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Sioux Falls City Councilor Rex Rolfing still delusional about public input

Rex just doesn’t seem to get it, even when it is explained to him in simple terms. Right before the joint Minnehaha County/Sioux Falls City Council meeting, Rex and Commissioner Chair Cindy Heiberger were having a short conversation about public input before the meeting (they were unaware their microphones were hot).


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For the most part, well over 50% of public input deals with property and individual rights which could effect them financially and their livelihoods.

Some one really needs to sit councilor Rolfing down and explain to him that in a democracy we are all ruled equally, with no special classes. If developers, pipeline builders and railroads are allowed to talk as long as they want about their projects, Joe Smith should be allowed to talk just as long about his garage expansion. Equality is one thing that makes our country great.

Hell or Norway? Kolbe and Kelly spar at CC meeting

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Mayor ‘Lake Diamond’ Mike & his Nitrogenator

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No time for court or ethics hearings, Mayor Huether has better things to do


Check Please?

You’d think he had an emergency checkup with his proctologist, or a listening and learning session at the food court in the mall with the amount of zeal our mayor expressed at the county commission meeting yesterday (FF: to about 50:00). This is the same guy who would rather have a tube stuffed up his rear end instead of testifying in a court case, or not going to his own ethics hearing 100 feet from his office door. He is way to busy for such minor events. He did however have time to make an appearance yesterday around 10 AM at the County Commission meeting to testify as a proponent of putting more water into the sleugh he built his vacation home on (Diamond Lake). Amazing he could find the time with all the important things he has to do and all the important orifices in his body that need to be checked (by emergency of course).

I also found it ironic he had to chew out people for public input at 9:50 PM on Tuesday (like it was getting to late for grandpa Huether) but somehow he managed to stay at the Paul McCartney concert until 11:30 PM on Monday night.

We know what your priorities are Mr. Mayor. Clean butts and brown noses.

NEW Sioux Falls City Council Elect introduces themselves to the Minnehaha CC today

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Starr, Stehly, Neitzert, Selberg

They talked about intergovernmental cooperation, etc.

You will notice goat roper Karsky in the back row pretending to learn something about county government.

Can Sioux Falls Muslims vote in the upcoming municipal election at their precincts?

Kinda. That all depends where their polling places are. It is forbidden by Islam to vote in a church (I am told), doesn’t matter what that holy place is.

Many polling places are in ‘houses of god’ which I would think Jesus would reject.

In all fairness, I am a deist that doesn’t believe in religion, but I also don’t believe tax dollars should be expended leasing or renting churches for polling places when MANY public places exist that we already maintain with our tax dollars, and the only place voting should take place.

Let me make myself clear, don’t care what church you belong to, plain and simple, voting should only take place in public places that already are supported by taxpayers. Government buildings, schools, fire houses, etc.

Seems someone needs to school our county auditor on this.

Petition mess over at Minnehaha County?

I’ve known about this mess for a few months, in fact I told Pam Nelson she had a peculiar challenger, her niece’s husband, and currently her employee. She seemed dumbfounded, since Marlin lives in Lincoln county;

As Jonathan Ellis reported last week, Marlin Schlenker is running for Minnehaha County Treasurer. His candidacy is noteworthy for multiple reasons:

  1. Schlenker’s running against his aunt-in-law and boss, incumbent treasurer Pam Nelson.

  2. Schlenker and his wife Sondee filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last May to get out of $195,765.74, most of that associated with Sondee’s business, consignment shop Resale Living. Hmm… Minnehaha County, do you want a guy who couldn’t keep his own books balanced managing your public treasury?

  3. Schlenker lives in Lincoln County—not by much, just a block south of 57th Street, the in-town county line between Lincoln and Minnehaha.

No worries Marlin, maybe you can prove you are a Heutterite and they will give you immunity.



I have voted early in almost every election for the past 4-5 years, ever since musical precincts started. The nice part is it is at your convenience, and it is fast (I have never had to wait in a line) You simply go to the County Auditor’s office, show them your ID, they hand you a ballot for your precinct, you vote at at the box and turn in your ballot. A lot easier then trying to find time on election day.

South DaCola’s voting guide/endorsements;

Entire City (Minnehaha & Lincoln County)

School Board: Randy Dobberpuhl (The two top vote getters win seats)

At-Large City Council: Theresa Stehly

Amendments to City Charter: YES on all (A-C & E) EXCEPT NO on ‘D’ which could have a mayor serve up to 10 years. Full explanation in this PDF Document; charter-amend

District Races

Northeast: Pat Starr

Northwest: Greg Neitzert

Southwest: Manny Steele

I believe all the candidates I have chosen will be the most ready on day 1 to serve the public. I also believe this group of candidates are good legislators who would build bridges, get important work done for all citizens and support open and transparent government.

Remember, in the council races, a candidate must receive at least 34% of the vote to avoid a run-off election.

Is the Minnehaha County Commission chair financially encouraging subversion of the city council with Erin Srstka?


The word on the street is that the women in POWER in Sioux Falls, are going to make Erin Srstka the next (female) power house in city government. The problem? She has a lot of conflicts.

Not just the fact that she works as a full time county employee while applying to be a part-time city employee, she also has some interesting donors to her cause.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that Steve Erpenbach (Michelle’s husband) gave money (She is the one telling everyone she is going to make Erin a star, all the while borrowing her husband’s wallet 🙂

But what is really creepy is the chair of the Minnehaha County Commission who doesn’t even live in Sioux Falls is giving money (she also couldn’t give from her own purse).

Not sure why these two ladies are so heck bent on getting Erin elected to city council they are ignoring the conflicts of interest, but we should be concerned. Remember, Cindy Heiberger lead the charge on the ultra secretive appointment of Jean Bender to the County Commission, and Michelle lead the charge to get our last city clerk fired. They are the last two women I want recruiting council candidates no matter their color, weight or sex.


I wouldn’t want either across the street from me

Some times you have to make sacrifices if you want to live in a certain part of town, or should you? I live in the landing flight pass of the airport, 2 blocks from where hospital helicopter takes off from, 4 railroad tracks, several bars and casinos and a busy arterial street. But I like my location and my mortgage payment, so I drown out the noise.

These neighbors seem to be arguing over whether they want a plastic or metal trash can next to their homes;

A Sioux Falls man says his business neighbor is in clear violation of city zoning rules.

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. is a salvage yard, Bernie Schmidt says, an industrial-grade business that doesn’t belong next to a residential neighborhood.

The city says the 11-acre business is a “vehicle storage and auction facility,” fully compliant with rules for a light industrial zone and capable of harmonious coexistence with residential neighbors.

The distinction is important: Salvage yards aren’t permitted in light industrial zones. Wholesaling and manufacturing facilities are.

Kind of sounds like they are splitting hairs. Inoperable vehicles sitting in a ‘yard’ kind of makes it a ‘salvage’ yard. Either way, I wouldn’t want to live door to neither.

But the interesting part of the story is how the county and city look at things differently;

City officials say Tiede’s ruling isn’t binding for the city, which uses different zoning language than the county.

This happens quite often, and the city often bucks the county to get their way. I wish the neighbors luck.