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Maybe the Governor should take the lead with the sexism problem in Pierre

One of my lobbyist friends has an appropriate moniker for Pierre, he calls it a ‘toilet’. I couldn’t agree more. Trust me, I wasn’t shocked to hear all the stories coming out of Pierre. As another lobbyist said to me last year, “Everyone is screwing everyone in Pierre. It’s like some big disgusting orgy.”

Maybe the Governor and Mark Mickelson need to take the lead on this ‘sexual revolution’ going on in Pierre and own up to their own skeletons in the closet. Mark is fortunate he lives in Sioux Falls and has a buffer from the day to day operations, but Dennis should know these things are going on, in fact he does know.

He fired a high ranking cabinet director this past year and has yet to tell us why. Let’s just say it had little to do with his job performance and more to do with his extracurricular activities. All the governor told us of the termination after a brief suspension was it had to do with personnel reasons. Hardly. Ironically Janklow fired this person for some of the same reasons during his administration, and he got hired back by (I think) Rounds. Don’t they keep a file on these things?

Maybe if Dennis would have came clean on why this person was fired it would help the process of eliminating the gigantic ‘sex fest’ the legislative session has become and that continues throughout the year with state employees.

His cheesy dumb farm kid persona won’t cut it on this issue. And while Mickelson is worried about outside money on petition drives he should be more concerned about inside pocket pool going on in our capital city. Address the real issues going on in Pierre for once.

Sexy Lawmakers?

(Image: KSFY) Crap, Bridget busted me, what is that saying I learned from theatre class?

Oh the irony of dragging Nesiba through the mud for having an adult sexual relationship but the smoke and mirrors being put up with Wollman that he is such an angel because he admitted to it.

I believe Wollman that it was consensual, but it was not professional. Notice how HE lies at first to KSFY, then realizes he is busted since so many people blew the whistle on him, then decides to tell the truth (thinking) KSFY wouldn’t publish the first part of the interview. While all these people want to give Wollman credit for being honest, as you can see, he had no choice. If no one would have tipped off the press, Wollman probably would have never said anything.

Besides the lying, and unprofessionalism, I also thought it was improper for him to NOT inform the two young ladies he had sex with before spilling the beans to the press (on the fly). That’s all we need is another congressional hearing about touching wieners.

We will see if the Republicans realize he really screwed up and punish him or sweep it under the rug like IM22, EB-5, Gear-UP, Native Foster Kids, etc, etc, etc.

The irony is it shows what are lawmakers are really up to in Pierre. F’ing around.

Thumbs Up to USD

I have often argued that taxpayer subsidized birth control (free for all) is money better spent then welfare or SNAP or other issues/expenses that arise with unwanted pregnancies and health concerns with disease;

According to the most recent data from the South Dakota Department of Health, in 2016, they saw the most chlamydia cases ever in one year as well as the most gonorrhea cases since the 1980s. Because of that information, in a partnership with Sanford Health, the University of South Dakota is taking steps to make sure that their students are not only informed but practicing safe sex.

“We’ll have seven locations on campus starting in our north complex, with is largely where our freshmen student population lives as well as in Burgess and Norton halls.”

Placed in bathrooms mainly located on the first floor, explained Associate Dean of Students at the University of South Dakota, John Howe, students in these halls will soon find free condoms.

If you can’t feed em’ don’t breed em’!

FREE condom distribution in Sioux Falls a Huge Success!


I spoke at the Sioux Falls city council meeting on Tuesday night and commended the city (Health Department) for the success of the free condom program. I recently was at Monk’s and noticed the dispenser was empty, and the bartender told me it was because they go through a lot of them.

Joe Snevalatex did a follow up story tonight;

“Right now, we’re going through probably between 1,200 and 1,400 (condoms) a month,” said Andrea Wilson, in charge of HIV prevention outreach at Falls Community Health.

Hey, who says the city administrators get everything wrong 🙂

I guess the city is giving out FREE invisible condoms

Either this empty container at Monk’s shows how popular the free condom program is or how unpopular it is for the health department staff to refill the dispensers.

I think the bartender said something to the effect, “People must be triple wrapping.”

Not that there is anything wrong with that.


Condom Distribution Map in Sioux Falls Area

A few months ago I spoke during public testimony about handing out free condoms. Then I got a friendly call from the health director, Jill Franken that there is distribution sites in Sioux Falls. Here is the map and the listing of those sites.

While I am all for having distribution sites at bars (hookup spots). I find some places that are glaringly missing; other health clinics. Besides the taxpayer funded Falls Community Health, I’m curious why no Sanford or Avera clinics or hospitals are listed? What about community centers? Public Parks? Rec centers? Heck, Planned Parenthood isn’t even listed (but I am sure you can get them there). It seems two of our city’s largest employers don’t want to get involved with the politics of STD’s and condoms. That’s too bad, since prevention is the key to good health. But hey, after enjoying a delicious micro-brew at Monk’s, you can get a free condom and get jiggy.



3110 W. 12th St.
Sioux Falls, SD
(605) 275-2447


25989 482nd Ave
Brandon, SD
(605) 582-2938


420 E. 8th St
Sioux Falls, SD
(605) 338-2328


521 N Main Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
(605) 367-8717


2805 S Minnesota Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
(605) 332-2981


3201 S. Carolyn Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
(605) 362-8911


27094 Katie Road
Tea, SD
(605) 213-3000


321 E. Willow St.
Harrisburg, SD
(605) 743-2800

Denny Sanford wants to teach your kids how to be asexual aliens?

If you think the High School Activities Association had problems before with their trans-gender policy, give it a few years;

In 2014, Sanford first told KELOLAND News about Z, the mascot of the Sanford Harmony Program. Z is a Martian from a planet that doesn’t have boys and girls. He’s supposed to start an open dialogue so boys and girls get a chance to talk openly about gender.

Apparently on the planet Z the storks deliver the newborns. Didn’t we have enough problems with the Tele-Tubbies? While I think it is good to teach kids that boys and girls can grow up to do whatever they want to and to work together, I’m not sure how an asexual alien from the planet Z is going to get this message across? Or how this is going to end divorces? I have often joked if you want to end divorces don’t get married to begin with. Why do we always have to travel to cartoon fantasy land to teach kids things about LIFE?

I bet Denny got the idea from an old Star Trek episode.

Sioux Falls not only has jobs but lots of FREE condoms

Sioux Falls Health Director, Jill Franken was kind enough to call me today about statements I made during public testimony about providing FREE condoms. She told me that there are many FREE condom distribution sites throughout the city including the community health clinic. She also said it is partially funded through State and Federal grants.
Now only if I could get a map of these sites! Maybe we could do a future water bill insert?



Like a texting or cell phone ban in cars, education goes farther then laws. For years I have advocated that one of the quickest ways to reduce abortions, unwanted pregnancies and STD’s would be to have FREE condoms to anyone that wanted them. With all the money we spend (taxes) on free STD testing and welfare, medicade and SNAP for unwanted children, why not spend the money up front for prevention and education? Our rising number of STD cases in South Dakota is NO accident, it is the result of a passive society when it comes to sex.

And when I say FREE condoms, I mean EVERYWHERE. Not just at the clinic or schools, but at bus stops, grocery stores, heck even churches! Our infatuation with sex being a dirty thing has only made more people sick and dying from sexual diseases. I don’t think FREE condoms are any different then clean drinking water.

FREE condoms won’t promote more sexual relations, it will however promote safe sex if you choose to have a sexual relation and I believe would save taxpayers billions.

Sioux Falls, stop being so skanky

First, I will start out by saying that one of the main reasons STD’s have risen in Sioux Falls is because of the lack of education and a puritanical view of teenagers and young adults abstaining from sex. It just isn’t happening, and we need to face the facts. Still it doesn’t stop people from blaming others;

“It’s because the media sells sex,” said Caitlin Hicks, 22, a coffee shop worker in Sioux Falls.

Well, Caitlin, I certainly cannot remember the last time a TV commercial or a newspaper ad gave me an itchy scratchy, but I will be on the lookout. We can blame the media for a lot things these days, mostly mis-information, but saying they contribute to STD’s is silly. In fact I have never gotten one. Why? First I believe receiving sex ed at an early age (I think my first class was in 4th or 5th grade) better prepared me when I became a teenager. And I remember seeing images of certain STD’s in a HS science class. WOW, that will open your eyes. I am also a firm believer of ‘planning’ pregnancies. Too often couples just kind of fly by the seat of their pants and don’t really put any thought in the repercussions of having an unplanned child. I also think demographics have a lot to do with our sudden rise in STD’s. Working class and lower income people tend to be less educated when it comes to sex and it’s repercussions.

As a person who has been single my entire adult life, I can tell you I have seen and heard just about every scenario possible, and if you think people are getting safer with age, you are wrong. My best advice to anyone starting a relationship with someone is to take it slow. Know who your partner is and if you are not planning on having children, I highly suggest birth control, namely condoms. And most importantly, don’t be a skank.