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DaCola’s cameraman is finally recognized as ‘Press’

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I really think it is because he was approaching the stage . . .

Cameraman Bruce was anointed media by the city of Sioux Falls on August 31, 2015 Sioux Falls Rail Yard Porkfest. Do you know why we are enjoying this? We’ll explain.

At several city pressers during the last year the Mayor has made a public point of being belligerent toward our cameraman Bruce. He likes to ask questions the mayor doesn’t like asked. You know, the kind of questions you would ask if you had the chance. The Mayor shouted him down at Spellerberg Pool. The Mayor gaveled him at a City Council meeting. We won’t talk about the special attention the Mayor gave him back in April (saved for another time). Oh and how about the last rail yard announcement in city hall when the mayor made a special point of excluding Bruce from being a questioner?

There are more, but today we celebrate the acknowledgement of our Southdacola.com cameraman Bruce as city of Sioux Falls official media. At least for the day… Ya gotta start somewhere, I guess.

Chad McKenzie really misses the mark on this one

I guess I have really never listened to Chad’s blabbering on his cup of coffee show or whatever he does, but this ridiculous claim about the later school start date was literally pulled out of his butt (or a friend’s butt);

In case you’ve forgotten, the Sioux Falls Public Schools don’t begin until after Labor Day this year. Remember – back in April we actually had a public vote on the issue – thanks to a vocal group of lake cabin moms (sorry, personal conjecture on my part).

While most area schools are already back in session (I’m writing this on Monday August 24), the Sioux Falls public students still have two more weeks of vacation left. They’re not scheduled to return until Tuesday September 8, with school then ending on June 2.

After visiting with a friend who works part-time at a big box store, I’m wondering how many Sioux Falls public parents are having a difficult time finding all the necessary school supplies for their kids. Seems the shelves are bare – and have been for awhile.

I’m guessing those who voted ‘yes’ for the calendar change never thought about the possible consequences down the road. I’ve heard from several parents of public students complaining about all the school supplies being picked over and even completely gone.

My hope is if you’re reading this, and you have a child in the Sioux Falls Public School system, you went out early on and purchased everything your child needed for school. If not – good luck. From what I hear, it’s slim pick ins’ out there.

Then again, I guess you could always call one of those ‘Lake Cabin Moms’ and see if they have any connections. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help you out – (wink, wink)!

We will get to the ‘Lake Cabin Moms’ statement in a moment. But to think that;

1) A Walmart greeter is an expert on retail inventory of a big box store is like saying I’m an expert on international public policy because I run a blog.

2) Just because SF public schools are starting 3 weeks later doesn’t mean parents are holding off their shopping for 3 weeks.

3) Let’s say that they are holding off, good for them, they will be able to take advantage of the sales. In fact, Jesse Schmidt from the BBB said the best time to go shopping for school supplies is in October to get the best deals.

4) And lastly, if places like Staples and Office Max didn’t keep inventory, they would be out of business.

Obviously, Chad’s comments about school supply shortages are ridiculous, but his comment about ‘Lake Cabin Moms’ couldn’t be further from the truth. Three of the ladies involved in the petition drive all have very respected jobs. One is a communications/marketing director, one works in administration for a college and one is an elected city official, hardly ‘house wives’ that spend their summers at the Lake Cabin.

Of course I wouldn’t expect anything less from Chad. Go back to blabbering about ice cream and breakfast bagels, or whatever you talk about on your silly show and leave the discussion about local public policy up to those who understand it.

We will be praying for you Cade!



Longtime KRRO DJ and Program Director, Ben ‘Cade’ Anderson is undergoing brain surgery tomorrow;

“My main focus is Wednesday, August 26 at 10:30 in the morning. I need him to go in and I need him to wake up. So everything else can wait even though we have things we have to take care of. That’s what we need,” Kaskie said.

Godspeed to Cade, and knowing the guy he is, he will make a speedy recovery. I have been on his morning show several times and he was a guest on one of my podcasts. Funny, wonderful person. There will also be a fundraiser for Cade;

Two sports teams are hosting a benefit raffle on Tuesday to help a local DJ with medical costs.

The Sioux Falls Canaries, along with the Sioux Falls Stampede, will sell raffle tickets on Tuesday at Sioux Falls Stadium.

Longtime DJ Ben “Cade” Anderson will undergo brain surgery after suffering from intense seizures last week.

Prizes from the raffle include game tickets and memorabilia. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Cade’s Emergency Fund.

The Canaries play 7 p.m. against the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks.

Why is our local newspaper endorsing a TIF?

How does that old saying go about ‘Fair and Balanced’ reporting? The Argus Leader Editorial Board and columnist Jodi Schwan both have endorsed using a TIF for the Washington Square project, something I would expect out of Stormland TV news (who is always sucking up to city subsidized projects) but I found it to be a little strange for our local newspaper.

Then there is the tired old argument that TIF’s are needed for any of these projects to succeed;

But it all comes down to public-private partnerships.

They’re not important. They’re absolute. They’re critical. You can’t do it without them,” he said. “If you’re setting out to do something transformational for your city, it’s impossible to do it with only private money. You need at least a third of the money … to come from the public sector.”

Let’s think about that. The Houwmans are looking for less than 15 percent of their financing from TIF with no other public funding. Stark is saying one-third is justifiable.

While I am all out opposed to TIF’s, especially when big developers make ridiculous statements about them being the lifeblood of redevelopment, let’s say for a moment I supported them. I think a TIF would be fine for the utility work and cleaning up the alley between Main and Phillips Avenue, but 15% of the total cost? I don’t think so. There seems to be this movement by developers (and investors) in Sioux Falls (who have already seen record growth over the past several years) to feed at government’s trough. While a TIF is certainly not a handout, it is a rebate on property taxes (and they are requesting the rebate for 10 years). While the County struggles to make ends meet (they are considering another opt-out) we want to give another private development millions in tax rebates.

Worst of all, they have suckered our local paper into believing that somehow we need more parking in that area (that can only be used at night and weekends).

I think this project should sink or swim on it’s own. No pulling strings behind closed doors in City Hall or at our local paper. If we really want Downtown to be successful in development we need a stronger concerted effort of helping private homeowners and apartment owners surrounding downtown with fixing streets, infrastructure and community development grants and loans. Neighborhoods and districts are built by individuals helping each other. A couple more condos at 12th & Main in no way should be funded partially through property tax rebates, and shame on the Argus for getting in the middle of the fight that is between the developers and our local government.

A real professional

I did not attend the Eagles concert, and I think it certainly improved my quality of life.


KSFY gone Wild!


I wondered ‘who’ or at least ‘how’ they would replace Nancy.

No worries, Carleen Wild has just showed up.

Columnist should learn the basics of municipal government before writing about it

Yes, municipal governments work with the school districts in their respective territories and often school and municipal elections share a ballot like they will next Tuesday in Rapid City, BUT . . . (Stu Whitney column)

Building a new sports and entertainment complex. Working to improve race relations. Finding ways to ensure schools are properly funded. Forging relationships with businesses to spark growth.

This is what you get when you take a sports writer and turn him into a city columnist overnight. Lack of understanding.

Municipal governments have NO control over School District funding, and vice versa.

While it is nice for the mayoral candidates to weigh in on the school district opt-out in Rapid City or school start dates in Sioux Falls (as our mayor thought appropriate) they really have no control over it. That is NOT a leadership issue, it is a governing/jurisdiction issue.

Please, do us all a favor and do a little research on the basic tenants of local government. After all, it is where the big decisions are made, not in publicly supplemented indoor tennis courts.

Really!? Is Stormland-TV news turning into FOX News?


For the record it is the ‘Republican’ and ‘Democratic’ parties. Not sure when that has changed? (KELO-TV screenshot)

I wondered what the John Thune press release news station would do for coverage of the President, so I toggled back and forth between them and KSFY while watching live yesterday. I will admit KSFY did a better job, even though it got tiresome hearing Brian Allen say ‘awesome’ & ‘amazing’ every time he saw a presidential seal and grumpy-grouchy Nancy continually interrupting so she could tell us about the color of the carpet at the White House. But at least they praised the presidential visit, instead of turning it into a pouty-pants party for Noem-Rounds-Thune.

When I heard the above Stormland reporter say ‘Democrat’ party in his report and it being on closed caption, I just shook my head. This is what it has come to in the MSM in South Dakota, partisanship, awesomeness and whole lot of caring.

Dana Dykehouse on the Su Fu Stupid show, 5/5/2015

Once in awhile I change my name when I comment on the Argus Leader Media online shows. Mainly because I think when DaCola asks questions they get deleted or not asked.

Last Tuesday I was commenter ‘Hot Air’ even though I think Patrick Lalley was a little suspicious it might be Detroit Lewis.

Dana started the show by talking about the Dakota scholarships, or whatever they are calling them. I posted this question (and Pat asked it);

“Instead of throwing $50 million at a couple hundred students so we can chain them up to a low wage manufacturing job in SD for 3 years, why not spend that money on reducing the cost of Vo-Tech education for everyone?”

Dana made some comment about the conspiracy of ‘indentured servants’ and ignored the vision that President Obama actually talked about today in Watertown, affordable or FREE community college education for all.

Then I got a good belly role out of Dana’s comments about how all the Events Center Task Forces worked together. I made this comment (Patrick posted it, but did not relay the comment):

“The Event Center Tack force worked together? LOL! I recall you stomping out of a few meetings after you pouted about not getting your way.”

Dana went into a mild rant about the ‘unintended consequences’ of the federal credit card regulations (mostly on marketing).

I made this comment (also posted but not relayed to Dana);

“Your credit card division’s marketing practices were one of the main reasons the FEDS put in the regs!”

I wanted to go further and comment that our very mayor ran that division, but it was hard to keep up . . .

Dana began to defend ‘Pay Day’ Lenders. He argued people needed them for ‘quick money’ to get out of a bind, and the usual lines you hear from these kind of lending predators, so I played nice, and Patrick actually asked my question;

“What did ‘these people’ do before pay day lenders? High interest credit cards or Food Stamps? Really, I ask the question?”

Of course Dana, as I suspected brought up loan sharks and mobsters, he even went as far as saying, “Have you seen the movie Rocky?” LMAO! So I made this comment (Pat also posted it, but didn’t relay the comment to Dana)

“I knew that was going to be your answer, everyone went to the mobsters. Sure, Dana. Actually, people depended on family and friends to help them, and when their neighbors helped them, they didn’t charge them a 300% interest rate.”

Then Dana started bragging how private investors, including himself, gave almost $100 million for upgrades to the SDSU sports palaces, some named after him.

I made a comment about how it was good that he took advantage of all those people on high interest credit cards so he could take his personal wealth and build these facilities. Lalley was not amused and did not post the comment, but did say this;

“I could only go so far hot air. Thanks all.”

I couldn’t resist to finish the show with one last comment (that was posted) about how unimaginative the host is;

“Stu, not sure if you know normal everyday peeps in our town that do great things, but in the future, I suggest you ask them to be a guest on your show.”

South Dakota’s Top Newspapers Circulation

I had a foot soldier send me this link yesterday, I found it interesting that the smaller cities in SD take more pride in their local newspaper then the larger ones, and their circulation is more in line with the population.

The Argus Leader, Sioux Falls

Circulation Type: Daily
Daily Circulation: 26,720
Sunday Circulation: 44,550

APROX POP: 169,000

Rapid City Journal, Rapid City

Circulation Type: Daily
Daily Circulation: 20,656
Sunday Circulation: 25,856

APROX POP: 71,000

Yankton Press & Dakotan, Yankton

Circulation Type: Daily
Daily Circulation: 7,479

APROX POP: 14,500

Capital Journal, Pierre

Circulation Type: Daily
Daily Circulation: 2,932

APROX POP: 14,000

American News, Aberdeen

Circulation Type: Daily
Daily Circulation: 12,779
Sunday Circulation: 14,397

APROX POP: 27,300

The Plainsman, Huron

Circulation Type: Daily
Daily Circulation: 6,206

APROX POP: 13,000


Circulation Type: Daily
Daily Circulation: 9,336

APROX POP: 22,000