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But does the mayor ‘Value’ his street improvements?

More street improvements in Hizzoner’s hood.

There’s been rumors that the street he lives on has been worked on several times since he has been mayor.

It’s good to be King.


The ‘contentious’ Sioux Falls City Council?

There has been some talk lately about the council taking charge and proposing some of their own legislation (pool rates and youth bus rides). I asked a friend this morning what he thought of the new and improved city council? His response, “It’s about time they grew a sack.” I was kind of thinking the same thing, though Erickson and Erpenbach may not appreciate the cliché.

The Argus Leader recently polled readers on their website asking what they thought of the council being contentious and if it was a good thing. There was close to 400 voters and over 80% approved, which was enlightening.

Government works best when the checks and balances (executive and legislative branches, Mayor/Council) check each other’s work and intentions. Debate and discussion only improve our system of municipal government. The mayor is NOT King and the council simply his subjects. When the mayor doesn’t get things done through resolution or just refuses to do anything, the council has the power to bring forth their own legislation, and they are quickly learning that it works when they all work together and discuss these thing in the open (public meetings) nothing good comes from closed door meetings with the mayor and sub-committees.

I would like the Council to go further and advise the Charter Revision Commission to change charter so that the Mayor is no longer running the meetings. He should sit in the audience and break a tie if necessary. Or even better, change the council to a 7 member council so there would not be any tie votes. After Mayor Huether’s performance in the last council meeting where he got up to chide another councilor and ultimately edited from the video (Public Record), it is apparent that he is being more disruptive to the meetings then productive. He consistently tried cutting off council members when they were trying to discuss deferral of the pool rate increase.

He doesn’t want debate or dissent, but it seems the public is all in favor. The continental congress debated for hours on end, some members would take the floor for hours. The mayor seems to think that there are time limits on council meetings and on democracy.

After five years, he still has a lot to learn about government.

Mayor Huether’s ‘Mysterious’ Capital Improvement Proposal

As you can see the agenda for today’s informational meeting has been posted since Friday, but the coinciding documents in SIRE are a mystery. No surprise, ever since Mayor Huether has been doing the Capital Presentation he has kept it a secret until a few minutes before the meeting starts to not only the public, but to the city council (they still haven’t received it). As usual, he says he has great transparency with the city council, but can’t even let them see his proposal, even for a couple of hours before the meeting.

Mike can claim transparency and communication all he wants, but his claims are more suited for fertilizer in a farm field then in the chambers of a public building.

UPDATE: Freedom is not Free! (Click to enlarge)


If you watch the latest version of ‘Ask the Mayor’ (FF: 13:00) you get to listen to his take on all things FREE in this community. He really doesn’t understand our tax structure and the basic tenant of a socialistic democracy, or to put it in simpler terms ‘Sharing’. While I will never use our pools, tennis courts or even the bus system in town I am fine with my tax dollars subsidizing the programs. There are hundreds of things I get for ‘free’ because we all share the burden, like the streets, snow gates, the bike trail. That is how it works. As for saying someone ELSE is subsidizing the kids that get free pool passes and bus rides, I say hogwash. We pay sales taxes in Sioux Falls, EVERYONE pays them. Rich, poor, young or old every time we purchase something. There is no sliding scale. Everyone subsidizes the freebees in town. Heck, the mayor had NO shame when he collected a check for $500K from the fine taxpayers of Sioux Falls so 102 members could buy equipment for an indoor tennis court that he put his name on. Let’s talk about ‘valuing’ something. Because that is real ‘rich’.

Here’s a nice little screenshot of the video being interrupted and probably edited (FF: 1:01:30) Notice how it pauses and gets fuzzy while the audio is still going.


Who arranges the mayor’s speaking engagements?

While Mayor Huether has yet to announce if he is running for a higher office (Congress, Senate or Governor) he seems to be jet setting all over the state with ‘speaking engagements’ at business related events telling other towns in South Dakota on how they can also be a boom town.
The reviews have been mixed.
While I could care less if he runs for a higher office, or that he is slobbering his business advice all over the state, I do have my concerns.
Who is arranging these meetings? Is this something he does on his own with his personal phone and personal computer or is he using city staff (secretary) to arrange these semi-campaign town hall meetings and justify them by saying they are city business related? How is speaking to a group of businessmen in Deadwood have to do with what we are doing in Sioux Falls? Entirely different demographic and business structure.
I hope the mayor isn’t subsidizing a future campaign with Sioux Falls tax dollars. It sure seems like it though. But of course, this comes from a guy who’s first action as mayor was to gift all the city councilors his favorite book, then pay for the gift from the mayor’s budget instead of his own pocket.
There is one positive thing about him hitting the road and exploring our vast prairie communities . . . the less he is in Sioux Falls, the better.


Mayor Huether takes his gubernatorial campaign to Deadwood today!

So now the taxpayers of Sioux Falls are paying him to run for governor. The man has no shame.




Mayor Huether in a Huff?

I found this on Steve Hildebrand’s FB page;

I bet I’ve spoken to more than 100 people about this project – all who believe it’s important and a great step forward for downtown and Sioux Falls in general.

I’ve also spoken directly to Mayor Huether about it. He’s absolutely got his heels dug in on this one and says “they will not get a TIF.” When I asked him why he was opposed to a TIF for this $29 million project with tremendous economic impact for our city, he literally stormed off in a huff. Really? Seems like when a taxpayer asks a public official to explain their position, the could do just that – without getting all uptight.

For the life of me, I can understand why Mayor Huether would oppose this important project for Sioux Falls. If you believe this project is important, please call, email or talk to Mayor Huether in person. Please also share your thoughts with members of the SF Planning Commission and the City Council. We need their support to make this project possible.


For the record, I am against this TIF, but I am bias, I don’t believe in TIF’s. Over the past two years we have had record building permits, and NO TIF’s were granted. Are they needed? Or can private enterprise roll on it’s own? Playing the Devil’s advocate, let’s say I am for TIF’s, the biggest issue with this one is it is too large. I think if they scaled it back by 75% they would have a better chance.

As for the mayor, he doesn’t play well with others, and that is becoming more evident.



Huether has refused to sign a resolution in the past . . .

We have to go all the way back to December 6, 2010. (Item #16, FF: 41:00) Great conversation. The mayor, councilor Diamond Jim and Bob Litz claim to be ‘confused’ about the ordinance. I’m no attorney or accountant, but I think the language is pretty clear. I think a 5th grader could understand it. It’s just a bunch of smoke and mirrors to get it to fail. And in Mayor Mike’s classic ‘sour grapes/Crybaby style’ since it passed he didn’t sign it. Same with the bus passes.

The city council was simply reinstating ordinance that was rescinded during the Munson administration (Doc Res. 109-10) which is a great fiscal tool for the city.

Councilor Brown actually does a great job of explaining the measure.


Basically a security blanket so there is reserves at the end of the year and monthly. As I understand from what happened back then, (some) on the city council feared that the mayor was going to dip in the cookie jar for extra money for the Events Center.

What is ironic about him being against this back then, TODAY, he is constantly bragging about how big of reserves we have now.

This guy calls himself a banker with business acumen but doesn’t understand two simple percentages? One about monthly cash balance and an end of the year reserve balance.

He was full of BS four years ago and still is today.

UPDATE: Mayor Huether refuses to sign FREE Youth transit resolution

However, he did not VETO the resolution, so that means it will go in affect a week later on June 26. There could be some complications though. The administration still has to come up with a plan on how to administer it, so they could make it very convoluted so it is hard to use. The council has suggested making it very simple.

-You put an age limit on it that you can ride by yourself

-A parent or guardian must sign a waiver to get the dog tag making them aware you have the pass

-You get a dog tag that is similar to what the Augie students use

-When you get on the bus with the special tag, the bus driver simply presses a button saying you are part of the youth ridership program.

Someone asked me if they don’t have the tag or lost it if they could still get the ride. A friend suggested to me that maybe they could use a password to the driver to get the free ride, something like ‘My Man Mike’ :)

Hopefully the transit administration will be cooperative and not turn it into a big hassle to get the passes.

Somebody mentioned to me the other day that perhaps this was looked at as a handout to the kids. I don’t look at it that way at all, besides the economic impact factor, adult parents as well as kids pay sales taxes on everything they purchase in our city, so while they may not be paying for the ride up front, they are still contributing to the tax base that funds the transit system. It’s no different than using our bike trails for free as far as I am concerned.

UPDATE: Joe Sneve with the Argus Leader weighs in with some priceless comments from Huether;

Huether said withholding his signature came down to the manner in which it was passed.

” I do believe the resolution has some merit. It was the process, the rush and the lack of prudent due diligence that I could not defend nor support,” he said.

This coming from the guy that has ram-rodded every project he was for, like the indoor aquatic center that has to be built with cash because no bonding company will give a bond for a building being built on land with a quit claim deed. Let’s talk ‘Due Dilligence’.

Offering rides free of charge to a select group, Turbak added, wouldn’t help convince potential riders that public transit is worth the cost of bus fare.

“People don’t place a value on what they don’t have to pay for,” Turbak said last week.

Yeah Tracy, everyone in Sioux Falls HATES our free parks and bike trail :(

“The city and Sioux Area Metro are now diligently working to determine the safety and liability risks, expense and operational concerns, customer service and value considerations, the policy, the process and so much more,” Huether said. “We will scramble and get it done. However, businesses, nonprofits and families are not successful with a fire, aim, ready approach and government is absolutely no different.”

Hypocrisy in the HIGHEST order. Everything Huether has accomplished was through that very approach.