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Is Stormland TV doing the dirty work for our Hospital Industrial Complexes?

No doubt A.K. Investigate dug up some interesting stories while investigating Prairie Lakes medical center. These kind of things happen every day in the medical field, do I even dare to say, they happen right here in Sioux Falls?

I could dedicate an entire daily blog to the stories I hear about how people are treated at our local mega-plex hospitals, stories almost identical or worse then what you heard in A.K.’s story.

So why did they have to send her all the way to Watertown to do this story?

I bet if Stormland TV put out a call to patients of the two-headed monsters in Sioux Falls, they could fill the first floor of the Denny with patients.

So it makes you wonder if this was really an ‘investigative’ story to tell us how bad Prairie Lakes is, or if Stormland TV, who makes mega-bucks selling advertising to Sanny & CherVera is just doing their dirty work to pressure Prairie Lakes out of Watertown.

Notice in the stories where patients were transferred to? And suddenly they miraculously survived, or if they would have arrived sooner, they would have.

Wink, Nod, Wink, Wink.

There really isn’t any excuse for how people were treated at Prairie Lakes, it’s awful, but if you think these things don’t happen at our Abbot and Costello hospitals here in Sioux Falls, you better stop your prescription to your opiates immediately.

I’m just trying to figure out when A.K. started working in the sales department instead of the news department.


Ellis coins my term ‘Marty Jackboots’

I guess at least one of my nicknames is catching in the MSM. I coined the term back in 2010.

Ellis uses it appropriately;

Prosecutors are essential to enforcing the laws of a free society. But overzealous prosecutors can be a menace to a free society. Going into the 2018 governor’s contest, Jackley does not want to be known as Marty “Jackboots” Jackley.

I have also created other Gems like;

Milktoast Mark (Mark Cotter)

Mayor Subprime (Mike Huether)

Fiddle-Faddle (City Attorney) I heard he displays a box of the tasty snack in his office.

Mayor Minions (Munson)

Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag (My Favorite)

Billy Bob Janks (Bill Janklow)

Many others I am sure 🙂

Pitty Patt Ponderrs the Press

Oh, I love it when BK Junior runs with the wolves;

There are a lot of rumors swirling about what’s happening in Argus Leader.

Rumors of firing, unhappy people and general malaise over the direction that South Dakota’s largest daily newspaper has taken.

Um, that’s been going on for a couple of years now.

The rumors are flying that News Director Patrick Lalley may have fired a sports writer over a turf fight. I’m also hearing that the rumor mill swirling around that portion of the 4th Estate is (allegedly) that Lalley may also be battling Stu Whitney who had jumped into political stories with vigor, but suddenly stopped writing about politics. Supposedly, at Lalley’s demand

They should have never moved Stu to begin with. He has his head up the mayor’s ass so far I’m surprised you can’t see Stu’s face when the mayor smiles. He was a sports writer, should have left him that way. As for his show, it was awful. Besides, I have told Lalley he might have more viewers if they actually started on time without technical problems. They have good equipment, I have been in the studio, they need to learn how to use it, and a watch.

There’s also said to be rising tension in the Argus Newsroom over Dana Ferguson and her coming off as a bit of a Weiland mouthpiece in her stories, such as the pro-Weiland ballot measure story that coincidentally was placed on-line tonight with her byline.

Huh? I read the story, seems like she is just doing regular old reporting on their side of the issue. As for media coverage, the Anti-Weilands have gotten way more press. I have seen only one story this week on local TV where they interviewed Rick but have seen multiple with the opposition. Dana is a political reporter that has to cover both sides. I know that the SD GOP doesn’t understand that, but she is actually doing her job. The only complaint I would have about Dana is that she is a little dry, but fair.

I think the Argus has been doing a decent job lately, but I do have concerns about Lalley in a leadership position.

Mayor Huether at Democratic Forum, July 22, 2016

Hizonor da mayor of Sioux Falls dropped by Democratic Forum on July 22,2016 to let us know all the stuff going on in town and how he is the center of it.

The group sucked all the PowerPoint program up and asked some good questions. As usual with Cameraman Bruce in the room we hear about how there is always one bad neighbor out of 100.

Su Fu Stumbles

Yesterday on the ‘100 Eyes’ show it was revealed that Stu Whitney’s show was being temporarily canceled so it could be ‘revamped’ after losing the producer that put it together. Lalley claimed there was ‘a lot more production’ that went into the show. LOL. Besides the good news, bad news segment, the show was identical to ‘100 Eyes’ except it had guests.

But the bigger question is, what exactly does Stu do? Is he in charge of waiting for the next disaster to happen so he can write about it? Because besides tweeting sexist and rude comments and coming to mayor’s defense any chance he can get, I’m not sure Stu will be able to fill his time since he doesn’t have all that planning to do for his Tuesday show anymore, as riveting as it was.

The irony of all this was when the ‘100 Eyes’ group was talking about different blogs, Lalley said he checked in to mine the most because of the videos. Maybe the Argus would like to hire cameraman Bruce to be their new producer? Of course, it would require giving him an actual press pass, and that of course would make the mayor’s head explode like it was hit by a hundred swinging elbows.

And this is what folks do with the fine day God gave them. What a bunch of crap!

Councilors Elect Neitzert & Stehly on Knobe Monday

Greg and Theresa will be on Rick Knobe’s show Monday from  4:15-5:00 PM. KSOO, 1140 AM.

Argus Leader’s Joe Sneve writes great essay about public input


Proudly hanging on Detroit’s office door

For some strange reason the Argus decided to not post their reporter’s essays online, only in a print version last Sunday, so I’m sorry I can’t link Joe’s entire piece, but can give you tidbits.

He wrote glowingly about public input and the importance of it;

Almost every Tuesday of the year, dozens converge at Carnegie Town Hall to handle the city’s business. Some get paid to be there. Some don’t.

. . .

Many people fear public speaking including me.  Yet people still come to the various meetings and their passion for their community overrides that fear. They want to be heard.

. . .

“Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed – and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.” President John F. Kennedy said that to the American Newspaper Publishers Association in 1961.

What happens in our chambers happens across the country in cities large and small. And each time, it’s inspiring.

A small board, elected to represent. A mayor, elected to lead.

And residents – taking their own time to understand issues, and using their power as voters and community members to be heard.

As a journalist, I watch it play out every week.

And each time, I’m awed by the courage.

Joe teaches us why public input is so important to a democracy.

Sioux Falls City Directors walk out of meeting at city hall when DaCola and the camera arrives

Like the children they are, city directors couldn’t handle the heat when the alternative press showed up.

On Friday, councilman Kenny Anderson invited Joe Sneve, from the Argus Leader, Bruce (his camera) an I to a closed door conference room media meeting at city hall today. I asked Bruce on Friday if the directors that were invited to be in attendance knew about our invitation, and Bruce asked the same of Kenny, Kenny responded, “It’s my meeting.”

I was still skeptical, as was proven today when we arrived.

In attendance were councilors Kenny Anderson & Rick Kiley, Joe Sneve, Bruce and I, city directors Tracy Turbak & Sue Quanbeck Etten and project manager Kendra Simonsen and I believe another assistant.

Tracy got things started right by saying he thought the meeting was with Joe (only) to discuss the administration building and he was not going to stay in a meeting where a camera was rolling and the footage could be put on a blog (which surprised me, Turbak just said on SuFuStu he was unaware of my blog). Kenny tried to dissuade him, but he left as well as the other city administration. At this point, I had said nothing.

Kiley agreed to stay, but at this point there really wasn’t a meeting without the directors there to ask questions of. I looked at Kiley and said, “I am the alternative press and am no different than Joe Sneve here and I am highly offended, I’m outta here.”

Bruce continued to film*, as far as I know, and may have some video of something later on.

The worst part about this is it proves what we have been saying for several years about the lack of transparency in city hall. So what if the camera is rolling, we were just going to ask questions about the administration building. If you have nothing to hide, what’s the beef? Or like the indoor pool advocational sessions were you afraid we would have a record of your lies that could be replayed in the future?

Also the disrespect shown towards councilors Anderson** (who is in leadership) and Kiley is atrocious. We know the directors report to the mayor, but they must also work with councilors. No surprise though, because this kind of disrespect has been going on since the Munson days.

And at the end of the day, the irony is that Kenny and Kiley called this meeting to gain support through using the media for the administration building. The administration and his minions don’t seem to concerned what the media reports or if we support it. And for the record, I didn’t support the building, and after the city directors acted like a bunch of childish brats, they certainly are not getting my support now. As far as I am concerned, they can all work in a damp leaky basement, seems like an appropriate place for people who like to keep secrets.

*Bruce was able to record some of the meeting, and we hope to have it up soon.

**Kenny called and apologized for how I was treated. I told him I did not blame him for the incident.

In the EC lawsuit, city claims the Argus is misusing ‘Grammar and Punctuation’

Oh, this is a good read (DOC); 299786924-City-of-Sioux-Falls-Defendent-Reply-Brief

Which seems like a cock fight between attorneys, the hearing on Monday outta be entertaining;

Second Circuit Court Judge John Pekas is scheduled to hear the case at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the Minnehaha County Courthouse.

No matter where you stand on the law or legal language of these statutes, it all seems irrelevant to me. Any document or settlement produced using tax payer money should be made public. It’s not like we are protecting the integrity of a man who shot himself with a 5-foot branch and a rifle in a grove of rural trees, this is about siding that was poorly installed on a building. Who are we protecting?

I also find it even more ironic we are spending MORE tax dollars on private attorneys to keep something a secret. Screw who won the spelling bee here, that should be a red flag enough to tell us something truly needs to be hidden.

KELOLAND-TV parent corporation is in the process of selling out to Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.

(It is amazing it is such a sell out in so many ways, wonder if they will still be able to keep their box seats at the Packer’s game?):

From WIKIPEDIA: On January 27, 2016, Media General announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Nexstar in a deal valued at $17.14 per-share, valuing the company at $4.6 billion plus the assumption of $2.3 billion debt. The combined company will be known as Nexstar Media Group, and own 171 stations, serving an estimated 39% of U.S. households. The company will pay Meredith Corporation (whom Media General had previously proposed a merger with) a termination fee of $60 million, and give Meredith right of first refusal to acquire any broadcast or digital properties that may be divested during the purchase. The deal also includes contingent value rights for Media General shareholders if it sells spectrum from its stations during the FCC’s spectrum incentive auction.[24][25]

 Sale to Nexstar

On January 27, 2016, Nexstar Broadcasting Group announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire Media General, including KELO. This deal will bring KELO-TV under common ownership with ABC affiliate KCAU-TV in Sioux City, Iowa.[8]

With the affiliation with KCAU we will get the regional bowling competitions live on air again? You have to be old to remember these exciting broadcasts with Gene Sherman (KCAU) and Dave Dedrick (KELO) cohosting “The Big Bowl” from Sioux City, Iowa.

Gene Sherman was an excitable guy who was the sports guy for years and gave school kids the guided tours. He showed the behind the scenes cool stuff.