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Mayor Huether only concerned about transparency when it comes to him

Howdy Doody lays it down!

Funny how Mike only cares about transparency when it comes to him,

The council’s reasoning on the Parks Board ordinance is transparency, but Mayor Huether says, that’s what’s missing from their decision to donate the Ice and Rec Center.

“Where have been the work sessions on this and the meetings with the public or even the meetings with the executive branch of government,” questioned Huether.

But, of course once again, he stretches the truth. The Glory House idea was first raised this Summer by councilor Starr, then in October he told city directors he was serious about the matter, but they just ignored him. The mayor tries to claim no one tells him anything, ironically it is always things he is opposed to. See a trend?

What is the cost to follow the Mayor around with a camera?

Theresa Stehly mentioned on B-N-B show this morning that she requested the amount it costs to follow the mayor around with a camera for press conferences and Listening & Learning sessions. The finance director could not give her a solid number saying they really don’t keep track (in other words buried in the CityLink/Media budget.
Huether fancies himself as a great and prudent businessman. He has a director of finance (Turbak) who pretends to know what he is doing controlling the town’s cash. This director of the cash doesn’t know the cost of videoing the mayor’s events?
An astute businessman would know how much it costs to:
  1. buy all the equipment needed
  2. send a guy out with a camera
  3. return to the office to upload
  4. store the recordings
  5. how much it costs to replace the equipment as it wears out
They both complain about the cost of recording but had no idea how much it would cost? This proves how bad the city finance system is when they do not understand the basics of cost centers. This is actually a very easy number to generate. To a real cost accountant, this could take minutes to figure out. As for a guy who has worked in the media business for over 20 years, if I had to do a quick educated guess, just to record the press conferences and L & L sessions, it would be well over $100,000 a year. This does not include the entire CityLink budget OR the independent contract hosts like Madeline and Jolene.
There is a strong belief the lack of recordings is not a cost issue or to protect the board members. This effort to stop recordings is to protect city staff from being recorded giving bad advice the board members have to follow. There is no attempt to protect the members only city employees. Our videos show this time and time again.

Ironic quote of the day by Mayor Huether

I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff, but it is rich;

“Why we would want to give away something between a half a million and a million dollars, dumbfounds me,” says the Mayor.

If he was Mr. Prudence, I would agree, but this dumbo who has borrowed well over $200 million over the past 7 years spending it mostly on special interests and play things, like $500K to a private tennis center he plastered his name on. What a hypocrite.

This should bode well with voters if Huether decides to run for higher office

South Dakotans love nothing better then an elected official bragging about increasing taxes, especially property taxes;

Mayor Mike and Cindy Huether have long supported and advocated for the public school system. In fact, they were the co-chairs of the last two opt-out campaigns to increase funding for Sioux Falls public schools, along with many other leadership and stewardship roles.

Mike really likes to shoot himself in the foot lately, like calling transparency a slippery slope. Now he brags about wanting to raise our taxes as proof he supports education. Can’t wait for this tidbit to come out if he runs for higher office.

Mayor Veto’s recording meetings. Calls transparency a ‘slippery slope’

Yup, like a grumpy old man, our mayor of all he sees says, “stay away”. Keep off the grass. Wash behind your ears. Don’t park there. Shut up when I enter the room. Bow before me. I am in charge, do not question me. Like a President of 40 years ago, Yup, like a grumpy old man, our mayor of all he sees stay away. Keep off the grass. Wash behind your ears. Don’t park there. Shut up when I enter the room. Bow before me. I am in charge, do not question me or my authority.

We now have a Sioux Falls City Council able to question everything and does with regularity. There are things happening in city government the people want to see. The citizens have for quite a while. Due to the way our city charter is set up, we have little choice but accept the authoritarian “take or leave it” way of the leader.

His veto of the publication rules for Park and Recreation Board meetings is another slap in the face of all citizens. He is saying, “things are going well for me, keep out”. These fine citizens have done what Don Kearney and I want so leave them alone.

Nowhere in the discussion have we citizens said the board members have done anything wrong. We just want to be able to see their deliberations. Cameraman Bruce has been to several meetings and seen how it works. Like the other board meetings he has been to, not much happens there not controlled by the department “advisors”.

Maybe the January 24, 2017 veto decision by the mayor was more to protect the advisors than the members?

B-N-B & Too Late Todd censor Cameraman Bruce, to his amusement

Bruce tried to call in and converse with Hizzoner after the mayor sputtered his normal blather about the internets, facebooks and blogs ‘manipulating’ videos on B-N-B’s show this morning. After getting into a back and forth with Todd on the phone, Bruce just laughed at him. Todd didn’t want the conversation to spin in that direction. In other words, just let the mayor spew what he wants to without anyone holding him accountable. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, and why I don’t call in anymore, because Greg and Todd are NOT journalists, they are DJ’s that sell tranny repair and old folks apartments.

As I have argued about the ‘video manipulation’ I will agree with the mayor that we do add commentary to the videos (normally a scrawl across the top or bottom of the screen) but we have NEVER manipulated the video either visually and especially not audio. When the mayor or any other official says what they say, it’s all on them, we don’t do voice overs. MMM acts like we are the Sioux Falls version of Bad Lip Reading, not the case at all.

But what I found ironic is that while B-N-B was actually defending recording the parks board meetings in the name of transparency, Too Late Todd was censoring Bruce. Oh the irony of the conservative and the liberal running a radio show (they are neither BTW, just proud members of the ‘Suck Up’ party).

Mayor Mike has lunch with YPN

Bring a bag lunch and listen to Mayor Mike Huether talk about the things he has learned while he has been the leader of Sioux Falls. He will update us about what is happening in the city, his goals for his remaining time in office, and leave it open for some Q&A time so we can ask anything we want to know about the city’s latest developments!

Make sure to RSVP to save your spot at this great event!

I wonder if CityLink will be hauling their cameras to the event? Wonder what that will cost? Be curious to hear ‘What he learned’ It certainly hasn’t been open government.

Shut Up & Listen session (Jan 17, 2017)

Once again the mayor stretches the truth or just flat out lies about policies of the city. He didn’t disappoint once again.

I will first start off by saying that isn’t it amazing a film crew can follow the mayor around all over town for these sessions and press conferences and NOT once has his directors, the city council, himself or heck even citizens have questioned the cost. Why? Because we want transparency, and that is why I have never questioned it, so why should he question it when it comes to recording committee meetings? Because he is a hypocrite.

• On the topic of Paratransit, he quickly blames the council for not raising fees. Ironically the reason Paratransit costs us so much is because is poorly run with an out-dated dispatch system. We could probably make money on Paratransit if we just ran it more efficiently.

• He is already pushing the city of Sioux Falls to the 180K mark, his new line is ‘Almost 180,000 people’. Some have asked why he keeps pushing the population number and changes the population signs like he changes his underwear, that’s because our bond rating and borrowing power is based on the population number and the mayor doesn’t care if those people are working or not.

• Mike continued the same half-truth that the city hasn’t built any new administration buildings since 1935. I’m not going to list all the buildings the city has built for administration reasons since then, but If I had to guess it would be well over 20.

• He also claimed that the city council voted FOR the admin building (the second time around) and it passed because of the help of his veto. Huh? That doesn’t even make sense. Mike Huether is the ONLY person who decided to move forward on the administration building by the stroke of his veto pen, don’t let him tell you otherwise.

• He said he supports hiring more police. You can take that statement however you want.

• This session was recorded last Tuesday morning before the council meeting where they voted for gifting the Glory House city land. He was asked about how he would vote if he had to break a tie. He wouldn’t answer the question because he claimed he ‘just learned about it’ that morning and his directors ‘just learned about it’ last Thurday. I call BS on that. The council and Pat Starr have been discussing this with city administration since last October. If the mayor is AGAINST something he plays like he wasn’t informed. Even IF no one told him about it in October there have been several media stories about the potential of gifting the building since then. Play dumb and kill the messenger. Your games are getting old Mike.

Why is Sioux Falls Mayor Huether celebrating a groundbreaking in Yankton?

Apparently the Yankton mayor couldn’t make it.

It’s not like he casually going to be at this event on a Saturday afternoon. He is taking time away from his job as our Mayor of Sioux Falls to drive to Yankton on a Wednesday to celebrate the opening of a new business in another community.

Makes you wonder if he will also announce a run at this event?

Is Mayor Huether prepping a local TV station to be his prop-wing if he announces running for higher office

A couple of weeks ago Brian Allen got all giddy about his ‘exclusive’ interview with the mayor about his future plans (in an empty room at the Old Courthouse). The mayor told him, what he has told everyone else; not ready to make an announcement yet. They also did a glowing interview about Huether Family Moth Ball center and his wife winning a national tennis award.

Today they decide that is was a news story that the mayor talked to a classroom of students (like he has dozens of times during his administration);

“He makes it sound like it’s changing the world then just being part of a government.”

Yeah, and after you are done taking advice from the mayor on making change in the world, pick up a copy of mein kampf, it also has some great ideas on changing the world.