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Heavy Hitters from the Argus Leader

They showed up to the Sioux Falls city council meeting to support open meetings and agenda notification times.

Trust me Pat, I often have that expression while watching these meetings. I wonder what taco shop Cory is thinking about?


Cameraman Bruce to appear on Belfrage show, 8 AM Monday (Jan 25, 2016)


Bruce is fresh from speaking on Knobe this past Friday. He will continue the convo about council agenda postings this Monday on Greg’s show.

Argus Leader agrees, agenda musical chairs not a good idea

While we are called ‘hurtful’ and ‘meddling’ with city business, seems the city’s newspaper agrees with our stance, status quo is working just fine;

We all know that deadlines force decisions. Moving the deadline to get on the agenda to Monday will just delay the decisions and actions required to bring the issue to the council in the first place.

As if to illustrate that point, Hogstad told Argus Leader Media that even if the deadline where changed to the 24-hour system that in most cases the agendas will be available on Friday in most cases.

Which begs the question: Where’s the problem?


There are no problems, that is why after pressuring them, they are considering leaving it as is, which still permits contracts to be presented as a late as 5 PM on Monday.

This is about a bigger issue, some councilors and the administration trying to eliminate public input. They tried once before and got shut down, they must have short memories.

The rumored plan is that Councilor Rolfing plans to take the council chair position after the election (he is assistant now) and make a concerted effort to eliminate public input, or push it to the end of the meeting or at the 4 PM informational.

Not only do I not forsee that happening, I would like to go back to old form of public input in which the mayor and council actually interact with the public when questions are asked. I would also like to see a different council chair elected, several are gunning for councilor Erickson, who can actually complete full sentences when arguing a point . . . I’m just saying.

This of  course will depend on the next council makeup, which looks promising.

What’s missing from this article about Cameraman Bruce?

YouTube Preview Image

Well, if you haven’t figured it out after reading the article, I will tell you at the end of this post.

Over a month ago, Argus city reporter Joe Sneva-spiffiness asked to do a profile article about Bruce. I told Bruce not to do it. I gave him several reasons why I was suspicious of the request, and it had nothing to do with the interviewer, it had to do with his bosses and the other city issues we were working on.

I also told Bruce NOT to do the interview without filming it (in which he did) mostly for his record, but just for reference once the article came out. The Argus allowed it, but asked we don’t post it until after the article was released. We hope to have it up sometime tomorrow, and we hope it will give you insight on how an article is researched and what happens to it after the editors get their manipulative hands on it. Like I said, you be the judge. But there are some glaring points;

“Anytime anybody comes in front of the council every week, week after week, and generally points out our inabilities to do our job well,” Councilor Greg Jamison said, “it does become somewhat tiring.”

As well it should . . . you should be doing your job better. But I won’t get into that. The headline itself is misleading, there are plenty of differences between ‘Gadflies’ and ‘Citizen activists’. But what is funny is when you try to call activists derogatory names, that only emboldens them. I actually told Joe that when he interviewed me about Bruce (never made it in the article). Activists want POSITIVE change, and while it may seem like we are bitching and whining, we are actually keeping the pressure on. That is important as an activist. It is also not personal or about individual politicians, it is about the process, the truth, integrity and transparency. I could care less if the mayor gets a haircut every 5-1/2 days, that’s his gig, but when working as an elected official he must ‘serve’.

Under the comment section of the article online, former Minnehaha county commissioner Bob Kolbe sums it up;

As a person who has served as an elected official I can only comment about those citizens who come to public meetings.
People only care about government when they have an issue on the agenda.
My perspective is that elected people need to value those who are willing to invest their time observing and commenting on meeting issues. It is far to easy to “slide” something into a public meeting and then those elected and the buerocrats will claim “it was a public meeting”.
Elected people need to listen, whether they agree or not. If taken to task, that person has a reason and They just may be right. Listening is part of serving.
Buerocrats are buerocrats no matter how you spell it as their purpose is to (serve) make elected people feel good.
Elected people are to serve the electorate with a heavy emphasis on SERVE. When elected people start to believe Their own public relation press releases and/or slighly use the pubilc tax money for their agenda, or reelection it is to take them to task and give them a retirement party!

While Bob probably had a lot of enemies while he ‘served’ he certainly understands (now) the relationship that should be occurring between elected officials and constituents, but if only councilor Dean Karsky could;

Karsky has been an acquaintance of Danielson’s for nearly as long as the neighborhood drama has been going on. He said he became aware of the nasty back and forth between Danielson and his neighbors within days of being appointed to the council in 2011 but he chooses to stay out of the matter.

And doesn’t that last line by Dean say it all? He chooses not to serve.

But enough of the article about Bruce, let’s talk about the article itself (which I am completely baffled by how many people may have touched this copy before it hit print).

Ehrisman’s blog, SouthDaCola.com, where Danielson is sometimes known as “Cameraman Bruce,” is their outlet for expressing frustrations with city government.

“We both kind of take this as a hobby,” Ehrisman said.

I did say that, and I will give Joe credit for printing that quote correctly. But I do believe I informed him that we take our citizen activism seriously, and when I use the word ‘hobby’ I mean it is something I do on my own time because it is important to me and others. I don’t do it for pay, I don’t take it lightly and I certainly don’t do it to hurt people (elected officials) personally. I do it because I feel I should, and I believe Bruce does it for those reasons also. If we are productive, progressive and create some laughs in the process, so be it. Laughing at ourselves and the process alleviates hate, which is only counterproductive to change. Some people have a problem with cynicism and sarcasm, but once you embrace it, you won’t jump off buildings in distress or gun down kids in a school. We must learn that identifying something as bad, only creates solutions and makes us better.

So as I asked at the beginning, “What’s missing from this article about Cameraman Bruce?” There are only three people quoted in the article, and those quotes were framed around negativity towards Bruce (even mine). You would think after an hour and 45 minute interview with Bruce, there would be at least one quote from him. There wasn’t. Zilch.

That should tell us all we need to know about the integrity of the column.

Tuthill Ghost story tonight on KDLT


I had a good chuckle while watching this preview. If Jill Johnson solves this ‘supposed’ crime at Tuthill Park, I guess we will all be eating crow for Thanksgiving this year. It think her story will probably just be a bag of excuses from the SFPD, I guess someone has to deliver the pathetic outcome, while the rest of us just giggle.

Gobble, Gobble!

Which got me thinking about the new and improved investigative reporter at Stormland TV, Angela. Angela is a nice lady and all, but she ain’t NO sociopath (we will get to that in a moment). A former national high profile journalist sent this to me today referring to the current state of journalism;

“Do you want to know what kind of person makes the best reporter? I’ll tell you. A borderline sociopath. Someone smart, inquisitive, stubborn, disorganized, chaotic, and in a perpetual state of simmering rage at the failings of the world. Once upon a time you saw people like this in every newsroom in the country. They often had chaotic personal lives and they died early of cirrhosis or a heart attack. But they were tough, angry SOBs and they produced great stories.

Do you want to know what kind of people get promoted and succeed in the modern news organization? Social climbers. Networkers. People who are gregarious, who “buy in” to the dominant consensus, who go along to get along and don’t ask too many really awkward questions. They are flexible, well-organized, and happy with life.

And it shows.”


Detroit Lewis to be the guest on SuFuStu, Tuesday 11/10/2015

I am very excited to be on the show tomorrow, and looking forward to ‘Wordplay’. The fun starts at 3 PM. Don’t expect any surprises, because I always look forward to talking about city politics, so I encourage my foot soldiers to chime in.

Boulevard Garden story on KSFY tonight!

KSFY TV is supposed to have a story tonight about boulevard gardens, it should air at 6PM.

Jon Michaels Forum – Sunday, October 18

Cameraman Bruce and I will be the guests on Forum this Sunday. It will air at 7:30 AM on KELO FM 101.9 and AM. It will rebroadcast at 9 AM on KWSN 1230 AM, you can also listen online. You can also listen to it later here. We will be talking about ALL THINGS CITY, and more.

Randell Beck at Democratic Forum, 10/16/2015


The former publisher of the Argus graced forum with his presence today, where he told us about his part-time job at Avera where he is paid to have coffee with people (his words, not mine). He went on and on about transparency and investigative reporting then bragged that the first politician he ever gave money to after leaving the news industry was Mike Huether (for his re-election bid), then he said he has NOT given to anyone since (I joked that he must have learned his lesson). Cameraman Bruce brought up blogs and the important role they are playing in investigative journalism in our state and city (one attendee suggested the Cory Heidelberger be given a Pulitzer price). Randell called bloggers and ‘citizen journalism’ Exciting and Scary. I see his opinion hasn’t changed one bit.

I can’t wait to read the rebuttal letters on this ‘snark’


How I love good satire, and Mr. Summers nails it. I have a feeling though that some Argus readers may not get the joke;

If your child really disappoints, consider more severe options like the “I Never Loved You” award, or the “Most Worthless Excuse For A Child” certificate. Harsh? Maybe. But nobody said winning was easy.

I have a feeling the rebuttal letters from the humor challenged are going to be more entertaining then this article itself.