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TenHaken’s Blue Period

I never realized Paul was such a lover of art until I saw his online AD depicting the world’s greatest artist.

Does knowing the obvious qualify you to be mayor of Sioux Falls?

Newsflash! Newsflash!

For the last eight years, our city’s government has been characterized by closed-door politics, flashy construction projects and a disregard for basic issues that effect our entire community. Our city’s crime rate has been steadily climbing. There’s a significant shortage of affordable housing and we don’t have enough young workers to fill the available jobs in our city. We need a mayor that will address these obvious issues and will help Sioux Falls continue to be a great place for anyone to live and work.

I believe that Paul TenHaken is the best person to address these issues and lead our city into the 2020’s.

So if Mr. TenHaken has known about these things for the past 8 years, where has he been to battle this administration in the trenches like some of the rest of us? Not only Paul, but what about Jolene and Jim?

Actually Jim celebrates the past 8 years.

The next mayor should not only be aware of where we are coming from, but they must also have the experience of dealing with this current debacle that encompasses city hall.

When the books are opened on May 16, 2018, we may find all kinds of surprises.

I’m assuming this page isn’t sponsored by a TenHaken supporter

As I have told people, Paul’s checkered past with the right wingers in this state is not good. We will be talking about it in the weeks ahead. But it looks like I have someone beating me to the punch. The sad part is that his connection to Trump may help him at the polls.

To Be or Not to Be . . .

So after the YPN mayoral forum I joked with Paul TenHaken that it was probably a good thing the checks were still coming in from Clickrain (I figured he is probably still receiving dividends from the company he founded, why wouldn’t he? And why would anyone want to lie about it?). He told me he wasn’t receiving ‘anything’ from Clickrain, and he was pretty serious about it.

Well, it is probably a good thing he didn’t LIE on his conflict of interest form below.

In his defense, the document does say income in the past YEAR, but I find it hard to believe he isn’t still receiving dividends from Clickrain. He never said he SOLD the company, just transferring power.

While I am calling Paul out on this, I just find it funny the little ‘fibs’ most of the candidates will tell you when they are at functions, he isn’t alone.

I go by the philosophy if a politician/candidate has to tell you they are telling the truth, they probably are not telling the truth (Huether, cough, cough, Huether).

Entenman WORSE than Huether, TenHaken just like Huether

I enjoyed reading Paul TenHaken’s 2026 plan for the city. Would really like to meet the authors, maybe they should be running 🙂

What I’m finding more and more is TenHaken is running on the Huether platform and Entenman is running on Corporate Welfare platform (if you think Huether gave the farm away to developers, you wait).

While Paul’s plan has value, without government leadership skills he would run this city like Huether did. And that’s really scary. Government isn’t a business. It’s time the citizens of this city elect a government leader that offers the highest level of customer service with the best value. That person isn’t Jim or Paul. It’s time to embrace our citizens over the next 8 years, business will do just fine on it’s own.

Memory Lane with Huether

Wow. You would think Mike had only a few days left in his administration when listening to his interview this morning on Belfrage. We have 3 months left of listening to this guy patting himself on the back. Puke.

He reveals some interesting things. He compares himself to Janklow, which I agree is appropriate. Stepping all over the little guy to get things done while mysteriously making himself a multi-millionaire working in public service most of his life.

He also claims he doesn’t talk to a couple of councilors (Starr and Stehly) because they don’t accomplish anything. It’s his way of saying they stand up to him and his corrupt deals. Sometimes putting on the brakes accomplishes more than tying the citizens to bad deals. He goes on to saying he only needs 4 votes to accomplish things. Sad really. Or brags about vetoes.

Than he goes on to throw all the mayoral candidates under the bus (because he was so great, you know) especially Greg Jamison. C’mon Mike, you are not running for office, stay out it. Please.


TenHaken wants your vote, even if he struggles to find a municipal polling place himself

Vote for me! Just don’t ask directions to a polling place.

Cameraman Bruce authored this post and researched the data;

Paul is not a very involved voter. It is interesting he preaches to be active and engaged but doesn’t follow the example he sets. He may be a great Republican but only in the November General Elections. He has not voted in a Primary Election since he registered to vote in Sioux Falls in 2004.

Now let’s look at his civic involvement. He wants to be our mayor but he does not show much interest in caring about municipal elections. He is a resident of Sioux Falls School district but he rarely votes in any of the school board elections only odd year elections. He apparently had a point of view on the school start date issue in 2015.

He wants to replace our mayor of all he thinks, the guy we have tolerated for so long who will be leaving office in less than 6 months. You would think he would be an active voter wouldn’t you? Our data shows he has voted in 2 city elections since 2004, including the Events Center advisory vote (non legally binding) to give cover for our current mayor to spend $180,000,000.00 on wrinkled tin foil.

We’ll have more data soon on the other candidates (we must share the love). We don’t expect to see many changes.

The Voting Record of a True Civic Leader

11/7/2006 – General Election

11/4/2008 – General Election

11/2/2010 – General Election

11/8/2011 – Events Center

11/6/2012 – General Election

4/10/2012 – City-Municipal / School shared election

11/4/2014 – General Election

4/14/2015 – School Start Date

TenHaken asks a great question

I would really like to hear the answer to to why young people don’t vote in city elections. Sure, they show up to rallies, and like you on FB, but historically, they don’t vote. I don’t think this city election will be any different. In fact I rarely hear a person younger than me talk about city politics except my like minded friends.

I really believe it has a lot to do with Republicans in this state squashing voter rights and gerrymandering, they don’t want younger people voting, because they tend to vote more progressive and independent.

The musical precincts don’t help either. Younger folks like things to be easy and having to find their precinct is ‘work’. It’s not that they are not smart enough to do it, they are just lazy.

Until the city does a better job of educating younger folks on voting, the 55 and older crowd are going to rule the roost when it comes to city elections. I wish the younger candidates like Jolene luck, but you better be filling out voter registration cards and giving rides to the polls if you think your younger supporters are going to show up to the polls in April.

I don’t like it either, but it’s reality.

This mayoral race is getting weirder by the day

Maybe he should join this club instead?

Mayor Mapmaker

Transparency? Roads? Crime? Who cares, we got maps to make! This mayoral race is really making me drowsy, maybe I should go on a google virtual bike ride.

Is Paul TenHaken the Dan Lederman of the Sioux Falls Mayoral Race?

Apparently Paul felt it would help his mayoral campaign to be the keynote speaker in Sioux City telling Iowans how to improve their tourism. Wonder if he was telling them to book more events in Sioux Falls? Maybe he could move there and get a job as an Iowa bail bondsman at Lederman’s company.