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B-N-B & Too Late Todd censor Cameraman Bruce, to his amusement

Bruce tried to call in and converse with Hizzoner after the mayor sputtered his normal blather about the internets, facebooks and blogs ‘manipulating’ videos on B-N-B’s show this morning. After getting into a back and forth with Todd on the phone, Bruce just laughed at him. Todd didn’t want the conversation to spin in that direction. In other words, just let the mayor spew what he wants to without anyone holding him accountable. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, and why I don’t call in anymore, because Greg and Todd are NOT journalists, they are DJ’s that sell tranny repair and old folks apartments.

As I have argued about the ‘video manipulation’ I will agree with the mayor that we do add commentary to the videos (normally a scrawl across the top or bottom of the screen) but we have NEVER manipulated the video either visually and especially not audio. When the mayor or any other official says what they say, it’s all on them, we don’t do voice overs. MMM acts like we are the Sioux Falls version of Bad Lip Reading, not the case at all.

But what I found ironic is that while B-N-B was actually defending recording the parks board meetings in the name of transparency, Too Late Todd was censoring Bruce. Oh the irony of the conservative and the liberal running a radio show (they are neither BTW, just proud members of the ‘Suck Up’ party).

SE Podcast Part I

The podcast was two parts. This is the first part. Recorded Jan 21, 2017.

Rick Knobe calls bloggers who cover city politics ‘wackos’

During his interview today with city councilor Christine Erickson (who kept her opinion to herself, only saying there is a group of regulars). Knobe went on a mini-rant about bloggers (which is ironic because he has a blog on this radio station’s website) going as far as calling us wackos.

I’m not offended, really I am not. Knobe and his counterpart, B-N-B say ridiculous things all the time because of their ignorance of local government. In fact, he didn’t even know the planning commission meetings are recorded live (neither did councilor Erickson).

He accused bloggers of saying things all times of the day. Well guess what, Rick, I do because #1 I can, and #2 I am informed and #3 I want to inform the citizens about things our local media does not.

As for us wacko bloggers, I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for our constant pressure, more transparency wouldn’t be appearing suddenly on the council. The million dollar settlement and secrecy lawsuit would have never happened surrounding the events center if it wasn’t for the big mouth of this wacko blogger.

I could go on and on about how much I have informed the public over the past decade and affected positive change for the citizens of this city. So if that makes me a ‘wacko’ I guess I’m a proud wacko.

Featured Guest

Excited to be the next guest on the podcast (Saturday). We will talk politics, of course. If you have any thing I should talk about, let me know.

Changes to South DaCola

You may have noticed some updates to DaCola. It’s still a work in progress and much more to come. You will notice;

• Huether Administration count down clock,

• Weather Updates

• Latest videos

• Latest local news feeds

I’m also working on connecting with Twitter and Facebook, and more changes to come.

UPDATE: Argus News Director charged with DUI

Took a couple of days, but at least they are being forthright;

Argus Leader Media News Director Cory Myers was arrested Saturday night for suspected drunken driving following a traffic stop on Interstate 229 in Lincoln County.

Most are shocked it wasn’t someone else at the AL, especially after I saw this certain reporter (the someone else) driving down Phillips Avenue last summer with a pint of beer in his hand. When I questioned him about it, he said he was looking for a closer parking spot to Stogeez. Maybe he will learn something from his boss.

More muck at Sioux Falls Daily?

I guess someone in management had to take a trip in a Black Mariah to the Heartbreak Hotel this past weekend. We will see how this plays out between the pages.

Is Mayor Huether prepping a local TV station to be his prop-wing if he announces running for higher office

A couple of weeks ago Brian Allen got all giddy about his ‘exclusive’ interview with the mayor about his future plans (in an empty room at the Old Courthouse). The mayor told him, what he has told everyone else; not ready to make an announcement yet. They also did a glowing interview about Huether Family Moth Ball center and his wife winning a national tennis award.

Today they decide that is was a news story that the mayor talked to a classroom of students (like he has dozens of times during his administration);

“He makes it sound like it’s changing the world then just being part of a government.”

Yeah, and after you are done taking advice from the mayor on making change in the world, pick up a copy of mein kampf, it also has some great ideas on changing the world.

There is a difference between ‘Readership’ and ‘Circulation’


At the Minnehaha County Commission Meeting on Tuesday (FF:9:40), Carol Muller presented this chart when talking about choosing the county’s legal notice newspapers. She seemed to have confused ‘circulation’ with ‘readership’. But throughout the discussion, a couple of commissioners and even an Argus reporter got confused about circulation and readership. Eventually, the reporter, Mr. Walker did clarify that the circulation was different and made an estimate (that was close). According to the SD Newspaper Association website, the AL’s circulation is 26,137 daily and 36,000 on Sundays. Circulation means ‘printed and delivered’ papers. Readership is in reference to basically an assumption that more then one person reads a single printed paper. In other words, the number isn’t based on crap and is made up.

It’s unfortunate that Carol presented the wrong description to the commissioners. Hopefully Walker was abled to clear it up. Either way, a circulation of between 26-36,000 is pretty bad considering a metro area of over 250,000 residents.

UPDATE: Guests on VPU, 4:30 PM


Cameraman Bruce and I are scheduled guests on Viewpoint University on Tuesday, January 3 on KSOO. We will be on between 4-5 PM. We will be discussing our expectations for city government in 2017, and probably a bunch of other stuff.