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Poetry Reading this Saturday @ Monk’s

I went to the last one, and it was fantastic!

Merry Christmas

Charles Luden’s annual Christmas Card that I partner with him and do the artwork.

Charles Luden, Nov 2, 2017

The Sioux Falls Washington Pavilion was moving smooth with the cool sounds of JAS featuring Charles “Chuck” Luden on November 2, 2017. The Thursday night audience was enjoying Chuck’s beat poetry. Join in the festivities of cool jazz on Thursday’s in Leonardo’s at 7:30pm.

Video by Cameraman Bruce

If you are looking for something to do tonight

Charles Luden on KSOO AM 1000, Friday (10/20/17) 4:15

My poet friend Charles Luden will be on Pat’s show. Charles’ poetry is a regular on my blog. It should be an interesting interview. Chuck has lived most of his life in Sioux Falls and has a great historical background of the city. Chuck was a drummer in several bands since the 70’s and has published several poetry books.

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

Imaginary Diary Entry Thursday  

Some of the old guys here are younger than me.

My shirt is unbuttoned.

I’m hot or nervous.

It’s not the weather.

It’s not you either.

Who are you?

I’m ordering another cup of coffee.

It’ll make my arms feel better.

Charles Luden • 9-14-17 at Dunn Bros Coffee

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden


Had a dream about petunias

then they were cactus blossoms

Finally awoke after three days

inside the imaginary whale

Walked around a city block

greeting each hooded politician

Charles Luden • May 25, 2017

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

Lawyers and doctors are always practicing their professions.

Do they ever perfect them?
Perhaps it’s like musicians always looking for the cool notes 
hoping to blow them hot 
in the small hours.
Charles Luden
at Dunn Bros Coffee.

Poetry Reading

There will be a group of poets reading their stuff  Saturday May 6th at 7 PM at Zandbros in downtown Sioux Falls. The reading celebrates the release of the recent Scurfpea Publishing poetry anthology, I Walked by the River

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

Morning in Progress
I got through another night
without my house exploding
The air remains dense near
the back door
A woman walks past
carrying a cane
A small dog is getting bigger
approaching the front door
I close the shade
then weep
Charles Luden
at Black Sheep