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Archbishop Carlson wants to ban the Girl Scouts

The former bishop of SD is still making us proud.

And we are worried about different religions?



Quite Possibly the Best Sioux Falls City Council invocation

Pastor Daniel B. Getgayetaye, of First Lutheran African Ministry in Sioux Falls brought his congregation to Sioux Falls City Council on December 8, 2015 for an interpretive invocation. Enjoy.

Mayor Mike Huether’s ‘Shut Up & Listen’ session, Oct 21, 2015

Wow. That is all I can say after watching this episode. It was truly the best episode of this program. Before I get to the notable moments in the show by our mayor, I will tell you why I truly enjoyed it. It was the SF Ministerial Association meeting, a group of pastors, priests, chaplains, ministers and reverends in Sioux Falls tackling the big issues in our community. I can truly say I learned a lot about the work they are doing for the less fortunate in our community and the mentally ill. They seem to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ; help those who can’t help themselves.

And this is where it gets ‘odd’.

While these highly intelligent and caring group of folks inform us over an hour about their community service, the mayor either seems oblivious to their work, or learns a helluva lot. I will give him credit on this one. I think Mike left this meeting feeling inspired and informed. I hope he takes this ‘learning’ experience and does something positive with it. And I truly mean it. While I am on his case a lot, I truly think there is a caring individual inside of him. I think he learned quickly throughout the meeting that he didn’t know it all when it comes to these issues in Sioux Falls.

A couple of notable moments in the show were;

• At the beginning the mayor self-proclaimed himself the minister of 170,000 people.

• A pastor (jokingly) encouraged him to become an evangelist after leaving the mayor’s office because of his enthusiasm.

• He is scared of death.

Like I said, you will have to watch it yourself and make your own interpretations. I watch all of this as a deist who doesn’t believe in religion but has a deep faith in a higher power.

The most telling and informative part of the meeting was when a hospital chaplain asked him about his fear of death and his anxiety about it, and carefully offered him advice. She said while she is scared of the process of death (pain and being a burden on her family) she doesn’t fear death itself. She essentially told the mayor he needed to get a handle on his fear of fatalism.

It was very telling.

They should have left Kim Davis in jail for a year

55f33565140000d8012e579bThis billboard is going up in Kim’s hometown.

‘Ask an Atheist’ radio show

I did not attend the Skep Dakota conference yesterday, but did make it to a recording of the podcast and radio show, “Ask an Atheist” last night. While I am NOT an atheist, I find their conversations about humanism and science interesting. They got on the topic of racism and sexism within the upper leadership of the Atheist movement. I think I asked a question about atheists being no different then right wing Christians in their beliefs about mankind.


Interesting Video about Islam

Video the country was never supposed to see…. SOS John Kerry introduces Admiral Ace Lyons to speak at a private meeting. He probably regrets doing so. This video probably won’t be around long..


Another SD lawmaker craps in the Marital Bed of governing

Yup, these are the kind of people that serve as county commissioners in our state, and you thought Dick Kelly said outrageous things;

Meade County Commissioner Alan Aker

Government Official · 216 Likes

· June 26 at 10:08am ·

I was just notified by the county’s insurer that in light of the final federal court (Sorry to say, they’ve lost their “Supreme” title as far as I’m concerned. Of course, they’re no longer a court either, but I’m at a loss on what to call them.) decision on gay marriage, the county may be liable for its own costs if our register of deeds does not allow filing of same-sex marriages. Our register of deeds is an independent official and she will decide whether to obey our robed “legislators”. I expect she will. A word to any readers who are celebrating this news: I wouldn’t spike the ball just yet. You haven’t gained marriage “equality”, I predict you have ended marriage as a civil institution. One by one, states will remove it from statutes. It will be an exclusively religious institution. For awhile, some of our churches will refuse to perform same-sex marriages, and get away with it. Since liberals never stop, they’ll use courts to strip these churches of their tax-exempt statuses. These churches will be blessed and will thrive anyway. On the bright side, the federal income tax marriage penalty will disappear as it becomes impossible to determine who is married, since it will vary according to which churches we belong to. On the downside, among the non-religious, spouses will devolve to easily-discarded roommate-sex partners. Children will suffer abuse and abandonment in the ever-changing domestic arrangements. May the Holy Spirit do a new work among us and help us heal these new victims, and help us in a reconstruction of this wreckage.

Not sure if I want to even pick this apart? God help us all! Believe it or not though, I have never believed in marriage in the legal sense. I have often thought of marriage as a ‘spiritual bond’ whether you have a religion or not. I do however believe if you have children (Straight or Gay couples) there has to be some kind of legal precedent, I also think there needs to be some kind of legal agreement between couples that don’t have children, but share all the other aspects of married life (just not the rings). I think what people are missing the most about the gay marriage issue is it is about ‘equality’ and as long as straight couples can get legally married, then gay couples should be able to. It’s really that simple.

Food for thought (when it comes to religious freedom)


A little ‘Old Time Religion’ at the Sioux Falls council informational meeting


“. . .  and please Jesus, make our streets safe for Patrick Lalley when he is riding his bike on them.”

I attended the Sioux Falls City Council informational meeting today where they talked about ‘Complete Streets’ (yawn). One of the presenters decided to throw a little old time religion into the presentation where she said;

“Live, work, play and PRAY.”

Pretty soon we can expect ‘praying lanes’ on our streets, and trust me, we will need them to endure the next 3 years of this mayor.