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It’s about spending priorities and COMMON sense

I came across this article by a fellow I don’t know when I was on KSOO’s site looking for Lalley’s new show about bicycling and other things.

I would agree with much of what he is saying;

So if the mayor is worried about $1.2 million shortage, wouldn’t it be easiest to cancel a pricey luxury item project like new playgrounds?

We live in a nice city. Our parks are great but they don’t need to be perfect. At least not right now, if this deficit is such an issue.

This project was probably planned and green lighted before the budget shortfall. But even without the revenue shortage this is still wasteful spending. If something is broke fix it, don’t replace it. I’m not even sure anything is broken.

Reminds me of the city council approving a new snowcat for Great Bear when the new one works fine (though it may need some replacement parts in the near future).

As I have often said good government, fiscally responsible government comes from COMMON SENSE. If we are having revenue issues, we don’t go out and buy things we don’t need. This of course comes from the person who puts the budget together, the mayor and his priorities. We have a NEW events center that already needs repairs and is closed for the summer, we have a NEW swimming pool that has low attendance numbers, and soon we will have a $25 million dollar administration building that we don’t need. None of these projects made any fiscal sense, they were all simply on the Mayor’s wish list. That’s it. And that is a bad way to run a city, especially it’s wallet.

Is Huether bailing on a statewide run?

It seems a little odd to me that a person who switched their registration to independent wouldn’t be out fundraising. If Mike doesn’t announce he is running for higher office by the end of July, it may be a little difficult for him to raise enough money to be competitive. I think both the Governor and Congressional races will probably run about the same campaign budget numbers.

While Mike doesn’t have to compete in a primary, I would think he would want to be out there running right now.

There is also a part of me that believes Mike when he says he doesn’t know what he wants to run for. Well, I kind of know what he wants to run for, another mayor’s term.

It could be something he could very well pull off. If Diamond Jim wins, he could easily resign within 2 years and leave it open for a special election (and giving Huether an early heads up). I wouldn’t doubt that Mike will endorse Jim.

In other news, Mike talks about his yellow stickie notes in his truck he writes down code violations. What a guy, not only is he so talented to run our city with business acumen, he has time to be our number one code enforcement officer.

He says the only people who complain about code enforcement are those that don’t follow the code, I would partially agree, but I also think that a good percentage of people who complain about code enforcement are also very aware of their property rights and the US Constitution, something the mayor has no clue about.

Mayor’s Public Input Diatribe last night proves he has NO Clue what the 1st Amendment means

Shortly after the city council meeting last night I sent the city council and the mayor an email reminding them of the language of the 1st Amendment, I highlighted this part;

‘or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.’

Why did I send them this? Because after public input last night the mayor went on a diatribe about how he has been trying for six years to eliminate public input and has not succeeded (FF: 51:00). He said that it was not ‘productive’ and they shouldn’t have to listen to it.

What astonished me the most is that the mayor of South Dakota’s largest city has no regard for the US Constitution or the 1st Amendment. Pretty scary that a person who rules over a city of 178,000 people thinks freedom of speech at a public meeting should be squashed because ‘he doesn’t like it’.

Call a waaabulance! (but don’t call a regular one, it might not show up.)

In a little over 11 months this nightmare of closed government will hopefully be over for the citizens of Sioux Falls, and we can hopefully go back to ruling as a Democracy and bring a little sunshine back to city government.

Mayor Mike wants to let you know what’s going on in his personal life

In a very strange move, Mayor Mike, who just recently banned publicly hugging him, wants to be suddenly ‘transparent’ about his personal life by telling us about a jog he took last weekend in Fargo;

“Running certainly helps, but citizens lifting me up always prove more fruitful and memorable,” says Mayor Huether.*

In fact, the mayor’s communications person Haterr Hittadog, decided to send out a press release explaining some of the other things the mayor did in his personal life over the past couple of weeks;

  • Mowed his own lawn. He was heard telling the neighbor kid, “I got this.”
  • While standing in line at Milky Way he noticed a young colored child didn’t have enough for an ice cream cone, so the Mayor decided to pay it forward. It was Chocolate/Vanilla twist of course, to promote diversity.
  • Picked up an empty pop can at Falls Park and recycled it.
  • Navigated traffic on 57th street to help a mama duck get her ducklings across the street safely.
  • Gave up his parking spot at the Huether Tennis Center for a young family that was attending a youth BB game at the Pentagon. Mike said, “We don’t get a lot of Non-European mini-vans in the lot, but it should fit in the space okay.”
  • Helped to weed a community garden last Wednesday afternoon.

Hittadog went on to say that the mayor is going to start sharing more of his personal life on the city website. Huether responded by saying, “I guess if I’m going to start sharing my personal life more with my constituents, they are going to pay for that media.”

*Seems Mikey was a little chapped about my comment last Tuesday about “Going for 11 mile runs and hoping the problems go away.” Instead of running next time Mike, call a WHAAAABULANCE! That is if there is one!


UPDATE: Mayor Pretends Cart is behind the horse on DT Parking Ramp Project

Our mayor of all he thinks is back giving us lessons in storytelling or is it just more storytelling? We have another geriatric Shut-up and Listen session.

As the S&L session moves along watch where da mayor takes both mics so no one can interrupt or ask unwanted question? Is he afraid of these fine seniors he must control everything as his plans are asked about? Watch for it when he talks into both microphones during the chat with 103 year old Melba. The distortion is him talking out of both sides of his mouth? You be the judge?

Da mayor likes to remind everyone he is being open and transparent in his decisions such as when he discusses his new parking ramp idea. Well it really isn’t an idea anymore, he has already spent quite a bit of money on it (even though he says nothing has been spent). He has already selected his special partner (Legacy) to manage it even though he must have forgotten his February announcement presser (we didn’t). He has also hired the builder, the designers and the architects.

Gee whiz, what have we forgotten here? Oh yes, the City Council has not given the go ahead for it yet but are they just push-overs anyway so who cares, right? Besides, there is only one voter who matters in any of this building being built for the bonding agencies, da mayor himself. It appears da mayor is planning for a group of going away parties for April and May of 2017. He must get this ramp done to prove a bully can push one more enormous debt on the city books for the rest of us to pay for.

2 decisions made in 2007 must not be stopped before da mayor leaves office. Run roughshod over anyone or thing in his way before the exit door hits him where… Well you know.

The Final Countdown

Today marks less than a year left of Huether. We can make it kids, just take a deep breath.

Has Mayor Huether implemented a ‘No Hugs’ policy?

In a very ‘Trumpian’ move the new rumor floating around city hall is that MMM will no longer give hugs, at least at public events where the news has it’s cameras (Trump won’t shake hands). I guess it stems from our local TV stations showing multiple clips of him hugging it out with his former BFF, Jim Sideras at his retirement press conference. He supposedly requested that the TV stations stop showing the clip.

It reminds me of when he requested a local business to take down pictures on FB of him drinking beers at their grand opening party. Hey mayor, Coors Light really isn’t ‘beer’.

CityLink to change their name to MMM-TV

Why does the official webpage of the City of Sioux Falls only highlight Huether?Look at the page, it states RECENT VIDEOS but Huether’s Shut up and Listen should actually be third on the list by “recent” order. Doesn’t RECENT order mean the newest videos should be highlighted?

Why is it always about Huether and no one else? Oh yea, I know why…

Mayor Huether has never been a leader. He’s a bully.

The AL Ed Board seem to be surprised that Huether isn’t acting like a leader when it comes to the Sideras incident;

OK, but that shouldn’t stop the mayor from doing his job, which is to lead. Leadership doesn’t mean only holding press conferences and being accountable when things go well. Quite the opposite. It means standing up and facing the music when things get messy.

Ironically, Sideras may not be the one that is in trouble, it may be the city. And his termination may be the city’s attempt of protecting themselves. Who knows at this point since no body is talking.

Even with all the secrecy and lack of transparency, no one should be surprised that Huether only gets things done by bullying. He has NO time for controversy, in his mind there is NO controversy if you don’t admit to controversy, just cover it up. That’s what he did when former assistant chief Patrick Warren complained about unauthorized vacation time back in 2011.

I do think the silence on behalf of the city and especially the mayor has little to do with his leadership style. I think many heads are about the roll. I struggle to think something so many agencies are involved with would have only one suspect. Jim is a smart guy, but I struggle to believe he is the only one involved. This may end up being Huether’s Watergate or Waterloo, because even if there is no direct wrongdoing by the mayor, he is the one in charge, and as Truman so proudly displayed on his Oval Office desk, ‘The buck stops here’.

As I predicted, Mayor Huether cries wolf again and uses the media to take the temperature of voters

Time to collect some beer cans.

And he keeps getting the media to fall for it. Though I will give props to Stu for getting in some digs about his indecision, especially with including Jamison in the article.

He still hasn’t forgotten how Jamison attacked his ethics and credibility during the 2014 campaign by pointing to real estate investments held in office by Huether and his wife, Cindy, and questioning whether such interests impacted tax incentive decisions.

No wrongdoing was established and Huether went on to win with 55 percent of the vote. But he felt unjustly robbed of a landslide victory that would have more forcefully validated the successes of his first term.

I think wrongdoing was well established, but in the land of no ethics (and no ethics laws) there was really nothing the public or Jamison could do. Apparently family members can invest and benefit from tax dollars. Just look at the Huether’s Tennis Center.

“In my re-election campaign, our numbers were really positive, but what happens at the end of races is that sometimes people throw out everything to try to reverse that. The strategy in this case was that even if (Jamison) wasn’t going to be successful, he would make sure that Mike and Cindy Huether never got a chance to do this again. He decided to make it personal, and you can’t find a way to make it more personal than going after someone’s family.”

Classic Mikey, blame the messenger. He is the one who drags his family members into the fray then turns around and blames others for when he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Recently he had his daughter be a part of a proclamation for her work organizing the ‘Walk for Science’ which was basically people complaining about Trump’s stance on science, ironically, Mike is a Trump fan.

Even in his 2010 race for mayor, the support of otherwise friendly business leaders such as Sanford and Beacom was more elusive than Huether anticipated, a lesson in party politics that shaped some of his later decisions.

This has always been a point of contention. While helping the Staggers campaign I found out that Mike’s departure from First Premier wasn’t exactly ‘smooth’. I have consistently heard from former FP employees and city employees that he isn’t exactly pleasant to work for. But this of course is all rumors, maybe if he runs for statewide office, we will get to hear more about his executive management style from some of them.

Nelson points to public projects that had “stalled out or become stagnant” under previous mayors but were brought to fruition under Huether. Much of that work came without collaboration with the city council, leading to criticism about the mayor’s oversized ego and strong-arm executive style.

I will never criticize Mike for his enthusiasm or getting things done, but I strongly disagree with his process. I have often said that Mike could have accomplished all the same goals with using honey, getting the public and council involved with decisions and using transparency at the highest level. When you step on toes, you piss people off, and if South Dakotans are good at one thing, it’s holding a grudge. Mike has made a lot of fierce enemies over the past 7 years.

Does that mean a bid for governor is unattainable and that U.S. House is more prudent? Is there a fallback position that says go for broke and then run for mayor in 2022 if you fail? Maybe Huether would be comfortable enjoying time with family and making memories without that burning need to succeed?

The stream-of-consciousness debate in his mind is political agony in real time, which some of his once and future rivals find distasteful.

“I see a guy who’s struggling,” says Jamison, who has yet to declare his own candidacy for mayor. “It’s like he can’t figure out the next step and doesn’t want to lose, but nobody likes to lose. If it’s really about public service and not just being the guy, why doesn’t he run for city council? That would be a great way to stay involved. But if he’s going to ride it out because he only wants the top job and that’s all he’s good for, I would caution him against that.”

Personally, I think if Huether decides to ride it out for 4 years to run for Mayor again he has a strategy to keep him in the limelight. It is no secret in certain circles that he recruited Diamond Jim to run for mayor. IMO, if Jim wins, he will make Mike his Chief of Staff, and in essence, allow Mike to run the city for the next 4 years. I know this sounds like a crazy conspiracy, but just look how crazy the last 4 years have been.

There is also the possibility of Jim resigning after a year and having a special election for mayor in which Mike could run.