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What color is the Kettle, FolkArts?

The Plagiarist hits a double!

The Gargoyle Leader has a short memory. Apparently they didn’t remember that the reason they were not permitting Jason FolkArts to put cartoons in their rag anymore was because he had been busted twice by other local cartoonists for plagiarizing. The copying and total disregard for creative property aside, it is also apparent that he still can’t write a toon to save his life.

According to his toon yesterday voters are going to blow their heads off tommorow by sticking Looney-Toons dynamite sticks in their mouths (AL dead tree version page 10B). I don’t know about you, but the only thing I will be sticking in my mouth tommorrow night is vodka.


Horrible example of plagiarism

This was a cartoon of mine that was plagiarized and changed to support Mayor Bernard in Yankton. I guess his supporters didn’t have a problem with him being King. Normally I would complain, but it’s so bad that I really don’t care.

Did FolkArts move to Yankton?