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Mayor Huether really doesn’t understand the city’s relationship with the two sharing counties


“I only attend the important meetings. Now who wants a banana?”

Well you have to laugh when Minnehaha County Commissioner, Jeff Barth says this;

A few of the county commissioners say they cannot remember the last time a sitting mayor spoke at one of their meetings.

He actually went on to say it has been NINE years since they have seen a sitting mayor of Sioux Falls at their meeting.

Commissioner Barth also asked the mayor about the growing crime rate in the city.

But that isn’t the only meetings the mayor has been missing out on. During the Sioux Falls city council informational councilors hammered the mayor about his absence at the county/city coffees the city council has each month with Lincoln and Minnehaha county commissioners and Erpenbach asked why the mayor hasn’t attended the joint meetings lately at Carnegie. After he danced around the question for about 2 minutes he told Erpenbach he has a “Busy Schedule”. You know, it’s hard to pencil in a meeting when you are flying all over the state campaigning(?) for governor. Funny how he has time to go to Yankton, the Black Hills and next week to Brookings, but he can’t drive 10 minutes across town to attend an EVENING meeting at Carnegie. Councilor Erickson also reiterated that the mayor needs to attend the meetings and that they have been very productive. Councilor Jamison went as far to tell the mayor he is a “year behind” when it comes to negotiations with the counties about partnerships because he doesn’t attend the meetings. Huether said he has “got his staff on it.” So now the taxpayers are paying staffers to do the Mayor’s job so he can hop scotch around the state. Nice. Maybe if the mayor wants to spend more time campaigning then actually doing his job, someone can teach him how to teleconference using Skype. Let’s face it, he doesn’t attend these meetings because he is not in charge.

The Minnehaha County Commission also wondered if there could be any (financial) partnerships with the city;

Commissioner Jeff Barth hopes the county sees more benefits from whatever partnerships are in the future.

“The fact is that our revenues are growing at 30-percent of the revenues of the city and the state, and yet our responsibilities are increasing at a greater level,” Barth said.

Ironically, Huether talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. The city could easily give the county a lot more of the kitty by simply cutting them a check for ‘services rendered’. I would much more prefer $24 million dollars of my tax money going to the county for services then purchasing an indoor pool that will only cost us millions each year in operations and maintenance.

Dick Kelly also scrutinizes the city’s use of TIF’s;

Development in the city continues to grow every year, with Huether saying Sioux Falls has doubled its number of TIFs in the last five and a half years. Commissioner Dick Kelly says those impact the county city immediately with sales and property tax dollars.

“We don’t see anything for generally 20 years when that property tax growth comes.  Yet our expenses continue to rise and rise and rise.  I just ask you continue to be very selective in what you do with the TIF programs,” Kelly said.

“You should demand that we scrutinize these TIFs and I will assure you we are,” Huether said.

LOL! We are already past the $500 million mark on building permits for the year and we are setting up to be another record year for them, yet somehow we need TIF’s? Boloney. Developers ask for TIF’s because they can. A great example is when the Lloyd companies asked for a TIF on the School for the Deaf property, then bailed on it when they couldn’t get one, yet another investor came in, didn’t ask for a TIF and has tons of interest in the property from other investors And it’s not like this guy is the wealthiest developer in town, it’s ‘Uncle Bruce’ who owns used car lots. TIF’s are not needed in Sioux Falls, they only have an adverse effect on county and school funding, they need to be eliminated.

Maybe our Mayor would understand the county relationship better if he attended a lot more government meetings instead jumping out of helicopters like he is a monkey.

Open Flood Gates


National Weather Service; Half the rain Thursday night came from the mayor’s tear ducts

More sarcasm and satire to come . . .

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Mayor Huether to give same presentation to Minnehaha County Commission and Sioux Falls City Council on the same day?

So this is interesting, our Crybayor is going to address the county and city elected legislators on the same day, which apparently looks like the same presentation;



The details to both presentations are mum, I guess. But the running joke is that the mayor will be bragging about the $75K bathroom money for the fairgrounds.


Mayor Huether calls engaged vocal citizens ‘Cave People’


Wouldn’t be the first time I was called Barney Rubble.

In Mike’s latest ‘Shut Up & Listen’ session he addresses YPN (Young Professional Nobodies, uh, I mean Network) he of course has been turning into a broken record at these sessions, and always plays the ‘whoa is me’ card, talks about his alcoholic father (that he blames for the crime in our city – the alcohol – not his father).

He went on a mini-rant, once again, about the ‘Grim and Determined’ the very vocal engaged citizens of the community and kind of blamed the media for taking what they say and running with it. Then he uses a new term and calls these citizens ‘Cave People’. I’m not even sure what that means, but I will say Yabba, Dabba, Doo to that. I don’t often defend the Argus Leader (city reporter Joe Sneve was present at the event and asked some questions) but I will give them credit for one thing, they usually get their facts about an issue straight before reporting it. Yeah, they f’ck up quotes quite a bit and editorialize, but the bare bone factual information is usually correct. So when the mayor claims the local media is listening to the ‘Cave People’ too much, it is because the ‘Cave People’ know what is going on at least 90% percent of the time, but in his world only 60% counts (we will get to that in a moment)*.

The mayor also goes on a rant about how people accused him of ‘delaying’ the RR relocation project until after his re-election, which he said wasn’t true, and I agree with him. Everyone knows he delayed the project because he didn’t want an Events Center built downtown. Nice spin though Mikey.

*He also seemed to be perplexed why 4 out of 10 people don’t want him to be mayor. It was a strange rant that you would only hear from someone who is either extremely paranoid or a sociopath. But I just laugh at those accusations because I know that he isn’t interesting enough to be either.

He also confesses to polluting the Big Sioux River, and I thought he would tell us about all the hairspray runoff he has been contributing to, nope, talked about fertilizer or something. His yard must be the butterfly and bee death zone.

But the best part was his usual ‘crying game’ moment(s). He had several throughout the session where he chokes up, but for the first time, he actually cried about being RICH and how he couldn’t buy anything more that he would want, and that is why he left the ‘banking’ (predatory lending) industry and went into public service. (Which is ironic, because one of the first things he does as mayor is buy all the councilors a book as a gift, signs it, then charges the purchase to the taxpayers of Sioux Falls).

Kind of weird, because I never heard he ‘quit’ the industry. Maybe he knows something I don’t? But at least he has 6 out 10 people who believe his bullshit, because that is all that really matters. Facts are irrelevant, except to us Mammoth hunters. Ugh!

Mayor Mike Christie drops his balls at the Junior Football Field

YouTube Preview Image

Is Mayor Huether going to address the Minnehaha County Commission on Tuesday, September 1st?

The County Commission has not yet posted their agenda for Tuesday, September 1st, so I am not sure if it will be a planned presentation or public input. But if it is public input, I must remind the county commission to only allow him to speak for five minutes, which I know will be difficult for him, especially after watching him ramble for over 20 minutes during Chief Barthel’s retirement announcement.

The rumor floating around is that he is going to talk to the commission about ‘working’ with them. I guess it has only taken him 5 years to figure out we have a county government.


Mayor Huether to pull a Chris Christie on Saturday

In case the audio doesn’t work for you:

. . . Wanted to let you know that you’re invited to our kick off Saturday celebration that is taking place at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning prior to the game is beginning, Sanford helicopter will be landing on field two and dropping off the balls. Mayor Huether will be in the helicopter and also get out and have a little bit of a speech about mission accomplished because our fields are now finished up in Sioux Falls . . .

Looks like a little Deja Vu to me. I thought the Junior Football fields were completed a long time ago?


So what’s the connection between Sioux Falls Democratic Mayor Huether and a voting rights lawsuit in Jackson County?

We will get to that in a moment, but a little background;

Jackson County is spending one and a half million of your tax dollars (not their local dollars, but yours, South Dakotans!) to keep Lakota people in Wanblee and other Indian communities from enjoying similar access to early voting as white folks near Kadoka enjoy. Dennis Olson, chairman of the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance that is footing the bill for Jackson County’s racist resistance, calls the Lakota lawsuit for a satellite early voting center “frivolous” and “just one of those things you have to put up with.”

Don’t tell O.J. Semans that fighting for Indian voting rights is frivolous. Semans, the executive director of Indian voting rights advocacy group Four Directions, takes issue with Olson’s seeming disdain for Indian voting rights

See, they are taking this lawsuit money from the Assurance Alliance (Sioux Falls taxpayers are the biggest contributors to their funds) to fight giving voters in Jackson County around $20K in HAVA funds that already are sitting in an account at the SOS office. Sounds pretty idiotic? Right? Unless of course you are someone who doesn’t like Native Americans and don’t think they should vote, you know like a lot of those West River Teabagging Republicans. So you ask ‘where does a good Democrat like Mayor Huether fit in to this picture?’ You would think as an upstanding member of his party he would put his foot down and tell the SD Public Assurance Alliance to drop the suit because Democrats across the state believe in voter equality. But I’m sure you are asking, why would the SDPAA listen to him? Gee, I don’t know, because he appointed two of the Board Members to the Alliance; Mike Hall, Director of Risk Management for the City of Sioux Falls and Secretary of the Alliance and Tracy Turbak, Director of Finance for the City of Sioux Falls. The mayor has a little (a lot) pull in these matters.

Some may say, “Well maybe the mayor has tried to intervene, or at least try to get his appointments to intervene.” I don’t know. Maybe he has, but it doesn’t seem he has been to successful if that was the case. Then there was a certain ‘incident’.

See, when this all started, O.J. Semans asked to have a meeting with the mayor to discuss the case and to see if the mayor would speak with the Alliance about dropping this silliness. After not being able to get an appointment, O.J. did what every good determined person does when dealing with government officials, he showed up in person to the mayor’s office asking to have a few minutes with the mayor, assuming of course he knew why O.J. was there. Seems like a pretty big deal? Right? Why wouldn’t the mayor just hear him out for at least 5 minutes? After a back and forth with the Mayor’s secretary, O.J. was still refused the meeting. So back to square one.

So apparently our good (Democratic) mayor thinks it is more ‘prudent’ to blow $1.5 million of tax dollars on a frivolous lawsuit they will lose then to give already set aside Federal dollars to a couple of satellite voting sites in Indian Country.

The West River Teabaggers are either elated or really confused.

BID Tax Bugs