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Let me scoop you on those secret meetings . . .

Okay, so this is the whole press conference of the mayor on the RR relocation, but if you (FF: 44:00 – sorry for all the background noise, it settles down a bit) you will get to hear him brag it up with Stu about all the secret meetings.

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We’ll be giving more thoughts on this weird land deal in the near future, like when the city finally lets us see it. Here is the Presser given in Sioux Falls City Hall Commission Chamber on July 22, 2015. It was the usual speeching by a master speecher.

Have you heard the expression “hot mic”? Apparently some people don’t know much about it. In our latest video we are given inside scoops on city hall inside scoops from mmm and his press secretary.

If you are going to talk insider stuff, don’t do it next to a hot mic…

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to host Mayor Huether

OLLI Sioux Falls – Fall Open House is Wednesday, August 19th from 1:30-4pm at the University Center (4801 North Career Ave)…Mayor Mike Huether will speak at 2pm “Sioux Falls – A Mecca for Retirement”, University Center’s main building: Avera Hall and Commons area.   Fun time to learn more about OLLI and to meet friends.  Welcome back to OLLI, we have MISS you over the summer!

I hear many attendees are looking forward to interacting with the mayor.

I think the question is, “Can I get a second?”

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It’s amazing what the Chair of the Sioux Falls City Council tries to get away with when he does not want something discussed. MayorCam was in full force during this presentation and discussion of a simple reconsideration.

We will be going into more detail on the Powder House Road naming question in another video. Keep checking our postings. For now we want to illustrate how the Meeting Chair abuses the process when he does not get his way.

Mayor Huether pulls a fast one . . . again


Before we get to the above graphics, lets talk about the weasel moves by the Mayor. Tonight at the Sioux Falls city council meeting, when councilor Jamison asked for reconsideration of the Powder House road renaming he had to get a 2nd to the motion, the chair of the meeting is ‘supposed’ to ask for 2nd, Huether, the chair, did not, he just stared at his desk, then pronounces “The motion dies for a lack of a 2nd.” Kermit yells out that he will second it, and the city attorney allowed it.

Slippery, slimy move, and really a violation of Roberts Rules. And of course no testimony was allowed because the reconsideration failed, 6-2.

Which brings me to the testimony I was going to give. I was going to ask the council to reconsider calling Minnesota Avenue from the airport to Russell Avenue ‘Universal Peace Boulevard’ and Russell from the interstate to Minnesota Avenue ‘Veterans Memorial Parkway’. My feeling is if we are going to honor those in our country that go to war for us, we must honor those who fight for diplomacy and peace as well.

Second that, Rat Fink Mayor!

Does Mayor Huether think he is a Saint now?


What God would look like if he got his hair cut every 5 1/2 days and had a business acumen.

He recently changed his BIO (where he still doesn’t admit to previously being the chief salesman for the worst predatory credit card in the nation) but the last line got me to thinking;

In his “spare” time, Mayor Mike enjoys tennis, running, working outdoors, is an avid hunter, and creates as many God-given memories in life as possible.

First off, like how he put parentheses around the word spare. But my bigger question is how do you ‘create’ God given memories if God is giving them to you? I’m no literature or grammar major, but someone seems to have a saint complex.

*Also, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems his daughter has changed positions at Sanford.

Is Mayor Mike Huether continuing to use tax dollars to campaign for higher office?

Well isn’t that the $100,000 question?

The third annual Mayor’s Big Sioux River Water Quality Summit will be held at the Days Inn Convention Center in Brookings, SD, on September 10, 2015.

I will say this, I don’t care if he is running for higher office, whether that is a congressional seat or governor. I think it will be fun to watch a man who has very thin skin as a politician to take the scrutiny on a state wide level. He will crumble under the pressure.

What is stuck in my craw is that he is traveling all over the state on the city’s dime to campaign before he even has announced anything. Recent speaking engagements in Yankton, and two in Deadwood and now a ‘Big Sioux River water summit’ in Brookings that doesn’t even have the Big Sioux River running through it.

One of his claims is that Brookings is a good site for the summit because they have a tributary of the Big Sioux running through it, and that people from Watertown would be more likely to attend because Brookings is closer, because you know, everyone uses horse and buggy these days in Northern South Dakota, and while Brookings is only 40 minutes from Sioux Falls in a car, that’s a half-a-day trip in the buggy or stagecoach.

So what do I expect from Huether? At least a partial announcement that he is strongly exploring a run for higher office, and if so, stop using my tax dollars and city resources to quietly campaign across the state. It’s not just unethical, it is against campaign finance laws.

Oh, I forgot who I was talking about, stupid me.

As for cleaning up the Big Poo, I have often suggested partnering with the CORPS to build a filtration dam coming into Sioux Falls. Not only would it help clean the river, it could also act as flood control. Councilor Rolfing made comment about it in a recent council meeting and was told ‘they are too costly’. Well so is spending millions of dollars over a 20 year period (the proposal on the table now) trying to coax cows from not pooping in the river upstream. Lewis & Clark was also expensive, $80 million. Then there is the Events Center, over $100 million, an indoor pool, $24 million and a river greenway, over $10 million so far, in which none of the projects do anything to improve water quality. I say spend the money TODAY on a filtration dam, then proceed with the other cleanup efforts. Because as of right now the plan seems a little ass backwards, you know, like having a water summit about cleaning up the Atlantic ocean in Minneapolis.

But does the mayor ‘Value’ his street improvements?

More street improvements in Hizzoner’s hood.

There’s been rumors that the street he lives on has been worked on several times since he has been mayor.

It’s good to be King.


The ‘contentious’ Sioux Falls City Council?

There has been some talk lately about the council taking charge and proposing some of their own legislation (pool rates and youth bus rides). I asked a friend this morning what he thought of the new and improved city council? His response, “It’s about time they grew a sack.” I was kind of thinking the same thing, though Erickson and Erpenbach may not appreciate the cliché.

The Argus Leader recently polled readers on their website asking what they thought of the council being contentious and if it was a good thing. There was close to 400 voters and over 80% approved, which was enlightening.

Government works best when the checks and balances (executive and legislative branches, Mayor/Council) check each other’s work and intentions. Debate and discussion only improve our system of municipal government. The mayor is NOT King and the council simply his subjects. When the mayor doesn’t get things done through resolution or just refuses to do anything, the council has the power to bring forth their own legislation, and they are quickly learning that it works when they all work together and discuss these thing in the open (public meetings) nothing good comes from closed door meetings with the mayor and sub-committees.

I would like the Council to go further and advise the Charter Revision Commission to change charter so that the Mayor is no longer running the meetings. He should sit in the audience and break a tie if necessary. Or even better, change the council to a 7 member council so there would not be any tie votes. After Mayor Huether’s performance in the last council meeting where he got up to chide another councilor and ultimately edited from the video (Public Record), it is apparent that he is being more disruptive to the meetings then productive. He consistently tried cutting off council members when they were trying to discuss deferral of the pool rate increase.

He doesn’t want debate or dissent, but it seems the public is all in favor. The continental congress debated for hours on end, some members would take the floor for hours. The mayor seems to think that there are time limits on council meetings and on democracy.

After five years, he still has a lot to learn about government.

Mayor Huether’s ‘Mysterious’ Capital Improvement Proposal

As you can see the agenda for today’s informational meeting has been posted since Friday, but the coinciding documents in SIRE are a mystery. No surprise, ever since Mayor Huether has been doing the Capital Presentation he has kept it a secret until a few minutes before the meeting starts to not only the public, but to the city council (they still haven’t received it). As usual, he says he has great transparency with the city council, but can’t even let them see his proposal, even for a couple of hours before the meeting.

Mike can claim transparency and communication all he wants, but his claims are more suited for fertilizer in a farm field then in the chambers of a public building.

UPDATE: Freedom is not Free! (Click to enlarge)


If you watch the latest version of ‘Ask the Mayor’ (FF: 13:00) you get to listen to his take on all things FREE in this community. He really doesn’t understand our tax structure and the basic tenant of a socialistic democracy, or to put it in simpler terms ‘Sharing’. While I will never use our pools, tennis courts or even the bus system in town I am fine with my tax dollars subsidizing the programs. There are hundreds of things I get for ‘free’ because we all share the burden, like the streets, snow gates, the bike trail. That is how it works. As for saying someone ELSE is subsidizing the kids that get free pool passes and bus rides, I say hogwash. We pay sales taxes in Sioux Falls, EVERYONE pays them. Rich, poor, young or old every time we purchase something. There is no sliding scale. Everyone subsidizes the freebees in town. Heck, the mayor had NO shame when he collected a check for $500K from the fine taxpayers of Sioux Falls so 102 members could buy equipment for an indoor tennis court that he put his name on. Let’s talk about ‘valuing’ something. Because that is real ‘rich’.

Here’s a nice little screenshot of the video being interrupted and probably edited (FF: 1:01:30) Notice how it pauses and gets fuzzy while the audio is still going.