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Overflow Parking

No other parking lot at the Sanford Sports complex has this sign, of course, the other lots are full of participants vehicles to. I wonder if this is what they meant by letting people from the public use their facility when they were begging for that $500,000.00 from the city’s taxpayers?

Retired Sanford Executive John Paulson to challenge Staggers

I guess we are one step closer to be re-named Sanfordville. Not sure what John brings to the plate, but I guarantee his campaign will be very well-funded by the swishy-tishy in town.

And if you think a former Sanford executive will be looking out for the best interest of Joe Six-Pack in Sioux Falls, I have some rental property to sell you next to a Sanford Hospital parking lot.

Enough of former ‘executives’ in city government. They have only one mission, to butter the bread of their friends.

I heard Paulson was considering the run last week, but wasn’t sure when he would announce. But I also suspect that Staggers will have several challengers (I have heard two other names thrown out there considering the run).

Mayor Mike Christie drops his balls at the Junior Football Field

YouTube Preview Image

Mayor Huether to pull a Chris Christie on Saturday

In case the audio doesn’t work for you:

. . . Wanted to let you know that you’re invited to our kick off Saturday celebration that is taking place at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning prior to the game is beginning, Sanford helicopter will be landing on field two and dropping off the balls. Mayor Huether will be in the helicopter and also get out and have a little bit of a speech about mission accomplished because our fields are now finished up in Sioux Falls . . .

Looks like a little Deja Vu to me. I thought the Junior Football fields were completed a long time ago?


What are your feelings on the Police Chief Barthel retiring and working for Sanford?


And I thought I was going to miss out on the free lunches in my retirement.

I’m not sure what to think of our Police Chief going to work for Sanford;

After more than 12 years on the job, Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel has announced his retirement.

Barthel made the announcement Wednesday at the police’s daily media briefing, with Mayor Mike Huether by his side.

Barthel has served as a police officer more than 30 years. He has spent 12 years as Chief, making him the second-longest serving Police Chief in the history of Sioux Falls.

Huether credits Barthel with making the department more transparent, as well as improving community relations.

Barthel says he has accepted a position with Sanford Health as director of community relations.

I missed the press conference, but I guess the mayor gave Barthel credit for basically covering up the increase in crime rates in our city during the last mayoral election campaign. I guess Huether’s version of transparency is being able to sucker the public about statistics to help his re-election campaign. Oh, and we also don’t have access to any evidence from the night of the Tuthill shooting incident. Thanks.

I had heard rumors that Barthel was considering this retirement after assistant chief Lyons announced hers, which is no surprise after 30 years of service, but I’m surprised he is getting such a high profile job. I’m sure his pension from the city is very nice, and I don’t have an issue with him working after retirement, but it almost seems like a golden parachute handed to him from the mayor and his buddies at Sanford and First Premier for being a good soldier (Huether likes to reward his loyalist boot lickers with substantial raises and other perks (on our dime), it’s evident who follows orders and who rocks the boat when you look at the salary increases for management over the past 5 years) Well at least this time, Sanford will be footing the bill.

It also gives Sanford an edge over Avera when dealing with city police issues having an insider on their team, smart move by them, ethically questionable move by Barthel, but hey, we don’t have any ethics rules for public service in this state so what can we do about it? Also, to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t even know what ethics he would be violating? (I guess it is kind of hard to come up with something when no standards exist to begin with).

I wonder if he will continue to get free meals?


Thumbs Up to the SF Development Foundation

A Positive Thumbs Up Sign

My thumb is going to start hurting this week, but this is what these foundations are supposed to do;

The biotechnology industry is about to get a whole lot stronger. Tuesday, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation announced it’s investing $3 million in SAB Biotheraputics which uses genetically-engineered cattle to produce antibodies all in an effort to fight infectious diseases.

I think this will be great for jobs and growth in our community and state and a perfect fit for our development foundation.


It’s a hospital not an Events Center


So a South DaCola foot soldier in Fargo sends me this photo yesterday and I ask him, “What kind of siding are they putting on the place?” I think he replied, “Tin Foil.”

Cory Madville gives a ‘Hand’ to the State


Parody by Cory Madville: First draft, Sanford Build Dakota Vo-Tech Scholarship ad (Background from Mitchell Tech website; text by Madville Times Marketing Division)

Cory of course goes into a rant (which I entirely agree with) about L & S’s feeding trough with the state, that really should be cut off (especially after making choking the chicken jokes about driving).

He also touches on the Sanford ‘gift’ to our state*.

*I found it interesting that someone was missing from the guest lineup on the stage yesterday during the announcement. Must have been busy collecting empty plastic liquor bottles at a Sioux Falls park.




Hotel Sign from the new Sanford Hospital Hotel.

As I was watching the press conference for the announcement of a RFP for a new downtown mixed use parking ramp, Darrin Smith presented several projects that have been done DT and around town. He also brought up the proposed hotel at Elmwood golf course, you know the one that for some reason taxpayers have to help build (still don’t know why the city needs to be in the lodging business, I guess probably for the same reason we are involved in indoor tennis, indoor pools and indoor hockey.)


The proposed Elmwood Hotel

What I found curious is that the same ‘brand’ is going to be at Elmwood as at Sanford. Is this just mere coincidence, or does Sanford have their hands in the hotel deal at Elmwood, and maybe that is why the city is going to be an investor?

See, Sanford runs the hotels at the Sanford Sports Complex and at the Hospital. Will they have a partnership at the golf course to offer some kind of golfing perk to visitors at their ‘other’ hotels?

Not sure?

I also find it a bit odd that the city has to invest in this project. I think a better approach (especially for the taxpayer’s wallets) would to have the hotel built and ran privately and they can lease the land from the city. Why do we need to be involved with building and investing in a hotel?

Am I missing something here?

What’s wrong with this picture?


Follow me to the Pentagon, who doesn’t like to watch a good ol’ cock fight?

Of course when Kelby and Sanford are involved, nothing should surprise us;

One of the most popular, and most controversial of extreme sports, could been finding a home in Sioux Falls. Next week, members of the South Dakota Athletic Commission will decide whether to allow ultimate fighters to enter the ring at the Sanford Pentagon.

The Resurrection Fighting Alliance wants to hold bouts at the Sanford Pentagon on August 22. Supporters see ultimate fighting as a financial boon to Sioux Falls, drawing big crowds of fans. But critics think ultimate fighting is too violent of a sport and shouldn’t be embraced here.

I won’t get into my feelings on people calling something a ‘sport’ while they are beating the shit out of each other, but am I the only one that thinks this probably won’t be helping Sanford’s image? You are a healthcare institute. I don’t have an issue with promoting Sports Medicine, basketball can be a grueling sport on an athlete’s body. But is ultimate fighting really a sport that Sanford wants to promote their Sports Medicine division? Apparently so.

Who makes these bonehead decisions anyway?