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I went to a party tonight

I have often worked in the shadows, whatever that means. But tonight I exposed myself to a political event like no other (one moment while I dry off from my very hot shower).

While I will not expose some of the things I heard (because I am a man of my word, sometimes) I will give you a quick rundown.

A reporter got a good dig on me (still laughing)

I met a pro-choice Republican (that is in denial)

The Democrats still don’t get it (and they loves their Mike Huether)

HyVee is a grocery store that has a lobbyist come to these things (What?!)

Candidates won’t sign petitions (because they are afraid they might be right on an issue)

Some teabaggers get it (or don’t?)

And Jenna Haggar still talks to me (even though she knows she should not :)

And you should all vote for Richard Schriever.

I ended the night with a good friend eating this;


Get Your Girdonkephant On At The No Party Party

Young Adult Voter Awareness Event October 1st

Sioux Falls, SD (August 30, 2012) — Stump speeches will be sawed down, single letters surrounded by parentheses banned and party platforms will be shoes, not talking points.

Monday, Oct. 1 at 5-7pm

Icon Event Hall

402 N. Main Ave., Sioux Falls, SD

Sponsored by Click Rain, 605 Magazine, Mud Mile Communications and YPN/Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, this free non-partisan shindig gives young adults a chance to meet with legislative candidates from the Sioux Falls area while enjoying free food, music, special appearances by Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty and the signature drink, the Girdonkephant. Focused on education, awareness and energizing young adults to learn about the issues that matter to them, party politics will be out with awesomeness winning the vote.

Additional Resources:
Media Kit


Pass me the lime and salt – this is a political group I can get into (H/T – Dr. Barkey)

YouTube Preview Image

Wow, finally, someone with a little common sense when it comes to political groups;

Hispanic leaders in Nevada and elsewhere are reportedly considering severing their ties to the Democratic Party andforming an independent, grassroots group called the “Tequila Party.” The idea, according to proponents, is to tap into the rising voting power of Hispanics in order to push for immigration reform and other legislation that Democrats have failed to deliver. Here’s a quick guide:

YouTube Preview Image

Top 6 Political Hot Messes of 2010

YouTube Preview Image

Clever political website (H/T – AG)


As I indicated

YouTube Preview Image

Why I love the Onion


King Douchenozzle von Krunk

Looks like Glenn Beck dodged another bullet today.

Unfortunately, the victim of this fatal car accident was not him.

And you thought I was snarky

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