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District 13 Candidate Rolfing unsure of what county he lives in

Oh, shucks, I guess I’ll have to drop this wood off in Canton.

While absentee voting today at the Minnehaha County Auditor’s office Rex Rolfing walked in and says, “Is this where I absentee vote?” Which made me kind of laugh. He said ‘Hi’ to me and sat at the ID table, than he says to me, “Are you going to vote for me?” I explained to him I was an independent and couldn’t, “but if I was a Republican and could, you know the answer to that question.”

I walked out not even realizing until someone told me later that Rex was probably turned away because he is a Lincoln County resident, and in a primary he MUST vote in his county. I wish I would have stuck around to see that.

But what I also didn’t realize is that as a candidate you cannot solicit a vote at a polling place. While I knew Rex was joking, as he knew the answer to the question, I wonder if he knows asking that question is against the law.

Looks like another person running to make laws in Pierre without understanding those laws to begin with. BTW, Rex, your County Seat is in Canton. Just go South a few miles, you will find it.

NOW Rex Rolfing wants to hear from you, that is if you have a check

So he sends out a contribution letter and doesn’t even put his phone number on it? He has learned absolutely nothing his 8 years on the city council. There was nothing ‘grassroots’ about Rolfing’s election to the council. I was surprised he knew what the word ‘lean’ even means. With the mayor’s help and the rubberstamp council Rolfing never backed down from spending your money. Racking up over $200 million in bond debt (He never voted against any controversial projects like the DT Parking Ramp and Administration building) and going along with the over 50 increases in taxes and fees. If you liked Rolfing on the council, you’ll love him in Pierre.

Rex, give it up already

Well if you think the State Legislature gets nothing accomplished now, elect Rolfing for more do nothingness. The sad part is he would not have been able to run in my District if it wasn’t for Gerrymandering of Lincoln County.

The City builds 100 year buildings. Really?

Not sure why I was thinking about this, but recently Rex Rolfing said that city buildings like the admin building cost more because the city builds buildings to last 100 years.

Not sure what buildings he was referring to?

Let’s look at City Hall, it has weathered well but has needed upgrades.

The only other building I can think of is the Arena, ironically a building we want to tear down. Good luck.

Let’s look at this stellar resume of ‘100 year old’ buildings.

Canaries Stadium. As I understand it, it was built in the 90’s and is falling apart. Some have suggested we bulldoze it.

Convention Center. This place has seen many repairs. In fact it’s roof repair was part of the siding settlement.

Washington Pavilion. Supposed to cost $19 million and cost more than $50 million to date, including two roof repairs, and fixing the foundation, and more fixes to come.

Aquatic Center. As I understand it one of the pools needed to be fixed for a leak shortly after being opened.

Events Center. A building that has siding that has to be checked more often than an patient with Heart Disease.

Now we come to the $25 million dollar Admin building. I guess we will have to wait and see how it holds up, but if history has taught us anything, the city doesn’t have a stellar record of building ‘100 year old’ buildings.

The thought was nice though Rex.

End the Rex Rolfing Nightmare on May 15

If you watch the City Council meeting last night you will see councilor Rolfing up to his normal head shaking, I am right attitude with his right hand man, Mike ‘Rude Boy’ Huether returning to run the meeting.

It didn’t take long for Mike to insult someone at public input, accusing a local attorney of not being ‘organized’. In fact, the attorney was doing what a good attorney does, speaking slow and methodically to present his case. But Mr. Ramrod wasn’t having it, luckily though councilor Stehly was able to extend his time.

So after 8 long years of MMM and his lap dog Rex Rolfing, imagine my surprise when I heard Rex was running in my district (13) for the House race. SAY IT AIN’T SO!

I have already threatened to register Republican so I can vote for Noem in the primary, but with this latest revelation, I could also use my switcheroo to vote against Rolfing.

Please, my Republican friends, let’s retire this disaster of a public servant on May 15th for good.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Rex Rolfing berates one of his fellow city councilors using taxpayer funded media

Leave it to Rex Rolfing to get one last dig in on Stehly before he leaves. Ironically his stint on Inside Town Hall was supposed to be about a cemetery and his ‘accomplishments’ on city council. He could only name things that we the taxpayer’s paid for (but didn’t get to have a say in).

When mentioning the indoor pool at Spellerberg he commented that it should have been built at Drake Springs and that just a ‘few’ people got involved and a ‘few’ people voted against in an indoor pool.

Actually, Stehly and Co. collected several thousand signatures and several thousand voters approved an outdoor pool at the location.

As for the location, as I have mentioned numerous times, Nelson park would have been a terrible location for an indoor pool due to ground water issues as our very own aquatic consultant told us when recommending the Spellerberg location.

What is even more troubling is that Rolfing made these statements about a fellow councilor (without saying her name) on a media source funded by taxpayers. He also rips on her at the end of the show about not collaborating. Not sure if my memory serves me, but I think there is an ethics violation in there somewhere.

He was also asked what he would tell future councilors, he would recommend changing public input, he said in his opinion it is ‘Too Darn Long.’ He went on to rant that ‘he can’t have everyone in Sioux Falls telling him what to do.’ Hey Rex, you know as a councilor you are a representational officer of the people? He basically defends his votes that are against the citizenry on closed government. LOL! A closed government he adamantly supported.

Isn’t it amazing this guy has learned nothing about government in the 8 long years he has been there. Rex, do you need help moving to Florida?

MayorCam & RexCam photos (H/T – Cameraman Bruce)

Last Tuesday night I decided to join the many fellow citizens of Sioux Falls who opposed the golf course RFP / RFQ process. As someone who does not play golf anymore, my input was on process, not because I would have anything to gain. When Detroit Lewis left the podium, I went up with my trusty clipboard.

Recently the city started blocking my exhibits during my input time so I decided to bring my exhibits on the back of a clipboard. This one seems to bother a couple of the members of the dais:

Rex Rolfing seems to get upset by hats and other things, did not like my clipboard and asked the mayor to force me to take it down.  When the mayor shook his head and refused to do it,

but the camera changed to a close-up without the “offending” clipboard.

As I tried to conclude my thoughts about federal crime and city government Rex continued to interrupt mentioning to the dais I was at least not getting a one finger salute while speaking.

See the entire show with MayorCam and RexCam running. This whole process has been delayed by not posting the CityLink / SIRE video immediately as usual and then a strange flaw at the 37% point, approximately where my input was. I was next thinking I would see a frozen video or floating Wizard of Kiley head again.

A perfect time for Mayor Huether to prove Sioux Falls city government isn’t ‘sinister’

“God doesn’t seek for golden vessels, and does not ask for silver ones, but He must have clean ones.” – Dwight L Moody.

Yesterday during the Sioux Falls city council informational meeting, councilor Rex Rolfing couldn’t help himself, he had to put in a dig at Part-Time Mayor (councilor) Theresa Stehly.

In Stehly’s quest for transparency she continually asks for open RFPs. This hasn’t been sitting well with Rolfing, he continues to hammer home the LIE that state law requires RFPs to NOT be public. This of course is untrue. Municipalities in South Dakota have the CHOICE to make none, some or all of RFPs open and transparent. Sioux Falls chooses to make them NOT open. I reminded Rolfing of this at the council meeting after he accused Stehly of making Sioux Falls city government seem secretive and ‘sinister’ by continually asking for open and transparent government. I went on to say, “I don’t think there has ever been a city in South Dakota get in trouble for being too open.”

I get it, he is opposed to transparency and thinks government works best if it keeps important contracts from citizens. As we have been learning over the past couple of months, secrecy is getting us into a lot of trouble and eroding the public trust. It’s blatantly obvious.

Of course councilors Rolfing, Erickson, and Erpenbach (and others) seem to think that the city council is pretty clean. And they probably are, except not recusing themselves on items that benefit people who fill their campaign coffers.

Are they investing in city projects? Don’t know. Several of them, at least Erickson, Neitzert and Erpenbach say they are not. I’m willing to listen, but when it comes to the mayor coming clean during public meetings, he changes the subject. Which puzzles me.

Wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity for mayor Huether to have a press conference confirming he is NOT investing in city development projects OR projects that the city has fast tracked and approved? Personally I think such an action would wreak of hypocrisy. The mayor has admitted in the past that he does invest with city development, and developers have admitted he or his wife have invested money in local development, his wife invested in a project that got a city TIF and his private tennis center that bears his name at the Sanford Sports Complex has received $500k from the city with little to no benefit to citizens.

So if Rolfing and others on the council want to claim the city is clean when it comes to investing in development projects, shouldn’t they encourage the leader and chief executive of the city to tell us where he stands instead continuing to spread lies and innuendo?

Nope. It’s just easier to keep things secret because we know the latter would be disastrous to Mike’s delicate ego and reputation. We wouldn’t want to be known as the city with a ‘sinister’ mayor.

What has Councilor Rex Rolfing learned in 7-1/2 years? Not much.

Take off your hat and listen to my genius.

I guess I didn’t have too many high expectations out of a retired insurance salesman anyway.

At the council meeting tonight during the parking ramp debate, Councilor Stehly showed an image of her postcard she recently mailed out that listed all the councilors contact information (city email addresses and phone #’s NOT private). Rolfing, being the ignoramus he normally is reiterated to the public that he has told Stehly not to use his public contact information on her mailings she pays for personally.

Not up to you Rex, it is public information. The tax payers pay for that service and we OWN your public email address and phone number, you do not. And since you don’t own them Rex, you have NO authority to tell Stehly whether she can use them or not.

What’s that saying about a mud fence?

Rex Rolfing continues to be a stalwart supporter of closed government

Rex fears the minions will get the keys to the castle, so he has to try to kill the messenger of truth;

I am deeply troubled by Councilor Theresa Stehly’s recent letterto the editor titled, “Secrecy in golf management selection a concern.” Unfortunately, this letter is a classic example of a politician stirring the pot in order gain nonstop publicity in our local media.

Publicity? Stehly has two and half years left on her council term and she is NOT running for mayor, what publicity is she seeking? The only thing Stehly continues to publicize is her support for open government, 100% of the time. It was her campaign issue that won her her seat.

The RFP process reduces the risk to those who compete in the process by protecting the proprietary information of those who are unsuccessful.

When doing business with the public and receiving public money for your services your proprietary information is NO longer private, it becomes public. If those who seek public contracts don’t understand that or agree to those terms, they have the choice NOT to participate in the process. It really is that simple.

Publicizing unsuccessful proposals would severely limit those willing to participate if any thus reducing competition and driving up costs to the taxpayers.

I actually believe it would have an opposite affect. If competition can see who is competing and their proposals it will only drive them to put together a better and more fiscally prudent proposal. It would actually not only save taxpayers money but we would get better services. We found this out with the Pavilion window replacement contract. Once the initial bid was discovered to be inadequate competitors were able to under bid it and save taxpayers thousands of dollars. Closed bids and committees only give us one option, a piss poor way to do business.

As a person who works as an estimator I and am consistently wanting to know what my competition is charging so I can be more competitive. In private business sometimes that information is hard to get, but don’t think we don’t seek it out. I have done government bids throughout the country for states, municipalities and the Federal government and we are always told what the competing bids and offers are at the end of the day. Rolfing’s analogy of local government RFP’s is certainly NOT the norm because it defies that whole nature of free enterprise, competition and a the democratic process. He is delusional, as usual.

I would like to conclude my letter by recognizing those who have served on these committees especially our citizen volunteers. Thank you for your willingness to serve even while some attempt to politicize your efforts. I also ask our citizens to please learn all the facts and hear from both sides of any issue.

So why are certain ‘citizens’ privy to this information, but not all of us? Elected officials who strive for open and transparent government are NOT politicizing anything, they are promoting good government, and I applaud them for it. I also find it ironic that Rolfing is asking citizens to learn all the facts first before drawing conclusions. Isn’t kind of hard to receive those facts when you won’t share them with us? Your assurance is not enough, we found that out with the siding settlement which was a gigantic lie.

Often times those who yell the loudest fear you hearing all the facts.

To that I say, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.