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Where am I?

And what the heck is this?





Three Political Rabble Rousers Unite!


Thanks for the photo Frank!

Where am I in Sioux Falls?


Poetry Club w/Charles Luden


Ernie November in the early days (Photo: Charles Luden)

(On  Philosophers)  (On  Zealots)

I have a slight understanding of a few things
but don’t know much
Just put in earplugs when they preach
Charles Luden • 4-16-15 • at Granite City

Photo Club with Charles Luden


Grain Elevator in Bristol, SD

Where am I?



Daily thought found on FB via Mexico City: Someone somewhere is living your best dream, and another your worst nightmare. In that light, the way you navigate your dreams in your life effects the quality of others dreams.



Where did I take this picture?


Photography Club w/Charles Luden



Wind turbine aerial view in Colorado


Charles Luden, Self-Examination


Photo, 1979 by Mike Greenlee


The danger of self examination is that you may find something even if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  So I decided to stop looking and just do stuff.  I’ve always been good at entertaining myself.  Each day I get up, feed the birds, then have a waffle covered with plum or blackberry jelly for breakfast.   After I clear the table I place a blank sheet of drawing paper in the center.  I stare at it for several minutes imagining a fantastic painting I would like to create.  If this goes on for 20 minutes or more, I’ll take out my notebook and write a poem about this fantastic imaginary art piece.  
Charles Luden
March 1, 2015