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And you thought I had bad typos

I often joke with Councilor Stehly that KELO-AM‘s blog often spells her name multiple different ways. All I can say is ‘Fake News’.

CityLink staff must be bored

I guess now with Former Mayor Bucktooth and Bowlcut gone, media services doesn’t have to cover a press conference every time someone had a bowel movement, so now they have to fill in the time with other pressing projects. In fact, I think Mayor TenHaken has had ONLY one press conference since he took the helm. It has been refreshing, unfortunately, this video is NOT;

Cameraman Bruce makes CNN

So I guess they had a few questions about Butina’s lover;

Bruce Danielson, a local resident heavily involved in local politics, said Erickson’s “whole life is connections. He would work a room, like nobody could. Just to make the connections needed to make sure everybody knew he was there.”
“Paul always gravitated towards where power was at,” Danielson said.
Maybe Bruce should have also told them how Paul’s dad blew the roof off the Dakota Dome in the late 70’s. But that’s a story for a different day.

Stormland-TV News plans implosion in October

So Stormland-TV made this decision;

“We are extremely happy to add journalist Bob Mercer to our newsroom,” said Jay Huizenga Vice President and General Manager of the KELOLAND Media Group.  “Bob is a well-respected reporter and columnist and he will provide perspective and experience to our government and political reporting.”

I wonder how they are going to handle having an experienced political reporter on staff? My guess is that the place will implode. I can’t wait to hear the first conversation between Mercer and the News Director, “This is a nice story and all Bob, but there is NO mention of Sanford Hospital in here. We will need a re-write.”

Schwan’s weekly column about integrity in journalism and ‘Fake News’

Jodi made some good points about what separates real journalism from bad journalism;

It’s not fake news just because you don’t agree with it. That’s the understanding those of us in the media have to reach with our readership.

But the prevalence of true “fake news” – accounts created by those other than journalists producing pieces designed to feel like news – puts a higher burden on all of us.

I have often been careful to tell my readers on here whether something is a fact, or if it is a rumor that I’m looking into. I never want anyone coming here saying, “South DaCola said this, so it must be true.” I try to encourage my readers to do their own research and to ask questions of their elected leaders. Ask them if something is true or not. Don’t just make the assumption that since Schwan, the Argus or South DaCola said it, it may be true or untrue.

I think I’m a little different than those ‘news’ sources, because I ask my readers to look for the real story. You may NOT agree with my editorial style or political philosophies, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking the truth. The ‘News’ is only as good as the quality of information supplied to the reporters. That is why MORE open government and transparency only improves the quality of the news we receive. It’s easy to say something is ‘fake’ when we are not getting all the facts. Former Mayor Coors Light & Olives used blather all the time on various media sources that blogs or the Argus were ‘getting it wrong’. Well how would we know since your administration would never provide us with all the facts. This is why the Argus took the city to the SD Supreme Court over the siding settlement. What did we find out? We found out that the administration was lying about the settlement amount. This is why I tell people if you don’t trust me or another media source, look into yourself.

The only person responsible for spreading ‘fake news’ is yourself if you don’t bother to look deeper. This part-time blogger can only do so much.

Has Sanford taken over our local media?

A screenshot of the Argus Leader main page at 10 AM, June 26, 2018.

I know, you are probably laughing at me right now. We have known for awhile that if Sanford isn’t doing it in Sioux Falls, it’s not worth reporting. But really, why would someone pay for an online subscription to the AL to just read about whatever news stories Sanford is feeding them (and probably paying them) for?

Ever since Stormland-TV’s only investigative reporter has been on personal leave, there seems to be NO controversial stories coming from them either. For instance, ‘Why did the trail derailment occur in Doon? Who’s at fault?’ Notice NO one in the local media has asked that question or been given an answer. Is journalism that difficult?

I know some make fun of siouxfalls.business for basically getting paid to write positive business stories about businesses, but #1, Jodi doesn’t hide the fact of what she does, and #2, how is she any different than our supposed unbiased local media? I don’t think the separation is that wide, except for the fact one is being honest about what they do.

Stehly on Lalley, 3:45 Today, KSOO AM 1000

Councilor Stehly to be on Lalley at 3:45 Monday to speak about the effort to shove the citizens to the back of the “Public Input Bus.”

Samantha Bee should be fired as soon as they fire Rush, Hannity and all the other bigot conservative talking heads

Here we go again, a liberal (comedian) calls Ivanka Trump a female body part and the conservative talking heads are freaking out.

First off, I watch Sam’s show. I like it, she has good writers and she has good delivery. I also liked her on the Daily Show and was glad she got her own show. I will admit though, if you are conservative or don’t like potty mouths DON’T WATCH IT. If you think Sam saying the ‘C’ word is over the top you obviously don’t watch her show. I’m sure she drops about 5-6 F-Bombs per episode and a lot of other words you are not going to hear on regular TV.

As for comparing her to Roseanne is far-fetched. First off, as I have pointed out, this is what Sam does, and has from the beginning, she is a liberal slant comedian who hates Trump. She REALLY hates him, and she has writers who run the script through producers. While her use of the English language was VILE, it wasn’t racist, maybe a little sexist, but not racist. I think it is pretty clear when you are a celebrity white person and you call a black person an ‘ape’ that is racist. A female calling another female a body part is NOT racist.

But lastly, what sticks in my craw about all this is that Rush and Hannity and all the other conservative talking heads (who are NOT scripted and NOT comedians) say racist crap non-stop, everyday! Rush has been doing it for over 20 years! I remember, I used to have to listen to him when I worked Saturday’s at KWSN part-time. I would play ‘the best of the week’ reel. He made me ill than, and continues to make me ill. He is a disgusting, bigot, POS, pig and should have been fired years ago.

Some on the right may say the problem with our country (no pun intended) are comedians like Samantha when in fact our country has gone down the racist rabbit hole because we have let people like Rush spew their BS Hate for far too long.

If you want Sam to quit or get fired for her comments, than we need to go down the line and get rid of Rush and the rest of his ilk.

REPLAY: Patrick Lalley Show – KSOO 1000 AM – 4 PM

Not sure what I will be talking about, probably the upcoming primary. REPLAY.

Why aren’t the Democratic Candidates included in debates?

I found it very strange that several public debates are scheduled for governor and congress but the Democrats are not invited?

In all fairness, Bjorkman and Sutton may have declined, which I doubt, but you never know. But I have a feeling they were not asked.

Some would argue this is because the Republicans are the only ones that have a primary, but why not include the Dems? Wouldn’t they add a lot to the debate? It’s almost like the Republicans only matter. Not only are Independents like me left out of an election I am paying for, apparently I am left out of the debates also.

I guess we know which way our media leans.