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Thank You Mayor Huether for the Pride!

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We got a phone call saying “Let’s go to Sioux Falls Pride Celebration. Oh, and don’t forget your camera.” So it was off to Terrace Park to enjoy the meandering quartzite pathways and all the people who showed up to enjoy a beautiful day in the sun.

Mayor Mike had to give a proclamation to start off the events and because no one else was likely to let you hear it, we give it to you.

Enjoy the video as we enjoyed our time in the park.

Mayor Huether’s signature is absent on this Anti-Semitism ad

In an ad by the AJC in the Wall Street Journal today, only one mayor from South Dakota had his signature appear with 318 other mayors across the country in 50 states;

Mayor Steve Allender
Rapid City, SD

Not sure how rampant anti-Semitism is in Sioux Falls or South Dakota? I’m also not sure if Mayor Huether was ever contacted by the AJC to sign the ad? But if he was, what would be the harm in signing the ad, especially a mayor of the largest community in South Dakota that has a Jewish community? Or as he calls himself, ‘The Mayor of South Dakota’

‘Infrastructure Mike’ makes his debut


“Enough monkeying around folks, we are gonna fix these dang crappy roads with the day god gave us.”

When I first started watching this interview(?) I had to make a double take to make sure I wasn’t watching Reid Holsen interviewing Mike on CityLink and not Matt Holsen on Stormland TV. It was sure nice of Matt to allow the mayor to drive him around and pretty much write the story for him. I wonder if Matt also let Mike edit the video. Great piece of journalism, maybe Randell Beck will award you a Pulitzer? Probably not, but, I see Green Bay Packer tickets in your future (or maybe the mayor will buy you a Coors Light at the company Christmas party).

Enough of that.

Doesn’t anyone else find it a bit ironic that shortly after a municipal election where the winning candidates talked about fixing our roads, the mayor has a change of heart (he also changed the name of the Administration Building to the Public Services Building). Maybe he could sell sponsorships to the place? I think the Darrin Smith Commemorative Building has a nice ring to it, after all, the first phase of construction will leave half the building unfinished, seems fitting.

So after spending a lion’s share of the 2nd penny kitty on play things and fun houses the mayor is all of sudden concerned about our roads. Awww. It really warms a heart.

“That’s how I’m going out the final two and that is repairing and rebuilding and replacing this infrastructure and yeah including some of the bumpy roads in our town,” Huether said.

That should have been your priority when you were sworn in to begin with. With dwindling tax revenue over the next two years and bond payments coming from the 2nd penny like a payment on a sub-prime credit card, just how much can you spend on roads? No worries though, Infrastructure Mike has it handled with his personal press secretary Matt Holsen and Stormland TV.

Mayor Huether’s Listening & Learning session. What happened to the Touch of Europe

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During MMM’s latest ‘Shut Up and Listen’ session, Lincoln HS students talk about 1st Amendment rights, polluted river, and what happened to the Touch of Europe. The mayor also uses some of our data to talk about the Events Center vote (and basically how a bunch of naïve young people voted it in, ironically on an advisory vote that wasn’t even legal binding.) Oh, and he didn’t do his ‘due dilligence’ when it comes to the data.

It’s cold in here


Thermostat Wars! The 1st Major Clash between the mayor and city council


Mayor Huether’s new attire at the city council meetings (IMAGE: SouthDacola)

Got a good chuckle while listening to Neitzert and Stehly on Knobe’s show today. The council is moving to take control of Carnegie Hall’s thermostat away from the mayor on Tuesdays. There has long been complaints by other city employees, constituents and city councilors that it is too cold in Carnegie at the Tuesday night meetings. Apparently the mayor controls the thermostat after 5 PM on Tuesdays. I’m assuming he turns the thermostat down so he can wear a suit and not sweat (appearances are everything with this guy). I guess a majority of the council is in agreement that he will no longer control the thermostat. I’m wondering what kind of resolution that will take or if just a swift slap on the wrist will do?

Mayor ‘Lake Diamond’ Mike & his Nitrogenator

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No time for court or ethics hearings, Mayor Huether has better things to do


Check Please?

You’d think he had an emergency checkup with his proctologist, or a listening and learning session at the food court in the mall with the amount of zeal our mayor expressed at the county commission meeting yesterday (FF: to about 50:00). This is the same guy who would rather have a tube stuffed up his rear end instead of testifying in a court case, or not going to his own ethics hearing 100 feet from his office door. He is way to busy for such minor events. He did however have time to make an appearance yesterday around 10 AM at the County Commission meeting to testify as a proponent of putting more water into the sleugh he built his vacation home on (Diamond Lake). Amazing he could find the time with all the important things he has to do and all the important orifices in his body that need to be checked (by emergency of course).

I also found it ironic he had to chew out people for public input at 9:50 PM on Tuesday (like it was getting to late for grandpa Huether) but somehow he managed to stay at the Paul McCartney concert until 11:30 PM on Monday night.

We know what your priorities are Mr. Mayor. Clean butts and brown noses.

A Mayor’s Soliloquy, May 3, 2016

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The Always Affable and Tax Happy Mayor Huether

The little talked about Board of Tax Appeals got interesting last time around, especially when Mike Huether showed up;

I stated my objection to the increase and the mayor put his hand up for me to be quiet. He visited with Kenny Anderson, then asked me what I paid for my condo. I told them, and he visited with Anderson again. He asked me if my condo was the same as the one across the hall. I said, “Yes.” He informed me she paid $202,000. I objected, as her purchase included furniture. I also informed them they couldn’t know the actual cost of the unit because of that. (I later asked her, and she paid $10,000 less).

I started another statement of facts and the mayor raised his hand to quiet me again. He spoke to Anderson, and asked for a vote of the commissioners. All said, “Aye.” I said, “Excuse me, but I would like to know what you decided?” The mayor stated they decreased my assessment $4,000, which will determine my 2017 taxes. I informed the mayor I had owned property in South Dakota for 50 years, and never has the assessed value, the prepaid taxes and realtor fee exceeded the selling price of the property. As usual, the Mayor rudely raised his hand to quiet me.

I would not expect to be treated like that by an elected official. He is obviously more interested in acting important than caring about a voter or her problem.

He cares. About taxing the living crap out of you. Gotta pay for those play things.