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Sioux Falls City Councilors Starr, Neitzert & Stehly to be featured on Inside KELOLAND


They will be on this Sunday, Dec 4, at 10:30 PM. Ironically, just as soon as they finished filming on Friday, the building collapsed, so there will be no talk about the incident.

Transparency? LOL.


Let’s Face It, the Mayor and the Director of Parks had NO plan before opening the indoor pool

This whole thing about the swim teams, and elitism is total hogwash. The fact is the mayor’s ‘peeps’ had NO plan when they opened the doors. Now they are spinning what was being said about the swim teams and the media misleading people. I think the media was very clear; The Mayor talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Also, I loved Sneveawonderful’s tweet about the empty suit B-N-B is, and his spelling challenged* producer, Too-Late Todd.

*Todd often spells names of politicians wrong in his posts (I’m not perfect either) but one day he had three different posts about councilor Stehly and he spelled her name three different ways, none of them correct. No wonder he doesn’t pracktuce lawe anymoore. Remember, in journalism, it IS the little things that count.


Did Stormland TV over step their bounds?

Like the mysterious truck driving past the grassy knoll in Platte, Stormland TV had to get the scoop. But were they out of line? And who tipped them off?

B-N-B (Bad Neighbor Belfrage) and ‘Too Late’ Todd are on it;

I joined Greg at the end of the program where we discussed what we know, which is far outstripped by what we don’t know. Like:

  • Who tipped off KELOLand TV? It had to be someone in the courts or law enforcement.
  • Who has an interest in tipping off KELOLand TV to embarrass Nesiba
  • And why did KELOLand TV act in such a reckless manner, potentially endangering Nesiba, the public, law enforcement and the TV station’s own crew?

Greg is calling for an investigation. I agree.

And one last point: Suspicion of the media isn’t just an East Coast or West Coast thing. It’s happening right across the street.

Stormland TV has pulled this crap in the past, to make it look like they are getting the big story, sometimes as it turns out, nothing, or next to nothing is really happening. This is why I try to stay away from criminal cases, unless government officials are involved in corruption or fraud. Remember the Gant/Powers debacle where the media wouldn’t touch the story for months, even after the chiding of a state senator. A he said, she said case between adults is a private matter for the courts. Jorgi and Stormland TV really need to concentrate on real stories from now on.

Should the Argus Leader bring back local editorial cartoons


Steve Sack is also an accomplished sculptor

At the cartoonist conference today, I had the pleasure of meeting several great midwest cartoonists, including 35 year, Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist Steve Sack, who is one of only about 30 remaining, on staff, full-time editorial cartoonists in the country. Steve works for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

He said that in the over the 8,000 cartoons he has done in his career, only 3 have been rejected. One was about the construction of the Mall of America, another was about a fellow staffer, and the third was about the Syrian boy who washed up on shore dead.

Last year I had an in depth conversation with (then) Argus Leader Publisher Bill Albrecht about bringing back local editorial cartoonists. While he sympathized with me, and thought it was a good idea, he felt newspapers have gotten away from it due to the controversy.

Hey, newspaper industry, editorial cartoons are supposed to be controversial, at least the good ones.

Whatever you do, don’t vote Trump

Big shakeups at our daily paper?

Early reports, says the blood letting started on Friday and continued today with terminations and layoffs at all levels and management.

I guess it is the result of dismal sales and subscriptions, and low morale.

I’m sure once new management is settled in we will be hearing all the gory details.

In the meantime, what would you do if you were publisher to turn it around?

Is Stormland TV doing the dirty work for our Hospital Industrial Complexes?

No doubt A.K. Investigate dug up some interesting stories while investigating Prairie Lakes medical center. These kind of things happen every day in the medical field, do I even dare to say, they happen right here in Sioux Falls?

I could dedicate an entire daily blog to the stories I hear about how people are treated at our local mega-plex hospitals, stories almost identical or worse then what you heard in A.K.’s story.

So why did they have to send her all the way to Watertown to do this story?

I bet if Stormland TV put out a call to patients of the two-headed monsters in Sioux Falls, they could fill the first floor of the Denny with patients.

So it makes you wonder if this was really an ‘investigative’ story to tell us how bad Prairie Lakes is, or if Stormland TV, who makes mega-bucks selling advertising to Sanny & CherVera is just doing their dirty work to pressure Prairie Lakes out of Watertown.

Notice in the stories where patients were transferred to? And suddenly they miraculously survived, or if they would have arrived sooner, they would have.

Wink, Nod, Wink, Wink.

There really isn’t any excuse for how people were treated at Prairie Lakes, it’s awful, but if you think these things don’t happen at our Abbot and Costello hospitals here in Sioux Falls, you better stop your prescription to your opiates immediately.

I’m just trying to figure out when A.K. started working in the sales department instead of the news department.


Ellis coins my term ‘Marty Jackboots’

I guess at least one of my nicknames is catching in the MSM. I coined the term back in 2010.

Ellis uses it appropriately;

Prosecutors are essential to enforcing the laws of a free society. But overzealous prosecutors can be a menace to a free society. Going into the 2018 governor’s contest, Jackley does not want to be known as Marty “Jackboots” Jackley.

I have also created other Gems like;

Milktoast Mark (Mark Cotter)

Mayor Subprime (Mike Huether)

Fiddle-Faddle (City Attorney) I heard he displays a box of the tasty snack in his office.

Mayor Minions (Munson)

Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag (My Favorite)

Billy Bob Janks (Bill Janklow)

Many others I am sure 🙂

Pitty Patt Ponderrs the Press

Oh, I love it when BK Junior runs with the wolves;

There are a lot of rumors swirling about what’s happening in Argus Leader.

Rumors of firing, unhappy people and general malaise over the direction that South Dakota’s largest daily newspaper has taken.

Um, that’s been going on for a couple of years now.

The rumors are flying that News Director Patrick Lalley may have fired a sports writer over a turf fight. I’m also hearing that the rumor mill swirling around that portion of the 4th Estate is (allegedly) that Lalley may also be battling Stu Whitney who had jumped into political stories with vigor, but suddenly stopped writing about politics. Supposedly, at Lalley’s demand

They should have never moved Stu to begin with. He has his head up the mayor’s ass so far I’m surprised you can’t see Stu’s face when the mayor smiles. He was a sports writer, should have left him that way. As for his show, it was awful. Besides, I have told Lalley he might have more viewers if they actually started on time without technical problems. They have good equipment, I have been in the studio, they need to learn how to use it, and a watch.

There’s also said to be rising tension in the Argus Newsroom over Dana Ferguson and her coming off as a bit of a Weiland mouthpiece in her stories, such as the pro-Weiland ballot measure story that coincidentally was placed on-line tonight with her byline.

Huh? I read the story, seems like she is just doing regular old reporting on their side of the issue. As for media coverage, the Anti-Weilands have gotten way more press. I have seen only one story this week on local TV where they interviewed Rick but have seen multiple with the opposition. Dana is a political reporter that has to cover both sides. I know that the SD GOP doesn’t understand that, but she is actually doing her job. The only complaint I would have about Dana is that she is a little dry, but fair.

I think the Argus has been doing a decent job lately, but I do have concerns about Lalley in a leadership position.