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Anonymous Press Release about the SFPD FOP

I got this interesting press release sent to me by an anonymous source that was supposedly sent to other news organizations.

I haven’t heard anything in the news since this was sent a few days ago, so I’m really not sure what to think. In other words if this ‘really’ came from them or someone else with a bone to pick. Would be nice to see if anyone from our local media would do a little digging on it, and maybe they have . . .




Sioux Falls City Councilor Theresa Stehly guest on Belfrage Monday Morning (3/20/2017)

Theresa will be talking about several things Monday morning at 8 AM on 1320 with Greg Belfrage, including affordable housing and the downtown parking ramp.

B-N-B tries to bail out his BFF this morning. Epic Fail.

As you know, I have been enjoying listening to Bad Neighbor Belfrage and Too Late Todd before the November elections and have continued. Greg’s bat shit crazy conservatism and commentary from his frequent 4 callers or so have me in stitches. You have to admit, Greg has got it down to a science; when you don’t know your topic – lie, bully or deceive.

Most of the time he gets away with it, but this morning, he got a good ribbing and dug himself a hole.

He posed a question yesterday on I think his twitter account asking what Mayor Mike Huether’s future plans should be? The response was 40% Retire, 16% become a tennis pro, and the remainder was split between Congress and Governor.

B-N-B thinks Hizzoner is going to run for Governor. I think that is what he wants you to think, I still think he is aiming for Congress.

Besides the first caller praising him, and thinking after running for Governor he should run for President (I think I threw up in my car) it went all down hill after that.

What Greg doesn’t realize is that his callers are neo-cons for the most part, and they don’t like a spend happy person like Mike.

Greg of course started to dig the hole before he had his first caller by saying we voted on an indoor pool. He got corrected several times using the old mantra that ‘by voting against an outdoor pool you were voting for an indoor pool’. As a caller pointed out, ‘But that isn’t what was on the ballot’. Many people called in berating the Mayor for spending too much during his tenure (true), bullying his projects thru without consensus (also true), and the one I liked the most was comparing him to Obama (ah, that is a stretch).

If I could have stopped laughing for a few minutes, I would have called in and made my opposition to Huether running for future office very simple, He is a liar. And B-N-B has no problem helping the mayor peddle those lies.

Hard Hitting News?

Want to prevent VD and Crime? Find God.

On the B-N-B show this morning, Greg was preparing listeners for the Mayor’s monthly visit at 8 AM Tuesday (I guess we need to get our adult diapers and barf bags). The topic? The rise of violent crime in Sioux Falls (can’t wait to hear the softballs Greg throws Mike).

One of the reasons my newest obsession is listening to B-N-B‘s show is because of the ‘wisdom’ his listeners dole out. It usually has me in stitches. A caller this morning did not disappoint. This person called in this morning and was talking about the drastic increase in STD’s in young adults (15-25) in Minnehaha and Brookings counties, and at first it sounded like he had some good arguments to make. Then he asks Greg, “Why do you think there has been this drastic increase?” He told Greg it was because of the lack of ‘God’ in young people’s lives.

While a good moral compass isn’t a bad idea, he couldn’t be more wrong. The problem is the lack of education and awareness. When AID’s was running rampant in the homosexual community, they started educating and the rates went down.

The same could be said about crime in Sioux Falls. One of the biggest factors is drug dealing. The community needs to be educated on what to look for, we also need to be getting to young people sooner about drug use. We also need to go whole hog on creating neighborhood watch programs that don’t cost taxpayers diddley, and guess what THEY WORK!

But if I had to take an educated guess as to why crime has increased so drastically in Sioux Falls over the past 5 years, I think it is much simpler then we think;

• Officer retention has been very bad, and SF police officers QUIT at a record rate last year. Not giving a decent COLA didn’t help matters.

• Drug use is going up (happening across the country) and with the lax gun control laws in our state, it is much easier for people to have (get) guns and use them (violently).

• The recession caused a lower class of working people, which tend to commit more crimes, especially when it comes to domestic and drug matters.

• The Boomtown campaign to get people to move here wasn’t well thought out. I don’t think this campaign helped to get professionals or higher income blue collar workers to move here, it got people who were already desperate and suffering where they lived to move here, and let’s face it, wages are not stellar here. In fact, if anything professionals are leaving faster then we are bringing them in. Don’t believe me that lower income workers raided our city? Then why have we seen our food banks and shelters expand so dramatically over the same period of time? While we asked people to move to Sioux Falls, we were not to specific of who we wanted really coming here.

• Also, as a caller this morning pointed out, our core neighborhoods in Sioux Falls are deteriorating, Why? Because we have thrown so much money at big development and urban sprawl, not just tax dollars in the form of TIF’s and Federal dollars but banks have been investing more in the ‘big projects’. How is it that we continue to break building permits each year, yet affordable housing in Sioux Falls is disappearing so fast?

• Lastly, our past and current police chief along with their boss, the mayor, have ignored all the warning signs, and the continue to ignore them.

As we continue to ignore our lower income workers and not pay them better wages, they begin to get desperate, and with desperation comes criminal activity. Maybe we need to hand out more Bibles?

Are public notices in newspapers a waste of money? Sometimes.

As you know, I am big on open government, and public notices are important;

A bill that would allow South Dakota’s 17 largest cities to publish their public notices such as meeting minutes online instead of in the local newspaper was defeated in committee on Thursday.

HB1167 would have allowed cities with populations of more than 5,000 to publish their public notices on their websites, freeing them from the current requirement that notices be published in the local newspaper.

Rep. Greg Jamison, R-Sioux Falls, the bill’s sponsor, said the state’s larger cities are already posting their notices online, as well as broadcasting the meetings.

HB1167 “makes it so it doesn’t have to be in the newspaper,” Jamison said. “That’s the big difference here.”

While I agree alternative methods should be ‘explored’ I do agree with the SD newspaper industry – to an extent;

Justin Smith, an SDNA lobbyist, said that having a third party print the notices ensures that the government “cannot come back later and change them.”

In his work as a lawyer, Smith said, he has at times needed to check on notices published as far back as the 1950s.

“There is forever a record of that information,” Smith said. “1167 would destroy this permanent archive.”

While their arguments are fine and dandy, the issue I have with the way it is now, is that it has to be in a ‘paid subscription paper’ and the problem with our local paper is that they print it on a weekday (not as many subscribers) and in 4-point type. It should really be in the Sunday Paper in at least 6-8 pt type so people don’t have to get out a magnifying glass. I also don’t see a problem with it being in a weekly shopper that doesn’t have subscribers, it may get MORE readership. Right now, the government entities are subject to when the newspapers decide to print the notices, and that isn’t right either. Just Sayin’.

UPDATE: SE Podcast Part I & II

The podcast was two parts. This is the first part. Recorded Jan 21, 2017.

Here is the 2nd part.

What is the cost to follow the Mayor around with a camera?

Theresa Stehly mentioned on B-N-B show this morning that she requested the amount it costs to follow the mayor around with a camera for press conferences and Listening & Learning sessions. The finance director could not give her a solid number saying they really don’t keep track (in other words buried in the CityLink/Media budget.
Huether fancies himself as a great and prudent businessman. He has a director of finance (Turbak) who pretends to know what he is doing controlling the town’s cash. This director of the cash doesn’t know the cost of videoing the mayor’s events?
An astute businessman would know how much it costs to:
  1. buy all the equipment needed
  2. send a guy out with a camera
  3. return to the office to upload
  4. store the recordings
  5. how much it costs to replace the equipment as it wears out
They both complain about the cost of recording but had no idea how much it would cost? This proves how bad the city finance system is when they do not understand the basics of cost centers. This is actually a very easy number to generate. To a real cost accountant, this could take minutes to figure out. As for a guy who has worked in the media business for over 20 years, if I had to do a quick educated guess, just to record the press conferences and L & L sessions, it would be well over $100,000 a year. This does not include the entire CityLink budget OR the independent contract hosts like Madeline and Jolene.
There is a strong belief the lack of recordings is not a cost issue or to protect the board members. This effort to stop recordings is to protect city staff from being recorded giving bad advice the board members have to follow. There is no attempt to protect the members only city employees. Our videos show this time and time again.

B-N-B & Too Late Todd censor Cameraman Bruce, to his amusement

Bruce tried to call in and converse with Hizzoner after the mayor sputtered his normal blather about the internets, facebooks and blogs ‘manipulating’ videos on B-N-B’s show this morning. After getting into a back and forth with Todd on the phone, Bruce just laughed at him. Todd didn’t want the conversation to spin in that direction. In other words, just let the mayor spew what he wants to without anyone holding him accountable. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, and why I don’t call in anymore, because Greg and Todd are NOT journalists, they are DJ’s that sell tranny repair and old folks apartments.

As I have argued about the ‘video manipulation’ I will agree with the mayor that we do add commentary to the videos (normally a scrawl across the top or bottom of the screen) but we have NEVER manipulated the video either visually and especially not audio. When the mayor or any other official says what they say, it’s all on them, we don’t do voice overs. MMM acts like we are the Sioux Falls version of Bad Lip Reading, not the case at all.

But what I found ironic is that while B-N-B was actually defending recording the parks board meetings in the name of transparency, Too Late Todd was censoring Bruce. Oh the irony of the conservative and the liberal running a radio show (they are neither BTW, just proud members of the ‘Suck Up’ party).

Rick Knobe calls bloggers who cover city politics ‘wackos’

During his interview today with city councilor Christine Erickson (who kept her opinion to herself, only saying there is a group of regulars). Knobe went on a mini-rant about bloggers (which is ironic because he has a blog on this radio station’s website) going as far as calling us wackos.

I’m not offended, really I am not. Knobe and his counterpart, B-N-B say ridiculous things all the time because of their ignorance of local government. In fact, he didn’t even know the planning commission meetings are recorded live (neither did councilor Erickson).

He accused bloggers of saying things all times of the day. Well guess what, Rick, I do because #1 I can, and #2 I am informed and #3 I want to inform the citizens about things our local media does not.

As for us wacko bloggers, I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for our constant pressure, more transparency wouldn’t be appearing suddenly on the council. The million dollar settlement and secrecy lawsuit would have never happened surrounding the events center if it wasn’t for the big mouth of this wacko blogger.

I could go on and on about how much I have informed the public over the past decade and affected positive change for the citizens of this city. So if that makes me a ‘wacko’ I guess I’m a proud wacko.