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The South DaCola Voter Guide, kind of

I won’t touch on every race or issue, but on the ones I think are important. Let’s Go!

Re-Elect Pam Nelson for County Treasurer. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know who is running against Pam, doesn’t matter. Nelson has proved she is a strong advocate for citizens and tax payers.

Bonilla and Feinstein for County Commission. That is who I voted for, but I also don’t have an issue with Jean Bender. She has actually surprised me on commission and has been a great legal voice for the commission. Just don’t vote for Karsky. This insurance salesman has more conflicts of interest then you can shake a stick at. Time to retire Dean from local government so he has more time to dig holes at ground breaking ceremonies with the Chamber, his true love and boss.

Mike Saba and Jeff Barth for state legislature.

Yes on Amendment R. This is extremely past due. Technical schools should have had their own board 20 years ago.

No on Amendment S. Also referred to as Marsy’s Law. It is unneeded. Laws are already in place to protect victims.

Yes on Amendment T. There has been too much gerrymandering going on in our state and it is time to make the board that decides redistricting more fair.

No on Amendment U. This is a fake interest rate cap created by the payday lenders.

Yes on Amendment V. This is the most important Amendment on the ballot this year. By passing the non-partisan election amendment we will change the face of the legislature over the next 5 years, and hopefully we will have less amendments and initiatives in the future once we get better representative officials in Pierre.

NO on Ref 20. This will eliminate the youth minimum wage.

Yes on Measure 21. It will cap payday lending at 36%, and hopefully put them out of business.

Yes on Measure 22. I have said an ethics commission and publicly funded campaigns in SD is way past due.

I have no opinion on Ref 19 & 23.

I highly suggest you vote early, because the lines are going to be very, very, very long.

Re-Elect Pam Nelson for Minnehaha County Treasurer

Petition mess over at Minnehaha County?

I’ve known about this mess for a few months, in fact I told Pam Nelson she had a peculiar challenger, her niece’s husband, and currently her employee. She seemed dumbfounded, since Marlin lives in Lincoln county;

As Jonathan Ellis reported last week, Marlin Schlenker is running for Minnehaha County Treasurer. His candidacy is noteworthy for multiple reasons:

  1. Schlenker’s running against his aunt-in-law and boss, incumbent treasurer Pam Nelson.

  2. Schlenker and his wife Sondee filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last May to get out of $195,765.74, most of that associated with Sondee’s business, consignment shop Resale Living. Hmm… Minnehaha County, do you want a guy who couldn’t keep his own books balanced managing your public treasury?

  3. Schlenker lives in Lincoln County—not by much, just a block south of 57th Street, the in-town county line between Lincoln and Minnehaha.

No worries Marlin, maybe you can prove you are a Heutterite and they will give you immunity.

Minnehaha County Treasurer, Pam Nelson informs the city about ‘Proper Service’


What has treasurer Nelson been saying for months?

That the state is freaking inept when it comes to license renewels and when are our mostly Republican county commissioners gonna fess up? Apparently never.

Statewide, about 50,000 renewal notices went out without information about the $1 per vehicle postage fee. About 11,000 Minnehaha County residents got notices for 21,000 vehicles.

Okay, we are talking about $21,000 or maybe more. So are county commissioners enraged over this lost revenue? Nope. Are they stomping around the state offices telling them how to do there job? Nope. So what are they doing?

“Why don’t we be the good guy and just eat it?” Twedt asked fellow commissioners.

Yeah, why not? We don’t have a problem with belittling Pam Nelson behind her back in commission meetings for something that isn’t her fault, but when the state really screws up, we just say, “Oh Well.”

Talk about gutless. But this isn’t the first time the state flubbed;

Nelson added that the state DMV contributed to longer lines in June, as well. Renewals sent out then referred to 50-cent or $1 dollar postage fees in a confusing enough manner to convince some people to come to the treasurer’s office and pay in person, she said.

“Oh, but hey, the state doesn’t make mistakes, it is all Pam’s fault, remember, she just needs to learn how to manage her lines” – Give me a break.

Hillmer promises the next series of renewal notices will be correct and clear.

Definitely. I will make sure I look at them myself before they go out,” she said.

You should have looked at the first round. Are you so busy you don’t have time to proof read a couple of paragraphs? I have often thought the best way to solve this problem and reduce lines would be if renewal customers were sent a postage paid envelope AND just add an extra $1.00 to everyone’s renewel right off the bat so the postage and handling is covered. But of course, that makes sense, and that does not fly in Pierre.

“We had a perfectly good system working,” Nelson says of the license renewal procedure before the present one was adopted 13 months ago, “and now we’ve got one problem after another.”

I don’t think anyone is listening to you Pam. Maybe you should change your registration to Republican, wait, you are too smart for that party, nevermind.

HELP WANTED: County Commissioners w/o EGO’s

This story is further proof that most of our county politicians are inept whiny babies that couldn’t manage to get themselves out of a wet paper bag let alone manage a county;

Figuring out how to adequately serve a growing community is tough enough without the bickering that’s going on between these two sides.

Lines at the Minnehaha County Administration Building have resurfaced, and it’s clear the commission and treasurer need a better staffing plan.

Residents are the ones who suffer the most when a poor relationship among county officials hinders progress toward that end.

That’s just it, there was a simple solution. A staffer needed to be replaced, the money was in the budget and the CC said no. Who’s to blame? The County Commission. They need to replace the staffer, apologize to Nelson then STFU.

Their egos are really getting old.

The State is at it again; Skimming the till

The state has this great idea to control the internet licensing renewals even though each county already handles it themselves. They just can’t figure out why the counties wouldn’t want them to help out;

Hillmer said she knows some county officials are worried, but those concerns are unfounded.

“We’re trying to provide consumers with a mechanism to do online renewals, and to do it efficiently,” she said.

“I guess I’m miffed that somebody would complain that we’re doing something of this nature,” she added.

Um. Well where do I begin? You F’ckd up the software to begin with. You blamed the counties for the F’ck up, you have been cashing in on the late fees and now you want to skim the till a little more. Miffed? I think the counties have a right to miffed.

Minnehaha County Treasurer Pam Nelson said she has one full-time staffer and a half-time person devoted to handling the county’s online renewals. She questions whether the state will have to add staff to handle the duties, which would cost taxpayers more money.

“In the end, it’s going to take money away from counties, and it’s going to cost people more money,” Nelson said. “That’s what I care about.”

And that’s what Pierre loves about it, making government bigger, more expensive and less effective.


Pam Nelson gives credit, where credit is due; King Rounds

Nelson slams Mike Rounds for his incompetence on the licensing software. What I found interesting about the story was that the Argus Leader buried the story on page 7B in the dead tree version, and online, you had to do an actual search for the story because there was no links on the main page. Interesting.

She called out Mikey a couple of times;

As a county elected leader, I refuse to let Gov. Mike Rounds and the Legislature escape their fiscal responsibility to pay for the expenses their actions have caused by implementing this sluggish system. What remains to be answered honestly to taxpayers is whether Rounds’ Revenue Department employees were aware on July 1 that their online system was as incompetent and costly to implement as it has proven to be. So far I haven’t heard any straight answers, but I’ve seen quite a lot of buck passing.


But I do ask that you hold your local legislators and the governor accountable for paying the tab for their mistakes. It’s your time and money. The buck stops in Pierre.

I also found this tidbit of information interesting, not only do we have to stand in long lines and waste our time, they also found a way to nail us on penalties, then keep the money in Pierre instead of giving it to the counties;

There is a fiscal benefit for Pierre, however, that you might not be aware of. The new online system allows the state to instantly track penalties and interest money assessed for people who fail to transfer titles within the state maximum timeline. In Minnehaha County alone, the state received $11,078 in July and another $14,763 in August that it would not have received without this new system.

I think this revenue needs to return here to help pay for our county’s increased costs. It’s only fair.

I applaud Pam for standing up to our Governor, I think he has gotten a little big for his britches.