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REPLAY: Guest on KSOO AM 1000 – Wed (2/7) 4 PM

Really not sure what we will be talking about tomorrow, but I will try to keep the name calling of public officials to a minimum 🙂

Listen HERE Replay.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Erickson on KSOO 1000 AM TODAY, 4 PM

She will be talking about her re-election bid. The phone lines will be open, 338-KSOO (5766) so get your questions in. I would like some people to question Erickson on her votes for the golf contract, the DT parking ramp and why she chose Legacy when she sat on the RFQ committee. I would also like to see some questions about why Erickson has supported property tax rate increases and water rate increases while serving on the city council. The Christine we elected is NOT the Christine we have now.

Guest on KSOO 1000 AM Today – 4:15

I will be on Patrick Lalley’s show talking the latest in city politics. I’m in the 2nd half of the show. you can hear the replay HERE.

UPDATE: Guest on KSOO AM 1000 today, 4:15

I will be talking about loads of city business, tune in to find out. REPLAY HERE.

REPLAY: DaCola on Lalley, (10/12/17)

REPLAY PODCAST. Not sure what we will all be covering, but I’m sure the topic of siding will come up 🙂

Advice to Sioux Falls City Councilor Erickson; When doing business with the Public, it’s Public.

Councilor Erickson was on The Good Ship Lalley show today talking about city business.

She touched on several topics with city business. A couple of things that stuck out;

• She questioned if a ‘Million dollars’ (in reference to the siding settlement) is really ‘A Lot’ of money. I felt she was downplaying the settlement as not a big deal.

• She did admit that there should have been more transparency with the settlement.

• She defended the secrecy of RFP candidates proposals saying they may use the plans for other projects. First off, there is nothing ‘special’ about many of these proposals. Most affordable housing projects in this town look exactly the same. 2nd, you could share the proposals with the entire council in executive session. And Lastly, most important, WHEN DOING BUSINESS WITH THE PUBLIC, IT BECOMES PUBLIC. When a private contractor is receiving PUBLIC money, our money, they must be an open book. There is NO excuse to keep these things secret.

• She isn’t publicly supporting any mayoral candidate. I agree with her that is a smart move. It could cause issues in the future with whoever becomes mayor.

Stehly to talk about City Government secrecy today on Lalley’s show

Theresa is set to be on at 4:15 PM. KSOO information 1000.

I’m hoping the EC siding settlement will be public by than.

Replay of me on Lalley’s Show


Guest on KSOO AM 1000 today

I will be on the Good Ship Lalley Pop show at 4:15 PM today. Not sure what is on the docket for discussion, but I’m sure we will be talking about all the peeps running for mayor and city council. I will also try to get in a little about my ordinance review. Tune In.

South DaCola Podcast IV: Patrick Lalley

Patrick becomes our first guest on the Podcast. He gives us a history of his professional life and some insight into the current state of media. He also catches me yawning 🙂

You can also listen to Patrick’s podcast re-plays of his KSOO radio program.