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Mayor Huether under the impression that sweeping streets is a government handout

During ‘Ask the Dictator . . . uh, I mean Mayor’ (FF:19:32). He says;

“You know Sioux Falls, we don’t have to wait for the street sweepers to come by and sweep our streets, we don’t have to, ah, if you got leaves or junk in your curb or gutter, hey, go out there and sweep it up . . .

I think sometimes we rely on government so much to do the work for us, when we are so capable to do the work ourselves . . .”

He also went on to claim that they are sweeping the streets three times a year. I don’t think so.

I will have the mayor know, that I do go sweep my own curb, several times a year, but I usually have to use a scoop shovel, because there is so much crap, and while I don’t take issue with that, I take issue with your statement about ‘depending on government’ to do our work for us.

1) The streets are owned by the city and we pay taxes to have them maintained. This includes repair, resurfacing, snowplowing and YES sweeping.

2) The city maintains a public works department responsible for street maintenance, our taxes buy the street sweeping equipment and YES, pay the operators to run the machines.

Do I expect government to do everything for me? Not at all, but when I am paying into government to perform a service, I expect it to be done.

Locally I figured I spent about $2,800 in taxes (sales/property) last year. If I sweep my own street (which I do quite often) do I get a discount?

As for government ‘expecting’ to do things for us, you are right. I don’t expect things like;

– $500,000 to an indoor tennis center so 102 members have a place like that.

– $24 Million to an indoor pool

– $115 Million for an entertainment facility

Government’s first expectation is to provide services for the taxes we pay (like sweeping the streets) Not to entertain us.

Once again, the mayor demonstrates his skewed priorities.

Mac Huether?


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Why only thank FOUR councilors?

YouTube Preview Image

Notice that he thanks only FOUR councilors for support of the Events Center, I am assuming he is talking about the FOUR that voted for the Arena location.

UPDATED: Click on the below image to enlarge and read the bottom caption.


A Million Cups of Yankton more important then being the mayor of Sioux Falls?


The new fire station ribbon cutting today in Sioux Falls. Good thing SF Chamber Board Member (and part-time city councilor, Dean Karksy could make the event for the mayor)

YouTube Preview Image

After getting a good clubbing at last night’s council meeting, the mayor headed off bright and early this morning to Yankton.

He did the full scale tour.


Press & Dakotan

I had to chuckle at the irony of my friend Ben Hanten in Yankton inviting the mayor to speak at Yankton’s 1┬áMillion cups. If it wasn’t for Mr. Hanten, I would have never gotten into politics or blogging. Thanks Ben.

A cup full of Boomtown


Put on a tie & get a job! Some more infinite wisdom from our Esteemed Leader

Last Sunday, Mike went to First Baptist Church in Sioux Falls for another exciting edition of his ‘Shut Up and Listen’ session. He gave advice on how to dress for an interview (if they even call you for one) and put his foot in his mouth so many times that I am guessing his breath smells like sweaty toes and shoe leather to this day!


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What happened to Mayor Huether’s ‘communications’ presentation

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On Friday, I noticed in the SF City Council’s informational meeting agenda, that Huether was scheduled to do a presentation entitled ‘Communications’ it has since been removed.

Not only can’t he communicate with the council, he can’t even communicate about the lack of communication. But hey, we have another billboard with his face on it, what more do we need?


Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!


Joe Sneve, the new city reporter for the Argus Leader wrote and article about the under hand moves of the Mayor and his Sidekick, Darin Smith;

The city already had spent more than $35,000 building the website and buying advertising to promote it before City Council members or the public learned about the project.

“You talk about transparency in government. You talk about saving money. You talk about building trust in government. What (Huether) has done violates a lot of the principles that I think most of us live by,” Councilor Greg Jamison said. “I’ll be proposing to change the language so we can prevent things like this from happening again.”

And it seems as of 7AM this morning, people are ready for a new mayor or is it an indoor pool? Elections and polls are so confusing these days. I think we should act quickly like we did with the indoor pool and hold the next mayoral election next week. And who are these 13% anyway?