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Great SOTU address

SD-WEEK-103-BUSH-OBAMA-LAUGHING-3-24-09Probably one of the better ones I have heard in a long time. I watched the WH version and it had dual screens with statistics. As this evaluation of the facts point out, the President did exaggerate a bit, but he also has turned around the country economically in 6 years after 8 years of the worst American president ever;

Private Sector Job Growth

The president was correct when he said the U.S. has gained 11 million private sector jobs in the past five years.

Obama: And over the past five years, our businesses have created more than 11 million new jobs.

That’s true as far as it goes. The economy gained 11,215,000 private sector jobs between February 2010 and the preliminary figures for December of last year.

Of course, the president said nothing of the 4,210,000 private sector jobs that were lost during the first 13 months of his tenure as president, due to the savage recession that was raging at the time he took office.

Overall, since Obama took office, the net gain in private sector employment is just over 7 million. And the gain in total employment during his time in office is lower than that — just under 6.4 million. That’s because of a net loss in government jobs, particularly in local school systems.

Of course The Three Stooges, our congressional delegation, cried about tax credits to the middle class and increase on taxes to the rich. Big surprise.


Will the SF Ethics Commission share an opinion on Mayor Huether being an Obama Delegate?


Where’s Waldo Huether? (he’s hiding in the back row-click to enlarge)

I find it interesting that the Ethics Commission would find it Unethical for councilors Erickson and Staggers to be committee members for the Minnehaha County Republican Party, but say nothing about Huether being a delegate for Obama.

Like I have said, I find NO conflicts with either. Huether serving as a delegate for the Democratic party for Obama has NOTHING to do with him acting as our mayor, just like the committee positions for the Republican party have nothing to do with the city council.

If Huether wants to assist his party, as do Erickson and Staggers, that is fine, and I find no conflicts. But there is a conflict. Why are councilors being treated differently when reviewing ethical behavior? I think someone needs to ask an opinion about Huether being a delegate, just as the councilors were. All is fair in Love and War.

As for Karsky, he really needs to resign from either the Chamber Board or the City Council. The Chamber works too closely with the council, it is way to close for comfort and an obvious conflict of interest.

I want to see a copy of his Birth Certificate also


I love this picture of Huether in DC as a delegate, his wife is happy to be front and center, but where is the State’s #1 Democrat hanging out? In the back row, hiding his T-Shirt. Good stuff.


ALEC’s tinkering with the ACA (H/T – GP)

From Thom Hartmann’s blog;

ALEC wants to kill Obamacare

The American Legislative Exchange Council is pushing new legislation to prevent insurance companies from accepting subsidies under the healthcare law. In public, the new legislation is being called the “Healthcare Freedom Act,” but behind closed doors it’s known as the “Obamacare Kill Bill.” The law would suspend the licenses of health insurers who accept Obamacare subsidies, making it virtually impossible to insure those who can’t afford new plans.

If one of these laws were to actually go into effect, it would force insurance companies to try and collect premiums from patients, or lead them to stop doing business in the states in which it was enacted. Already, the measure has been introduced in Ohio and Missouri, despite the fact that it would be preempted by federal law. States do regulate their own insurance licenses, but the law is an obvious conflict to the federal Affordable Care Act.

Even after more than 40 attempts to repeal Obamacare, a government shutdown, and Ted Cruz’s make-believe filibuster, Republicans don’t seem to get the point that the healthcare law is here to stay. This new legislation is just another pathetic attempt to dismantle the law, at the expense of millions of Americans who need health insurance. ALEC’s legislation doesn’t represent “healthcare freedom,” it represents partisan lawmakers and corporate interests who will do anything to undermine our president.

Wonder which SD legislator ALEC member will sponsor this legislation?

And Teabaggers wonder why we call them ‘crazy’


When Lora Hubbel was announcing her candidacy for Governor the other day, she said bloggers call her names. Lora, ever wonder why that is?

Whatever happened to spending healthcare revenue on patient care?

As the independent candidate for governor, Mike Myers said during his speech at Democratic Forum (in between yoga and pushups) “Hospitals should be spending their revenue on patient care, not on basketball stadiums.”(sic) to which he received an applause.

Tell that to this guy;

As Kelby Krabbenhoft drove toward the outskirts of Sioux Falls in his pickup Thursday evening, he had plenty on his mind.

The Sanford Health chief executive officer was headed for the Pentagon, a five-sided, $19 million basketball wonderland featuring an old-fashioned Heritage Court that seats 3,250 and harkens back to “Hoosiers” with its throwback décor.

Long before the facility became reality and drew national attention by hosting an NBA preseason game — as it did Thursday night — it was a vision that struck Krabbenhoft while he watched his son, Joe, play summer basketball.

“It was a ‘Field of Dreams’ kind of thing,” said the 55-year-old health care CEO, sitting in his luxury suite above the court as the Minnesota Timberwolves went through warmups.

“When Joe was playing AAU ball, you’d go into these stale gymnasiums and get the feeling that if you ever had a chance to do something special, you would do it right. How great would it be to go back in time and try to capture the history of the game?”

Something special? Participating in wrestling tournaments throughout ‘stale gyms’ in this state, I never once thought it hampered the experience. In fact, there was a bit of charm to many of the school gyms across the state, I still laugh about the time we hit the showers in Lake Andes after a bout and the water shot from the wall instead of the shower head. But this should come as no surprise from a man who just went bear hunting (a trip paid for by sick people). And watches a game from a ‘luxury suite’.

Of course Kelby justifies it all;

“When we recruit high-end physicians, they always ask if they can see the children’s hospital and the sports complex,” he said. “It benefits us and everybody when we can boost the community like that.

So this is what we are building this town for? High end physicians? What about the nurses and techs that work at your facility? What about the working poor and middle class of this town? We now can justify using money from sick people who can barely afford medical care and use it for basketball stadiums so your physicians can be entertained? Forget calling this place Sanford Falls, I liken it to Rome.

“At Sanford, it’s the law of big numbers, and it’s hard for people to wrap their minds around that. But we spend one-third of 1 percent of our budget on community dividends, which means that 99.7 percent is spent on health care.”

What he doesn’t tell you is that .03% is millions of dollars that could be spent on patient care. Which brings me to the government shutdown. Whether you are for or against Obamacare, doesn’t really matter. The whole purpose of the ACA was to address the healthcare industry and the way they treat patients (like dirt). Isn’t it the epitome of Sanford to be building a basketball stadium while the Feds are screaming THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY IS SCREWING US OVER!

Oh the hypocrisy and irony of it all. And the crying babies in both parties whose only solution to reforming ACA (and it needs some reform) is to shut down the entire government instead actually just debating and reforming the actual law.

And while we have thousands of dead cattle and sheep in the West, we play basketball in the East and you can hear a faint murmur from Kristi Noem in some Mitchell, SD hair salon.


A Mormon gets boo’ed by fellow minorities

One can only laugh at how ridiculous he looks.

Thune agrees, Obamacare is killing people (H/T – Helga)

I’m amazed that our local media never picks up on this stuff;

Unimpressed by the timeline, Hewitt pressed Republicans to move faster. He compared the urgency of repeal to Congressional action in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and argued that people are already “dying” from the law. Thune seemed to agree with the sentiment:

HEWITT: Yeah, the reason I balk a little bit is only because I know people are out there dying under the burdens of this thing.

THUNE: Yeah.

HEWITT: And they expect, you know, the light speed for Congress is like molasses for the rest of the real world.

THUNE: Yeah.

HEWITT: And so it just seems to me that after 9/11, you guys moved fast, and I would hope it would happen again.

Like I have said in the past, I don’t agree with everything in the healthcare bill, but it certainly isn’t ‘killing’ people. That is the Republican’s plan. Ironic Johnny is famous for calling the kettle black.

As Helga pointed out to me;

Apparently people are dying right and left because of “Obamacare.”  Even though it hasn’t gone into effect yet, only portions have gone into effect, Thune says “yeah” people are dying. It appears, surprise, surprise, he doesn’t give a shit about the people of South Dakota, the people who need healthcare the most. But why should he care, he has his healthcare.”

I have often said that is the motto of rich powerful Republicans, ‘F’ck U! I got mine!’


State of the Union

While Obama has touched on many things I agree with 100%. One wonders how much he will be able to accomplish with the Republicans. Tax increases for businesses that outsource jobs?! Good luck with that one.

Teabaggers UNITE!

Here is an email that Dr. Allen Unruh sent out recently to his fellow baggers;

Dear Tea Party Patriots;

Mitt Romney spoke at the annual Chamber of Commerce in Sioux Falls. Liberals and the Republican establishment are pushing hard to make Romney the nominee. They feel if Obama loses, he is the closest to their ideology of Obama Care,  and big government control as well as being the weakest on conservative cultural issues.   Obama promised everything and anything to get elected and then governed from the radical far left.

If Obama is ruling from the far left I would hate to see a real liberal as our president. He has much in common with GW Bush.

From Gerald Ford,  to Bob Dole to John McCain,  everytime the establishment picks the candidate it is devastating for America.   Why?  Because principles matter,  character matters,  the Constitution,  Bill of Rights and words in the Declaration of Independence matter.   Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.    George Washington warned,  “In questions of confidence,  let us hear no more of confidence in man,  but bind them down from mischief by the chains of the constitution.”    He said,  “Government is like fire,  a dreadful servant and a fearful master.”   At best it is a necessary evil.   Abe Lincoln said,  “Nothing demonstrates the character of a man more than what they do when they are given power.”   Man’s greatest gift is his power of love,  his greatest downfall is his love of power.”

This time our nation cannot afford to get it wrong.  We are on the brink of losing our country.  If we go straight socialistic there is no turning back.

This country has been socialistic for generations. The only reason why our country is in the shitter is because we chipped away at those social programs to supply tax cuts to the wealthy. We have become a shit pile, because the TOP 1% control this country, and throw bread crumbs to rest of us. And that is the very reason people are protesting;

The protestors in NY hate capitalism,  hate America,  hate the flag,  and are a mix of communists,  socialists and anarchists. They know every 4 letter word except SOAP and WORK.

Here is an eight letter word for you Allen; BULLSHIT! The OWS protestors are more of a slice of the American Pie then any teabagger is or ever will be.

If they overthrow the government where would they get their welfare checks?    The tea party movement has to make a decision who is the most conservative candidate who stands on principle,  and do everything we can to eliminate the most liberal candidate no matter how much money they have,  or popularity.    Not only is the future of America at stake,  but civilization itself.

Civilization has been in trouble for a long time, that won’t change because of few guys holding signs and wearing tri-cornered hats.

This information on Mitt Romney should be forwarded to everyone on all of your lists   We must start an aggressive campaign to inform the voters and remind them of his record.  The Bible says,  “By their fruits ye shall know them.”   We can’t look at what they say,  Look at what they did when they were in power!”

God Bless America,

Dr. Allen Unruh

“If you will not fight for your rights when you can win without bloodshed,  if you will not fight when victory can be sure and not too costly,  you will come to the moment when you have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.”   Winston Churchill

“By their fruits ye shall know them.” – I couldn’t agree more, accept the fruits of OWS doesn’t come from the multi-billionaire Koch brothers.