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Was Mayor Huether’s trip a primer to sell us a ND pipeline?

Just when I couldn’t keep my conspiracy theories together, thinking Mike and Lloyd made a trip to the Antarctica of the Dakotas to invest in housing up there, this unique little story pops up (H/T – Red Angel);

Energy Transfer Partners LP of Dallas, Texas, says it expects to have the $3.7 billion, 1,100-mile Bakken Pipeline completed and in service by the end of 2016.

South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Chairman Gary Hanson said officials there first learned about the project from landowners three to four weeks before being contacted by company officials.

“At first it was very much a stealth pipeline type of a situation for us, because we heard about it from landowners who had been contacted by the company,” Hanson said. “We didn’t hear about it originally from the company itself, which is unusual.”

The pipeline would continue its diagonal route through South Dakota, passing near Redfield and Sioux Falls, and bisect Iowa before reaching its final destination in Patoka, Ill.

See, XL is probably dead in the water, they are looking at moving the pipeline to Canada. Now we have this new pipeline to contend with. But the fight with podunk farmers will probably be an easy one, and our push over PUC will also cave. Then comes Harrisburg and Sioux Falls. Lot’s of money to be made in land deals, and who could sell the city residents on such a deal? Well of course the best damn salesperson turned mayor we have ever seen (doesn’t hurt he is ooozing with transparency :(

See, he sold us another Walmart (maybe two) an events center, a tennis center (so his wife can play in winter) an indoor pool, etc., etc. What is stopping him on selling us a pipeline?

It will be fun to watch city leadership when it comes to developing this pipeline. Looks like it is time to wake up the petition gathering folks, this will probably be the biggest fight city hall has ever seen.


It is the only word I can use to describe the Mayor’s recent proposal;

One thing that sparked Mayor Huether’s interest was a penny sales tax that brings in additional revenue.

“Now, you need voter approval of course. It needs to be for a specific project. And yes, there has to be an end date in terms of when this funding or sales tax would stop,” Huether said.

Williston recently completed a sales tax increase that raised money for parks and $70 Million for a new recreation center.

Williston is now working with the state to create a new sales tax that would be split between the city and county. Something that Huether believes could benefit our area as well.

“I thought that was very intriguing. You’re hearing from the folks here in Minnehaha County how they’re burdened with the boom town of Sioux Falls. The city is growing and flourishing, doing quite well. And you’ve got the county of course that has to take care of some of the social needs, some of the social ills that come along with that growth,” Huether said.

We need to raise taxes in Sioux Falls!?

Are you f’ing kidding me?!

The problem with the county’s budget has NOTHING to do with revenue stream, it has to do with state law. We don’t need to raise sales taxes to fund them, we need to change state law so the 2nd penny, or at least alcohol taxes can be shared with them.

There’s a history lesson here folks. When the 2nd penny was initially introduced, it was for roads and was only supposed to be used for a limited time. That ship sailed, it is still here and it is used on everything from pickleball courts to dog parks. What’s more important to you? A fair and well managed county judicial system or pickleball?

Let’s also look at when they raised the 2nd penny to .08 six years ago. Supposed to go towards arterial roads, that plan has been a bust and in the meantime the city has collected around $30 million dollars in which they have just tucked away or used on other projects. Which is fine, but the intent of the increase was based on a bald-faced lie. What I am saying is the city doesn’t exactly have a very good track record when it comes to following through with it’s promises.

Also, take into account the city changed water/sewer over to enterprise funds. This gave them an excuse to raise our rates so they could fix infrastructure. Guess what? The 2nd Penny CIP money is supposed to be used for that, there is NO reason they had to raise our rates. The problem is the money  is being spent on bond commitments and entertainment so the city had to find infrastructure money someplace else. Raise Rates (taxes).

Make no mistake, this city is FLUSH in extra money, we could easily give the county 25% of our 2nd penny, and wouldn’t even scratch us.

Like I said above it is time for a change in law, not a sales tax increase. Not to mention sales taxes have proven to be the most regressive form of taxation in the nation.

It has to be one of the most selfish, ignoramus things this mayor has EVER suggested, he should be ashamed of even suggesting it.


Mayor Huether responds to councilor Jamison’s comments about ‘bearing some responsibility for creating a party atmosphere’ at Van Eps. You can hear Huether say under his breath while his microphone is on ‘Oh My God’

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Rabbits, Deer, Potlucks and Dreams


The mayor has a new picture of himself on the city website, and I just happened to read his BIO;

On May 17, 2010, he was sworn in as Mayor and captured a dream he had since the sixth grade.

So while he was growing up in Yankton, he dreamed of being the Sioux Falls mayor. Interesting. He also has some strange social events he likes to attend;

In his “spare” time, Mayor Mike enjoys running, tennis, working on his yard, is an avid hunter, and attends as many potlucks as he can.

I wonder what he brings to the potlucks? Rabbit Stew?


How will the council vote on banning alcohol in SF parks?


The Sioux Falls city council is scheduled to vote on banning alcohol at Van Eps and Tower parks at Tuesday night’s meeting (Item #5).

I couldn’t really tell you how the vote will go. I know some are for it, some are against it. Lately I’ve been swaying to be against the ban. If it is okay for me to drink at Terrace Park during a fundraiser like ‘Jam Against Hunger’ why isn’t okay for people to drink at Van Eps? I guess I started to look at it as discrimination in a way. Besides, the cold weather will take care of the issue here shortly. A ban at this point is already too little, too late.

No matter if you agree with the ban or not, I find it ironic that the mayor has been on the soap box lately supporting the ban. I have said along he had the power to implement this band two months ago, instead he installs more picnic tables and porta-potties, and did nothing but let the county, the PD, the parks board and the city council deal with the situation, very slowly.

Thanks Mike for doing your job, avoiding making the ‘tough’ decisions.

Rabbits and Deer

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It’s the ABV that will get you, Whoa Nellie!


Will the SF Ethics Commission share an opinion on Mayor Huether being an Obama Delegate?


Where’s Waldo Huether? (he’s hiding in the back row-click to enlarge)

I find it interesting that the Ethics Commission would find it Unethical for councilors Erickson and Staggers to be committee members for the Minnehaha County Republican Party, but say nothing about Huether being a delegate for Obama.

Like I have said, I find NO conflicts with either. Huether serving as a delegate for the Democratic party for Obama has NOTHING to do with him acting as our mayor, just like the committee positions for the Republican party have nothing to do with the city council.

If Huether wants to assist his party, as do Erickson and Staggers, that is fine, and I find no conflicts. But there is a conflict. Why are councilors being treated differently when reviewing ethical behavior? I think someone needs to ask an opinion about Huether being a delegate, just as the councilors were. All is fair in Love and War.

As for Karsky, he really needs to resign from either the Chamber Board or the City Council. The Chamber works too closely with the council, it is way to close for comfort and an obvious conflict of interest.

Never? That word may come back to haunt you.

The mayor said in last night’s meeting (FF: 10:45);

“We have never turned anyone away at these meetings . . . everyone has had an opportunity to engage the council . . . we have only asked they limit their comments to 5 minutes.”

After a citizen pointed out someone the city has filed charges against had to spend 6.5 hours in jail and could not attend the council meeting the night of their arrest to make a presentation because of being incarcerated.*

Mike’s above statement is the biggest load of crap I have heard out of his mouth. At the December 18, 2012 Council Meeting  citizens who supported a joint election with the school district for snowgates were censored (20 minute time limit imposed on a group of about 40 people by then council chair Erpenbach, and approved by the mayor). If you do the math, that is about 30 seconds a piece.

As I have told Mayor Huether in an email after that meeting;

“You can laud transparency all you want but I’m sorry Mike, just saying something doesn’t make it so. Limiting public testimony to 20 minutes and making up the rule before the meeting started without informing your fellow councilors was blatant CENSORSHIP! ”

His response;

However, in fairness to Councilor Erpenbach and the process, ALL OF THE COUNCILORS were notified about the managing the debate time or “20 minute conversation” at 1:47pm on Monday.  Your comment about “making up the rule before the meeting started without informing your fellow councilors” is not accurate.  Whether or not the Councilors made the time to review it or whether or not they wanted to be open and transparent or not to you and to the public, I can’t verify.”

I found out later they were notified in an EMAIL, not a phone call, and several of the councilors did not see the email before the Tuesday meeting.

Mike seems to think some of us have short memories, but his lack of transparency has been following him since day one. He has been trying to stifle citizen advocates all along.

*As for the citizen that was incarcerated for 6.5 hours. They were told a few weeks ago (over the phone) that there was a warrant for their arrest (charges filed by the city) and that they should come to the jail the following week to be processed. The charge only required a recognizance bond (you don’t have to pay any bail). Normally it means you show up, you get processed and fingerprinted and are told what you are being officially charged with. Instead, they were jailed for 6.5 hours for processing.

Mayoral succession

Myself and some South DaCola foot soldiers were discussing what happens if a mayor of Sioux Falls is forced to resign (due to health, death, personal issues or criminal reasons). The mayor has already appointed someone to succeed him in the event. I believe it goes;

  1. Traci Turbak, Finance Director
  2. Mark Cotter, Public Works director

After that I believe it goes to either the Planning Director or the Chief of Police. From there I think the city council can appoint someone until a special election can happen. Not sure. But these days the way politicians come and go, it is always good to have a plan.