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New crappers & now a hot tub?

Boy, we are living the life on the taxpayer’s dime in Sioux Falls

Oh, where to begin?

Snow monkeys from Japan soon will show their inquisitive faces in Sioux Falls.

They’ll make their new home in the Great Plains Zoo as part of a $5 million expansion to educate and entertain year-round visitors to their exhibit.

They’re famous for seeking out a warm bath.

“They like to sit in the hot springs in northern Japan,” Smith said.

Maybe they would like to come over to Detroit’s house for some margarita’s and a hot tub soak on a cold winter day?

Money for the new exhibit will come from three sources. Planners hope $1.5 million will come from the businesses in a fund drive the Chamber of Commerce has endorsed. Officials first set that target at $2.3 million but lowered the goal because of the soft economy. Another $1.5 million will come from the city capital improvements budget and $2 million from additional donations, Whealy said.

Oh, sorry, we don’t have $8,000 for a house that helps ex-cons transition into society or tax breaks for homeless shelters but we have $1.5 million for monkey hot tubs. Pathetic.

While I welcome the new exhibit, it is time we cut the purse strings at the zoo. If they can raise $3.5 million privately for the project, it is obvious they can raise the entire $5 million privately. Let’s get the CITIZEN’S house in order before we get the MONKEY’S house in order.