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Found on Facebook, Dick Cheese

This picture was taken in Tripp, SD (I used to live down the road in Parkston)



Be careful when ordering ‘A’ beer at Jonos. BTW, best damn lamb chislic in Sioux Falls. It’s very ‘Ranchless’.


Hey, Building a Better Sioux Falls, this Bud’s for you!



The Intrepid Reporter

A few years back, I had this idea to interview peeps on the street for DaCola. (We are in front of the Carpenter building DTSF) I failed miserably. My videographer sent me this last night. LOL.


Photo club with me





Longing for warmer weather

So a friend had to go to Brazil for 3 months to do contract work for an international company (mechanical). Talk about a great gig, even though, he has to work most of the time, the beach side, 2-story condo, is a nice place to lay his head.


Photo of the Day (H/T – Wind Man)

Photos of the Day – Downtown Sioux Falls

Photos of the Day (H/T – GP)

These were taken at Lake Thompson over the weekend.

Random Photog

Ever since I got my I-Phone, I have been snapping pictures with it. I am amazed by the quality. Lighting is the key with digital photography, natural light is the best. Here’s some of my faves.

Over the Viaduct (okay, no natural light)

Fawick Park-Midland National Life Building-Slow moving vehicle

My ‘Bachelor Buttons’

DT Skyline

Mama Lada’s sign

Big Sioux on a Saturday Night, 6:30 PM

This is a combination of two photos I took at the same spot on Sunday.


Photo of the Day (H/T – GP)

Guest Poster took this right before the storm rolled in Monday Morning.

Hank Harris Photo of the Day