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Sioux Falls City Council Candidate announcement next week.

Expect to hear at least one announcement next week for someone running for the Northeast district that will be left vacant since Anderson is term-limited.

I also pulled petitions for Minnehaha County Commission as an independent candidate in the November election. I’m not sure if I will submit the petitions or not, just gathering at this point. I have until the end of April to decide.

Two seats are up for grabs, Dick Kelly and Jean Bender. Not sure if either has decided to run. The two top vote getters become commissioners.

The School Board will hold an Election to fill two vacancies when the terms of Kent Alberty and Carly Reiter expire in July. The School District’s annual Election will be held in conjunction with the City of Sioux Falls Municipal Election April 12, 2016 from 7:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M. I haven’t heard of any challengers at this point.

Sioux Falls & Brandon Public Schools seem to be confused about the term ‘Public’

”He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” – Ben Franklin

Voting is the cornerstone of a free democracy, so where should this exercise take place? Well, probably in a public place, but Brandon & SF School District officials are saying “Not so Fast”;

Sioux Falls Schools officials have told county election managers that Hawthorne won’t be available for voting this election, citing security concerns.

Bob Bray, risk assessment manager for the Sioux Falls School District, said the building’s layout and scheduling make it hard to keep voters and students separate.

First off Mr. Bray, kids can be shot anywhere, parks, churches, walking down the street, and an election being held in your school is NOT going to increase that risk, and I almost question if you are using school shootings as an excuse.

Secondly, schools are publicly funded, and I almost question the legality of the districts denying access for an election, and would challenge Auditor Litz to dig up the laws on it.

Thirdly, the irony of all this couldn’t be more hypocritical. In a state where we scream and hollar about gun rights and being able to carry guns anywhere, we turn our backs on the very people who carry these guns and say, “Not in our facilities.” Well we can’t have it both ways. Until we change our culture about guns in South Dakota, there will still be shootings, whether they are accidental, intentional, or in a church or school setting, elections have little to do with when they occur.

Let’s end the paranoia, and stop the musical precincts;

Minnehaha County Commissioner Dick Kelly said he’s concerned the move will contribute to voter confusion during an important election.

“I think it is unfortunate you have to vote here one day, vote here another then vote here the next,” Kelly said

Litz agreed the search for polling places is a joint effort, requiring cooperation between the district and the county.

Never thought Bob and Dick would be the words of wisdom on this one, but they are right. Consistency helps with voter turnout.

Why did the Minnehaha County Commission appoint the same chair 3 years in a row?

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I have mixed views on term limits, but when it comes to peers essentially serving in similar duties, why not pass the buck around?

The Minnehaha County Commission conducted its first official meeting of the year on Tuesday, January 5, 2016. Commissioner Cindy Heiberger was elected to serve as Chairman of the County Commission.

I find this odd, for a couple of reasons.

• I would think Cindy would want a break after 2 years.

• Jeff Barth was ALSO nominated by Dick Kelly, and seconded by Jeff.

Is Cindy’s paranoia so strong when it comes to Barth as chair (Democrat) she is willing to do a job she may be tired of for another year?

Party pride can get the best of us. Glad I am an Indy.

Public Input, Minnehaha County Commission, 11/24/2015

(FF to 18:00)

Several people came to talk about petitioning in front of the Administration Building.

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The Transient Roundup?

Ellis and Young with the Argus Leader did a couple of great stories today about the cycle the homeless get into with the legal system in Sioux Falls, essentially trapping them in jail and the legal system all over a ticket they cannot pay.

SouthDaCola has been suspicious for some time over the ‘weekend roundup’ that is occurring in Downtown Sioux Falls, turning mentally ill and addicts into criminals over a trespassing ticket.

In out Part II interview with Sheriff Milstead we touched on it (FF: 12:30)

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Minnehaha County Commission Races

Rumor has it that a Sioux Falls city councilor that is term limited this Spring is considering a run for the county commission. Also, some have been suspecting that appointed commissioner Jean Bender will not run because she has found the job to be ‘overwhelming’.

Maybe if the commission would have been more transparent when they made the appointment, they would have picked someone who was more ‘committed’ to public service instead of someone who was ‘connected’ in the developer community.

But what do I know, I’m just a speculator.

Three Part interview w/Minnehaha County Sheriff Milstead

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YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Sheriff Mike Milstead sits down with DaCola


Sheriff Milstead and Chief Deputy Sheriff Michelle Boyd sat down with me today to talk about the new proposed jail, crime and punishment, mental health services and the proposed city cell phone ban.

Stay tuned for the video interview (Cameraman Bruce chimes in also).


While the city fiddles with admin buildings and indoor pools the county is planning a new jail

On Monday, Minnehaha County will be discussing the jail expansion (DOC: jailbuildingmeeting)

The Minnehaha County Building Committee will meet at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, October 19, 2015 to review information about the need for an expanded Minnehaha County Jail facility. Over the past year architects from TSP in Sioux Falls, SD and Shive Hattery in West Des Moines, IA, have assisted Minnehaha County in a master planning process to identify the safest and most efficient ways to address the county’s growing inmate population. This meeting will be an opportunity to review that work and consider options to address future jail needs.

I find it ironic while the mayor and some of the city councilors are pushing for a new administration building, the county is planning for the future by scraping a jail plan together. I’m curious what money has been budgeted by the city to help with the new jail? Maybe it is in the 5 year plan? But I don’t recall. Once again, while the county spends all of their money on crime and prosecution the city builds play things.

Homan’s Horse Barn Hectics

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Well if you want to kill an hour of your time and lose 60 minutes you will NEVER get back, watch the latest Minnehaha County Commission meeting (10/6/2015).

As a commissioner said to me today (explaining the proceedings) “It was truly watching sausage being made.”

I guess that is a nice way of putting it. It was a cluster F’ of sub motions, memory loss, angry directors, staff attorneys and literally horse trading events. When the smoke cleared, Homan was sent back to the planning commission (3-2) to figure out how to re-build a horse barn (that doesn’t need to be re-built, because, well, it is still there).

The Homan’s were looking for a ‘safety net’ so to speak ‘in-case’ the barn would to burn down or get carried away by a tornado or other natural disaster (you never know these days). The problem? It’s not zoned ag (anymore).

See the county isn’t to blame, and neither are the zoning laws. It seems (what I could gather from the sausage fest) that the Homan’s were duped into buying a ‘quaint’ little acreage that isn’t zoned ag. See the barn was originally built on 40 acres of ag zoned land, and the owner of that parcel decided to make a smaller parcel for the Homans to purchase, but either he didn’t tell them the zoning would change OR they didn’t research it, either way, it seems according to the planning director for the county, they are SOL.

Funny, after all the years of Homan skirting the School District’s rules of actually living in the district you work for, it seems there are some rules that cannot be stretched.