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Senator Deb Peters objects to commemoration of Kennecke

It seems Peters is still in denial that Gear Up was one of the biggest scandals to hit our state in decades (oh, I forgot about EB-5);

As feuds in the Legislature go, there might be none deeper these days than between Sen. Deb Peters and Sen. Stace Nelson over the GEAR UP scandal.

Their dispute reached a strange low last Monday.

Peters invoked a legislative joint rule to stop, specifically, SC 28: Nelson’s commemoration recognizing investigative work of KELO television reporter Angela Kennecke.

I guess if I was Angela, I would be like ‘Oh Well’ just doing my job. I guess I have never been big on handing out awards to journalists who were simply doing what they should be doing, investigating. But it was pretty crappy of Peters to do what she did. She has become quite a piece of work over the years.

Non-Profit to replicate what the blogs in SD have been doing for years

. . . not that there is anything wrong with this;

A group of South Dakota journalists announced Tuesday they are starting a nonprofit to provide more in-depth coverage of topics across the state.

The South Dakota News Watch team brings decades of experience in the state’s two biggest print newsrooms, with three ex-Argus Leader editors and a former editor of the Rapid City Journal involved in the inception of the fledgling news service.

The group’s two paid staff members, Executive Director Maricarrol Kueter and investigative reporter Bart Pfankuch, aim to provide free news coverage that can be used by other media outlets in the state.

“Every newspaper in South Dakota, every radio station and every TV station, starting today, has a new investigative reporter on their staff,” Pfankuch said. “And that’s me.”

I just find it funny they are essentially setting up a blog that will regurgitate news across the state while adding their own content. Essentially doing what blogs in SD have been doing for years.

REPLAY: Guest on KSOO AM 1000 – Wed (2/7) 4 PM

Really not sure what we will be talking about tomorrow, but I will try to keep the name calling of public officials to a minimum 🙂

Listen HERE Replay.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Erickson on KSOO 1000 AM TODAY, 4 PM

She will be talking about her re-election bid. The phone lines will be open, 338-KSOO (5766) so get your questions in. I would like some people to question Erickson on her votes for the golf contract, the DT parking ramp and why she chose Legacy when she sat on the RFQ committee. I would also like to see some questions about why Erickson has supported property tax rate increases and water rate increases while serving on the city council. The Christine we elected is NOT the Christine we have now.

It’s not up to Mayor Huether to determine who is a journalist or media

Even though both Bruce and I have been cleared by the Secret Service to cover presidential campaign events, that’s NOT good enough for Hizzoner;

Mayor Mike Huether doesn’t think a having a blog and a Youtube channel makes someone a legitimate journalist, but industry professionals say it’s not his place to decide.

There is NO licensing process or test to become a journalist. The rules are pretty simple;

While the mayor doesn’t take questions from Danielson at press conferences, South Dakota Newspaper Association Dave Bordewyk said Danielson and anyone seeking information from their government have just as much right to attend press conferences and make any inquiries as reporters from established media sources. And if a citizen plans to convey the information they gather to others, they’re a journalist.

“Thankfully we don’t live in a country where the journalists have to be licensed, you don’t have to apply to be a journalist in America still,” he said.

Bordewyk said public officials can pick and choose which media members and citizens they acknowledge, but, ideally, no member of a community would be shunned from participating.

“You would hope those in government would error on the side of casting a wide net in terms of allowing anyone to ask questions,” he said. “Press conferences are a pretty public event after all.”

I don’t think the mayor looks at it as a ‘public event’ he looks at it as ‘his event’ and a time to spread his ‘positive’ propaganda.

UPDATE: Minnehaha County Commission continues to deny Barth a chairmanship

Not sure if Jeff has fought to be chair or not, but it seems a bit odd that as long as he has been there they won’t give him a chair position. They had their chair election yesterday and re-appointed Heiberger as Chair (she was chair before Beninga) and Bender as Vice-Chair.

Unlike the city council, the commission is a partisan position, and since Jeff isn’t a part of the majority party on the commission, I believe they continue to deny him a chair position. Sad really, since he has the most experience.

Barth also voted against using the Argus Leader as the official designated paper for the county in Sioux Falls. State law really doesn’t give them much of a choice on the matter, but it was a good protest vote. Barth has been critical of the paper for not covering county business very well. While I will agree to some extent, I will say it again, the meetings are at a very bad time, they need to be moved to after 5 PM.

UPDATE: I’m awaiting to see the actual meeting (apparently it takes two days, again, to see the video) but I guess Barth also chastised the city for not telling the county about the asbestos dumping since the county gives permission to the city to use the landfill.

UPDATE: Stehly to be on KSOO 1000 AM, 4:15 Today (12/21/2017)

She will be discussing local government transparency/secrecy.

UPDATE: Theresa announced that her and councilor Starr are bringing a REPEAL forward January 2, 2018, to HALT the bond sale and other items related to the DT Parking ramp until the investigation of Aaron Hultgren and Legacy development plays out. She will need 6 votes to withstand a VETO.

Guest on KSOO 1000 AM Today – 4:15

I will be on Patrick Lalley’s show talking the latest in city politics. I’m in the 2nd half of the show. you can hear the replay HERE.

UPDATE: Guest on KSOO AM 1000 today, 4:15

I will be talking about loads of city business, tune in to find out. REPLAY HERE.

REPLAY: DaCola on Lalley, (10/12/17)

REPLAY PODCAST. Not sure what we will all be covering, but I’m sure the topic of siding will come up 🙂