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Pictures of the Week

Most interesting Christmas Tree



Hey, I want this matt . . .


A collection of Bettie’s


I’m not fat . . .


Priceless Screenshot





Photos of the week

Had so many great pictures from this past week, I had to share. I will say I have great friends who share a passion for the moment like I do.

This is a painting from the Art Collective show last night that made me laugh.


Thanks to Big ‘R’ on this photo of a Iowa sunset in a turbine field.


Shout out to ‘E’ and her mom’s Thanksgiving fruit turkey.


Haskett’s grand reopening after the Parade of Lights, the mini-roses smelled fantastic, the beer wasn’t bad either.


And finally a fantastic Thanksgiving Sunday brunch with some ‘historical’ figures and politicos.






Found on Facebook

Is this the most kickass picture you have ever seen? A FB friend in Sioux Falls took this picture the other night at their house. So beautiful and creepy at the same time. I love the tail and head design.


Where did I take this photo?

Obviously I took this at David. But in what room was I in?


The last photo I posted I took on the patio at MB Hasketts.

Where did I take this photo?


Where did I take this photo?

To answer the last photo I asked this question, I was on the entry to the bike trail by the Ronning Apartments downtown.

This one has some pretty good clues in it.


Where did I take this photo?

I will give you a clue, it was at night and it was DTSF.


Famous Pin-up photag dies


Bunny Yeager, photographer of Bettie Page pinups, dies at 84

Source: LA Times

Bunny Yeager had success as a model in Miami in the 1950s, but she wanted to be a photographer. She saw her chance when she met the little-known Bettie Page, who had modeled for under-the-counter photo sets that specialized in sadomasochism.

Yeager took a somewhat more wholesome, holiday-themed photo of Page — nude except for a Santa hat — and in 1955 sent it off to fledgling magazine Playboy. “I figured because they were new they might pay attention to an amateur, and that’s what happened,” she told the London Telegraph in 2012.

The photo launched her career as one of the most successful pinup photographers, often with Page — who became an international sex symbol — as her model.

Yeager, 84, died Sunday in a nursing facility in North Miami. The cause was heart failure, said her agent, Ed Christin.

Found on Facebook, Dick Cheese

This picture was taken in Tripp, SD (I used to live down the road in Parkston)



Be careful when ordering ‘A’ beer at Jonos. BTW, best damn lamb chislic in Sioux Falls. It’s very ‘Ranchless’.


Hey, Building a Better Sioux Falls, this Bud’s for you!



The Intrepid Reporter

A few years back, I had this idea to interview peeps on the street for DaCola. (We are in front of the Carpenter building DTSF) I failed miserably. My videographer sent me this last night. LOL.