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Stehly to be guest on the Good Ship Lalley Pop Show

Day 3 of the KSOO radio show experiment will feature Theresa Stehly (about 4:30). I will admit, for being a green horn at this, Lalley is doing a pretty good job. Shout out to Dan Peters for his excellent production and guidance.

PART II: Argus Leader Joe Sneve talks city business on SE Podcast.

Episode II

He also mentions getting in trouble with the mayor for drinking a beer with me and Cameraman Bruce. (EP 1)

Who reads the Argus Leader?

I’m not sure what the demographic is. My assumption has always been it is businesses and elderly who still have a subscription. Below you will see a memo sent to the city council (they have to designate the paper, the official paper of the city for legal notices on Tuesday night). With a city of 178K and over 60K households, the circulation numbers are not exactly stellar (19,568 weekdays and 31,468 on Sundays). Compare that to Yankton with a pop of 14K and circulation of 7,300 or Mitchell with a population of 15K and circulation of 9,400 or Aberdeen with a pop of 26K and a circulation of 10,700, and it seems the small town papers have more support.

Herry Groton?

Someone told me about Perry’s new look a few weeks ago, and it seems it is real. But I’m curious if he is just styling it different or got a full on Mitch Krebs? Either way, I think it looks good, and I applaud Groton. I know it’s probably not easy for a reporter to try something new when it comes to personal appearances.

Jon Michaels’ Forum

Detroit Lewis was the guest on Forum this week. It airs on KELO-AM & FM on Sunday morning. The Podcast will be up Friday.

We talked about many topics, including ambulance, school board election, municipal election, code enforcement, food tax and transparency in government.

You know what is really disgusting?

A foul mouth red head, but disgusting?

Okay, we have all heard about Griffin. I agree, she should not have done what she did, and should have treated a sitting president better. Personally, I think Griffin is funny, but you have to be into gay men humor, which is really her style. If you are a gay man or have male gay friends, you get it. If you are an ultra conservative that thinks gays are sinners, well, I get why you don’t understand her.

To be honest, I really didn’t get her joke about Trump. Was I disgusted? A little, but more bewildered then anything. It wasn’t funny, and really wasn’t her style.

But something about this controversy really ticked me off. The word people used over and over again was ‘disgusting’. And I get it.

But do you know what is truly disgusting? A presidential candidate who brags about grabbing women’s vaginas, calls them pigs, calls his opponent a ‘Nasty Women’ etc. etc. Everyone thought that was just fine. Well it wasn’t, it was truly ‘disgusting’. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Now hopefully Griffin goes back to what she is good at, and we can only wish our president would go back to his previous job to, or better yet, just go away.

NEW Podcast in Sioux Falls dedicated to Female Leaders

I have not listened to the podcasts yet, but plan to.

In other news, South DaCola is working on bringing back a podcast with a local politico. We are in the planning stages right now. I will keep you posted.

Local news gets the byline right for once

2016 Absentee Voting at Schlotzsky’s

I will have to admit, the first time I watched this video, I was so confused because I couldn’t understand why Bob Litz was handing out sample ballots at Schlotzsky’s for an election that already happened. Welcome to Trump World.

UPDATE: Ellis probably should have ‘confirmed’ this before tweeting it

UPDATE: Ellis did apologize for his tweet yesterday, and in his defense, Hagen did have a brother die, even if it was a step brother.

If you’ve been following the Eric Hagen trial, you’ve noticed that J. Ellis has been tweeting for the Argus Leader. Did you catch the tweet yesterday that stated Eric Hagen’s brother might be dead?

That’s pretty sloppy journalism.  According to a foot soldier who knows the Hagen family what made it truly a living nightmare is that Eric Hagen is from this area.  His aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents were all alerted to that tweet and had several hours of crying and anguish before they could reach Eric’s only brother to confirm he was alive and ok.  He travels a lot and lives in L.A., so it was very plausible Eric’s brother could have died and his relatives not been notified yet. With Ellis being part of the press pool, he may have had access to alternative information. While he does say that it ‘needed to be confirmed’ it should not have been tweeted at all until he knew for sure.
I’m starting to wonder if anyone at the AL even gives a rip anymore.
Oh, and BTW, not only is Eric’s Brother still alive, Eric is a free man;

Eric Hagen was acquitted Wednesday by a jury in Flandreau that needed only a couple of hours to deliberate. Hagen and his company consulted with the Flandreau Santee Sioux in 2015 on the project.The tribe eventually torched its crop amid fears of a federal raid, and Hagen was charged with several counts related to marijuana possession.

Hagen says the state overstepped its authority in bringing the case. He says he “never once thought that I was guilty.”

Oh the irony of this case compared to when Fatty Patty Powwers was running his political trinket business out of the SOS’s office. Jackley tries to charge Hagen with possession of a product the tribe owned, because Jackboots knew he couldn’t go after the tribe. When Stan Adelstein accused Pat Powerless, as sitting deputy SOS, of ‘borrowing’ intellectual property from the state to help his personal political consulting business, Jackley finds Mr. Fish & Chips NOT GUILTY of stealing (money or other materials from the state). Something he wasn’t accused of to begin with.
And this guy wants to be governor. LMFAO.