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UPDATE: Guest on KSOO AM 1000 today, 4:15

I will be talking about loads of city business, tune in to find out. REPLAY HERE.

REPLAY: DaCola on Lalley, (10/12/17)

REPLAY PODCAST. Not sure what we will all be covering, but I’m sure the topic of siding will come up 🙂

Sioux Falls City Councilor Starr on FORUM

Pat talks about the Siding Settlement, and about the Pavilion secret contracts, transparency in city government, tree trimming fines, the new parking ramp proposal and new restrictions on citizen involvement.

UPDATE: Greg Belfrage Nails it!

The Great Oz of Sioux Falls?

While Greg and I don’t see eye to eye on a myriad of topics, I feel sometimes Greg and I share a common belief; if you lie to me, and I catch you, there will be Hell to pay.

Greg discovered something (finally) that I have known about the mayor before he was even elected; he’s a carnival barker snakeoil salesman. He proved this with his time as VP of Marketing for one of the most infamous subprime credit cards in the world. So horrible was their marketing scams the FEDS changed credit card laws to reign them in. THE FEDS! I mean wow! When DC thinks you are corrupt, that is a whole new level. And make no mistake, while Mike likes to call himself a ‘banker’ he was really just the chief huckster. He took his experience (business acumen) straight with him to city hall.

I’m glad Greg has finally seen the light;

The big lie was actually a lie of omission. Not once did the mayor make it clear that the one million dollars was in VALUE. He never even hinted at it.

And that’s the game he has always played. You wait, on Tuesday, you will probably see him in the wings at Carnegie (if he even has the balls to show up) watching his pitiful administration team fall on the sword for this guy. I just hope at least one of them has the integrity to point the finger at the man behind the curtain.

The Argus Leader also weighs in on the matter;

According to the Supreme Court’s ruling, such negotiated government secrecy violates state open record laws. That’s a huge victory for the citizens of Sioux Falls, whose tax dollars underwrote the most expensive project in city history.

I know it has been easy over the past week to get in the weeds on this, especially with all the confusing numbers. But remember, most importantly this is about transparency, and can be summed up with one sentence; The mayor lied to us about the settlement amount.

This is what CityLink is supposed to be doing

I thought this was a wonderful historical perspective on the coliseum. This is the kind of programming CityLink should be doing instead of mayoral propaganda.

Oh Boy, I can’t wait, really I can’t

How ironic, a few days ago I was going to do a post about how a certain TV station’s morning show is just one long info-commercial, now it is going to get a little longer;

Beginning September 2018, KSFY will produce a new hour-long program at 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.

The program does not have a title yet, but it will feature a mix of news, weather and lifestyle programming.

News and weather will take up about 5 minutes and the rest will be poor Vanessa Gomez driving all over God’s country trying to find the best hamburger in Ziebach County. At least Jodi Schwan admits what she does ‘Content Marketing’. But the TV stations try to disguise their info-commercial programming with news. It’s not news. Heck, they even have to bring the expert of Content Marketing in their studio once a week to get it right.

Some wonder why people these days are so confused of what is going on, especially politically. Most people don’t even show up to elect local government officials. Why is this? Because our news media consistently concentrates on who the latest skank is that hasn’t paid their rent or the latest casino robbery. I get demonized sometimes for blogging about local politics, some say I’m too negative. Hey, the facts are the facts, I can’t control that. And guess what else, a cheeseburger in Chicago tastes just like one in Ziebach County. But covering cheeseburgers is a lot more safe than covering the actual political news, and it seems more lucrative. So I guess I’m the fool for not figuring out how to make a buck.

Replay of me on Lalley’s Show


Guest on KSOO AM 1000 today

I will be on the Good Ship Lalley Pop show at 4:15 PM today. Not sure what is on the docket for discussion, but I’m sure we will be talking about all the peeps running for mayor and city council. I will also try to get in a little about my ordinance review. Tune In.

Jodi Schwan makes a very ‘wise’ decision

Political advice? Not even going there.

A guess this is why the business community in Sioux Falls trusts Jodi, she makes wise decisions even when it comes to her own business model;

This Labor Day signals the start of another season: election season. The campaign talk, asks and advertising in local, state and federal races will increase from here.

I’m excited to see interest from so many varied individuals in running for office. It’s going to be interesting to watch many of these races unfold.

I’ll mostly observe from the sidelines, though.

You won’t see SiouxFalls.Business carrying candidate announcements, debates or political advertising. There is a lot to be said in business for knowing who you are and what your role should be in the marketplace and then fulfilling that role the best you can.  For us, it’s covering Sioux Falls-area business. And there is plenty of that news to cover. While I don’t rule out addressing issues of relevance to business that come up in the course of a campaign, that’s about the only minimal coverage I anticipate doing.

You may say that Jodi will be missing out on a potential lucrative revenue stream, but in the business she is in, content marketing, that may be the LAST route she wants to go. I applaud Schwan staying out of politics this election season.

As I look back on all the years I have been blogging (I was actually a blog contributor going back almost 20 years) I sometimes wish I wouldn’t have picked art, editorial cartooning and politics to blog about. They are all highly controversial topics. No matter what you say, you will have people either hate half the things you write about 100% of the time or only like 50% of things you write about 100% of the time, or something like that. I get it, not everyone will agree with your point of view. When you blog about politics, it’s much easier to make enemies than allies. But hey someone has to do it, it’s just not going to be Jodi Schwan. Good for her.

NEW Local Government Search Engine

Rebroadcast of Sioux Falls City plus School Board, School District and Minnehaha County government videos are paid for by the taxpayers of Sioux Falls SD. These video must be saved for the future.

See the agendas, minutes and video links at http://www.sfmeetings.org/

Transcripts of these meetings are available. Citizens should know what was said by all the meeting participants. Look to the Closed Captioning button. If you find a serious error from the system, let us know so we will try and help you fix it. This is a citizen effort and take no ownership or responsibility for the public videos.

Many of these videos will have a 15 minute delay before starting due to the operation of the operation of the city recording system. We grab the video before this is permanently trimmed off or other modifications are made. You are likely seeing the raw footage here.

The City of Sioux Falls and School District have been systemically or maliciously deleting publicly owned videos without explanation. This channel is reloading all available School plus City of Sioux Falls videos in the public interest for history, research and transparency.

Demand your city history NOT be destroyed. Contact your School Board, the City Council members and the Mayor and tell them to stop destroying our civic history.

We do not own these videos. We do not claim any copyright privileges. Share these videos freely.