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Just another reminder of how civilized small town SD is.

This Lake Andes Motel sounds like a good place to stay . . . that is, if you are white and Republican.

I’m all for freedom of speech, and think it is fantastic that these people wear their racism on their sleeves (probably in the form of an armband) even though they seem to be in denial;

Mary Snyder swears to the Mitchell Daily Republic that she and her husband are just misspellers, not racists.

Yeah . . . right. If you don’t like black people, pull off your white hood and just say it. That is the beauty of our country, you don’t have to like people, and you don’t even have to be informed about why you don’t like them.

Saw this coming . . .

. . . concerning the racial discrimination accusations towards the ’18th Amendment’ bar. I received this comment on January 30 about the establishment, but didn’t really think much of it, until reading the Argue Endorser‘s story today;

2011/01/30 at 9:11 am

so it turns out that the 18th amendment is turning away black people at the door by handing them a card and telling them they have to call to find out why they are not allowed in the bar…sounds like a lawsuit to me!

I really don’t understand handing out the card? If you are so concerned about these ‘people’ being a threat to society I would hand them a condom instead.

As a result, management had instructed security workers to hand a piece of paper to people who they deemed might cause problems because of gang-related or “thug” dress, or because of perceived aggressive demeanor.

The paper invites the person to call the bar’s manager the next day to discuss why he was turned away and what the expectations are that would allow him in next time.

I’m on the fence about this issue. Racial discrimination is intolerable, and if they have people working for them that are racist towards blacks, they should be fired, I just find it odd that the same establishments employee black people. I have even heard councilor Anderson Jr. bar tends part time at one of the said bars.

Bar and restaurant owners can refuse service to anyone. I worked at a restaurant downtown that had a strict policy about teenagers and loitering. If they did not buy anything, I told them to leave. Were they pissed? Sure. But I will defend a business owner’s right to make money, and if a certain kind of patron is preventing that, throw their asses out.

I can hear it already. How is this any different then the smoking ban? It is very different. The smoking ban was about having a safe work environment for EMPLOYEES. It had nothing to do with patrons.

Who knows how this will play out.

My advice to the patrons that were turned away, stop crying and change your clothing. My advice to the bar owner, fire racists.

Holy holy holy!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCvkatCGNFYI have no words. Just watch and throw up a little.

We have a long way to go in race relations in this country

I think some people believed that racism and predjudice would disappear overnight when Obama got elected. Yeah right.

It’s the little things that stick out when it comes to how far we have come and how far we have to go.

Yesterday while working, I had a middle-aged white couple from a major southern city make an astonishing comment to me. They said, “We love vacationing in South Dakota because there isn’t a lot of black people here.” Of course I was a little taken back about the comment. I commented that there is ‘black’ people who live here. I also told them when I visited their city a few years ago that I had no negative experience from the ‘blacks’ in their community. To which they replied, “Well you weren’t there when Obama won.”

As I told co-workers about this comment, many were shocked. But to be honest with you, I wasn’t really shocked at all. I am not naive, racism is exists in our country, and it’s out and it is proud, which is unfortunate.

Going to HS in a suburb of Seattle I learned a lot about tolerance, especially being a whitebread farmkid from SD. Most of my friends were Vietnamese American or African American or white trash punk rockers. I can tell you one thing I have learned, there is bad apples in all races, and there is also good people. As far as I am concerned the only people we should be scared of is rich, greedy Republicans, they are the ones destroying this country, not the ‘blacks’.

Slow news day?

You would think so, after reading this article;

The U.S. Department of Justice notified the state’s congressional delegation that it was sending personnel to Sioux Falls “in response to increased racial tensions” in the city, but now federal officials say the April 6 visit won’t happen.


The reasons for the “deployment” remained nebulous Wednesday, and the incident had local officials wondering what “racial tensions” the department was referring to.

As you read more of the article, you will find that everyone is clueless of what it could be.  I think our city fairs pretty well when it comes to these kind of issues, but of course I hear differently from minorities. The most frequent complaint I hear is being pulled over for a DWI (driving while indian). Like I have said, I don’t hear any ‘major’ issues but one has to wonder how helpful our multi-cultural center is when it has been run by the same director (who created the job himself) for so long.

Qadir Aware, the director of the Multi-Cultural Center, said he hears complaints about racial issues, but he said those complaints are minor.


“We have some radical groups on either side who take a small thing and make a big deal about it,” he said. Some recent immigrants have complained about profiling because they’ve been pulled over when they weren’t speeding. Aware said they didn’t realize they had to renew their license plates.

Qadir represents a very small portion of minorities in our community (he is Iraqi) when most of the minorities that live here are either Hispanic, Native American or African. I wonder how well they are being represented by an Iraqi? I also have had some business conversations with Mr. Aware, and am not impressed by his attitude. I think the mult-cultural center would be better served if they had more sub-group directors that could address the problems of the particular minority groups. I also think that the directors should change every couple of years to keep perspective fresh. This is not happening. So everything is ‘Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy’ as Aware would like you to believe;

“I think we have a good community in Sioux Falls,” he added. “I’m proud of this community.”

This story has me curious though, and I know two people in particular that I am going to question about this.

Racism Is Over

Did you all know that racism is over?

Catholic Bishop speaks out on politics and racism

This is one of the better columns I have read about the issue of the Catholic church’s stance on racism. I wonder if Pastor(?) DooHickey will post this on his site . . .