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It took 7 years, but the mayor finally admits to his Hubris

Before we get to the mayor flapping his trap and not really filling us in on what he is running for, I still predict he will be running for Congress. Once you read the article you get the hint that he doesn’t like losing, and Congress would be his best bet. Remember, it is only two year terms, and in 4 years he could run for governor or mayor again. I think the mayor is weighing this heavily, but I also think he realizes what is going on around him. I may be wrong about the congressional run, but remember, I predicted Staggers and Huether in the run-off for mayor 6 months before the election.

What I found interesting about Whitney’s article is that Huether finally admits to something we have known about him and his leadership style for a long time, he is a dictator;

“First of all, this is the executive branch,” he says of the governor’s seat being vacated by Dennis Daugaard. “It’s not the judicial branch. It’s not the legislative branch. And I don’t care who the candidate is – I’ll put my qualifications up against any of them, particularly if you want to bring business acumen to government. OK? If it were a non-partisan race, I would have thrown my hat in the ring already.”

As usual, what Mike has never understood is that all 3 branches of government must work together in a democracy. But for 7 years he has enjoyed a city attorney that follows orders from the guy who appointed him and a rubber stamp council.

He is going for broke. Nothing but victory will suffice.

I don’t handle losses very well,” he says. “I would struggle if that happened. I’ve had people encourage me to run for things and say, ‘Do it and just get your name ID out there. Establish your foundation for the next race.’ No. That’s not how I do things. There are no fallback positions. That is not how I do it and I know that people don’t understand that mentality – but that is me. That’s a problem I have and it’s an issue I must deal with as a person. And I struggle with it. I do.”

Win at all costs, no matter who you destroy or if it benefits the citizens or not. It was his mantra while running against Staggers, it was his mantra while pushing for an EC, Pool and Administration building. Mike doesn’t give a rip if what he proposes helps a damn soul as long as HE is WINNING. And it is a piss poor and disgusting attitude for any politician to have.

More importantly, with help from Hildebrand’s consulting firm, he coordinated a get-out-the-vote effort that pushed him past Brown and Costello and into a runoff with Staggers, the penny-pinching city councilor that he knew he could beat head-to-head.

Since I was partially involved with the Staggers’ campaign, I can really tell you that it was Hildy’s get-out-the-vote strategy that put Mike over the top. Not only was Hildy suckered by Mike, but Sioux Falls Democrats helped Mike to. And what has Mike done to the pro-labor party? First he took a dump on the unions then he left the party all together. Remember, win at all costs no matter who you trample.

“I’ve taken a lot of heat, but that’s exactly what we should be doing in government,” he says. “And I know not everybody in the press likes that. I don’t care. I don’t give a crap. It should be run like a business, looking for productivity and service improvements and getting better bang for your buck. That’s what I did in business and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for Sioux Falls.”

His business acumen philosophy will probably bankrupt our city. The signs of over borrowing are already starting to rear their head. By the end of his term, it will be obvious what his ‘business acumen’ has done for us. We will have a lot of bond payments for play things and little money to keep up our infrastructure.

He became estranged from his former campaign strategist on the events center issue, as Huether favored building at the convention center complex and Hildebrand spearheaded the Build It Downtown campaign. Huether claims to have lost other friendships in that battle, but he came out on top – just as he stuck to his guns to override the city council on a $25 million administration building plan.

Win at all costs, screw friends, who needs them.

Hildy describes the mayor as I have described him for years, an out-of-control dictator;

“There are people who have known Mike Huether for a long time who still don’t know what drives him,” says Hildebrand. “Some might argue that he’s been a strong leader, but saying ‘my way or the highway’ is not being a strong leader. That’s being a strong dictator.

And he has certainly proved that, time and time again.

He admits that the statewide odds are against him but feels he can find a “perfect storm” to stir up voters, pointing to name recognition and favorability ratings while refusing to comment on whether he has conducted internal polling for a potential run.

Once again, just because you ‘say something’ Mike doesn’t make it true. If you have actually conducted a poll, tell us that, don’t just pull the old, “I’m popular, just ask me.” routine.

“Try to outwork me,” he says, leaning in again with competitive flare. “If there’s one thing I love to do, that is engaging in people. Actually engaging the people. Going to where they’re at. And that makes everybody else unbelievably nervous. There are still people in South Dakota that actually want you to earn their vote instead of buy their vote. They actually care that you shook their hand. Or that you listened to them. Or that you had to agree to disagree on something that they challenged you on. They respect that more than someone who’s out there raising millions of dollars from people outside of South Dakota and pretending to represent normal voters. And if I do run, that’s what I’m banking on.”

Yet he knew he couldn’t beat Staggers in handshakes, so he spent well over double of what Kermit did.

Nothing new in this article, just the same old hubris. Surprised he didn’t mention his chain-smoking alcoholic father . . . oh, sorry, that will probably be in Part II of this intriguing in depth article into a Hayseed Egotist from Yankton.

Is Huether using the media to take the temperature of voters?

Argus Leader‘s Stu Whitney is doing a two-part interview with Huether about his political future. Not sure what, if anything will be revealed. We have been down the road of Huether crying wolf several times over the past couple of months. From his changing registration to indy press conference, to his several non announcements with B-N-B and Brian Allen. Will this time be any different?

I wonder if Huether is using Whitney to take the temperature of voters if or what he should run for. I think Congress would be his road of least resistance. But he has had his eye on governor for years. I think he would have a better chance of beating Noem then Jackley, but I also think his chances of winning are higher facing Krebs or Johnson. There is also the rumor that he may hope Diamond Jim wins as mayor and pose as a placeholder so Huether can run for the job again in 2022 (like he is Janklow 🙁

So, I guess we will wait and see if he pulls the trigger, or if he continues to cry wolf about a possible state wide run.

Personally, if I was the Publisher of the AL or Whitney, I would have made it clear with Huether there would be NO interview unless he was making an official announcement.

Coffee w/Hizzoner

How many people has the Huether Match Pointe kept out of prison?

While the Glory House and the Board of Directors may be happy with the deal the city cut with them, I for one am not. It’s another example of the mayor’s bullying, not only with the Glory House but the council to get his way;

“A great team of leaders from the administration worked hard to meet the needs Glory House has for expansion but also find some common ground, which will end up as a big win for the taxpayers, too,” said Heather Hitterdal, communication specialist at City Hall.

Under the deal, Glory House will pay $50,000 and in return receive about half of the land the city owns there now. The rest will be sold at auction.

How much that will rake in for the city won’t be known until it’s sold, but market value puts it in the neighborhood about $300,000 or more.

The public ALREADY WON before the deal was struck. I would even argue that the deal is worse for taxpayers because it doesn’t leave room for expansion of the GH. It costs taxpayers $54 a day to incarcerate someone in state prison, about $20K a year. If you keep just 3 people out of prison for one year, you already made your money back, and heck, if you keep those same 3 people out of prison for 5 years, you have paid for the entire plot of land.

How many people has the tennis center kept out of prison? Or better yet, what VALUE has the tennis center gave us? Will we ever recoup the $500K we dumped into this facility? A facility I hear can barely keep it’s doors open especially after the dust up with Cindy Huether and the SFTA.

See unlike the Tennis Center that uses the funny math of ‘quality of life’ the Glory House can actually show REAL numbers of what keeping ex-cons out of prison saves taxpayers. The $50K price-tag was an amount to soothe the Mayor’s MONSTER ego more then anything.

“I think it’s a win-win-win all around. It’s a way in which we can help the Glory House and do the right thing but we can also protect the taxpayer dollar and get some revenue out of a piece of the land,” he said. “I applaud the administration for coming around in the spirit of compromise and coming up with something that everybody can live with.”

And once again, the mayor can’t keep his nose out of where it doesn’t belong, the council’s business. This ‘deal’ was initiated by the council, and should have been finished by them.

Inefficiency is what makes Paratransit expensive

When Mike wants something, he will say about anything to get it. He keeps bringing up the fact that we need to raise fees, especially on public transportation and Paratransit. He points out that the Feds give the city about $13 million a year for several different programs, then he makes the hysterical comment that we ‘should pay for these things ourselves’.

Let remind my conservative friends who think the Federal government is going broke (and now that Mike is a Trump loving Indy) that it doesn’t really matter. WE pay Federal Income Taxes for Federal programs, and I am sure it is WELL over $13 million a year in Sioux Falls. When the Feds ‘Give’ us money, it is OUR money.

But what I find hypocritical is that the same mayor didn’t blink an eye when FEMA gave us $10 million for the ice storm or $27 million for the RR track land that is worth about $2-4 million.

Which brings us to his continuous rant about Paratransit costing $30 a ride.

You want to know why? Inefficiencies. I don’t think or believe Paratransit has upgraded their dispatch system for probably over a decade. And why would they? When you had the cash cow called the Feds funding most of your program, inefficiency means you can charge more.

I will defend MMM on one thing, it’s time to start finding a way to save taxpayers money on Paratransit.

I did some rough 30 minute research on what a taxi company makes on rides, expenses, etc. Then I looked at the Paratransit route system in Sioux Falls. Even if we gave only one way rides to one person on transit system like a cab, and used a similar old school dispatch system, it shouldn’t cost more then $12 a ride. Now let’s say we put in a super modern dispatch system that picked up multiple riders at once we could probably get that number down to $4 or $5 a ride.

There is obviously some efficiency problems with Paratransit, so why punish the riders with higher fees? That’s business acumen for yah!

B-N-B & Hizzoner cook up a conspiracy about Stehly

I was actually laughing while listening to Greg and Mike, because you could tell they cooked this up off air.

Last week, Sioux Falls city councilor, Stehly was on B-N-B’s show talking about how the city used a consultant with a special van to rate our streets. For some reason or on purpose, Greg misunderstood Stehly thinking she was opposed to the consultant, and that wasn’t the point she was trying to make, she was against what Mark Cotter, head of Public Works was doing with that valuable information.

They essentially are going to let the really bad streets get worse and concentrate more on overlays, when Stehly believes we should concentrate more money on fixing the really bad streets.

B-N-B thought Stehly was trying to discredit Cotter and the consultant when it came to the evaluation, not at all. She simply was disagreeing with HIS decision to NOT fix the really bad roads. But Greg seemed to still have a burr up his ass about it this week and couldn’t resist to share (his side) of the story with the mayor, who simply chimed in (without even listening to what Stehly said).

I really laughed when MMM boldly said he was NOT going to let a councilor get away with saying these kind of things.

Oh, Mike, you are such a bad ass! Now go help Greg pack before the big auction.

State of the City • 2017

Our mayor decided to drop the mic today and deliver his last state of the city. He couldn’t resist to tell us about his NEW BFF, councilor Erickson (Yes, Thank You Christine for paving the way for Diamond Jim as mayor 🙁

There were 40 slides in his manifesto, carefully tearing headlines from America’s top ratings firms that no one has heard of until we made their lists (Full DOC: state-of-city-2017).

Yes, I sat through it, holding back my bile.

What was ironic about the presentation was that Mike was going to fix all the things he essentially broke. And the best part, he needs your help to fix those things.

Let’s start with his obsession with annexation islands;

Unlike the finely trimmed grey beard of Kenny, Mr. Huether created this problem by extending the borders of Sioux Falls so his fine developer friends could get in on all the yummy infrastructure upgrades. You might say MMM is the Andy Gibb of annexation islands.

Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop, he wants to raise fees on all us working stiffs to pay for all the play palaces he built on our credit card.

If you ain’t poor now, you are gonna be.

Speaking of dying poor peeps, we all have to have priorities in this dying economy.

Yeah, after your older brother broke your piggy bank and took all your savings, you just need to buck up!

Which leaves us to what ultimately will happen;

He forgot to mention that a low-wage community doesn’t spend a lot of money.


And this guy wants to run for higher office?! LMFAO!

Detroit Lewis Prediction; Huether will announce for higher office within the next two weeks

I think MMM will make his announcement before April 7th. If I was a betting guy, I would say Tuesday, April 4. I still think he is going to announce for US Congressional run, but it seems lately all the right wing squackers in the state seem to think he is running for governor, so I may be wrong.

So why do I think the announcement will take place this soon? A couple of factors. I think Mike wanted to see who was running on the Republican side, and he either KNOWS or THINKS the Democratic challenger doesn’t matter. I think he also wanted to wait until his main man Diamond Jim made his mayoral announcement. There is also the several interviews he did over the past couple of weeks, even one where he did an interview with his ‘bride’ on his bed (living room couch). But I have also noticed some disappearing CityLink YouTube videos lately that feature Mike. He knows from the last time he ran for his second term, it is a no-no to be in any NEW videos after his announcement. He also had to wait to make his biggest campaign speech (the state of the city) on Tuesday.

Maybe I am completely wrong, or maybe he will spite me and announce on April 10th. Either way, it will be soon.

Apparently KSFY has become Huether’s official ‘Higher Office’ campaign propaganda network

After he officially announces, he can no longer use CityLink to campaign. Thats means NO more ‘Ask the Mayor’ or ‘Shut Up and Listen sessions’ or press conferences for that matter. In fact, after his March 28th city address, Mike really can’t appear on CityLink anymore unless it is a regular city council meeting (and I would highly suggest the city council after picking new leadership in May that they start running those meetings and respectfully ask the mayor to sit in the audience and only participate if needed to break a tie, in which he would have to walk to the podium to do so.) It is against state law for the mayor or any elected official for that matter, to use tax payer funded media to campaign. I really think this is why Mike is dragging his feet as much as possible. He has been enjoying the press, that will soon end, and the REAL ‘HURT’ will start;

Another challenge, she says, is the criticism.

“When someone is in public service, they’re doing what they think is best for people. I don’t think people understand that sometimes. They say mean, hurtful things that they don’t always realize that we are people and that you still feel bad when people say these things. I think now, we see it worldwide with social media. People never have to face someone and tell them things. They always hide behind social media. That’s a real hard part. He takes it better than the rest of the family. That’s been hard. Through the years you realize that’s part of the deal,” Cindy said.

Stop picking on my Poo Bear! As I told a foot soldier last week, ‘If Mike thinks I’m hard on him, wait until he has the full force of the Online SD Republican hate machine breathing down his back and watching his every move as he runs for higher office. Also, don’t forget about all the Dems that supported him in the past that he took a crap on.

He will be begging Detroit Lewis to write a scathing article about snow gates or pot holes.

The Mayor doesn’t understand appeals and the council doesn’t understand hydraulics

Who thought this thing would cause such a fuss?

When I watch the council meetings from home, the fun stuff always happens.

Oh well, I’ll give you my ‘tractoring’ advice from home.

I am already exhausted before I even start explaining the city council meeting tonight.

Deep breath.

I asked councilor Stehly to question why the city needs to buy a brand new snow trimmer at a cost for $300K tonight by pulling it from the consent agenda. I never thought it would turn into an argument about public input and appealing the mayor’s decision.

But it did. (please watch the spectacle – right after public input)

It amazed me that councilors Starr and Stehly (with 2 votes from Erickson and Neitzert) pulled off an appeal of the mayor’s decision to close down public input on a consent agenda item, but what was even more interesting was when the mayor asked what the appeal meant? And questioned if Starr knew more about Robert Rules then he does (yeah, he actually does, it’s kind one of his ‘things’).

So after that fight was won, a board member from Great Bear came up and testified AGAINST Stehly saying the new trimmer was needed ‘for the kids’ of course.

Poetic justice?

Well not really. Growing up on a farm and working construction I know a little bit about ‘hydraulics’ it’s those greasy tubes that have hoses that break a lot (that’s the unscientific version, but stick with me.) Before the public was ‘allowed’ to speak during a 10 minute melt-down and a confused city attorney, a Parks Department mid-manager explained that the current snow trimmer was ten years old, at the end of it’s warranty life, and had 7,000 hours on it.

Uh, okay. So?

He then tried to explain that it was at the end of it’s life. LOL.

Not quite. He continued to say that replacing the hydraulics on it (if they break) would cost around $60K.

So I guess in his world if you get a chip in the windshield of your car, you need to replace all the windows and headlights.

First off, in ‘tractoring’ life, 7,000 hours is ‘breaking it in’. That is basically 6 hours a day, 116 days for ten years.

Secondly, on the farm, if a hydraulic or hose breaks on your tractor, you don’t replace every piece, you fix the problem. It’s like saying you need to replace a $500K combine because it got a flat tire. It’s ludicrous.

There’s also the argument that if ONE of these hydraulics breaks you have to be shut down for a long period of time. Not true, a good mechanics garage with the city would have back up parts that could be replaced in a timely fashion.

So there you have it, a lesson in Roberts Rules of order and greasy tractor parts. Who says that city council meetings are not interesting?