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Should the Minnehaha County Commission Meetings be held at Night?

I know I have been told a reason why the meetings are held in the morning, but I can’t recall why, and quite honestly, don’t care.

I have often thought that government should be accessible to all, not just government folks and their convenience. A more transparent government would do the public’s work when a majority of the public can show up. 9:30 on a Tuesday morning is a poor time to conduct a public meeting. I do understand the conflict with the city council meetings, but I do think they could hold their public meeting at night on a Monday and I wouldn’t even be opposed to 5:30 PM. I do watch the meetings online after they are recorded, but that usually takes 2-3 days before they are put online (still puzzled why it takes between 24-72 hours to rasterize a video for YouTube?)

I hope the county commission would consider a change.

Picture This


I hope Bob can get it together before election night


Not sure why KSFY decided to include this shot of Minnehaha County Auditor Bob Litz adjusting himself, but you have to grin a little. I guess this is how Bridget and KSFY won best weekend news cast – the ‘candid’ shots.

Now Citylink is screwing up Minnehaha County’s meetings


I reported a few months ago that the county spent around $40K for new video equipment (at the advice of the city’s media department, that record the meetings) and one of the meetings had no audio. So now Tuesday, the meeting is totally defunct. According to a county official there was a problem with a camera that resulted in malfunctioning the other cameras, but they thought the audio was fine. I guess that is defunct also now.

I find it ironic that the meeting that had ‘technical problems’ was the one where the commission approved the contract with Fitch to do consulting for ambulance service and the President of Med-Star came to testify against it.

Where is that audio . . . maybe REMSA filed it with Paramedics Plus call performance reports.

Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth asks for an explanation from REMSA

2009 Ford E-Series Super Duty Ambulance Prep Package.  (03/03/09)

Recently Jeff told me that the secretive nature of REMSA and there ‘experiment’ with Paramedics Plus is one of the top transparency issues in our community right now. I would agree. He expressed that concern at Tuesday’s county meeting (FF: 1:06). He asked REMSA to come and explain to the commission what the plan is. Chair Heiberger felt it wasn’t the county’s concern, Barth disagreed. Cindy also went on to say that their are rumors being spread, Barth responded that is why they need to come and explain what is going on.

Jay Masur of Med Star also spoke at public input at the city council meeting essentially asking for the same thing.

I agree, the lack of transparency is troubling on this issue. This isn’t about bent up siding or stalling tactics of a petition drive, this has to do with people’s health and lives, the public deserves to know. As Masur also pointed out, many members of REMSA are paid by the county and city tax payers including Doctor Luther who hides more then works, and city health director Jill Franken, who hasn’t given a straight answer since we chose Paramedics plus.

It’s time the county commission and the city council demands answers, even if it is in executive session. Our elected officials, if not the public, deserves to know what this ‘complicated’ plan is.

The South DaCola Voter Guide, kind of

I won’t touch on every race or issue, but on the ones I think are important. Let’s Go!

Re-Elect Pam Nelson for County Treasurer. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know who is running against Pam, doesn’t matter. Nelson has proved she is a strong advocate for citizens and tax payers.

Bonilla and Feinstein for County Commission. That is who I voted for, but I also don’t have an issue with Jean Bender. She has actually surprised me on commission and has been a great legal voice for the commission. Just don’t vote for Karsky. This insurance salesman has more conflicts of interest then you can shake a stick at. Time to retire Dean from local government so he has more time to dig holes at ground breaking ceremonies with the Chamber, his true love and boss.

Mike Saba and Jeff Barth for state legislature.

Yes on Amendment R. This is extremely past due. Technical schools should have had their own board 20 years ago.

No on Amendment S. Also referred to as Marsy’s Law. It is unneeded. Laws are already in place to protect victims.

Yes on Amendment T. There has been too much gerrymandering going on in our state and it is time to make the board that decides redistricting more fair.

No on Amendment U. This is a fake interest rate cap created by the payday lenders.

Yes on Amendment V. This is the most important Amendment on the ballot this year. By passing the non-partisan election amendment we will change the face of the legislature over the next 5 years, and hopefully we will have less amendments and initiatives in the future once we get better representative officials in Pierre.

NO on Ref 20. This will eliminate the youth minimum wage.

Yes on Measure 21. It will cap payday lending at 36%, and hopefully put them out of business.

Yes on Measure 22. I have said an ethics commission and publicly funded campaigns in SD is way past due.

I have no opinion on Ref 19 & 23.

I highly suggest you vote early, because the lines are going to be very, very, very long.

It’s going to be a very long night

Last week a Minnehaha County employee posted on FB that the county auditor, Bob Litz told him it is taking absentee voters between 10-30 minutes to vote. No doubt, it is a very long ballot (17″) and a lot of important issues. Forget about the presidential race, there are oodles of amendments and initiatives that need to be studied closely. Also, let’s just look at the ballot itself, a 17″ ballot will be the first time the county runs through the new vote counting machines. I don’t expect returns until Wednesday morning, so be patient folks.

Here is a great article about it.

Re-Elect Pam Nelson for Minnehaha County Treasurer

Does Dean Karsky’s position on the Sioux Falls Chamber Board disqualify him to be a Minnehaha County Commissioner?


I could give you a long list of reasons not vote for Dean Karsky, mainly he accomplished nothing on the city council except using a rubberstamp. And when he did have an idea of his own, it would get shot down, like his malt beverage ban idea.

When Dean joined the Chamber’s Board, the city’s ethics commission ok’d the appointment. No surprise, we know who appoints them. While I certainly didn’t defend the decision, I will say that being a Sioux Falls city councilor and a Sioux Falls Chamber board member at least has somewhat of a correlation. But how will other communities and chamber boards in Minnehaha County feel about Karsky sitting on the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Board? I would think that would certainly be a conflict of interest.

Why don’t we save us all the headache of finding out and not vote for him. Vote Bender, Feinstein or Bonilla. As I have been telling people ‘Anybody but Karsky’ we have enough salespeople in local government already, we need to start purging them.


I was mistaken, Solar panels are allowed on residential property in Sioux Falls.

At the mayor’s summit I stated that solar panels are not allowed on residential homes in Sioux Falls. I was looking at the wrong code. A city councilor researched code with the Planning department. Residential solar panels ARE NOT allowed in Minnehaha county OUTSIDE of the city limits, but are allowed within in city limits.