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Tis the season


Mayor Huether to throw a hissy fit over the pared back smoking ban


It will be interesting to hear this press conference;

Mayor Huether will address the media and the citizens of Sioux Falls on Monday Dec. 12th on why he did not sign the ordinance.

This ought to be quite the show, complete with tears and stories of his dying father. Ironically, as I have pointed out over the past couple of days, their is NOTHING stopping the entertainment venues, the libraries or even city hall from putting up signs in front of the facilities prohibiting smoking. So why not just do it? Council doesn’t need to weigh in.

Mike is going to use this press conference as an opportunity to SHAME the council. I hope the 6 that voted for the alternative plan show up and let him have it. Like the admin building veto, I think Mike is going to have a rough 16 months ahead of him.

Copper Lounge Collapse, lots of questions little answers

Here are some leading questions after the collapse;

• Will Downtown businesses be reimbursed for lost business by the construction company’s insurance? Most of these businesses are family owned, they don’t have a lot of buffer like national franchises especially during one of the busiest shopping times of the year.

• Will the city be reimbursed for the enormous cost of the rescue and security efforts? While most would argue this is part of paying taxes, sometimes those costs go above and beyond.

• If the city was aware of construction issues with Hultgren, why wasn’t the Lewis project monitored more carefully, especially after complaints?

• What is the signifigance of the meeting on Monday between the city, OSHA, Hultgren and the families affected? Will they be talking about a private settlement?

• Since Legacy Development was one of the companies to bid on the future parking ramp, were they chosen? And if so, will the city pull the contract? Will the public ever be told? Do we have a right to know?

Who are the private investors in Legacy Development?

One of the biggest questions that has been boiling to the top all week – did any of the city councilors, county commissioners or even the Mayor have investments with Legacy, Hultgren or with the PAVE or Lewis project? And if so, isn’t this a conflict of interest, especially since the construction company has gotten quite a few ‘passes’ from the city’s planning/building services office? This speculation comes from the city’s decision to launch NO investigation of their own and a desire to not press charges unless OSHA finds serious fault. Think about it, Cameraman Bruce was arrested and taken to court over a stack of shingles and the possibility of a couple of mice, something the city called a health/public nuisance. Doesn’t it seem silly the city is worried about a couple of mice, but not that a man died in a construction accident? It just doesn’t add up.

I will tell you folks, this goes deeper, and I think some people with some serious connections are involved. Notice the rancor coming from the city lately about the media stirring the pot, they are trying to squelch the message and kill the messenger.

It will be interesting to see who is holding the bag when the smoke clears . . . it may just be one of the biggest scandals this city has ever seen, it will make the secret million dollar settlement on the EC look like vandalism under the 10th Street bridge.

Mayor Huether thinks the Events Center makes us money

Oh, Mike, how you twist thee . . .

As he was gloating over the ‘Ask the Mayor’ show Holsen produces and his great service of informing the public (because the local media does not) he mentioned that the Midco Aquatic Center will never operate in the black ‘Like the Events Center does.’

Give it up Mike. While the sponsorships and rental fees at the EC make SMG a profit and probably cover operating fees, the over $10 million in mortgage payments and normal maintenance is NOT covered by the profits of the Events Center, that comes out of our road funds. If anyone ran their business like we run the EC, they would be bankrupt in 6 months.

The Sioux Falls City Council needs to put their foot down with the mayor

For seven years I have watched the mayor push ‘HIS’ agenda, using his city directors to implement legislation. It is NOT his job, it is the job of the city’s legislative body, the city council. The new council so far has been ‘mildy’ successful tamping out some of his ideas, and implementing their own. Youth bus rides for example, and their recent attempt to either sell or gift the old ice plex to the Glory House.

Councilor Stehly says it best;

Councilor Theresa Stehly has been more rigid, maintaining throughout the ban’s debate she wouldn’t be supporting any added prohibitions on tobacco use.

“Smokers are taxpayers as well and I’m not going to support anything that is going to impose a fine on a tobacco user. I think our police have much more important matters to attend to than arresting a smoker,” she said. “And the public needs to be aware that this was initiated by bureaucrats in the health department – it did not come out of the City Council.

The Mayor’s job, as the executive branch, is to run the day to day operations of the city, you know like, making sure building permits are issued correctly . . .

I hope the council votes this down, or at least eliminates the fine portion.

Transparency? LOL.


Indoor Pool Numbers are lower than expected


I guess I was a little surprised by the numbers being low at first, but then I started looking at the reality of the pool;

The pool was sold to us on a pack of lies from the beginning. Just go back and watch the advocational videos. I mildly believe in something called ‘Karma’ and I think when you sell something to people based on one lie after another, that karma will kick in.

The pool was built at a horrible location, lack of parking, poor access and no room for expansion. I suggested that city team up with Sanford and build it at the sports complex, or with the school district and build it at one of the high schools. I even think a location near the mall would have been better.

There was no public vote on the pool and it incurred debt. As much as the mayor says that is not true, it goes back to lying to the public. The mayor alone decided to build this pool. It wasn’t based on any study (only a site study) that there was a true need for the facility. As I have argued for years, there are tons of indoor pools in town, and a lot of them come with fitness centers. Is there really a need? Did the public truly support THIS PLAN or did they vote against the outdoor pool because they wanted to see options? We will never know, because the public never weighed in on an actual election.

The hours of operation are not reasonable. I think the pool should be opened later at night on the weekdays, closed on Mondays and opened longer on Saturday and Sundays, you know, when families actually spend time with each other.

When you build a facility based solely on the wants of one person, problems arise.

As for blaming the media . . .

It seems whenever the mayor gets caught standing in his own pile of BS he is quick to blame the media. Both Stormland TV and the AL did stories about the parent who was upset. It was newsworthy. This wasn’t just any parent, this was a parent who donated $10,000 of his own money towards a public facility. Why? Because he helped purchase equipment to assist in swim meets. He had a right to be pissed. The Parks Department could have easily told him that they plan on doing/scheduling swim meets after the first of the year once they evaluate numbers, but instead, as I understand the situation, he was totally ignored when asking about swim meets.

I was glad to see Joe Sneve calling mayor Huether out on his BS yesterday day with an online video.

Mayor’s Biggest Accomplishment? Spreading Confidence?

I still am trying to figure out how this trickles down on to citizens?

Q: What are you most proud of as mayor of Sioux Falls?

A: It is all about confidence whether it be a sporting event, running a business or nonprofit or running a city. One of the things I’m incredibly proud of in Sioux Falls is our confidence level is as high as it’s ever been and we don’t believe there’s anything we can’t tackle as a city. We are kicking tail and getting things done in government in Sioux Falls.

Maybe he ought to hand some of that high level of confidence over to the SFPD so they can ‘tackle’ our out of control drug and violent crime problem. Or maybe he needs to hand some of that confidence over to employers so they can start paying living wages so that our food banks don’t keep growing.

How would I have answered that question? I would have said “Our Citizens, I’m most proud of our citizens.” But as Mike recently said in a meeting with other city officials, “We didn’t need them (citizens) to weigh in. We got it handled.”

Mayor Huether compares himself to Trump


Whadda I tell you!

Mike said on the B-N-B show this morning that he understands why Trump gets frustrated with the press when they spread BS.

Oh the irony.

Fact checkers determined that during the campaign, 70% of what Trump said was pure BS. Let’s talk about how frustrating it is to listen to politicians spread it.

Did Mayor Huether really drop the ‘H’ word?


House! House! House!

Rumor has it that Mike recently dropped the ‘H’ word (House) when asked if he was running for governor. I guess he almost jumped out of his chair to point out he was interested in the seat. Now that he has maxed out our city’s credit card, I wonder when he will announce he is running for Congress or if all we will hear is ‘Aflac’!