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The Mayor doesn’t understand appeals and the council doesn’t understand hydraulics

Who thought this thing would cause such a fuss?

When I watch the council meetings from home, the fun stuff always happens.

Oh well, I’ll give you my ‘tractoring’ advice from home.

I am already exhausted before I even start explaining the city council meeting tonight.

Deep breath.

I asked councilor Stehly to question why the city needs to buy a brand new snow trimmer at a cost for $300K tonight by pulling it from the consent agenda. I never thought it would turn into an argument about public input and appealing the mayor’s decision.

But it did. (please watch the spectacle – right after public input)

It amazed me that councilors Starr and Stehly (with 2 votes from Erickson and Neitzert) pulled off an appeal of the mayor’s decision to close down public input on a consent agenda item, but what was even more interesting was when the mayor asked what the appeal meant? And questioned if Starr knew more about Robert Rules then he does (yeah, he actually does, it’s kind one of his ‘things’).

So after that fight was won, a board member from Great Bear came up and testified AGAINST Stehly saying the new trimmer was needed ‘for the kids’ of course.

Poetic justice?

Well not really. Growing up on a farm and working construction I know a little bit about ‘hydraulics’ it’s those greasy tubes that have hoses that break a lot (that’s the unscientific version, but stick with me.) Before the public was ‘allowed’ to speak during a 10 minute melt-down and a confused city attorney, a Parks Department mid-manager explained that the current snow trimmer was ten years old, at the end of it’s warranty life, and had 7,000 hours on it.

Uh, okay. So?

He then tried to explain that it was at the end of it’s life. LOL.

Not quite. He continued to say that replacing the hydraulics on it (if they break) would cost around $60K.

So I guess in his world if you get a chip in the windshield of your car, you need to replace all the windows and headlights.

First off, in ‘tractoring’ life, 7,000 hours is ‘breaking it in’. That is basically 6 hours a day, 116 days for ten years.

Secondly, on the farm, if a hydraulic or hose breaks on your tractor, you don’t replace every piece, you fix the problem. It’s like saying you need to replace a $500K combine because it got a flat tire. It’s ludicrous.

There’s also the argument that if ONE of these hydraulics breaks you have to be shut down for a long period of time. Not true, a good mechanics garage with the city would have back up parts that could be replaced in a timely fashion.

So there you have it, a lesson in Roberts Rules of order and greasy tractor parts. Who says that city council meetings are not interesting?

B-N-B tries to bail out his BFF this morning. Epic Fail.

As you know, I have been enjoying listening to Bad Neighbor Belfrage and Too Late Todd before the November elections and have continued. Greg’s bat shit crazy conservatism and commentary from his frequent 4 callers or so have me in stitches. You have to admit, Greg has got it down to a science; when you don’t know your topic – lie, bully or deceive.

Most of the time he gets away with it, but this morning, he got a good ribbing and dug himself a hole.

He posed a question yesterday on I think his twitter account asking what Mayor Mike Huether’s future plans should be? The response was 40% Retire, 16% become a tennis pro, and the remainder was split between Congress and Governor.

B-N-B thinks Hizzoner is going to run for Governor. I think that is what he wants you to think, I still think he is aiming for Congress.

Besides the first caller praising him, and thinking after running for Governor he should run for President (I think I threw up in my car) it went all down hill after that.

What Greg doesn’t realize is that his callers are neo-cons for the most part, and they don’t like a spend happy person like Mike.

Greg of course started to dig the hole before he had his first caller by saying we voted on an indoor pool. He got corrected several times using the old mantra that ‘by voting against an outdoor pool you were voting for an indoor pool’. As a caller pointed out, ‘But that isn’t what was on the ballot’. Many people called in berating the Mayor for spending too much during his tenure (true), bullying his projects thru without consensus (also true), and the one I liked the most was comparing him to Obama (ah, that is a stretch).

If I could have stopped laughing for a few minutes, I would have called in and made my opposition to Huether running for future office very simple, He is a liar. And B-N-B has no problem helping the mayor peddle those lies.

Is Pitty expecting a US Congressional run out of Huether?

If that is the case, Pitty and I agree on something. It seems he is coming in early and hard on MMM before he even announces what he is running for;

What has Huether’s tenure been characterized by? Empire building, ego, and pontification.

Since early on, Huether ram-rodded through building projects, which often had the community sharply divided; The Denny Sanford Arena, a new indoor pool, and most recently, a new city administration building.  But alongside that, we’ve been constantly reminded of Huether’s massive and unabated egomania through such things as his top ten lists, as well as his infamous municipal ad campaign and billboards featuring.. himself.

It’s no secret Pitty is in Dusty’s corner and helping him out with the campaign. What I find kind of humorous is that if Mike’s thin skinned over a blog that is locally written about city government, wait until he has Pitty’s statewide blog dumping on him, day after day, he may quickly forget who Cameraman Bruce and Detroit Lewis are. I may be a little mean, but Pitty can get pretty vicious (he is a Republican after all).

Bruce says it best when it comes to MMM;

Pat, thank you for this. In the years we have worked to strengthen accountability in Sioux Falls we have run into roadblocks everywhere we turn. The city of Sioux Falls under Mike Huether has organized policies to limit more and more of our access to real or correct information. We fight for open government in Sioux Falls because the effort toward open government has to start somewhere. Mike Huether proved recently how little disregard he has for transparency when he vetoed public access to already recorded audio of the Park & Recreation Board meetings.
We started asking for real certified audits of construction programs because we found problems in methods and materials used on the construction of the event center. Mike Huether has told many versions of stories to justify what he and his administration has done, most not based on any version of acceptable facts.
Mike Huether and his Finance Director Tracy Turbak consistently tell us positive event center impact stories. They tell us the EC is pumping money into the community when in fact it has likely caused a negative impact exceeding $50,000,000 or more. The city will not allow us to see real numbers only their pasteurized and homogenized versions.
The crime rate issues we have here are the result of Huether’s boom town mentality where his special people have been isolated from the problems. The mayor recently realized we might have an issue then complained about crime issues when his neighbor’s garage was broken into. All of a sudden there is crime.
We have years of videos and stories freely available to the public to see what we have had to put up with. We freely share the stories to help you and your readers find out how a Huether government works. We do not trust him to even be standing next to us. I carry cameras when I am in his presence and then post the video on YouTube at www.siouxfall.org.
Several of us have believed the real crime issues started after the 2010 vote. This is why we speak and organize. This is why there are many in city hall who fear us. Just think about it, if you have been arrested, physically assaulted, verbally threatened by this administration and are still standing, what is there to fear by speaking the truth to power?

So will the Monkey on the mound mention the Elephant in the room?

He’s got a big old plate of positive to serve up;

The City ended the year with $42.2 million in General Fund operating reserves, equal to 26.5 percent of budgeted expenditures. Originally budgeted to use $5.4 million in operating reserves in 2016, the City utilized only $1.4 million, a credit to prudent budgetary practices. Although sales tax revenue growth slowed to 3.4 percent, the Mayor’s office says Sioux Falls economy showed solid strength. At $701.9 million, construction permitting reached an all-time high last year. In 2016, Sioux Falls also celebrated the grand opening of the Midco® Aquatic Center, the groundbreaking for a $12 million hotel near the PREMIER Center, the completion of some monster infrastructure improvements in sanitary sewer and roads, and so much more.

The Mayor will outline the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the State of the City Address that takes place on Tuesday, March 28, at 2:30 p.m. at Carnegie Town Hall, 235 West Tenth Street. The public is encouraged to attend.

The bigger question is if he will address crime, drugs and transparency? Notice most of the things mentioned above either have ZERO impact on the average citizen’s bottom line OR actually costs us more in taxes.

Huether trusts the media when another organization praising him writes the article

I would assume this is a paid article;

This story is presented by Legends For Kids

Members of the editorial and news staff of the USA TODAY Network were not involved in the creation of this content.

Oh and it gets ‘rich’ real quick;

Match Pointe is unique from other facilities in Sioux Falls because memberships are not required—

That’s because as I understand it, they couldn’t sell any memberships. I guess the only ones that would be interested were already getting a good deal at the other indoor facility, why move?

The Huethers, the facility’s namesake, are active in the tennis community of Sioux Falls. In February, the Tennis Industry Association named Cindy Huether, the wife of Sioux Falls mayor, Mike Huether, Tennis Advocate of the Year for her equipment donations and work with elementary schools and daycares. The Huethers made significant contributions to the Huether Tennis Center at Augustana College in 2009 and the Huether Family Match Pointe in 2015. The Huether family was also named National Ralph Wescott Family of the Year by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) in 2012.

Many of these accolades come from how much money you front to these organizations. Isn’t it ironic the Huether’s have the kind of financial means that they can travel all over the country and donate money to these organizations then have to beg the city for $500k, then turn around and put their name on the building;

That’s why the Huethers put ‘family’ in the name of the facility when they got the naming rights—

Nope, arrogance and ego is what put Mike’s name on the side of that building.

Mayor Huether’s Nephew in Deep with Gear Up scandal

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

We’ve talked about Mr. Schoenfish in the past, he has been the mayor’s favorite nephew for quite awhile. Kyle received campaign donations from Uncle Mike when he first ran for the legislature as a Democrat, and after losing that race, he realized putting an ‘R’ behind his name was the winning ticket, Uncle High Crimes slipped him some more money that time to. Ironically, Mike left the Democratic party to, it’s a family thing I guess, when the going gets tough . . . the tough switches parties. I wonder if the ‘R’ behind Kyle’s name will be enough to save him this time?

It looks like he is finally going to see his day in court over being the auditor for Mid Central and Gear Up;

The Co-op, which is now defunct, is pointing fingers at its accounting firm which performed yearly audits for more than a decade.

It’s the accounting firm of a current lawmaker, Kyle Schoenfish. Schoenfish is a Republican representative from Scotland, SD.

It is also no secret that Kyle has been looked at from the beginning on the Gear Up investigation;

We looked at Schoenfish’s audit report on Mid Central from July of 2013 to 2014, right before the South Dakota Legislative audit found problems with GEAR UP.

Schoenfish said, “We identified certain deficiencies in internal control that we consider to be material weaknesses. It did find that over an eight year period “errors and omissions were noted in the annual finance statements prepared by cooperative officials.”   Mid Central promised to be more “accurate and complete” when preparing financial statements.

KELOLAND News tried to reach Kyle Schoenfish Tuesday for comment.  We’ll let you know when we hear back from him.

This isn’t the first time the accounting firm of Schoenfish & Company has been under scrutiny over not catching the misuse of GEAR UP funds.

An independent group of citizens has prepared a list of ten questions it would like lawmaker Kyle Schoenfish to answer and has submitted them to the South Dakota Auditor General.

They specifically ask about discrepancies in Mid Central’s balances and if Schoenfish ever reported them to anyone outside of Mid Central. We’ve posted those ten questions online on this story if you’d like to read them.

Maybe Stormland should be calling MMM, see what he knows? Too bad you couldn’t keep those audits secret like the Events Center siding settlement. I wonder if Uncle Hubris will come to the rescue of his favorite nephew if he is charged and faces jail time? Get Fiddle Faddle on it!

And this is how you don’t become lame

He may have the tail, but he is dodging the title

Well doesn’t this quote say it all?

If you ask Huether, the added resistance hasn’t done much to curtail his agenda. He still only needs a simple majority to pass a budget and get contracts approved, he said.

“In the end, as long as we keep getting things done, that is what I care about,” he said. “I’m not trying to denigrate the Council in any way shape or form but it is the way that it works. And now I have found you can still get things done with three votes.”

Huether said no matter what the Council throws at him or how it responds to his ideas, he’ll continue to “run government like a business” while trying to find compromise with Sioux Falls’ other elected leaders.

I suppose I could write all kinds of thoughts on his thoughts, but for once, Mr. Huether was being honest about how he feels he needs to run the city.

And it’s a crying shame.

Huether fails to mention the skyrocketing crime problem in Sioux Falls

In Mayor Huether’s ‘Home Stretch’ interview with Meti-Stormland-Sick Kids TV today he mentions all the things he plans to get done before he leaves office. In the entire interview there is NO mention of fighting crime.


Maybe Leland left it out, not sure, but it’s pretty pathetic to do an interview about your last 14 months in office and not mention ONCE the growing crime problem in SF.

One of the things the Mayor will have to deal with is slumping sales tax revenue. Huether says that issue will last past his time as Mayor, and will affect the next Mayor.

And like crime, he plans to pass it on. That’s leadership folks, GW Bush style.

Want to prevent VD and Crime? Find God.

On the B-N-B show this morning, Greg was preparing listeners for the Mayor’s monthly visit at 8 AM Tuesday (I guess we need to get our adult diapers and barf bags). The topic? The rise of violent crime in Sioux Falls (can’t wait to hear the softballs Greg throws Mike).

One of the reasons my newest obsession is listening to B-N-B‘s show is because of the ‘wisdom’ his listeners dole out. It usually has me in stitches. A caller this morning did not disappoint. This person called in this morning and was talking about the drastic increase in STD’s in young adults (15-25) in Minnehaha and Brookings counties, and at first it sounded like he had some good arguments to make. Then he asks Greg, “Why do you think there has been this drastic increase?” He told Greg it was because of the lack of ‘God’ in young people’s lives.

While a good moral compass isn’t a bad idea, he couldn’t be more wrong. The problem is the lack of education and awareness. When AID’s was running rampant in the homosexual community, they started educating and the rates went down.

The same could be said about crime in Sioux Falls. One of the biggest factors is drug dealing. The community needs to be educated on what to look for, we also need to be getting to young people sooner about drug use. We also need to go whole hog on creating neighborhood watch programs that don’t cost taxpayers diddley, and guess what THEY WORK!

But if I had to take an educated guess as to why crime has increased so drastically in Sioux Falls over the past 5 years, I think it is much simpler then we think;

• Officer retention has been very bad, and SF police officers QUIT at a record rate last year. Not giving a decent COLA didn’t help matters.

• Drug use is going up (happening across the country) and with the lax gun control laws in our state, it is much easier for people to have (get) guns and use them (violently).

• The recession caused a lower class of working people, which tend to commit more crimes, especially when it comes to domestic and drug matters.

• The Boomtown campaign to get people to move here wasn’t well thought out. I don’t think this campaign helped to get professionals or higher income blue collar workers to move here, it got people who were already desperate and suffering where they lived to move here, and let’s face it, wages are not stellar here. In fact, if anything professionals are leaving faster then we are bringing them in. Don’t believe me that lower income workers raided our city? Then why have we seen our food banks and shelters expand so dramatically over the same period of time? While we asked people to move to Sioux Falls, we were not to specific of who we wanted really coming here.

• Also, as a caller this morning pointed out, our core neighborhoods in Sioux Falls are deteriorating, Why? Because we have thrown so much money at big development and urban sprawl, not just tax dollars in the form of TIF’s and Federal dollars but banks have been investing more in the ‘big projects’. How is it that we continue to break building permits each year, yet affordable housing in Sioux Falls is disappearing so fast?

• Lastly, our past and current police chief along with their boss, the mayor, have ignored all the warning signs, and the continue to ignore them.

As we continue to ignore our lower income workers and not pay them better wages, they begin to get desperate, and with desperation comes criminal activity. Maybe we need to hand out more Bibles?

Alt Mayor driving Real Mayor Bananners!

I have been enjoying Alt Mayor’s tweets, and I think I got the person narrowed down (more on that soon).

What I have admired recently is their calling out the mayor on transparency (oh the irony) and offering to sell the account to the city.

But what is even more funny is that it is driving the mayor crazy he can’t bust this person. It seems he threatened some kind of legal action with the State’s Attorney and Twitter, but like most things 1st Amendment, the mayor is no different then Sandy Jerstad yelling at a porn shop owner, you can’t muck with the 1st Amendment when you are an elected official.

Also, ironically, the Alt Mike has been pretty kind to the real Mike, besides a little snark about pool passes and transparency, they certainly haven’t been mean.

Once again, Real Mike proves just how ‘real’ he is when it comes to modesty.