, Huether¬†using city resources to run for governor. He has not formally announced yet so he has been walking a fine line with traveling all over the state ‘talking about Sioux Falls’ malarkey in which he is really campaigning. I could care less if he runs for governor, that is not my issue. My issue is using tax dollars to pay for his traveling expenses in the guise it is ‘city business’.

Just a bunch of weekend coffee talk

Quick note, the part in the video where Tracy talks about spending the money on ‘popcorn poppers’ made me laugh. What about the $100K in casework that was torn out so Cambria could put in $90K worth of casework. Basically $110K of taxpayer money thrown in a dumpster. Let’s talk being ‘prudent’ with the EC.

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How stupid can our so-called leaders be? They keep finding ways to stop the messenger and it backfires all over them. This presser shows what a bunch of losers and bad sports they are. Watch their body language. Also the city attorney has decided who should be able to report city news and SouthDacola is not to be at these events. So what do we do? We still find a way to bring them to you.

What was this presser about? Crap. The Dalsin bluff issued earlier and secrecy. We have a rusty, lumpy metal skinned building hiding much and the people responsible for it don’t want it to be in the center of attention. Well they just made the story bigger. Conspiracies have a way of growing out of control. As conspirators try to control details, the scandal grows bigger. Think Watergate. It could have been a simple burglary but it turned into a national tragedy and Gerald Ford.

Cameraman Bruce was at the1974 Watergate conspiracy trial as prosecutors were laying out the money trail. All we can say is, follow the money. Something is not right. When we do eventually read the agreements and change orders, there could be some under oath time for those involved.

Cameraman Bruce was not able to be at this event because the city attorney and the city’s chief marketing officer made sure he was not informed of this presser. Just ask Heather. The person who has made the biggest noise about this mess was excluded intentionally by the administration. Why? What are they afraid of?

Mayor Huether, EC siding settlement, just a bunch of weekend coffee talk

How sadly mistaken Mike is. If he thinks this will go away after a steaming hot cup of coffee and a Bill Cosby Shrine bagel at Bagel Boy, he really does drink his own kool-aid (and not coffee).

The same question I have been getting all day, “Why are we getting a million dollars for something that doesn’t need fixing?” Even people on the KSFY poll (below) are wondering.

(Photo of EC with rainbow was taken at about 6 PM tonight by South DaCola foot soldier ‘Lil’ Bill)


They found a use for the building


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Quote of the Day


Steve Hildebrand was the guest on SuFuStu’s show today. He was talking about the evil fake homeless people and payday lenders. When Steve was asked to do word play, Stu asked him to reply to ‘Mayor Huether’, his response?

‘Self Obsessed’

LMFAO! Steve, better be careful talking about the mayor that way in the media, he may just send you a couple of cussy word text messages, but he would never do anything like that, would he?

Cartoons about the Mayor’s butt, funny. Colon Cancer, not so funny

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Trust me, my voicemail and email box has been full of cartoon ideas about the mayor’s colonoscopy. They have all been very funny, in a Top Hat, 1:30 AM sort of way. I’m kind of crass and randy at times, if you didn’t notice, but I won’t share on this blog.

I guess there are a few things I won’t venture towards. Oh, but(t) if you see me at the Top Hat at 1:30 AM, I would love to tell you.

Besides the mayor being the ‘butt’ of a lot of jokes, there was a little tidbit about why the mayor decided to make such a big deal out of his appointment. And it has nothing to do with him being concerned about Colon Cancer.

The story going around is the mayor was invited to a very important ‘meeting’ on the¬† day of his appointment. After his invitation he had to ‘decline’ the invitation because of his very important medical appointment.

Rumors abound. But let’s just say this invitation wasn’t delivered by a singing telegram and you can’t exactly decline to go to this party because ‘you don’t want to.’

I will have to give him kudos for the length he went thru to avoid the party.

Farmer Mike talks cover crops


According to the Argus Leader, the mayor made a little speech at an SDSU Extension project NW of Sioux Falls;

Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether speaks during an I-29 Soil Health and Cover Crop Field Tour Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015, at Al Miron’s farm northwest of Sioux Falls.

I guess all that beer can collecting he did in Yankton as a youth prepared him for farming. Mike is going to have to get a hell of a lot more dirt on his hands if he thinks he is going to sucker some farmers into voting for him as governor.