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Clunky-junky laptop computer saga continues


A word of advice to South Dakota school districts; If a piece of equipment you are considering buying for the school says ‘Gateway’ on the side, probably not a good investment (I’m surprised that the Harrisburg school district isn’t sponsored by Gateway . . . I’m just saying.)

A collections company wants more than $78,000 from the Baltic School District for 50 laptop computers the school ordered for its high school students and staff last year. But school officials say they won’t pay full price because of a contract dispute with the bankrupt computer manufacturer.


Baltic was one of 15 school districts in the state chosen to receive the Gateway laptops to begin the 2008-09 school year. It is part of South Dakota’s Classroom Connections laptop program, in its third year.


The program is part of Gov. Mike Rounds’ 2010 Education Initiative that sets specific goals intended to improve the state’s education system by 2010.

Rounds/Gateway. When those two words appear together, that should scare the crap out of anyone. I’m curious if Rounds does anything for the best interest of South Dakotans? Or just special interests and contractor friends, while the rest of us are left holding the bag.

And Gateway isn’t helping the situation;

Officials at Britton-Hecla School District are dealing with a similar situation. The entire order of 210 computers arrived months late and, like in Baltic, they don’t have a warranty or service agreement. Ten loaner computers never were shipped to the school, they say.


“We don’t want them without a warranty,” Superintendent Don Kirkegaard said. “We’re trying to resolve the issue.”

Gateway offered 10 percent off the purchase price for the computers, Kirkegaard said. He said he doesn’t think that offer is reasonable.

Ten Percent discount?! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Give me a break. I say ship the computers and a bill to the Governor’s mansion so he can eat the big fat giant turd sandwich he has created, kind of like the vehicle registration software.

When is his term up again?

School Laptop program; money in the toilet

Here’s an idea King Rounds; How about spending education money on good teachers and books instead of contracts with campaign contributors.

“If we can’t get the parts, we can’t fix the machines,” Shane Steckelberg, the director of technology for the Dakota Valley School District, told the newspaper.

Chalk up another great idea from the governors office.